Decorating a kid’s bathroom can be a fun and creative way to make the space feel more inviting. With some thoughtful planning and child-friendly decor, you can design a bathroom that is both stylish and practical. Here are some tips for decorating a kid’s bathroom.

Choose a Fun Theme

Picking a fun theme is a great way to start when decorating a child’s bathroom. Some ideas include:

  • Under the Sea – Use fish, bubbles, and ocean colors like blues and greens. Add touches like shell-shaped soaps.
  • Space – Create a galactic look with planets, rockets, and dark colors with pops of neon. Glow-in-the-dark decor looks cool.
  • Jungle – Decorate with monkeys, parrots, palm leaves, and tropical colors like orange and green.
  • Superheroes – Let your child’s favorite action hero inspire the decor. Go for bold primary colors and fun graphic prints.
  • Princess – Pretty in pink with crowns, castles, glitter, and unicorns for a magical bathroom.

Having a consistent theme helps make all the elements work together for a cohesive look.

Add Fun Accessories

Fun knickknacks and accessories can add personality. Some ideas:

  • Shelving or wall decals of your child’s favorite characters
  • Patterned bins for organizing bath toys
  • A fun shag bathmat and matching shower curtain
  • Whimsical lighting like a star nightlight or rope lights
  • Towels with hoods featuring animal faces or superheroes
  • A clock to help keep track of time spent brushing teeth

Look for items like soap dispensers and toothbrush holders in colors and shapes that match the theme.

Choose Child-Friendly Surfaces

When selecting materials, go for surfaces that are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand messes.

  • Tile: Vibrant, wipeable tile is a good choice for floors and walls. Select textured tile with grip for safety.
  • Paint: On dry wall, use semi-gloss paint that can be scrubbed clean. Paint a mural or fun stripes.
  • Wallpaper: Wipeable vinyl wallpaper resists moisture and can be easily cleaned.
  • Fixtures: Composite sinks resist stains. Choose metal fixtures over chrome, which shows water spots.

Include Storage

Kids tend to accumulate a lot of bathroom clutter. Include plenty of storage to keep things organized.

  • A cabinet under the sink stores extra towels and toiletries out of sight.
  • Floating shelves or over-the-toilet cabinets offer display space.
  • A medicine cabinet has room for first aid supplies and medications.
  • Baskets and bins for bath toy storage prevent tripping hazards.

Labels and photos help kids put items back in their proper spots.

Add Safety Features

Since this is a child’s space, be sure to childproof and include safety essentials.

  • Use towel bars and toilet paper holders that mount securely to the wall.
  • Select unbreakable mirrors and use shatterproof film if needed.
  • Install grab bars and non-slip decals in the tub.
  • Choose a non-slip bath mat for getting out of the tub.
  • Use corner guards to prevent bruises and electrical outlet covers.
  • Mount the medicine cabinet out of reach or use child locks.

With some creativity and these tips in mind, you can design a functional, safe, and fun bathroom environment your kids will love. The right decor makes the space more child-friendly so they enjoy brushing their teeth and bath time.

FAQs about Decorating a Kid’s Bathroom

What colors should I use in a kid’s bathroom?

Bright, fun colors work best. Primary colors like red, blue, yellow are classics. You can also use vibrant hues like lime green, orange, or turquoise. Neutral walls allow you to add pops of color through decor items.

What kind of flooring is best for a kid’s bathroom?

Tile or vinyl flooring that is waterproof and slip-resistant is ideal. Stay away from high-maintenance carpeting or wood floors that can warp from moisture. Mosaic tiles or vinyl with fun patterns add interest underfoot.

Should I use wallpaper in a humid bathroom?

Moisture-resistant wallpaper or removable vinyl decals are great options. Avoid standard wallpaper which can promote mold growth. Select durable wallpaper meant for high-humidity areas.

How can I make the bathroom safer for kids?

Use non-slip mats in the tub and on the floor, childproof locks, corner guards, nightlights, and grab bars for safety. Store medications and cleaning products out of reach. Mount towel bars securely to prevent falls.

Should I install a bath or shower in my kid’s bathroom?

Showers tend to be safer and easier to keep clean. A detachable showerhead with settings for different ages allows you to transition from infant baths to kid showers. Sliding shower doors contain splashes better than shower curtains.

How do I organize a kid’s bathroom?

Use bins and baskets to corral clutter like bath toys. Install shelving for extra storage. Have designated hooks for towels and robes. Label areas clearly so kids can put things away properly. A caddy for bath essentials can make cleaning up easier.

Decorating a Kid’s Bathroom on a Budget

If money is tight, you can decorate a kid’s bathroom on a budget:

  • Shop sales and clearance racks for accessories like curtains and towels.
  • Check out thrift stores and garage sales for quirky finds like artwork and shelves.
  • Use decals and removable wallpaper as an affordable alternative to pricey tile.
  • Paint existing fixtures like mirrors and vanities to match the theme.
  • Prioritize key pieces like storage bins and bath mats; hold off on extras.
  • Seek out free printables online for temporary wall art.
  • Display your own kids’ artwork for a personal touch.

With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can pull together a personalized, kid-friendly bathroom without breaking the bank. The most important elements are proper safety precautions, adequate storage, and a bit of fun decorative flair.


Decorating a bathroom for a child lets you have fun and get creative. Just remember to keep your child’s age, interests, safety, and habits in mind as you plan the space. Focus on durable, waterproof surfaces that are easy to clean. Include plenty of organized storage to minimize clutter. Add whimsical yet practical accessories for a personalized touch. With the right blend of style and function, your kid’s bathroom can become a playful yet practical oasis.