A kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. It’s where families gather to share meals and memories. This week’s featured kitchen is a bright, airy space with a bold blue island that makes a vibrant statement.


When designing a kitchen, there are many factors to consider, from layout to materials to color scheme. The goal is often to create a space that is both beautiful and highly functional. This kitchen achieves that through smart design and the creative use of color.

The homeowners wanted a fresh, modern kitchen with a minimalist aesthetic. However, they also wanted to incorporate bold, eye-catching elements. The result is a primarily white kitchen punctuated by a large blue island that immediately draws the eye. This pop of color enlivens the whole space.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the design details that make this kitchen shine. We’ll examine the layout, materials selected, special features, and styling tips that elevate this space. Whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel or just looking for inspiration, there are takeaways here for achieving a bright, beautiful, and efficient kitchen design.

Layout and Floorplan

The layout of this kitchen was carefully planned to maximize workflow and functionality. There is ample countertop space on the perimeter for food prep and appliances. Clean lines and hidden storage promote a clutter-free aesthetic.

One of the biggest design moves was the decision to place the range against the back wall rather than on an island or peninsula. This opened up floor space and enabled a wide, unobstructed walkway between the island and cabinets.

The work triangle composed of the sink, refrigerator, and range is compact and efficient. The refrigerator is strategically placed next to the entryway from the dining room for easy access.

Overall, the floorplan allows for multiple cooks to work comfortably and avoid collisions. There’s also space for entertaining as guests can gather around the island.

Island Design

The showstopping blue island is the focal point of this kitchen. The homeowners wanted something bold that would anchor the space. The navy blue painted base contrasts beautifully with white marble countertops.

The island is oversized to provide ample seating and prep space. One side features counter-height seating for three on trendy crossback stools. This enables family and guests to comfortably dine or linger while the cook is working.

Abundant storage is concealed within the base cabinets and drawers, keeping clutter out of sight. On the working end of the island, there’s a stainless steel undermount sink. The deep single basin provides space for washing large pots and pans.

The island’s white marble top provides a smooth and durable work surface that can stand up to daily use. A slightly raised marble counter on one end creates a subtle divider between the dining and workspace zones.


To keep the aesthetic light and airy, the main kitchen cabinetry is crisp white shaker style. The recessed panel doors and drawer fronts have a timeless look and subtle beadboard detailing.

The lower cabinets offer deep storage space for cookware and pantry items. The wall cabinets provide open shelving for easy access to plates, glasses, and everyday items. Appliances are integrated seamlessly into the cabinetry design.

For contrast, the island base cabinets are painted a rich navy blue. This bold color anchors the space and complements the marble counters. The hue feels classic yet fresh.

The mix of white perimeter cabinetry with the blue island creates visual interest and dimension. It allows the two zones to stand out while still remaining cohesive.


The countertops are one of the most important material elements in this kitchen. White marble was chosen for its timeless beauty and classic elegance. A marble countertop evokes old-world charm while still feeling current.

For durability, a honed finish was selected rather than a polished surface. This helps hide minor scratches or etching that can occur over time with use.

The white marble has subtle gray veining that adds depth and character. Against the crisp white cabinets, the marble tops provide beautiful contrast and a luxurious look.

The homeowners extended the marble up the backsplash to create a seamless appearance. The backsplash protects the walls from splatters and spills while enhancing the upscale aesthetic.


With so much white in this kitchen, the flooring needed to anchor the space while still keeping it light and airy. Wide plank oak hardwood flooring accomplishes this perfectly.

The light finish warms up the aesthetic and counters the cool tones of the marble. The planks run lengthwise down the space, which makes the kitchen appear larger.

Hardwood is an ideal flooring choice for kitchens because it is durable and easy to clean. The homeowners can simply sweep and mop to keep it looking pristine. Area rugs layered over the wood add softness and visual interest.

To protect the floor from chair legs, a rug pads are used under the island stools and dining table. The pad prevents scratches and allows the chairs to move smoothly.


Top-of-the-line appliances were a priority, as the homeowners are avid home cooks. They selected pro-style stainless steel appliances that deliver robust performance.

The rangetop has six sealed burners including dual high-output power burners that can boil a pot of water in minutes. Below, the wall oven provides convection baking technology.

Beside the range, an integrated refrigerator/freezer column blends in seamlessly. Additional appliances like the dishwasher and microwave are also concealed behind cabinetry fronts. This contributes to the kitchen’s streamlined appearance.

On the work end of the island, there is an undermount stainless steel sink. The deep single basin can accommodate large items. The polished faucet adds a stylish touch.

Finishing Touches

Several finishing details elevate the look of this kitchen and make it feel cohesive and styled. Inside the glass door cabinets, displayware adds visual interest. The open shelving is styled with a mix of white, wood, and marble accessories.

Pendant lights hovering above the island provide task lighting and a touch of modern style. Undercabinet lighting illuminates the countertops and creates a soft ambient glow in the evenings.

To complete the look, the window above the sink is dressed with breezy white curtains. They filter the natural light and soften the space. Finally, the walls are painted a very pale gray that reads as neutral but is more interesting than plain white.

Tips for Achieving This Look

If you’d like to emulate aspects of this fresh, bright kitchen design, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use an accent island – A colorful island instantly becomes a focal point. Contrast it with light perimeter cabinetry.
  • Incorporate marble – Marble countertops and backsplashes add elegance. Opt for a honed finish for durability.
  • Accent with wood – Warm, natural wood floors and open shelving balance out cool marble tones.
  • Conceal appliances – Tuck appliances into cabinetry to simplify the aesthetic.
  • Add lighting – Task lighting and puck lights ensure the kitchen is functional and radiant.
  • Style carefully – Displayware and accessories elevate the look while open shelves keep it simple.

With smart spatial planning, an attention to details, and purposeful styling, you can design a spectacular kitchen like this bright, airy space punctuated by a bold blue island.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about achieving a bright, modern kitchen with a bold blue island:

What color blue should I choose for the island?

For a vibrant accent island, opt for a rich, saturated shade like navy or cobalt blue. These deeper hues have a bold impact. Avoid pale blue which can read as dated.

What color cabinets pair well with a blue island?

White perimeter cabinetry is the perfect contrast with a navy island. Crisp shaker-style cabinets keep the look light. Off-white or pale gray cabinets can also complement a blue island nicely.

What countertop material works best with a blue island?

White marble countertops are a classic yet contemporary choice that pairs beautifully with blue cabinetry. The white balances out the drama of the blue. Quartz in a crisp white or pale gray tone is another great option.

What backsplash should I use with a blue island?

Keep the backsplash simple so the blue island can take center stage. White subway tile or marble slab backsplash are ideal. Stay away from boldly patterned or colored backsplashes.

What flooring options work with a blue kitchen island?

Light hardwood flooring or pale-toned luxury vinyl plank flooring can offset a blue island nicely. Tile flooring is also compatible, just opt for a simple white, gray, or wood-look tile.

How do I style open shelves next to a blue island?

Keep open shelves edited to just a few key elements in white, wood, or marble for contrast. Avoid cluttering the shelves or using too many colorful items that compete.


This gorgeous kitchen demonstrates how a single colorful element like a bold blue island can enliven an entire space. Planning the layout for functionality first allows for smart integration of the vibrant pop of color. Durability and visual balance are achieved through the mix of materials like marble, wood flooring, and crisp white cabinetry. Points of contrast and thoughtful details elevate the aesthetic. Overall, this bright, open kitchen with its navy focal point island is a stunning blend of modern style and timeless luxury.

Kitchen of the Week: Bright Space With a Bold Blue Island

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