Adding a pop of color to your kitchen can completely transform the space. While white and neutral backsplashes are popular choices, blue is a gorgeous option that can make your kitchen feel bright and vibrant. From light and airy sky blue hues to dramatic navy shades, blue backsplashes can complement any style.

Blue backsplashes work wonderfully in both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. They pair nicely with white cabinets for a crisp, nautical vibe or can add vibrant contrast to wood cabinets for a more eclectic and colorful aesthetic. Whether you opt for subway tiles, mosaic tiles, or handmade tiles, there are so many options to fit your unique taste.

Keep reading for 15 beautiful blue backsplash ideas to inspire your next kitchen remodel or redecoration.

Why Choose a Blue Backsplash?

There are so many great reasons to consider a blue backsplash for your kitchen remodel:

Timeless and Classic

While trends come and go, blue remains a timeless, classic color choice for kitchens. A blue backsplash will stand the test of time and provide a gorgeous focal point that doesn’t feel dated.

Adds Visual Interest

A pop of blue on your backsplash provides eye-catching visual interest. It draws attention and makes the space feel more vibrant and fun.

Complements Other Colors

Blue is extremely versatile and complements many other colors. It pairs well with whites, grays, stainless steel, bronze, gold, and natural wood tones.

Options for Any Style

From soft pastel hues to bold navy tones, the range of blue backsplash options makes it easy to find a look for any kitchen style.

Reflects Light

The reflective nature of blue backsplashes helps bounce light around the kitchen, making it feel more open and airy.

15 Beautiful Blue Backsplash Ideas

1. Moroccan Tile

Moroccan tile backsplashes feature intricate patterns and shapes in vivid cobalt blue hues. This style has a glamorous, exotic vibe that packs a visual punch. The varying tile sizes and mosaic patterns catch the eye.

Moroccan tiles pair nicely with white cabinetry for contrast. Warm wood accents also help offset the cooler blue tones. This brilliant backsplash transforms kitchens into artful, inviting spaces.

2. Handpainted Moroccan Tile

For a similar Moroccan vibe with more boho character, consider handpainted tiles. These feature slightly imperfect designs in faded blues with unique textures. No two tiles are exactly the same, giving your backsplash loads of rustic charm.

Handpainted Moroccan-style tiles work perfectly in cottage, farmhouse, or eclectic kitchens. The faded blue color has a timeworn look that feels cozy and lived-in. For a bolder contrast, paint your cabinets black.

3. Subway Tile

Nothing beats classic white subway tiles with thin lines of blue for a clean, timeless backsplash. Offset grout lines create subtle pops of color that enhance the tiles without overpowering.

Use this backsplash idea in contemporary or transitional kitchens with crisp white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. For variation, try a herringbone pattern or mix in some white tiles.

4. Bold Navy Subway Tile

Make more of a statement with bold navy blue subway tiles covering the entire backsplash surface. This makes the blue color the star focal point and creates a dramatic, sophisticated look.

The deep navy color pairs nicely with warm wood cabinetry or brass hardware and fixtures for an elegant, inviting vibe. For contemporary spaces, combine it with sleek white or stainless steel appliances.

5. Ombre Subway Tile

Ombre subway tiles offer a fresh, modern update on the classic backsplash. The tiles graduate from light to dark, often with different shades of blue. This creates a soothing, ethereal effect.

Use ombre subway tiles as an accent behind the stove or sink, or cover the whole backsplash surface for full impact. Pair with crisp white cabinets or warm wood tones to let the backsplash shine.

6. Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

Fish scale patterned tiles in Moroccan motifs are another way to incorporate shape, pattern and vivid color. The tiles overlap in a scalloped design resembling fish scales. This creates movement and interest.

Vibrant cobalt blue is eye-catching. For a beachy vibe, pair it with white cabinets, driftwood accents, and stainless steel appliances. Or add Mediterranean flair with terracotta and wood tones.

7. Handmade Crackle Tile

Rustic crackle-glazed tiles in faded shades of blue add loads of cottage charm to kitchen backsplashes. Each handmade tile features unique cracks and textures. The imperfections provide visual interest and personality.

Use handmade crackle tiles behind the stove or sink or cover the entire backsplash area. Contrast them with crisp white cabinetry and modern stainless steel for a charming farmhouse or cottage kitchen.

8. Blue Glass Tile

Squares or rectangles of blue glass tile create shiny, sleek backsplash focal points. The glass material and color reflect light beautifully in the kitchen. Blue glass tile comes in a range of shades from pastel to cobalt.

Use blue glass tile sparingly as an accent or feature wall or cover the entire backsplash surface for dramatic effect. The reflective material pairs nicely with stainless steel appliances and fixtures.

9. Beach House Backsplash

Channel breezy beach house style with a backsplash alternating rows of blue glass subway tile and white ceramic subway tile. The contrast between the materials and colors looks fresh and vibrant.

This beachy backsplash works well with weathered wood cabinets and accents. Stainless steel appliances keep the look light and coastal. Use sea glass, shells or netting in wall decor or window treatments to complete the theme.

