A beautifully designed kitchen can truly be the heart of a home. This week, we’re delighted to showcase a stunning loft renovation in Chelsea that radiates joy through its light-filled, high-functioning kitchen and dining space. Designed by the talented team at [Kitchen Designer Company], the new layout celebrates the couple who owns the loft while honoring the building’s industrial past.

Back in the late 1800s, this Chelsea building was home to a successful piano manufacturer. Many original details remain, from the maple floors to the exposed brick walls. The owners wished to retain the integrity of the architecture while creating an open, contemporary kitchen suited to entertaining and everyday life.

Read on for an in-depth tour of this airy loft kitchen that artfully blends old and new. We’ll reveal how the designers unified the high-ceilinged, loft-like space and met the owners’ needs with smart storage solutions, high-end appliances, and custom-crafted cabinetry. This brilliant kitchen remodel celebrates contrasting materials, pops of color, and customized organization. Let’s explore this urban kitchen and dining room brought to life with a joyful, livable vibe!

Overview of the Building and Space

  • Industrial loft building originally constructed in the late 1800s for piano manufacturing
  • Located in a vibrant Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan
  • Owners, a couple passionate about cooking and entertaining, purchased the raw loft space
  • Main living area spans over 3,000 square feet with 18′ ceilings
  • Kitchen space located at rear end of loft, adjoining dining area
  • Existing architectural details:
    • Original plank maple floors
    • Exposed brick walls
    • Large factory-style windows
  • Owners wished to retain industrial loft character
  • Also wanted to design a contemporary, open kitchen suited for cooking and hosting guests
  • Worked with Kitchen Designer Company to realize their vision

Design Goals and Overall Layout

The owners of this incredible Chelsea loft came to Kitchen Designer Company with a clear vision for their new kitchen. They wanted to create a space that felt open, airy, and filled with natural light, while honoring the loft’s industrial past. They also needed storage solutions to contain kitchen equipment and pantry items out of sight.

Key goals included:

  • An open, contemporary style that interacts with the living room
  • Abundant natural light
  • Adequate storage for kitchen tools and servingware
  • Freedom of movement for multiple cooks
  • Durable surfaces for active cooking and baking
  • Capacity for comfortable dining and entertaining
  • Display space for beautiful stemware and ceramics
  • High-end appliances appropriate for avid home chefs

To achieve these aims, the design team adopted a clean, U-shaped layout around three sides of the kitchen. Custom rift-sawn white oak cabinets were chosen for their durability and timeless appeal. The white oak pairs beautifully with a statuary white marble island, light stone backsplash tile, and warm brass accents.

Appliances include a dominant La Cornue range as the showpiece, flanked by a Sub-Zero fridge and freezer. A spacious sink and countertop workspace complete the functional kitchen area.

Just beyond, the dining space accommodates a large oak and brass dining table surrounded by iconic Eames shell chairs. A built-in buffet offers storage for linens and diningware. Statement light fixtures hang above the table and island, providing both task lighting and a sculptural glow.

Cabinetry Design and Materials

The kitchen cabinetry expertly designed and hand-crafted by Kitchen Designer Company serves as the foundation for this elegant, inviting space. The team chose rift-sawn white oak, a durable hardwood renowned for its subtle, linear grain pattern. This pale wood with silvery rays provides a lovely contrast to the marble counters and exposed brick wall.

All cabinets feature a clean, slab-front style with inset doors and drawers. Intentionally thick framing and oversized stainless steel pulls continue the industrial aesthetic. Inside, cabinets are fully equipped with deep pull-out shelves, trays, and other functional storage solutions. An eye-level buffet runs along the brick wall, concealing small appliances when not in use.

The lower cabinets are topped with stunning Calacatta Lincoln marble in a statuesque white hue with subtle grey veining. Three massive slabs form the waterfall island, which offers ample seating as well as culinary prep space. The marble’s polished finish and undermount sink are immensely durable and easy to clean after cooking.

Statement Lighting Elements

To elevate the kitchen�s modern industrial design, the owners chose spectacular statement lights that serve both form and function. The kitchen’s focal point, a hand-blown glass orb pendulum, diffuses a soft glow over the expansive marble island. The custom orb picks up the unique marbling of the stone below.

Smaller blown-glass pendants light the perimeter counter work area. Recessed lighting provides task lighting, while antique brass sconces flanking the range offer a warm, ambient glow. In the adjoining dining space, a striking tiered chandelier crafted from wood and marble suspends over the table like a sculptural mobile.

These lighting elements layer varied textures and materials into the spare, loft-like space. ThePstatement fixtures showcase the owners’ personal aesthetic, while providing essential illumination for the kitchen’s multiple purposes.

Appliance Suite: function and style

To accommodate the owners’ love of cooking and entertaining, Kitchen Designer Company integrated top-of-the-line appliances optimized for beauty and performance.

The showstopper range is by La Cornue, with a massive 36” Waddiloire model featuring a stovetop, salamander broiler, and two ovens perfect for multitasking. The gleaming range is finished in matte black with bronze trim and the French manufacturer’s iconic vaulted top.

Flanking the range, built-in Sub-Zero refrigeration includes the expansive PRO 48 model fridge and separate PRO 48 freezer. Clean integrated panels match the cabinetry style for a unified look. The high-capacity fridge offers adjustable shelving, slide-out bins, and LED lighting to easily find every item.

