Designing a bathroom for kids that is both fun and functional can be a challenge. As children grow, their needs and abilities change. The goal is to create a space that can adapt as they get older. With some thoughtful planning and design, it’s possible to make a kids’ bathroom feel grown-up yet still be child-friendly. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect balance.

Choose Durable Surfaces

Kids tend to be rough on bathrooms. Spills, splashes and just plain old wear and tear take a toll. Choosing surfaces that can withstand messes and stand the test of time is key.

  • Porcelain, ceramic or natural stone tiles are ideal for floors and walls. They are water-resistant, easy to clean and come in tons of colors and patterns.
  • Solid surface acrylic or quartz countertops hold up well to water and cleaning. Seamless installation looks polished.
  • Painted walls should have multiple coats of kitchen/bath formulated paint for moisture resistance. Consider washable paint for maximum durability.

Smart Storage for Each Age

As children grow, their abilities and needs change. Make sure storage adapts as they do.

For Toddlers:

  • Open shelves or baskets to store essentials within reach.
  • A stepping stool for sink access.
  • Low hooks for towels or robes.

For Elementary Age:

  • Add drawer organizers to neatly store toiletries.
  • Hanging bins or mesh pouches provide more storage.
  • A magnet strip to hold toothbrushes.

For Tweens/Teens:

  • Drawers and cabinets keep personal items out of sight.
  • Wall-mounted hair tools and storage caddies add space.
  • Under-sink pull-out trays and organizational items prevent clutter.

Mix Timeless and Trendy

The goal is creating a bathroom that can grow with kids from toddler to teen years. Blend classic elements with fun details so the room appeals as they mature.

Timeless Touches

  • Subway tile, beadboard or wainscoting for interest.
  • Neutral wall colors.
  • Classic hardware like porcelain knobs or nickel pulls.
  • Oval undermount sinks or pedestal sinks.
  • Freestanding soaking tub.

Trendy Accents

  • Bold or colorful tile as accents.
  • Patterned shower curtain and towels.
  • Mirrors with unique shapes or frames.
  • Paint an accent wall a vibrant hue.
  • Floating wood shelving for a modern vibe.
  • Vessel sink adds style.

Consider the Details

It’s the little things that make a kids’ bathroom special. Add personalization and function with these details:

  • Hooks or racks for hanging towels and robes at kid height.
  • Fun knobs or handles sized for small hands.
  • Lighting at multiple heights for safety and ambiance.
  • Flooring with grip or traction for safety when wet.
  • Colorful bath mats, shower curtain and accessories.
  • Mirror positioned for kids to see themselves.
  • Artwork, decals or wallpaper border featuring their favorite characters.

FAQs about Kids’ Bathrooms:

Q: What type of toilet should I choose for a kids’ bathroom?

A: Look for toilets with a comfortable height for kids, around 12-15 inches. Smaller toilets can be overwhelming. Also consider elongated bowls for easier use.

Q: Are vessel sinks a good choice for kids?

A: Vessel sinks are stylish but not very functional for kids. Look for sinks with a flat bottom or very shallow bowl depth for easy use by little ones. Wall-hung sinks are another kid-friendly option.

Q: How can I add safety features to a kids’ bathroom?

A: Use slip-resistant flooring, grab bars by the tub, adjustable handheld shower heads, toilet safety frames, soft cabinet closures, cordless blinds and GFCI outlets. Also keep cleaning products secured and out of reach.

Q: Should I avoid certain materials in a kids’ bathroom?

A: Porcelain and acrylic fixtures tend to chip less than ceramic. Natural stone can stain. Consider solid surface, quartz or porcelain for durability and easy cleaning.

Q: Are there space-saving ideas for small kids’ bathrooms?

A: Floating vanities, wall-hung or pedestal sinks and toilets save floor space. Towel rods vs cabinets provide storage without bulk. Fold-up step stools tuck away easily. Also look for narrower tub options.

Q: What maintenance tips help keep a kids’ bathroom looking great?

A: Seal surfaces regularly, spot clean often, repair damage quickly. Clean frequently with kid-safe, non-toxic products. Use area rugs to protect floors. Consider repainting every 2-3 years for a refresh.


Creating the perfect kids’ bathroom requires balancing style, function and practicality across all design elements. Focus on durable surfaces, adaptable storage, classic touches mixed with trendy accents and safety features. Keep kids needs top of mind, but don’t be afraid to incorporate grown-up sophistication. With thoughtful planning and design, you can achieve a bathroom space both you and your children will love. The end result will be a room ready to handle the wear and tear of childhood while nurturing your child’s burgeoning independence and style.

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