This week we’re taking a look at a gorgeous kitchen design that artfully combines brick, wood, and clean white lines to create a space that is both rustic and modern. Located in a historic home built in the 1920s, the kitchen was recently remodeled to add modern conveniences while maintaining the charm of the original details. Vaulted ceilings, abundant natural light, and minimalist décor all lend to the airy, simplistic feel. Read on for an in-depth tour of this brilliant kitchen makeover.

Overview of the Kitchen Design

This kitchen is a masterful mix of materials and textures. The existing brick walls and beam ceilings were maintained during the renovation to preserve the room’s character. Crisp white cabinetry and light gray quartz countertops balance out the traditional brickwork with a more contemporary look. Pops of black metal finishes and hardware add another modern touch. The main finishes include:

  • Exposed original brick walls
  • Dark stained wood beam ceilings
  • White shaker-style cabinets with black hardware
  • Light gray quartz countertops
  • White subway tile backsplash
  • Black metal pendant lights over the island
  • Hardwood floors throughout

The color scheme sticks to a simple trio of whites, blacks, and natural wood tones. This creates a soothing, neutral backdrop that allows the textures and materials to shine. The brick, wood beams, and subway tile add visual interest and dimension.

Layout and Functionality

The kitchen features an efficient galley layout with cabinets lining each long wall and the range and sink centered on one side.

  • On the left wall are the refrigerator, oven, and base cabinets for storage.
  • The right wall holds upper and lower cabinets, including space for wine storage.
  • In the middle is a large kitchen island with seating for casual meals and an additional sink.

The ample countertops provide lots of workspace for food prep and serving. The inclusion of two sinks helps multiple cooks work simultaneously. While compact, the layout makes the most of the available space.

By orienting the range, refrigerator, and primary sink along the same wall, the work triangle is optimized for functionality. The galley format creates a natural separation between the cooking zone and storage areas that helps define the spaces. The island can be used for additional cooking stages or as a casual dining spot.


The cabinetry plays a starring role in this kitchen, with crisp white shaker-style cabinets providing a fresh, lightfilled look. The recessed panel fronts and rail frames showcase the classic shaker design. Satin nickel cup pulls contribute subtle contrast.

Upper cabinets flank the brick chimney, providing essential storage space. Open shelving adds visual interest and easy access for frequently used items. The kitchen features both base and tall storage cabinets for ample room to organize cookware, dishes, and pantry items.

A built-in cabinet with glass door fronts houses the wine collection and stemware. Mini pendant lights hang above the cabinet, putting an accent on this focal feature. The glass-front upper cabinets create an open, airy feeling while the solid lower cabinets anchor the space.


Light gray quartz countertops pair beautifully with the white cabinetry while providing an ultra durable and low maintenance surface. The subtle gray veining in the quartz adds natural movement without overwhelming the space. The neutral color scheme allows any accent colors to pop.

The island features the same light quartz for a streamlined, cohesive look. A spacious countertop area allows for meal preparation. The squared edges and simplistic lines keep the aesthetic modern.

Quartz requires virtually no maintenance, resisting stains, scratches and heat. This makes it an ideal choice for busy kitchens. The nonporous surface inhibits bacteria growth. The only upkeep required is occasionally cleaning with soap and water.


A classic white subway tile backsplash adds a touch of vintage charm in this kitchen. The 3×6 glossy tiles create a clean, seamless look behind the quartz countertops. Rows of stacked tiles span the entire backsplash area behind the range and sink.

The tile pattern marches horizontally across the wall, drawing the eye back towards the beautiful brick chimney. The mirrored subway tiles reflect light brilliantly, keeping the kitchen bright and cheerful.

White subway tile is a timeless and versatile choice. The polished tiles have a subtle shine, while the grout lines add texture. This affordable tile material works in both traditional and modern kitchens, providing a neutral backdrop.


Rustic engineered hardwood floors ground this kitchen with natural, textured warmth. The planks feature varied grain patterns and knots for an authentic reclaimed wood look. The wide 7 inch planks display the natural beauty of the wood.

The medium brown tones complement both the brickwork and the white cabinetry, tying the palette together. The floors were extended throughout the main living areas for continuity. Hardwoods stand up well to heavy use, making them an ideal kitchen flooring.

The rich wood floors bring warmth and texture to balance the smooth surfaces like the tile and quartz. The natural material provides an organic contrast to the sleek cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Wood adds atmosphere and aged charm.


A statement-making pendant light over the kitchen island is the shining focal point in this kitchen. The matte black metal light fixture has an industrial edge that pairs well with the traditional brick walls. The trio of bell-shaped shades add eye-catching geometric form.

Recessed can lights in the ceiling ensure ample ambient lighting throughout the kitchen. Task lighting under the upper cabinets provides focused illumination for the countertops. Mini pendant lights over the wine storage cabinet put an accent on this built-in feature.

The black metal fixtures and exposed Edison bulbs contribute modern accents while still feeling organic against the wood and brick. The pendant makes a sculptural assertion while providing necessary task lighting over the island eating area.


The kitchen features top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances that provide both functionality and an upscale appearance. The full suite of appliances includes:

  • Gas slide-in range with 6 burners and griddle surface
  • Range hood mounted between upper cabinets
  • Built-in refrigerator/freezer combo
  • Fully integrated dishwasher
  • Microwave mounted within lower cabinets

The commercial-style range and hood make a bold stainless steel statement, coordinating with the farmhouse sink and modern faucet. All appliances include the latest smart functionality. By integrating the microwave and maximizing storage, the appliances stay streamlined and minimalist.

Stainless steel finish gives a clean, uniform look. The pro-quality range provides extra cooking capacity for the passionate home chef. The suite may be traditional in style, but includes innovative features and technology.

