A clean and organized kitchen is a joy to cook in. But paper towel clutter on countertops can quickly make a kitchen look messy. Out-of-sight paper towel holders are a clever way to keep paper towels handy while maintaining a tidy appearance in your cooking space.

Introduction to Out-of-Sight Paper Towel Holders

Out-of-sight paper towel holders provide easy access to paper towels while keeping them concealed when not in use. These holders are designed to mount under cabinets, inside cupboards and drawers, or onto walls. With just a simple pull, fresh paper towels are dispensed as needed.

There are many benefits to using an out-of-sight paper towel holder in your kitchen:

  • Keeps countertops free of messy paper towel rolls
  • Creates a cleaner, more minimalist look in the kitchen
  • Makes paper towels easily accessible when needed
  • Gets paper towels out of sight when guests are over
  • Prevents paper towels from getting dirty or wet on the counter
  • Saves space since they mount out of the way
  • Looks tidier than loose paper towel rolls sitting out

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why many homeowners are opting for out-of-sight paper towel storage solutions. This article will explore the different types of holders available and provide tips on choosing and installing the right option for your kitchen.

Types of Out-of-Sight Paper Towel Holders

There are several styles of paper towel holders designed to keep towels out of sight but within easy reach. Consider where you want to mount your holder and how you’ll access the towels to choose the best fit.

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

Designed to be mounted underneath kitchen cabinets, these discreet holders keep paper towel rolls hidden away. Look for holders that allow you to pull down the towel with just one hand. Adhesive, screw-mounted, and magnetic models are available.

Key Features:

  • Mounts under cabinets
  • Pulls down for easy one-handed access
  • Keeps paper towels completely hidden when not in use

In-Drawer Paper Towel Holders

For a fully concealed option, in-drawer holders keep paper towels completely out of sight in a kitchen drawer. Pull-out tray models allow you to slide the towels into view when needed.

Key Features:

  • Mounts conveniently inside a drawer
  • Trays pull out for access to paper towels
  • Keeps towels totally hidden from view

In-Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

Similar to in-drawer options, these discreet holders install inside kitchen cabinets or pantry doors. Spring-loaded dispensers pop paper towels out when opened.

Key Features:

  • Mounts out of sight inside cabinets or pantries
  • Dispenses towels only when cabinet is opened
  • Keeps towels hidden away when cabinet is closed

Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

For quick access, wall-mounted holders position paper towel rolls within easy reach. Look for holders with a weighted bar to tear off towels with one hand.

Key Features:

  • Conveniently mounts on walls or sides of cabinets
  • Weighted bar tears off towels easily
  • Keeps paper towels off countertops

Over the Sink Paper Towel Holders

Ideal for placement next to the kitchen sink, these holders mount on the wall or side of lower cabinets within arm’s reach while washing dishes.

Key Features:

  • Mounts in close proximity to the sink
  • Allows easy access when washing dishes
  • Keeps paper towels off the backsplash

Counter Top Paper Towel Holders

While not fully out of sight, counter top holders keep paper towel rolls neatly contained. Rotating bases allow you to pull towels off as needed.

Key Features:

  • Sits conveniently on kitchen counters
  • Rotating base keeps towels accessible
  • Takes up minimal counter space

Buying Considerations for Out-of-Sight Paper Towel Holders

When shopping for an out-of-sight paper towel holder, keep the following buying considerations in mind:


Consider the size of standard paper towel rolls and measure the area where you want to mount the holder. Make sure to choose a holder big enough to fit full rolls.

Mounting Mechanism

Adhesive, screw-mounted, magnetic and slide-in tray holders are all common. Choose the mounting style that’s easiest for your intended location.

Ease of Loading

Look for holders where it’s simple to insert new paper towel rolls when needed. Side-loading holders tend to be easiest.

One-Handed Dispensing

Seeking out holders that let you tear off a sheet with just one hand allows for easy paper towel removal.


Stainless steel, wood, plastic and chrome are common holder materials. Consider appearance and durability.

Weighted Bar

For wall-mounted holders, a weighted bar makes tearing off towels simpler and prevents the roll from unwinding.

Towel Sheet Length

Some holders are designed to work with specific sheet lengths. Make sure the model you choose accommodates standard size paper towel sheets.

Tips for Installing Out-of-Sight Paper Towel Holders

Once you’ve selected the perfect holder, use these tips to ensure proper installation:

  • Carefully measure the area where you want to mount the holder and follow the product instructions for accurate placement.
  • If drilling into cabinets or walls, be sure to avoid hitting any wires or pipes.
  • For adhesion-mounted holders, thoroughly clean and dry the surface per the manufacturer’s directions to ensure a solid bond.
  • Check that screws on screw-mounted holders are tight and secure. Fill any gaps between the holder and wall with silicone sealant.
  • Make sure holders mounted inside cabinets or drawers do not obstruct opening or closing.
  • Test that you can easily dispense towels using just one hand without any obstacles blocking the way.
  • Ensure wall-mounted holders sit level using a small spirit level.
  • Load the holder with paper towels to confirm it accommodates a full roll and dispenses properly before permanent installation.

