Kitchen renovations can completely transform a home by improving functionality, updating style, and boosting comfort. This week’s featured kitchen remodel is a stunning example of how a few thoughtful changes can create a brighter, more inviting space for cooking and gathering. We’ll explore the before-and-after details and design choices that make this kitchen renovation a stunning success.

Overview of the Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen remodel involved a 300-square-foot space in a suburban family home built in the 1980s. The existing layout was closed off from the rest of the home, with limited natural light. The decor and cabinetry were outdated and worn.

The homeowners sought to open up and update the space with the goals of:

  • Creating an open, welcoming atmosphere
  • Improving natural light
  • Adding more storage and counter space
  • Updating the style with on-trend colors and materials
  • Improving flow and functionality

The renovation involved knocking down walls, replacing cabinetry and appliances, adding an island, tiling the backsplash, installing new lighting, repainting, and adding beautiful decorative accents. As we tour the details below, you’ll see how the designers achieved the homeowners’ goals with creative solutions and stunning visual results.

Removal of Walls for an Open Concept

One of the first major changes involved removing walls to open the kitchen to surrounding living spaces. Previously boxed in from other areas, the kitchen now enjoys:

  • Views of the backyard through a banquette seating area
  • An open sightline to the dining room
  • Doorless access to the family room

Opening up the walls immediately helped achieve the goals of a brighter, more welcoming space. The removal of physical barriers invites natural light and cross-traffic through the kitchen. Sightlines are expanded, creating a feeling of connection between cooking, dining, and living activities.

Addition of a Spacious Kitchen Island

One of the most striking new features in this remodel is the large, U-shaped kitchen island installed in the center of the space. The custom-built island provides:

  • Extra prep and serving space
  • Storage drawers and cabinets
  • Overhang for casual seating
  • A focal point for the room’s design

The neutral gray finish on the island contrasts beautifully with the bright white cabinetry, while the butcher block countertop adds natural warmth. The addition of this functional yet gorgeous island was key for improving storage, surfaces, and style.

Installation of New Cabinetry

Along with opening up the room and adding the spacious island, the homeowners chose to replace all the dated cabinetry. Crisp, shaker-style white cabinets offer plenty of storage while keeping the space feeling open and airy.

Key cabinetry changes include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling pantries for maximized storage
  • Glass-front upper cabinets to display dishware
  • Deep lower drawers for cooking equipment
  • Roll-out shelves for easy access
  • Luxurious crown molding for a custom built-in look

The fresh white paint provides a light, bright backdrop, while the staggered arrangement creates appealing visual dimension. Frosted glass doors on the upper corner cabinets allow light to permeate even the darker spots.

Backsplash Tile Transforms the Space

One of the most dramatic elements in this kitchen renovation is the Moroccan-inspired backsplash tile. The bold patterns and colors provide a vibrant, eye-catching focal point.

The designers chose the tile for several key reasons:

  • The deep blue-green hue complements the white cabinetry while providing rich, saturated color.
  • The unique patterns add artsy personality that suits the homeowners’ eclectic style.
  • Natural stone material provides an earthy, high-end look and feel.
  • Metallic accents in the tile pick up the finishes of the modern lighting fixtures and plumbing hardware.

This statement backsplash was essential for injecting the personality, color, and style the homeowners desired while harmonizing beautifully with the lighter cabinetry and surfaces.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring for Durability and Style

In place of dated vinyl sheet flooring, the designers chose modern luxury vinyl plank in a handsome simulated wood look. The new flooring boasts the following advantages:

  • Realistic appearance of weathered barnwood with natural variation
  • Added durability over natural wood flooring
  • Waterproof, kid-friendly, and scratch-resistant surface
  • Quick “floating” installation without nails or glue
  • Coordinating tones of brown, gray, and cream to complement the color scheme

This stylish vinyl floor can withstand the demands of a busy kitchen while lending a contemporary yet rustic vibe that aligns with the home’s relaxed style.

Improved Lighting Makes the Kitchen Shine

Proper lighting was a priority in this renovation both for function and ambiance. The designers opened up the space to allow more natural light to flood the room. They also installed new fixtures for task lighting and accent lighting:

Task lighting:

  • Under-cabinet LED lighting illuminates countertops
  • Slim LED strips attached to the bottom of the upper cabinets provide even overhead lighting
  • Recessed ceiling lights highlight the island and banquette

Accent lighting:

  • Sleek hammered nickel pendant lights hang above the island
  • A modern chandelier with golden details brightens the dining area
  • Striking sconces flank the window over the sink

The combination of streamlined LED fixtures and eye-catching metallic and glass pendants check the boxes for both form and function.