Design Concepts and Detail Shots

Now let’s dig into some of the details that make this kitchen so spectacular, including interior design techniques, material pairings, and functionality.

Harmonious Material Mix

The melding of natural stone, weathered wood, and sleek finishes creates a dynamic yet harmonious feel. The exposed brick has a rich patina that instantly provides character. Wood adds organic warmth, contrasting with the smooth countertops. Subway tile and stainless steel lend an urban edge. Each material complements the others beautifully.

The key is balancing the textures. Smoothsurfaces like quartz and tile offset the more rustic brick and wood. Crisp white paint on the cabinetry balances the heavy wood beams. Every material and finish plays a thoughtful part in the overall design.

Statement Island Hood

The showstopping black metal island hood makes a bold style statement in this kitchen. Its matte finishplays off the sheen of the surrounding tile andstainless. The geometric bell shapes add sculptural intrigue echoing the lines of the subway tile.

The island location puts this eye-catching focal point front and center. The vent hood provides function as well, keeping the cooking area breezy. The matte black finish makes this functional element an artistic piece. It adds modern sophistication.

Built-In Details

Thoughtful built-ins provide custom function throughout the kitchen. The entire wine storage cabinet was designed for the space, fitting seamlessly between countertops. Open shelving adds easy access and display space in the cooking zone.

Built-in cabinetry makes the most of every inch for a cohesive, unified look. The integrated microwave completely hides this appliance that could otherwise clutter the streamlined space. Built-in elements lend the kitchen a bespoke, quality appearance.

Two-Tone Kitchen Island

The kitchen island combines white quartz countertops with a natural wood base for a two-tone look. Thicker wood legs match the beautiful hardwood floors, while the quartz ties to the countertops. This marraige adds dimension and warmth.

The wood base grounds the island visually and physically. It provides a handy space to tuck stools for casual dining. The lighter quartz countertop prevents a bulky look. Together these materials create one cohesive, substantial center island.

Exposed Brick Chimney

The existing brick chimney lends instant old-world charm and provides a stunning focal backdrop. Keeping the brickwork exposed maintains the continuity of this defining architectural element. The textural imperfection of the aged bricks contrasts beautifully with the sleek finishes.

Leaving portions of brick exposed adds organic texture and depth. It saves the expense of building an unnecessary wall while preserving the historical bones. The brick naturally draws the eye, creating a focal point. Exposed brickwork always tells a story.

Butcher Block Countertop Accent

A pop of natural wood in the form of a butcher block countertop provides a warm accent amidst the pristine white cabinetry. The thick oak cutting board provides extra functionality, instantly making this space feel like home.

Butcher block patterns the material palette found throughout the rest of the kitchen. The wood grain pairs elegantly with the larger expanses of light quartz. This unexpected natural element makes this built-in feel special and custom.

Ideas for Achieving This Look

This brilliant kitchen design provides ample inspiration for those seeking to incorporate brick, wood, and minimalist elements into their own space. Here are some ideas for achieving a similar aesthetic in your home.

  • Expose original brick walls or chimneys to establish instant vintage character and textural appeal.
  • Add wood accents like open shelving, butcher block surfaces, or an island base to warm up sleek finishes.
  • Opt for reflective white subway tiles and plenty of lighting to keep things fresh and bright.
  • Include a statement lighting piece like a sculptural hood or pendant to serve as a focal point.
  • Use a natural material like hardwood floors as an organic contrast to modern polished surfaces.
  • Look for ways to incorporate built-ins like wine storage or open shelving for custom use of space.
  • Choose a soft neutral color scheme of light and dark natural hues to allow textures to shine.
  • Mix materials within the same color family such as white quartz and white subway tile paired with gray wood tones.
  • Anchor the space with an oversized island that provides additional seating and functionality.

The thoughtful combination of reclaimed wood, aged brick, and contemporary finishes creates a casually elegant kitchen that feels fresh yet grounded. This timeless look wins on both aesthetics and functionality, proving seamless melding of materials is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about integrating brick, wood, and modern white elements to create a transitional kitchen design:

How do you refinish old brick walls in a kitchen?

Exposed brick offers instant character, but may need refreshed. Lightly sand walls, then apply masonry sealer, which penetrates pores for moisture protection. Avoid paint or whitewashing, which can damage bricks over time.

What color cabinets pair well with brick walls?

White, gray, or neutral toned cabinets pair beautifully with brick walls, acting as a clean contrast to the texture. Avoid matching brick color, which competes. Light cabinets keep the space feeling open.

What kind of countertops work with white cabinets and brick?

Granite, quartz, or concrete in muted natural hues complement the brick while matching the clean white cabinets. Butcher block also adds warmth. Avoid bold countertop colors that may clash.

How do you update an outdated brick kitchen?

Painting the brick is not advisable, but installing new cabinetry, modern appliances, pendant lighting, and subway tile backsplash can freshen the space. Remove dated tile countertops and replace. Add large windows or skylights.

What flooring options look best with white kitchen cabinets?

Hardwood in natural finishes or porcelain wood-look plank tile are great options. Materials like bamboo or cork also add texture. For a seamless flow, use the same flooring as surrounding rooms.


This spectacular brick, wood, and white kitchen demonstrates how blending natural textures with sleek finishes results in a welcoming, lived-in space with elegance. The thoughtful integration of reclaimed materials provides depth and character that cannot be replicated with new construction. Preserving the historic brick architecture while freshening the space with contemporary elements honors the integrity of the home. This kitchen offers endless inspiration for creating the perfect marriage of vintage, modern, rustic, and refined elements in a seamless design.