Creating a beachy bathroom for kids can be a fun way to bring the seaside home. With the right design elements, you can transform an ordinary bathroom into a playful oasis inspired by sun, sand, and surf. From colors and textures to accessories and décor, there are many creative ways to give a kids’ bathroom a relaxed, coastal vibe.

Choosing Beachy Colors

The colors you choose can set the overall beachy mood for a kids’ bathroom redesign. Cool tones like blues, greens, and grays evoke the colors of the ocean and sky, while warm neutrals like tans, peaches, and creams recall the hues of sand and seashells.

Some beachy color palette ideas to consider:

  • Soft aquas and pale blues – These breezy shades recall the sea and work for both boys and girls. Go for a light sky blue, aquamarine, or robin’s egg blue on the walls.
  • Sandy tans and warm neutrals – Earthy beige, light taupe, shell pink, and sand colors lend a relaxed, casual coastal vibe. They make nice backdrops that you can pair with bolder pops of color.
  • White and blue – A classic nautical color scheme with crisp white walls or wainscoting combined with navy blue accents. Use fun touches of red or yellow to complete the maritime look.
  • Sea glass greens and grays – From light sage to muted seafoam, watery greens complement airy grays for a soothing spa-like aesthetic.
  • Sunny yellows and peaches – Cheerful shades of yellow, melon, and peach feel bright and beachy. Accent with navy or aqua for balance.

Decorating with Beachy Paint Colors

When selecting beach-inspired paint colors, consider applying different hues to various elements in the bathroom:

  • Walls – A light neutral tan or greige makes a welcoming backdrop. Or do pale blue upper walls with a white chair rail and lower wainscoting.
  • Ceiling – White helps the space feel open and airy. Sky blue is also nice for creating a beachy ambiance overhead.
  • Trim/molding – Crisp white or navy lend a nautical vibe. Robin’s egg blue trim pops against neutral walls.
  • Cabinets – Shades like hazy blue, sand, washed yellow, or sea glass green complement classic white cabinets.
  • Backsplash – Use this space to introduce bolder colors and patterns, like aqua glass tile or handpainted ocean motifs.

Incorporating Beachy Textures and Materials

Coastal inspired kids’ bathrooms utilize natural textures and weathered materials to create a laidback, casual style. Consider these ideas:

Natural and Organic Textures

  • Wood surfaces – Driftwood, whitewashed boards, rattan shades, or woven wall coverings
  • Natural fiber rugs – Jute, sisal, coconut fiber mats, braided seagrass
  • Wicker baskets – For towels, bath toys, and seaside collectibles
  • Shells – Real or faux shells used as décor or mixed into paint finishes
  • Sand – Add sand dollar motifs or fine sand texture paint for sweet coastal nuances
  • Watery patterns -Use tile, wallpaper, or prints featuring waves, bubbles, fish, sealsife

Weathered and Worn Finishes

  • Distressed wood – whitewashed, reclaimed, or salvaged boards
  • Vintage accents – old buoys, oars, porthole mirrors, ships wheels, signs
  • Beach glass, sea pottery shards, smooth stones – affix these found objects for organic texture
  • Rope, fishing nets, crusty anchors – excellent beachy decorative materials
  • Worn patinas – go for aged metal, sun-bleached paints, and faded finishes

Accessorizing with Beach Themes

Search for fun beachy accessories to finish the coastal kids’ bathroom vibe. Look for:

Nautical Accents

  • Compasses, maps, navigational tools
  • Mini ship wheels, anchors, life preservers
  • Navy and white stripes and patterns
  • Fishing floats, buoys, oars, lobster traps
  • Lighthouses, sailboats, flags, sailor motifs

Organic Coastal Finds

  • Starfish, shells, sea fans, coral, sand dollars
  • Driftwood, glass floats, sea pottery shards
  • Woven baskets, rope netting, burlap
  • Beach signage – desk tags like “Gone to the Beach”

Surf Style Decor

  • Surfboards, paddles, boogie boards displayed on the wall
  • Surfer silhouettes, surfing photography
  • Retro surf posters, hang loose signs, bead doorways
  • Sand pails, shovels, beach umbrellas

Fun Coastal Creatures

  • Whimsical turtle, fish, whale, octopus, and crab décor
  • Underwater world wall decals, murals, wallpaper
  • Ceramic and metal sea creature figurines
  • Sea-themed loofahs, soaps, toothbrush holders

Don’t overlook bath accessories – towels, shower curtains, bins – for adding beachy motifs and colors. And display a few shells found on cherished family beach vacations.

Designing Beachy Bathroom Features

Beyond decor, aim to incorporate beach-inspired design elements into the functional features of the kids’ bathroom space.

Beach Mural Wall

  • Paint a fun mural with kid-friendly ocean themes – underwater reefs, surf scenes, tropical fish. Use a resistant bathroom paint.
  • Wallpaper murals work too – search for patterns with sea creatures, shells, bubbles, palm trees, etc.
  • Add dimensional details – apply globs of sand texture paint, attach real shells.