Ideal Placement Locations for Out-of-Sight Paper Towel Holders

One of the perks of out-of-sight paper towel holders is flexibility when selecting the ideal spot to mount them. Here are some of the best locations to consider:

Under Kitchen Sink Cabinets

Mounting a holder directly under the sink cabinet provides instant access to towels for spills, drips, and dish drying. Just be sure to avoid interfering with any pipes.

Inside a Drawer or Cabinet Near the Sink

For a discreet option, installing the holder in a drawer or cabinet close to the sink keeps towels handy without cluttering counters.

Between the Fridge and Sink

This in-between space is often underutilized. Placing a holder here can allow access from multiple areas.

Inside Pantry Doors

Pantry doors make excellent hiding spots. Mount a holder on the inside where paper towels can be secretly stashed.

Under Upper Cabinets by the Stove

For cooks who need paper towels at the ready near the stove, under upper cabinets is ideal. Just watch for heat exposure.

On Side Walls and Columns

Wall space adjacent to counters is prime real estate for situating holders within easy reach.

Inside Lower Cabinets Next to the Stove

Positioning a holder discretely inside a lower corner cabinet makes for easy access while cooking.

On Short Walls Between Counters

Make use of oft-neglected small spaces between counter runs by mounting holders on short dividing walls.

Near Trash and Recycling Bins

Locating paper towels directly by garbage receptacles is convenient for clean-up.

Design Ideas for Out-of-Sight Paper Towel Storage

Beyond choosing the holder itself, use these design ideas to incorporate out-of-sight paper towel storage into your kitchen decor seamlessly:

Complement Cabinets and Hardware

Select holder finishes and materials that blend with or match existing cabinets and hardware for cohesion.

Include in Cabinetry Planning

When remodeling, work with kitchen designers to integrate discreet towel holders into new cabinetry and drawers.

Create Stylish Reveals

Use slides, lifts, and openings to make accessing the holders an appealing design feature.

Consolidate Near Sinks

Group other kitchen tasks like recycling bins and cleaning supplies near the paper towels.

Incorporate Into Trouble Spots

Turn awkward corners and gaps into useful storage for towels.

Allow for Flexible Access

Consider mounting holders in central areas accessible from multiple places in the kitchen.

Use Custom Cabinetry

For a bespoke look, incorporate custom-built nooks and holders into personalized cabinetry designs.

Disguise with Deco Facing

Hide holders inside cabinets outfitted with attractive architectural accents and false drawer faces.

Optimize Wasted Space

Make full use of the area under sinks and inside cabinets with cleverly mounted holders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Out-of-Sight Paper Towel Holders

How difficult is it to install an out-of-sight paper towel holder?

Most models are designed for relatively simple DIY installation. Adhesive or screw-mounted holders can be easily put up in just a few minutes with basic tools. Watch out for wiring or plumbing when drilling.

Do out-of-sight holders accommodate different paper towel roll sizes?

Many holders are adjustable or designed with room to fit standard-size rolls. However, very large rolls may be too big, so check roll dimensions when shopping.

Where should I mount my paper towel holder?

Popular spots are under sink cabinets, inside lower cabinets and drawers, or on walls adjacent to counters and appliances. Focus on busy areas where you use towels frequently.

How do I prevent my paper towels from falling out of a wall-mounted holder?

Look for holders with a weighted bar that allows you to tear off sheets with one hand while keeping the roll locked in place.

Should my paper towels hang over or under cabinet-mounted holders?

Most models are designed to dispense paper towels from underneath cabinets. However, you can find some made to hold rolls on top as well.

Will an out-of-sight holder keep my paper towels dry and clean?

Yes, by storing rolls inside a protected holder rather than sitting out on counters, towels will stay dry, clean and free from dirt.

Can I mount a paper towel holder inside a drawer or cabinet door?

Definitely! Many speciality holders are made to discretely mount inside cabinets and drawers while allowing roll access.

How do I refill a paper towel holder inside a cabinet?

Cabinet-mounted holders usually feature a side opening that allows you to easily slide fresh paper towel rolls into place as needed.

Are out-of-sight paper towel holders difficult to load?

No, most holders have an easily accessible opening designed to make loading a new roll quick and simple. Just pop in an unused roll.

Do I need any special hardware to install an out-of-sight holder?

Basic tools like a drill, screwdriver, tape measure and pencil are all you need. Some adhesive models don’t even require drilling.


Out-of-sight paper towel holders are a clever innovation that can simplify your kitchen and life. By keeping paper towels concealed but within arm’s reach, a holder reduces clutter while making daily kitchen tasks easier. With so many styles to choose from, you can find an ideal mounting spot and holder to suit your space. Install one in your kitchen today and enjoy the convenience of paper towels minus the messy rolls and clutter.