An ironing board is an essential household item that makes ironing clothes quick and easy. However, finding convenient and organized storage solutions for the ironing board can be a challenge, especially in small homes. With some creativity and DIY spirit, you can maximize your available space and keep your ironing board tidy but easily accessible when needed.

Why Proper Ironing Board Storage Matters

Having a designated storage space for your ironing board is important for several reasons:

  • Keeps the room looking neat and clutter-free when not in use
  • Protects the ironing board from damage or scratches
  • Allows you to store the iron safely when hot
  • Saves time searching for the ironing board
  • Makes it convenient to set up for ironing
  • Optimizes space by folding it up compactly

Without proper storage, the ironing board takes up unnecessary floor space, gets in the way, and detracts from the room’s decor. Investing some time in finding or creating suitable storage solutions based on your space constraints is worth the effort for a tidier, safer home.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Limited room doesn’t have to mean limited storage options for an ironing board. With some creativity, you can find ways to store it that don’t sacrifice accessibility or convenience. Here are some excellent storage ideas for small homes and apartments:

Mount It on the Wall

Wall-mounted ironing boards fold down when needed but can be folded up and tucked away neatly when not in use. Mounting it on the wall, especially on the back of a door or in a closet, maximizes vertical storage space. Choose a spot close to an electrical outlet for easy ironing.

Hang It from the Ceiling

Similar to the wall-mounted option, hanging the ironing board from the ceiling is great for small spaces. It is suspended by strong cords or pulleys, allowing you to lower it down when ironing and push it up out of the way afterward. Install above where you would normally set up the ironing board.

Store It in a Closet Vertically

Stand the ironing board vertically in a closet or pantry, resting it on its side. This keeps the long, narrow board from protruding too far into the room. Install some hooks or bungee cords on the wall to stabilize it.

Slide It Under Furniture

If you have a bed or sofa raised on legs or a table with open space underneath, consider securely propping the folded ironing board in this void. Attach a handle or ties so you can easily pull it out. Measure first to ensure it fits.

Create a Fold-Down Shelf

Install a fold-down shelf high up on the wall or the back of a door to hold the ironing board horizontally. Attach with hinges for easy lowering and lifting. Ensure the shelf is deep enough for stable board storage.

Use a Multi-Purpose Cabinet

Freestanding storage cabinets serve various needs, from clothing to kitchenware. Look for a tall, narrow one with interior space wide and deep enough for the folded ironing board. Close it away neatly when done ironing.

Storage Hacks for Ironing Boards in Larger Spaces

Having more room provides greater flexibility in ironing board storage solutions. Take advantage of the available space while still keeping the board out of the way but easy to access.

Inside Closets

In a roomy closet, you can stand the ironing board vertically against the wall or the back of the door. For safety, install clips or hooks to keep it propped securely. This utilizes wasted vertical storage space.

Behind Doors

Hang the ironing board on the back of any door, keeping it out of sight but nearby for ironing. Attach securely with brackets high enough to avoid hitting people walking through the doorway.

Under Beds and Tables

Check under furniture for clearance to slide the folded ironing board on its side all the way to the wall. Keep it directly accessible for quick setting up. Just watch for low overhangs.

In Utility Rooms

Utility, laundry, or mud rooms offer great ironing board storage potential. Stand it against the wall or in a corner to keep out of the workflow area. The proximity to washing machines is also convenient.

Build Custom Cabinetry

For a built-in look, construct a narrow cabinet or closet with a folding door specifically sized for the ironing board. Give it plenty of height clearance and include storage for the iron too.

Use Decorative Covers

Add a tailored fabric cover in a color and pattern that matches your room décor to “hide” an ironing board stored openly behind a door or in a corner. Use magnets to easily remove the cover.

Creative DIY Ironing Board Storage Projects

For inexpensive ironing board solutions with a personal touch, tap into your inner DIY genius! These creative projects make storage organized and accessible while also adding style.

Ironing Board Drawer Unit

This project utilizes the vertical space above laundry appliances to build a custom ironing board drawer. It folds down for use and tucks neatly away when finished. The drawer front keeps it concealed.