On the back kitchen wall, a separate buffet accommodates small appliances. Here, a Miele coffee machine, Dacor microwave-convection oven, and Marvel undercounter wine fridge are discreetly tucked away but still conveniently accessible. The extensive appliance suite equips this kitchen for even the most demanding home chef.

Backsplash: Warm Contrast

The kitchen’s backsplash tile composition provides a welcome contrast to the surrounding white cabinetry and statuary marble surfaces. To bring out the warmth of the original brick walls, the design team chose durable polished porcelain tile in an almond travertine look.

The subtly swirled stone tiles in creamy ivory beige echo the fossilized texture of natural travertine. Rows of stacking rectangle tiles are accented with matching travertine mosaic sheets. The thin grout lines create clean vertical columns that draw the eye upward in the soaring space.

The travertine backsplash tiles relate to the kitchen’s marble elements while adding organic texture. Their neutral color further accentuates the rift-sawn white oak’s linear detail. This backsplash material provides function and beauty behind the range and along the perimeter countertops.

Flooring That Honors History

To complement the loft’s original exposed brick walls, the owners chose to refinish and protect the existing wide-plank maple floors. This wood flooring speaks to the building�s history as a 19th century piano factory. The warm, honey-toned floor boards contrast beautifully with the crisp white cabinetry.

The refinished maple floors now feature a smooth, matte finish achieved through sanding and re-coating. This updated finish is both family-friendly and elegantly understated. The floor boards’ varying widths and natural grain patterns add organic interest underfoot.

To define the kitchen’s footprint, the floor’s end grain was also refreshed. A thin strip of the darker end-grain maple delineates the edge of the kitchen space. This subtle detail aligns with the edge of the immense kitchen island. Beyond, the dining area features the same wide-plank maple floors, refinished for continuity.

Integration With Living Area

This spacious loft kitchen opens completely to the adjoining living room, yet feels like a distinct space. The streamlined design choices unite these expansive areas while still differentiating the kitchen’s functions.

Along one exposed brick wall, the white perimeter cabinetry provides a clean, neutral backdrop. This consistent run of cabinetry firmly establishes the kitchen boundaries on one side. The rift-sawn oak dining table and chairs also define the nearby eating area.

At the same time, varied materials like the travertine tile backsplash and statement light fixtures give the kitchen its own flair. The central marble-topped island delineates the kitchen footprint without blocking views or circulation. With no upper cabinets, the space maintains an open, lofty feel.

From the living room, one can appreciate the gorgeous range and prep areas without physically entering the workspace. This kitchen design enables an elegant open floor plan perfect for daily life and entertaining.

In Summary: Key Features

This Chelsea loft remodeling project resulted in a kitchen and dining area that honors the original industrial architecture while feeling thoroughly fresh and contemporary. Key features include:

  • U-shaped workspace with ample high-end appliances
  • Rift-sawn white oak cabinets for durability and style
  • Gorgeous waterfall island topped with stunning Calacatta Lincoln marble
  • Clean-lined built-in banquette and buffet in dining area
  • Hand-blown glass orb lighting as a striking focal point
  • Backsplash of warm travertine tile in creamy beige tones
  • Dining area defined by oak table and iconic Eames chairs
  • Refinished original wide-plank maple floors
  • Open concept floor plan united with living room

The designers at Kitchen Designer Company brought together a palette of materials both old and new to achieve the perfect balance desired by the owners. This airy loft kitchen celebrates crafted elements, flexible space, and timeless industrial allure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about designing a contemporary kitchen remodel in an industrial loft building.

What are some tips for honoring the industrial architecture?

  • Preserve and spotlight original materials like brick walls, wood ceiling beams, and flooring.
  • Choose finishes with natural patinas like rift-sawn oak and travertine tile.
  • Incorporate lighting fixtures and hardware with vintage appeal.
  • Use a neutral color palette to allow the existing details to shine.

How do you create an open, airy feel in a loft kitchen?

  • Opt for a clean, unfussy aesthetic in cabinetry and surfaces.
  • Avoid upper cabinets to maintain high ceilings and open sightlines.
  • Incorporate large windows and good overhead lighting.
  • Use glass cabinet doors and floating shelves for transparency.
  • Keep the palette light and bright.

What design elements can help define kitchen zones?

  • Use area rugs, changes in floor materials, or inset tiles to delineate functional spaces.
  • Establish clear boundaries with cabinetry or half-walls.
  • Zone areas with different lighting schemes and fixtures.
  • Separate appliances into discrete zones.
  • Floating islands can distinguish cooking areas from dining zones.

What storage solutions work well in an open loft?

  • Opt for cabinets with integrated organizational systems.
  • Incorporate large drawers for kitchen tools and cookware.
  • Include pull-out shelving for a pantry zone or appliance garage.
  • Use tall cabinets to maximize vertical storage.
  • Acquire furniture pieces like sideboards and hutches.

How do you optimize lighting for cooking and socializing?

  • Layer ambient, task, and accent lighting for multifunction spaces.
  • Use recessed lights for overall illumination.
  • Incorporate pendants for focused task lighting.
  • Showcase sculptural fixtures over islands and dining tables.
  • Add dimmers for adjustable light levels.


This Chelsea loft remodel provides a inspiring example of integrating an open, contemporary kitchen into a converted industrial space. The designers masterfully balanced sleek surfaces and rich materials like marble, oak, and tile. Unique statement lights and top-tier appliances elevate the sophisticated aesthetic. We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look at the thoughtful spatial planning and elegant finishes within this urban loft kitchen. May it provide ideas and inspiration as you envision your own kitchen transformation!