Kitchen cabinets are the backbone of any well-organized cooking space. From pots and pans to spices and bakeware, cabinetry provides essential storage and access to the tools you need to prep, cook, and clean up meals for your household. Beyond functionality, the right kitchen cabinet accessories also contribute an aesthetic appeal and personalized touch to your culinary headquarters.

Clever Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

When it comes to kitchen cabinet organization, accessories abound to help you make the most of the storage you already have. Here are some of our top picks for keeping cabinet chaos at bay:

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susan turntables provide easy access to items in corner cabinets or deep pantry spaces. A spin of the Susan brings everything within reach. For corner cabinets, choose adiagonal lazy Susan sized to optimize the angled space. For pantries and deep cabinets, circular models work well.

Tiered Shelving

Stackable shelves double or triple your vertical storage capacity. Look for sturdy shelvesthat securely fit inside your existing cabinetry. For especially deep spaces, consider adjustable orpull-out tiered shelves.

Drawer Organizers

Customize drawers to store utensils, bakeware, spices, canned goods,or anything else. Look for organizers sized to perfectly fit your existing drawers. Options include cutlery trays, utensil dividers, bakeware racks, and more.

Under-Cabinet Spice Racks

Mounted under cabinets, hanging racks provide easy access toyour most-used herbs and spices. Choose products designed to mount with adhesive ortracks attached to the underside of cabinets.

Pot Lid Organizers

Wrangling pot lids, cutting boards, baking sheets, and other awkwardcookware is a frustration every home cook knows. Pot lid racks, vertical baking sheet holders, and panorganizers help you get a handle on these bulky items. Mount them inside cabinets or on wallsfor efficiency.

Wastebasket Pull-Outs

Keep trash neatly tucked away in a pull-out wastebasket installed under thesink. Choose a size that fits your current sink cabinetry. Upgrade to a recycling pull-outwith multiple compartments to also sort recyclables.

Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Accessories

Beyond pragmatic storage and organization, cabinet accents and hardware provide personalized style.Have fun mixing and matching knobs, handles, shelves, and more to design your dream kitchen:

Cup/Glass Pull-Outs

Pull-out metal frames hold glassware securely in place so items don’tshatter or slip around when you open and close cabinets. Perfect for housing dishes above eyelevel.

Knobs and Pulls

Swapping out dated cabinet hardware for new knobs and pulls gives an instant facelift. Choose hardware that aligns with your preferred design aesthetic, like farmhouse, vintage, minimalist, or modern.

Glass Shelving

LED-illuminated glass shelves inject eye-catching style. The lighted shelves not onlylook chic but also make it easier to see what’s inside higher cabinets.

Wine Glass Racks

Free up shelf space with racks that dangle stemmed glassware from under cabinets or the sides ofcabinets. Choose metal racks with padded holders to protect delicate wine glasses.

Dishtowel Racks

Mounted to cabinet fronts, handy towel racks provide easy access to dish towels when you needthem. Choose racks that match your knobs and pulls for a unified look.

Vintage-Inspired Jugs

Decorative jugs add old-school charm and provide handy storage for kitchen tools. Hang them fromcabinet brackets or display on open shelves.

Wall-Mounted Pot Racks

Free up precious cabinet space by storing pots, pans, and lids on wall-mounted racks. Choosematerials like cast iron, wood, or stainless steel to complement your style.

Handy Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

Take your organizational game to the next level with these specialized storage accessories forkeeping kitchen cabinets well-ordered:

Plastic Containers

Clear plastic canisters neatly store dry goods like flour, sugar, pasta, beans, rice, and more whileshowing contents at a glance. Airtight lids keep ingredients fresh. Label them for easy identification.

Spice Organizers

Shaker-style boxes or tiered racks keep herbs and spices visible and within easy reach. Mount theminside cabinet doors for space-saving storage.

Cutlery Organizers

Store flatware in dedicated trays and dividers to eliminate annoying utensil clutter. Designateseparated sections for types of silverware.

Bakeware Organizers

Keep flat baking sheets, pans, muffin tins, and more neatly stacked with vertical holders or slidingracks. No more precarious piles!

