Kitchen renovations can completely transform a home, bringing modern functionality and visual appeal to what is often the heart of a house. Our kitchen of the week has undergone a dramatic renovation that has opened up the space and given it a fresh, inviting look with just the right amount of rich green accent color.


This kitchen remodel opens up walls, improves sightlines, and adds pops of a sophisticated green hue that brings life to the space without overwhelming it. We’ll look at the renovation details that make this week’s featured kitchen a stunning update with thoughtful touches throughout.

Some key elements that set this kitchen remodel apart include:

  • Opening up walls for a more spacious, connected feel
  • Strategic sightline improvements for an airier, less closed-in space
  • Rich green accents that provide color without going overboard
  • High-end finishes that add elegance without extravagance
  • Creative storage solutions to maximize functionality

This kitchen remodel balances form and function, delivering substance and style. The homeowners achieved a light, bright, and livable kitchen with welcoming character. Read on for an in-depth look at the transformations and details that make this our standout kitchen of the week.

Opening Up the Walls

One of the biggest changes to this kitchen was opening up the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Previously, this was a closed off kitchen with a solid wall separating it from the rest of the home. Taking down this wall opened up the kitchen to what is now a sunny breakfast nook area.

The change immediately gave the kitchen more of an airy, spacious feel instead of being closed off and compartmentalized. The open layout makes the kitchen feel more connected to the rest of the home, with sightlines all the way from the remodeled kitchen through the dining area and into the living room beyond.

In addition to opening up the kitchen and dining room wall, the renovation also involved opening up a portion of a wall separating the kitchen and living room. While not completely removed, opening up a large section of the wall gives the impression of a much more open, connected floor plan.

This improved connection between spaces helps the kitchen feel like a natural part of the rest of the home instead of its own isolated room. This also allowed the rich green accent wall in the living room to flow into the open kitchen area for a visually cohesive design.

Strategic Sightline Improvements

In addition to completely removing walls, the kitchen remodel also involved more strategic modifications to improve sightlines throughout the space. One important element was raising the height of the wall between the kitchen and adjoining hallway.

Previously, this wall was a standard 8-foot height, which enclosed the space. By raising the wall height to 9 feet with a half wall above, it improves openness and visibility throughout the kitchen. Now, you can see clearly from the kitchen through to the dining and living rooms beyond, making the space feel more open and airy.

The higher wall provides separation from the hallway without totally blocking views and light. This makes the kitchen more inviting, creating an improved sense of connection and flow.

Skylights were also added to the kitchen ceiling during the renovation process. This was another way to open up the sightlines and bring more natural light into the previously enclosed kitchen space. The skylights, combined with the higher connecting wall and opened up adjoining rooms, make the kitchen feel bright and airy instead of cramped.

Pops of Rich Green Hues

One of the most striking elements of this kitchen remodel is the use of a deep greenish-blue hue on certain accents and finishes. This striking shade brings life and character into the space without feeling overwhelming.

The rich green was used judiciously throughout the kitchen redesign, adding punch without going overboard. This shade can feel daring, but when used sparingly can provide sophisticated style.

Some key uses of the deep green-blue in this kitchen include:

  • Accent wall in adjoining living room – This eye-catching accent wall is shared between the open kitchen and living space, helping connect the two with a cohesive color scheme. The bold shade makes a dramatic impact without using too much of the daring color.
  • Kitchen island – The large kitchen island features deep green cabinets, providing plenty of storage as well as a pop of color. The island is a natural focal point, so the rich shade makes a bold statement.
  • Bar stools – At the island, sophisticating looking leather bar stools incorporate the green-blue hue. This ties the seating area to the look of the rest of the kitchen.
  • Shelving – Some shelving incorporates the green tone as well, including open display shelving on a far kitchen wall. This echoes the accent colors found throughout the rest of the space.

The rich hues provide elegance and sophistication by using the color selectively instead of going overboard. The green acts as a highlight against the otherwise neutral palette.

High-End Finishes

While coloring makes a bold impact, the renovated kitchen also impresses with subtle, high-end finishes that give the space an elevated feel. The homeowners invested in quality materials and details that give the kitchen a luxe look without seeming ostentatious.

Some specific finishes that take the kitchen to the next level include:

  • Quartz countertops – Instead of basic butcher block or laminate, the counters are an elegant white quartz that brightens up the space while still being highly functional.
  • Natural stone backsplash – A polished marble backsplash provides understated elegance and a high-end look with neutral coloring that keeps the focus on the green accents.
  • Stainless steel appliances – The appliances were all updated with pro-style stainless steel options that deliver visual impact along with functionality.
  • Soft close drawers and cabinets – All of the cabinets, drawers, and sliding shelves feature soft close mechanisms that ensure smooth, quiet operation when stowing items.
  • Undercabinet lighting – Ambient undercabinet lighting provides attractive illumination for the countertops and workspaces.

These subtle touches come together to elevate the whole look of the newly remodeled kitchen. It feels luxurious while still maintaining a classic and timeless aesthetic.

Creative Storage Solutions

In addition to aesthetics, a kitchen also has to function. This renovated kitchen focused heavily on including specialized storage solutions to optimize the layout and workflow.

Specific storage solutions include:

  • Spice drawers – Dedicated pull out spice drawers neatly organize spices and keep them easily accessible.
  • Deep drawers – Instead of standard base cabinets, extra deep drawers provideabundant storage for larger items.
  • Slide out shelves – Slide out shelves in lower cabinets smoothly glide out to display contents instead of requiring digging in the back of dark cabinets.
  • Pot rack shelf – A raised shelf above the island provides handy space for displaying pots and pans so they don’t take up room in cupboards.
  • Appliance garage – Beside the oven, a specialized appliance garage provides a place to store stand mixers and other small appliances off the counter.
  • Angled carousel – Corner carousels make use of tricky angled corners to provide easy access storage.