More Functional Layout Improves Work Triangles

Beyond the cosmetic changes, the new layout also focuses on improving workflow. The kitchen now provides optimized “work triangles” between key zones:

  • The refrigerator, sink, and stove form an efficient triangle for food prep.
  • The island sits adjacent to the stove for extra landing space when cooking.
  • Doors provide quick access to the pantries, eliminating cross-kitchen treks while cooking.
  • A built-in banquette next to the prep zone adds seating for casual meals and monitoring kids’ homework.
  • The clean sightline between the stove and banquette allows for easy communication between cooks and diners.

Thoughtful placement of appliances, counters, cabinets, and seating improves the kitchen’s ergonomics for an all-around upgraded cooking and living experience.

Stylish Finishing Touches Pull the Look Together

Several final touches give this kitchen renovation its desk-worthy style:

  • Sleek modern faucet with industrial details
  • Golden modern sconces that complement the backsplash
  • Hanging rack above the island for spices and utensils
  • Cozy banquette seating with patterned throw pillows
  • Decorative plates and greenery for personalized flair

These accessories align with the homeowners’ tastes while adding warmth, visual interest, and convenience.

The complete package is a kitchen that beautifully blends function and style for an enjoyable, inviting experience.

Takeaways from This Inspiring Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen remodel offers several lessons for upgrading your own space:

  • Opening walls can make a world of difference for light and flow.
  • Islands are worth the investment for added seating, storage, and style.
  • Statement backsplashes or tile accents inject personality.
  • Mixing metal finishes creates an eclectic look.
  • Luxury vinyl plank is an affordable, durable flooring option.
  • Proper lighting enhances both form and function.
  • Thoughtful layout and triangles boost workflow.
  • Accessories and accents add those finishing touches.

With planning, creativity, and the right design choices, you can give your kitchen a fresh new look and improved experience. This bright, open concept kitchen shows how upgrading lighting, color, storage, textures, and more can re-energize your home’s heart.

FAQs About Upgrading Your Kitchen

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

A minor cosmetic refresh may cost $5,000-$15,000. Expect $15,000-$35,000 for cabinetry updates and moderate changes. Major renovations are $35,000-$75,000+. Custom luxury kitchens can top $100,000.

What’s the best layout for a kitchen?

The work triangle between sink, stove, and fridge is key. Islands and open floor plans are popular. Allow 36+ inches of landing space around appliances. Design for ergonomics and ample storage.

When should I remodel my kitchen?

When the space is unsafe, dysfunctional, or has severe damage. Or you have the budget to upgrade worn or outdated features for your enjoyment. Avoid remodeling just before selling.

What are trending kitchen remodel ideas?

Open concept layouts, massive islands, industrial and modern styles, hexagon tile, black stainless steel, bold colors like navy and green, smart home technology.

How do I choose new kitchen cabinets?

Consider your budget, aesthetics, organizational needs, ease of cleaning, durability, eco-friendly options like wood veneer, and specialized storage features.

What should I splurge on?

High-quality counters, cabinets, and appliances that suit your needs and taste. These big elements make a dramatic impact.

How do I add more kitchen storage?

Optimize existing drawers and cabinets. Add pull-outs, organizers, racks and shelves. Incorporate floor-to-ceiling pantries, islands with storage, and cabinetry to unused spaces.

Should I DIY my kitchen remodel?

Consider your time, skill level, and safety. Pros complete projects more quickly with specialized expertise. DIY simpler tasks like painting and lighting.

With careful planning and design, your dream kitchen is within reach!

Key Takeaways

  • This kitchen renovation optimized light, storage, surfaces, color, and flow for a brighter, more functional space.
  • Designers opened walls, added an island, installed fresh cabinetry and tile, improved lighting, and crafted an efficient layout.
  • Statement Moroccan backsplash tile provides a bold focal point of saturated color and artistic flair.
  • Proper lighting balances attractive pendants with functional recessed and under-cabinet fixtures.
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring lends stylish, durable, waterproof surface.
  • Thoughtful details like the banquette and accessories personalize the bright new space.
  • Similar transformations are possible in your home with strategic renovations.


This inspiring kitchen remodel provides an excellent blueprint for transforming an outdated, closed-off space into an inviting gathering place full of light, function, and personality. The homeowners achieved their goals through smart renovations like opening walls, adding a spacious island, installing statement backsplash tile, improving storage and lighting, and crafting an efficient layout.

While major kitchen overhauls require significant investment, the changes can be well worth it. A redesigned heart of the home with improved convenience, comfort, and beauty can enhance day-to-day life and even increase a home’s resale value. With strategic planning and design, you can create a kitchen that perfectly suits your family’s needs and style preferences for years to come.