Stemware Holders

Padded racks keep wine glasses, champagne flutes, and other stemmed glassware protected andupright inside cabinets. Fitting over existing shelves, they maximize space.

Tissue Paper Dispensers

Discreetly house and dispense boxes of tissues or paper towels inside cabinets. Mount themflush to interiorswalls with adhesive or hardware.

Appliance Garages

Retract small appliances like stand mixers, blenders, and food processors into slide-outcompartmentsthat hide them away when not in use. Free up precious countertop workspace.

Clever Ideas for Cabinet Lighting

The right lighting brightens up kitchen tasks while also providing style. Consider installing theseluminous additions:

Under Cabinet Lighting

LED strip lighting mounts to the underside of cabinets, providing targeted light for countertopprep work or accent illumination. Hardwired or battery-powered options available.

Interior Cabinet Lighting

LED puck lights, strips, or flush mount panels illuminate the interior of cabinets, making contentsvisible and easing the search for ingredients. Hardwire for switch-activated light.

Motion-Activated Night Lights

Install battery-powered lights that automatically switch on when you open cabinet doors at night.Handy for late-night snacks or drink refills!

Lighted Glass Shelving

Illuminated glass shelves inside cabinets insert modern style while also brightening shadowyspaces. Some feature glass edging that diffuses soft ambient light.

FAQs About Kitchen Cabinet Storage and Organization

Kitchen cabinet organization and accessories often prompt questions. Here are answers to somefrequently asked queries:

What are the best cabinets for organizing pots and pans?

Wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling pull-out pantries with deep shelving work well for neatly arrangingcookware. You can also install ceiling-height tracks on cabinet sides to vertically store pans.

How do I choose cabinet organizers?

Take measurements of your existing cabinetry, including depth, width, and height. Chooseaccessories sized to perfectly fit for a custom look. Also make sure weight limits can support heavyitems like dishes.

Where should I put everyday-use items?

Keep your most frequently used pots, pans, tools, and pantry essentials in the cabinets, drawers,and shelves closest to your main prep and cooking area. Minimize having to reach into distant spaces.

What’s the most efficient way to organize baking pans and trays?

Vertical holders mounted inside cabinets allow you to neatly file baking sheets on their sides. For afreestanding option, consider a wire rack that stores pans vertically to save space.

How do I organize my Tupperware cabinet?

Clear stackable bins of uniform sizes neaten up jumbled Tupperware cabinets. Labels makefinding the right lidded container easy. A lazy Susan provides smooth access.

How do I store awkwardly shaped items like colanders?

Hooks, racks, and holders designed for specialty items like colanders, cutting boards, lids, and ovenmittsmaximize vertical storage space while keeping items handy for prep work.

What kind of storage containers are best for dry goods?

Well-sealing plastic canisters in sizes suited to bulk goods like flour, sugar, pasta, oats, etc keepthese pantry essentials fresh for longer. Square stackable styles maximize shelf space.

How can I fix chaotic utensil drawers?

Dividers and cutlery trays with dedicated slots for types of flatware, like forks, spoons, and knives,neaten messy drawers. Deep utensil organizers also tidy up crowded spaces.

Where is the best place to put a trash pull-out?

Installing a trash and/or recycling pull-out under the kitchen sink keeps waste neatly hidden and withineasy reach while cooking. Just open the cabinet door to access.

How do I cleverly store cleaning products?

Pull-out trays or slide-out acrylic organizers under the sink keep cleaning sprays, soaps, sponges,and brush neatly organized but out of sight. Some feature adjustable dividers.

Enhancing Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Kitchen cabinet organizers, hardware, and accessories make it easier than ever to maximize yourexisting cabinetry storage and create a cooking space that’s as practical as it is beautiful. Fromtiered drawers to slide-out trays, to drawer dividers, to glass-fronted cabinets illuminated by LEDlighting, there are endless options for personalizing your culinary headquarters based on yourcooking style, kitchen size, and budget.

Take measurements of your unique cabinetry configuration to choose accessories sized tocustom-fit for an integrated look. Know your style preferences and kitchen needs to select productsmatching your aesthetic and suited for storing the items you use most. With clever solutions andstylish accents, you can enhance both the form and function of your kitchen cabinet storage.