10. Chevron Tile

For a lively geometric backsplash, opt for glossy chevron-patterned tiles in shades of blue. The zigzag design has loads of visual motion to energize kitchen spaces. Choose one bold color or use a few hues for variation.

Chevron tile backsplashes pop against white cabinetry but also pair beautifully with brass, gold or wood accents. Use chevron tile sparingly or tile the entire backsplash area for a bold statement.

11. Mediterranean Tile

Vibrant Mediterranean style comes to life with backsplashes featuring handpainted tiles in sun-faded blues and multi-colored floral patterns. The colors and imperfect painterly designs exude rustic charm.

Use these tiles behind the stove or sink or cover the whole backsplash surface for Mediterranean flair. Pair with terracotta, wood cabinets and bronze fixtures for an authentic vibe. Add vines, grapes and other touches to complete the theme.

12. Subway Tile Accent

If you want just a touch of blue, use subway tiles to create a simple backsplash accent. Flank the range or sink with blue tiles. Surround them with classic white tile for the rest of the backsplash.

The pop of color draws the eye without overwhelming. Use light and bright or bold navy blue tiles depending on the look you want. Pair with stainless steel appliances and cool grays for contemporary appeal.

13. Geometric Pattern Tile

Make a modern statement with geometric tile backsplashes in vibrant shades of blue. Graphic shapes and lines provide eye-catching contrast and dimension.

Use these tiles selectively or cover the entire backsplash area. Pair them with crisp whites and modern metals and woods for chic contemporary style. Let the graphic blue tiles take center stage.

14. Blue Glass Mosaic Tile

Tiny glass mosaic tiles in dreamy blue hues create a shimmery, ethereal backsplash design. The multifaceted glass material catches and reflects light beautifully from all angles for a radiant look.

Glass mosaic tiles can cover the backsplash surface or accent the stove back panel or a smaller area as a focal point. Pair with white cabinets and modern or industrial elements for an elegant modern kitchen.

15. Blue and White Portuguese Tile

Vintage Portuguese or Spanish style tiles feature handpainted floral patterns in blue and white. The colors and designs have an antiqued European vibe. Use these tiles selectively or tiling the full backsplash.

For an authentic feel, pair blue and white Portuguese tiles with carved wood accents, bronze fixtures, and dramatic lighting. Add vases, plates and decor with similar blue and white patterns to tie the look together.

Tips for Designing With a Blue Backsplash

To make the most of a blue backsplash in your kitchen, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Consider the size of the space. Bold navy hues can overwhelm a smaller kitchen. Go for softer lighter blues. Mosaic tiles and small accents work better than large tile swaths.
  • Select a blue hue that complements your cabinetry and countertops. Cool blues pair well with crisp whites and grays. Warm blues complement wood cabinetry.
  • Add other blue accents throughout the kitchen, like blue dishes, textiles, or artwork for a pulled together look.
  • Incorporate metallic finishes and warm wood or leather textures to balance out cool blue tones.
  • Use lighting strategically, like pendant lights over a blue backsplash, to accentuate the colors.
  • Tile the entire backsplash area or use blue tiles selectively as accents around focal points.
  • Vary tile size, texture and pattern for visual interest. Mix and match materials like glass, ceramic and stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color cabinets go well with a blue backsplash?

Blue backsplashes pair beautifully with crisp white or light gray cabinets for a clean, beachy look. They also complement warm wood cabinetry for a more traditional vibe. Avoid pairing blue backsplashes with very dark cabinet colors, which can feel overwhelming.

What countertop colors look good with blue backsplash tile?

Countertops in white, light gray, navy, black, butcher block, concrete, marble, and quartz complement blue backsplash tile. Choose a countertop hue that pairs well with your cabinet color to frame the backsplash.

Can you put a blue backsplash in a small kitchen?

Absolutely! For a smaller kitchen, opt for lighter blue hues and small-scale tile like mosaics. Use blue backsplash tile sparingly as an accent around the range or sink instead of covering the whole wall.

What type of tile is best for a backsplash?

Ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal and stone tile are all great backsplash options that are water-resistant and easy to clean. Consider the look you want and your budget. Ceramic is most affordable. Porcelain is more durable. Glass and stone are higher end.

What blue goes with white kitchen cabinets?

Soft powder blues and pastel blues complement white kitchen cabinets beautifully. Medium sky blue tones work well too. For more contrast, try bold navy blue backsplash tiles against crisp white cabinets.

Final Thoughts

The possibilities are endless when using blue backsplash tile to liven up your kitchen design. From Moroccan fish scale tiles to handpainted ceramics, you can find the perfect blue backsplash to match your style. Keep the space and your desired aesthetic in mind when selecting materials and hues.

A blue backsplash can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. It provides an eye-catching focal point and vibrant pop of color. Use blue tile sparingly to accent key areas or tile the entire backsplash surface for dramatic effect.

Whatever striking blue backsplash idea you choose, embrace bold colors and patterns or soft pastel hues to enhance your cooking space. A blue backsplash breathes new life into tired, neutral kitchens for a bright revamped look you will love.