Lucky bamboo is a popular houseplant known for its powerful symbolism and ability to bring good fortune according to Feng Shui principles. With its resilient nature and elegant appearance, incorporating lucky bamboo into your home decor can be an easy and meaningful way to enhance your personal style while attracting positive energy.

What is Lucky Bamboo?

Lucky bamboo, also known scientifically as Dracaena sanderiana, is a species of flowering perennial plant native to Central Africa. It resembles bamboo but is actually part of the lily family. Its stalks are straight with lance-shaped green leaves sprouting in a symmetrical pattern.

Despite its name, lucky bamboo is not a true bamboo. It gets its common name from the distinctive bamboo-like stems and its auspicious symbolism in Chinese culture. The plant is extremely hardy and can thrive in soil or water. Its vibrant green color and upright shape are said to represent the elements of wood and water, symbolizing strength, prosperity, and resilience according to Feng Shui principles.

The Significance of Lucky Bamboo in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is thought to attract healthy chi or energy flow. Its five stalks are said to represent the five Feng Shui elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. The number of stalks determines the kind of luck or blessing the plant attracts:

  • 2 stalks – Love and relationships
  • 3 stalks – Happiness, health, and longevity
  • 5 stalks – Wealth, prosperity, and good fortune
  • 6 stalks – Luck
  • 7 stalks – Protection against bad luck
  • 8 stalks – Growth, abundance, and wealth
  • 9 stalks – Good health and luck
  • 21 stalks – Extreme luck and prosperity

The plant’s vibrant green color symbolizes wood energy and its ability to bend without breaking represents water energy. Together, these properties allow lucky bamboo to balance yin and yang energies to cultivate harmony.

Decorating with Lucky Bamboo for Style and Prosperity

With its rich Asian symbolism and elegant simplicity, lucky bamboo can make an excellent addition to any home looking to enhance its style and attract good fortune. Here are some tips for decorating with lucky bamboo:

Place it in the Wealth Corner

Position lucky bamboo in the wealth corner of your home or office to activate prosperity. The far left corner of a room as you enter is the wealth corner according to classical Feng Shui. Face the stalks towards you to direct positive chi your way.

Use Feng Shui Numbers

Select arrangements with stalk numbers that hold significance for you – 5 for wealth, 7 for protection, 9 for health and luck, etc. Odd numbers are seen as more auspicious.

Pair it with Other Symbols of Abundance

Display lucky bamboo alongside other prosperity-boosting decor like Chinese coins, the color red, or images of fish which represent abundance according to Feng Shui.

Choose the Right Container

Pick a planter that feels uplifting and complements your overall decor. Ceramic or metallic containers with bold colors and pleasing shapes work well. Avoid cracked pots or negative symbols.

Give it Indirect Bright Light

Lucky bamboo thrives in moderate indirect sunlight, making it ideal for most indoor spaces. Avoid direct sunlight which can scorch the leaves. Low light will lead to yellowing leaves.

Maintain Optimal Growth

Change the water every 2-3 weeks if grown in vases. Occasional liquid fertilizer will keep it vibrant. Wipe down leaves to prevent dust buildup. Remove yellow or brown leaves and trim stalks as needed.

Enhancing Your Personal Style with Lucky Bamboo

Incorporating lucky bamboo into your living or work space is an easy way to upgrade your decor while potentially attracting prosperity into your life. Here are some suggestions:

Desktop Greenery

Place a starter lucky bamboo plant or two stalks in a small vase or bowl on your office desk or workstation to add life and symbolically attract success.

Entryway Blessing

Greet guests with an arrangement of 5-7 stalks in your entryway as a beautiful symbol of welcoming abundance.

Bathroom Serenity

Add a calming touch to your bathroom with 3 or 9 stalks in a wall-mounted or countertop vase.

Feng Shui Accent

In your living room, highlight bamboo in a red or metallic planter for a meaningful Feng Shui boost.

Minimalist Charm

A single curving stalk in a simple container brings an elegant focal point to any space.

Eclectic Centerpiece

Create an unconventional table centerpiece by pairing varying sizes of lucky bamboo in an artful container.

Outdoor Haven

Place lucky bamboo on a patio or balcony in warm months to generate positive energy in your outdoor oasis.

With its signature vibrant green color, lucky bamboo is an easy way to enhance the feel and energy of your space. Allow its graceful shape and powerful symbolism to elevate your personal style while attracting good fortune. With proper care and optimal placement, lucky bamboo can be an auspicious living design element for your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right lucky bamboo for my home?

Select plants with straight, upright stalks and vibrant green leaves. The number of stalks can be based on the specific luck you want to invite in. Pick a planter in pleasing colors and shapes that fits your decor style. Metallic and red pots are ideal for Feng Shui.

How much sunlight does lucky bamboo need?

Lucky bamboo thrives best in moderate indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight which can burn the leaves, and avoid very low light which causes yellowing. Bright indirect light is ideal for most indoor spaces.

How often should I change the water for lucky bamboo?

For plants grown in vases, change the water every 2-3 weeks and add plant food each time to prevent bacterial growth. Use fresh filtered or distilled water for best results. Lucky bamboo can also thrive planted directly in soil and pebbles with proper drainage.

Is lucky bamboo high maintenance?

No, lucky bamboo is quite resilient and easy to care for as it adapts well to a range of indoor environments. Just avoid direct sun, use fresh water, wipe dust from leaves periodically, remove dead foliage, and trim stalks as needed. Fertilize monthly during growing seasons.

How can I increase the luck of my lucky bamboo?

Feng Shui recommends positioning it in the wealth corner facing you. Pair it with other auspicious symbols like a Chinese coin or red accents to magnify its power. Choose stalk numbers with significance for growth or protection. Keep the plant healthy and dust-free.

Can I grow lucky bamboo outside?

Yes, lucky bamboo can be grown outside in warm climates. Place it in a shady spot protected from direct hot sun and strong winds. Bring it indoors before temperatures drop below 60°F. Ensure adequate water and drainage. Fertilize regularly in the growing season.


With its elegant simplicity and powerful symbolism, lucky bamboo is an excellent way to enhance the design and energy of your living space. Placing it strategically, maintaining its health, and choosing arrangements that resonate with your goals are all ways to unlock its full potential for attracting prosperity, harmony, and good fortune. Allow lucky bamboo to infuse your personal decor with greenery, vitality, and meaningful style as you invite wealth and abundance into your life.