By incorporating clever storage mechanisms throughout, this kitchen remodel optimizes every inch of available space. Customized storage solutions result in a highly functional, easy to use cooking space.

Summary: A Kitchen Designed for Real Life

This kitchen remodel takes a formerly closed off, dated space and transforms it into an open, elegant, and completely functional kitchen designed for how real families live. Instead of a showroom look, the renovated kitchen has an inviting warmth while still delivering style.

Rather than going to extremes, the kitchen strikes the right balance with eco-friendly finishes, warm lighting, personalized storage solutions, and just the right amount of rich color accents. This kitchen re-design just goes to show that you don’t have to break the bank to gain both beauty and functionality.

This remodel focuses on opening up walls, improving sightlines, adding strategic pops of color, and incorporating high-end yet understated finishes. Storage solutions optimized for actual utilization keep everything in its place.

The final result is a kitchen that elegantly balances form and functions, creating a truly welcoming hub for the home. This harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and real life livability makes this our standout kitchen of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Updating Your Kitchen Design

Kitchen remodels and updates are a great way to add functionality, style, and appeal to your home. But taking on a major kitchen renovation also involves lots of choices and considerations. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about updating your own kitchen design:

What are some ways I can update my kitchen without a full renovation?

There are affordable ways to make big improvements in your kitchen’s look and utility without doing a full-scale gut renovation:

  • Paint or refinish cabinets for a new look
  • Upgrade countertops to materials like quartz or laminate
  • Add new hardware like knobs, pulls, and lighting fixtures
  • Install a tile backsplash for visual appeal
  • Get new stainless steel appliances

Even small updates like new curtains or accent walls can make a noticeable difference. Focus on high-impact areas to get the most bang for your buck.

How do I choose the right color scheme for my kitchen?

Picking palette colors is one of the most fun parts of planning a kitchen update! Think about the look you want to achieve and colors that will work with your existing elements.

Neutral palettes with pops of color are timeless and versatile. Earth tones like beige, brown, and tan are warm and welcoming. Cool tones like blues, greens, and grays have a more modern, sleek effect.

Remember that painted color can always be redone, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Pick a color that will make you smile.

What should I keep in mind if I want to open up my kitchen walls?

Opening walls instantly makes a kitchen feel brighter and more expansive. But take care to consider:

  • Plumbing and electrical – Make sure no major utilities will be disrupted.
  • Structural elements – Don’t remove any load-bearing walls or compromise the structure.
  • Flow and layout – Opening walls can improve traffic flow and natural movement.
  • Functionality – Will taking down a wall improve work triangles and usage of the space?
  • Budget – Knocking down walls is a bigger project, so account for higher costs.

How do I choose the right materials for my kitchen remodel?

Durable, low-maintenance materials that suit your lifestyle are ideal for busy kitchens. Here are some top options:

Countertops: Quartz and granite are popular options that add value. Laminate is budget-friendly. Tile works well for active cooking zones.

Floors: Tile, vinyl plank, and sealed hardwoods hold up well in kitchens. Avoid carpeting.

Cabinets/Walls: Wood, matte laminates, or thermofoil cabinets are sturdy and stain-resistant. Glass fronts add style.

Backsplash: Ceramic tile, metal, stone, and high-quality vinyl are great resilient choices.

Plumbing Fixtures: Look for low-flow faucets and water-saving fixtures. Stainless steel and matte black finishes are popular.

Appliances: Focus on energy efficiency. Look for stainless steel or paneled exteriors to match your design.

What are some ways to add storage to a small kitchen?

Even the tiniest kitchens can maximize storage with some clever solutions, including:

  • Use deep drawers instead of standard cabinets
  • Add pull-out shelves or spice racks
  • Opt for cabinet fronts with minimal trim/detailing to maximize space
  • Consider open shelving or a pot rack for frequently used items
  • Install wall-mounted drop-down shelves for extra space
  • Use lid racks and door storage for baking sheets and cutting boards
  • Add a pantry cabinet or convert a closet, if possible

With some creativity, you can conceal items and free up precious countertops in a small kitchen. Careful organization is key!

How long will my kitchen renovation take?

Most kitchen renovations take 4-8 weeks from demolition to a functional kitchen. More complex projects with structural changes can take 10-12 weeks. Timelines depend on:

  • Scope of work – Size, layout changes, appliance updates
  • Customization – Unique finishes and features will lengthen timeline
  • Ordering delays – Extended timelines for cabinetry, appliances, etc.
  • Contractor availability – Their schedule will impact overall time
  • Permitting – Complex projects may require extensive approvals

Discuss expected timeframes with contractors upfront to ensure proper planning. Build in some buffer time for inevitable hiccups. Be prepared to use a temporary kitchen area.


Updating your kitchen is one of the most rewarding home renovation projects. With careful planning and smart design choices, your new kitchen can improve functionality, reflect your unique style, and even add value to your home. Focus on what matters most to you, whether it’s opening up walls, adding color, improving storage, or selecting high-end finishes.

The Kitchen of the Week shows how even modest renovations can transform outdated kitchens into fresh, welcoming spaces. With an open layout, improved sightlines, pops of color, and real-life functionality, it strikes the perfect balance for an achievable dream kitchen.

Use this kitchen’s makeover as inspiration when envisioning updates to maximize enjoyment of your own kitchen space. With strategic and creative renovations tailored to your needs, you can create a kitchen that seamlessly blends beautiful form with optimized function.