Transforming ordinary books into beautiful works of art is easier than you think with these clever book cover decor ideas. Book covers can add a pop of color, texture, and personality to any space. Here are some tips and inspiration for turning your favorite reads into chic home accents.

Repurpose Hardcovers into Decor

Turn an old book into a one-of-a-kind decor piece. Here are some ways to repurpose hardcovers:

Book Page Art

  • Carefully cut out words, phrases or images from book pages and decoupage them onto boxes, frames or canvases to make literary art.

Hollowed-Out Book Safes

  • Cut out the pages from an old book leaving just the spine and covers. Glue decorative paper or fabric to the inside covers to create hidden compartments for storing small treasures.

Book Boxes

  • Adhere book covers back-to-back with a strong adhesive to make a box. Decorate the inside with scrapbook paper or fabric for a stylish way to hold trinkets.

Faux Books

  • Disguise anything from vases to jars as books. Cut a book cover to wrap around the object and secure with adhesive. Add a faux spine made from cardboard or craft paper.

Display Book Covers

Show off eye-catching book covers by displaying them creatively.

Book Cover Wreaths

  • Hot glue book covers onto a foam wreath form to make a festive, literary decoration for the front door or wall.

Book Cover Garlands

  • String together a garland of mini book covers to adorn a party backdrop, mantel or bookshelf. Punch holes in the covers and connect them with ribbon.

Book Cover Coasters

  • Decoupage book covers onto cork or tile coasters. Seal with a waterproof glaze. Add felt pads on the bottom to protect surfaces.

Book Cover Magnets

  • Transform book covers into custom refrigerator magnets. Attach self-adhesive magnetic strips onto the back.

Upcycle with Book Pages

Book pages can be repurposed into amazing accent pieces with a little creativity.

Book Page Flowers

  • Roll and glue book pages into rose shapes. Group into a bouquet in a vase for natural-looking but everlasting blooms.

Book Page Bowls

  • Decoupage book pages onto plastic bowls and seal with a clear finish for a whimsical, literary look.

Book Page Decorative Balls

  • Crumple book pages into spheres and coat with decoupage or white glue. Paint and embellish for dangling ornaments.

Book Cover Instant Décor Tips

With a little imagination, you can transform your favorite books into gorgeous home accents. Here are some top tips:

  • Look for books with colorful, textured or patterned covers to turn into art and decor. Vintage books with intricate gilt detailing are also gorgeous.
  • Add oomph to a book decor piece by layering on extra touches like decoupage, ribbon, raffia, lace, sequins, beads or jewels.
  • Spray paint a book cover before decoupaging to any surface for an instant color change.
  • Decoupage only the text from pages onto objects for a more subtle, literary look.
  • Display open books creatively – tie open with ribbon and suspend from the ceiling or prop open on a mantel or tablescape.
  • Entirely transform a book by removing the cover and adhering decorative paper, fabric, wallpaper or wrapping paper onto the inside and outside covers and spine.

With a dash of imagination and simplicity of these book cover craft ideas, you can easily turn shelved stories into stylish home accents instant décor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Book Cover Decor Ideas

What types of books work best for repurposing into decor?

Hardcover books with sturdy covers work best, especially those with decorative, fabric, leather or embossed covers. Vintage books, encyclopedias, novels and antique books make beautiful accents. Avoid paperbacks.

What is the best way to adhere a book cover to another surface?

Decoupage or a strong craft glue like E6000 that dries clear. Avoid super glues which may stain or bleed through paper.

How do you hollow out a book safely?

Use an X-Acto knife to carefully cut around the edges, leaving the cover and spine intact. Go slowly and be cautious. Only adults should hollow books.

Can you decoupage book paper onto fabric?

Yes, you can decoupage book pages onto fabric like pillows or tote bags. Use a fabric medium or seal with an acrylic sealer after decoupaging onto fabric.

How do you waterproof book decor pieces?

Seal decoupaged book crafts with a waterproof acrylic sealer or outdoor varnish to protect from moisture and wear. Reapply sealant every 1-2 years.

What are some clever ways to display book cover art?

Hang on the wall like art, prop up with bookends, arrange in wall collages, attach to candlesticks, tie to a wreath form, line a tray, adhere to lampshades or trophies for clever book decor.


With a clever eye, beloved books can be given new life as stunning home accents and art pieces. Book covers make beautiful decoupage projects, wall art collages or literary wreaths and garlands for bibliophiles. Paper pages can be rolled, layered and shaped into decorative blooms and bowls.

Repurposing books prevents them from gathering dust on a shelf. They become a chic, eco-friendly way to decorate on a budget. Any book lover can feel proud to showcase their favorite titles throughout the home with these innovative book craft ideas for décor that makes a statement.