Whitewashed Wood Wall Boards

  • Line walls horizontally with painted reclaimed boards. Leave distressing and knots visible for texture.
  • Vary board widths – try 4, 6, and 8 inches wide. Leave small gaps between.
  • Paint white, or hues like sky blue, seafoam, pearly sand.

Wavy Sky Ceiling

  • Paint the ceiling light blue and add wispy white brushstroke “clouds”.
  • Affix waved plywood boards painted white for dimensional clouds.
  • Use wave-shaped molding where the blue ceiling meets the walls.

Beach Hut Vanity

  • Craft a rustic vanity from weathered wood boards, like faded blue shutters.
  • Accent with white beaded board wainscoting and vintage hardware.
  • Add character with details like oars, buoys, rope drawer pulls.

Coastal Mirror Frame

  • Frame the mirror with thin driftwood pieces and sea glass shards.
  • Wire on tiny hanging shells or netting with shells and starfish.
  • Affix a white buoy, oars, or printed beach signage across the top.

Surfboard Storage Shelf

  • Mount a real short surfboard on brackets to hold fold towels.
  • Lean an old boogie board in a corner to store toiletries.
  • Attach an old canoe paddle to the wall for hanging robes and bags.

Beachy Bathroom Ideas for Kids

When designing a coastal style kids’ bathroom, tailor the details to create an inviting, fun atmosphere for children.

Beach Hut for Little Kids

  • Paint walls soft tan or aqua with a painted palm tree and sun mural.
  • Install a pint-sized white wood vanity with roped drawer pulls.
  • Choose bright accessories like striped beach towels, net laundry bags, and lighthouse nightlights.

Surfer Style for Older Boys

  • Decorate with surfboards, old license plates, Route 66 signs.
  • Incorporate reclaimed wood, woven rope accents, and navy and white stripes.
  • Display black and white surf photos in simple frames for graphic punch.

Ocean Oasis for Teen Girls

  • Use restful blue-greens and creamy sand colors.
  • Add natural elements like woven sea grass rug, white coral sculpture, driftwood frames.
  • Pretty glass vases, bowls of seashells, gauzy shower curtain with metallic fish.

Beach Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

There are easy ways to get the coastal look that won’t blow your recreation budget:

  • Paint walls a soft beachy hue like aqua, pale sand, or light denim blue.
  • Check thrift and antique stores for vintage oars, buoys, anchors, and old glass floats to use as wall art.
  • Use peel-and-stick wallpaper or contact paper with subtle ocean patterns (on walls, cabinets, drawers).
  • Make your own beach-themed art – frame kids’ drawings, collages with sand dollars glued on paper, printed photos of family beach trips.
  • Use offcut boards or bargain wood from home improvement stores to craft easy DIY shelves. Paint or whitewash into beachy storage.
  • Purchase a basic fiber or bamboo bath mat. Sew on bright contrasting edging or fringe.
  • Look for discounted or discontinued clearance fabric. Use to sew shower curtains, valances, pillow covers.
  • Check discount and dollar stores for inexpensive coral, shell, and ocean-themed home décor pieces.

With smart substitutions and do-it-yourself projects, you can create charming beach style kids’ spaces on a modest budget. Focus on color, texture, and accessories to capture the seaside spirit.

FAQs About Creating Beachy Kids’ Bathrooms

What paint color should I use for a beach themed bathroom?

Some good beachy paint colors include light blue, aqua, seafoam green, sand, tan, peachy neutrals, turquoise, and any pale, soft colors reminiscent of the sea and shore.

How do I decorate walls for an ocean kids bathroom?

Ideas to decorate walls with beachy style include painting an underwater mural, adding reclaimed whitewashed boards, applying peel-and-stick wallpaper with bubble or shell motifs, framing kids’ beachy art, and hanging accessories like oars, buoys, and ropework.

What kind of flooring works for a nautical kids’ bathroom?

Good coastal-inspired flooring options include natural textures like jute rugs, sisal mats, coir fiber, seagrass, braided rag rugs, and wood-look porcelain tiles.

Should I paint the ceiling in a beach bathroom?

Yes, painting the ceiling blue or aqua can reinforce the beachy ambiance. Add white wispy “cloud” brushstrokes or dimensional waved wood for an overhead ocean effect.

What kind of vanity is good for a coastal kids’ bath?

For a beach look, consider a vintage-inspired vanity crafted from reclaimed boards, painted wood shutters, or whitewashed salvaged lumber. Accent with rope pulls, oars, old windowpanes.

Where can I find beach decorations for a kids’ bathroom?

Check craft and hobby stores, home goods shops, online retailers for wall décor like surfboards, buoys, anchors, fish nets, shells, starfish, mirrors with shells, beach signage, and wall decals with sea creatures or ocean themes.

Bringing the Beach Home to Kids’ Bathrooms

With a little imagination and DIY spirit, you can create a kids’ bathroom with a laidback coastal vibe. Paint the walls a soothing seaside hue, add weathered reclaimed wood, accessorize with natural textures and beachy finds, and include fun design details like a wave ceiling or vintage surfboard storage shelf. The goal is to make the everyday bathing routine feel a bit like a vacation at the beach. With charming nautical motifs, ocean themes, and beachy materials, you’ll have happy beach bums ready to ride tidal waves of fun – all without leaving home.

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