Hanging Board Wall Shelf

Mount a sturdy shelf high on the wall with one side edge cut at an angle. Store the ironing board horizontally with the tapered end hanging off the angled shelf edge. Attach a strap to secure.

Iron and Board Station

Combine storage for both the iron and board in one compact wall unit. Build cubbies stacked vertically to hold each appliance separately. Give the ironing board cubby a folding door.

Cabinet Insert Shelf

Cut and insert a customized wooden shelf in a base cabinet to hold the ironing board horizontally about halfway up the cabinet height. Prop the handle end in first for easy access.

Storage Bench Seat Lift Top

Make an upholstered bench seat with internal storage for the iron and board. Attach the ironing board underneath the hinged lift-up seat top. Use as seating when closed.

Iron Board Wall Bed

For dramatic space-saving storage, mount the folded ironing board to the wall with brackets. Attach gas springs to hold it horizontally. Attach wood slats perpendicular to create a wall bed surface when lowered.

Choosing the Best Ironing Board Storage Locations

Finding the optimal spot to store your ironing board depends on space constraints and usage factors. Assess your needs and home layout to determine the most ideal location.

Near the Laundry Area

Storing the ironing board close to your washer and dryer means you can conveniently iron clothing as soon as it’s washed and dried. Have it ready for those wrinkle-prone loads.

In a Spare Bedroom or Office

Keep it easily accessible but out of the way by storing it in an extra room not in constant use. Quickly retrieve it only when you need to iron.

Near Electrical Outlets

The closer the storage spot is to outlets, the easier it’ll be to set up the ironing board and plug in the iron. Avoid using extension cords.

Away from Children’s Reach

For homes with small kids, store the iron and board in a closet or high location safely away from tiny hands. Don’t risk burns or falls.

Near the Clothing Storage Areas

Minimize carrying clothes across the house for ironing by keeping the board near your bedroom, dresser, or walk-in closet. Have freshly ironed clothes ready to hang up.

Safety Tips for Ironing Board Storage

Proper storage keeps the collapsible ironing board secure, prevents damage, and optimizes space. But safety should also be a priority. Here are some useful safety tips:

  • Allow the iron to fully cool off first before storing. Never put it away hot.
  • Keep both the iron and board away from moisture to avoid electric shocks or shorts.
  • Don’t overload shelves to prevent heavy items from falling on people.
  • Check that freestanding storage furniture is stable and secure.
  • If using gas springs for wall beds, ensure they are properly installed.
  • Securely bolt anchors into studs for any mounted storage solutions.
  • Use child safety locks on cabinets storing the iron or board.
  • Ensure cords do not pose a tripping hazard.
  • Check for installation over pipes or wires before drilling holes.
  • Install adequate lighting in storage areas for visibility and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ironing Board Storage

How do I make my ironing board storage look nicer?

Use cabinets with doors, covers, or curtains to conceal the ironing board rather than leaving it in the open. Paint to match your decor. Add crown molding or baseboard trim for a built-in look.

Where should I store my iron safely?

Let your iron fully cool first. Store it on a heat-safe surface, away from moisture and cords. Put it in a cabinet with the ironing board or on a high shelf. Keep out of reach of children.

What is the best way to mount an ironing board on the wall?

Choose a central, convenient location with adequate clearance to fold down. Use at least two sturdy brackets specifically made for mounting ironing boards securely. Follow manufacturer directions.

How do I keep my ironing board from falling over?

Stand vertical ironing boards securely against the wall on their side. Install crossed hooks, clips, or bungee cords to keep them propped up properly. Never store them standing on the legs.

Should you store an ironing board in a hot or cold place?

Avoid temperature extremes. Heat can damage the cover and warp the board. Cold can embrittle the metal. Store in moderate room temperatures away from external walls or vents for best preservation.

Get Creative with Your Ironing Board Storage!

Finding accessible yet out-of-the-way ironing board storage in your home is easy with a little imagination. Make use of unused vertical space, under furniture voids, cabinets, and closets to neatly tuck it away. Or get adventurous with bold DIY projects to incorporate your storage solution into your home’s decor. However you choose to iron it out, your organized ironing board will be ready whenever you need to tackle those wrinkled clothes!