Kick back and relax with a cold beverage in these imaginative rooms inspired by refreshing summer drinks. From fruity cocktails to creamy milkshakes, we’ve reimagined icy summer favorites as stylish, colorful spaces perfect for lounging on a hot day.

Mojito Room

Step into this room bursting with tropical vibes and island relaxation. The crisp white walls and dark wood accents recall the iconic mojito—rum, mint, lime, sugar, and soda water.

Lush green potted palms and trailing ivy cascade down the walls. Pops of bright lime green accent pillows on the rattan furniture add a zesty splash of color. A hand-painted mural depicts swaying palm trees and crashing ocean waves.

Cuban music plays softly in the background while sunlight streaming in the window reflects off the glass-topped coffee table, reminiscent of the drink’s sparkling soda water. Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and soak in the laidback, vacation mood. You can practically taste the refreshing mojito on your lips.

Design Elements

  • White walls with dark wood accents
  • Rattan furniture with lime green accent pillows
  • Potted tropical plants like palms and ivy
  • Mural of palm trees and ocean
  • Cuban music playing softly
  • Sunny space with natural light

About the Mojito

The mojito originated in Cuba, where rum and mint have been used together since the 1500s. The classic cocktail combines white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and muddled mint. It’s crisp, tangy, subtly sweet, and perfect for sipping on a hot summer day.

Traditionally served over crushed ice in a tall glass, the mojito embodies tropical vibes. Soda water adds refreshing bubbles, while the mint balances out the rum’s kick. It’s no wonder Ernest Hemingway was a fan!

Strawberry Daiquiri Room

Pink walls, red accents, and luscious fabrics welcome you into this strawberry daiquiri-inspired retreat. Plush velvet sofas in blush pink offer a comfy spot to unwind.

Accent pillows and curtains in lipstick red add a pop of color. Faux fur rugs feel fabulous underfoot. Blush tufted headboards lend a glam yet cozy vibe to the space.

Artwork and prints feature juicy red strawberries, while glass bowls overflow with the ripe fruit. Candles with scents of strawberry and sugar tickle your nose. Turn on some salsa music and imagine you’re sipping a daiquiri at a Cuban beach bar.

Design Elements

  • Pink and red color scheme
  • Velvet sofas and tufted headboards
  • Faux fur rugs
  • Artwork and prints featuring strawberries
  • Glass bowls overflowing with fresh strawberries
  • Candles with strawberry and sugar scents
  • Salsa music playing

About the Strawberry Daiquiri

This frozen fruity cocktail is a sweet treat. Made with rum, strawberries, and lime juice, it’s blended with ice into a slushy pink drink. Some recipes also add simple syrup or sugar for extra sweetness.

The daiquiri originated in Cuba but became popularized in the US during Prohibition when rum was smuggled in from the Caribbean. Adding fresh strawberries makes this rumor-based cocktail especially delicious. It’s the ultimate poolside refreshment.

Piña Colada Room

Imagine lounging beachside in the sunshine, piña colada in hand. This room brings those tropical vibes indoors.

The pale yellow walls and wood accents evoke the drink’s key ingredients—pineapple, coconut, and rum. Wicker furniture with white cushions offers laidback seating. Faux palm trees and potted tropical plants add greenery.

Sunny yellow and coconut-shell accents pop against the neutral background. A seashell chandelier casts a sandy glow, while tiki torch sconces flicker like beach bonfires at night.

Turn on some upbeat reggae or steel drum music, and you’ll feel transported to a tropical getaway. Just add the rum and it’s piña colada perfection!

Design Elements

  • Pale yellow walls with wood accents
  • Wicker furniture with white cushions
  • Faux palm trees and tropical plants
  • Sunny yellow and coconut shell accents
  • Seashell chandelier and tiki torch sconces
  • Reggae or steel drum music playing

About the Piña Colada

This creamy tropical drink combines pineapple juice, coconut cream, and rum. Often garnished with pineapple chunks or wedges, maraschino cherries, or pineapple leaves, it’s a taste of the tropics in a glass.

The piña colada was invented in 1954 at the Caribe Hilton hotel bar in Puerto Rico. Their mix of rum, coconut cream, and pineapple delighted guests. The drink’s name means “strained pineapple” in Spanish.

Sweet and indulgent with a hint of coconut rum, the piña colada is a classic vacation beverage and backyard party treat. Blending it with ice makes it perfectly slushy.

Margarita Room

¡Olé! Get your Mexican fiesta on in this room inspired by tangy margaritas. The bright orange and green color scheme recalls a margarita’s lime juice and orange liqueur.

A bold Aztec-print rug anchors the space while Mexican blankets offer soft and cozy seating. Piñatas, cacti, and potted citrus trees add regional flair.

Terracotta pots overflow with oranges, limes, and lemons alongside bundles of fresh cilantro. A festive mariachi soundtrack fills the room.

Gather some friends and whip up a batch of margs. Orange string lights and paper lanterns set the mood for a Mexican-style happy hour. ¡Salud!

Design Elements

  • Orange and green color scheme
  • Aztec print rug
  • Mexican blankets
  • Piñatas, cacti, and citrus trees
  • Terracotta pots of oranges, limes, lemons, and cilantro
  • Mariachi music playing
  • String lights and paper lanterns

About the Margarita

A margarita is an iconic tequila cocktail typically made with lime juice, orange liqueur like Cointreau, and tequila over ice. Salt mixed with the margarita’s rim balances out the tangy sweetness.

The classic margarita creation story credits a bartender named Carlos “Danny” Herrera whomixed the drink in 1938 at a Tijuana restaurant for customer Marjorie King. She was allergic to all liquors except tequila, so he created the margarita, named after the Spanish word for “daisy.”

From Mexico to the US and beyond, the margarita has become a beloved cocktail for its zingy citrus flavor. It’s ideal for Mexican food pairing and fiestas. Many delicious variations from fruity flavors to spicy mixes exist.

Mint Julep Room

Escape into this room inspired by the Kentucky Derby staple, the mint julep. Evoke the lush greenery of Churchill Downs with mint green and white stripes on accent chairs and pillows.

A crystal chandelier and gilded antique mirrors add Southern opulence. Curtains with white lattice prints let in natural light. Display vintage derby hats and programs in framed shadowboxes on the walls.

Fresh bundles of mint tied with twine scent the air alongside vases of white lilies and roses. Curl up with an old horseracing novel and put on a Sinatra record for full Derby ambience. Sip your mint julep and get whisked away to Louisville on the first Saturday in May.

Design Elements

  • Mint green and white striped accents
  • Crystal chandelier and gilded mirrors
  • White lattice print curtains
  • Framed vintage derby memorabilia
  • Fresh mint bundles and white flower arrangements
  • Old horseracing novels
  • Frank Sinatra playing on the record player

About the Mint Julep

The mint julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. This refreshing bourbon cocktail combines mint, sugar, and crushed ice for an icy, herbal sipper.

Juleps have been made with mint and alcohol since the ancient Middle East and Rome. In the American South, mint juleps gained popularity in the 1700s. Kentucky Senator Henry Clay helped popularize the drink in Washington, D.C. in the 1800s.

Now over 120,000 juleps are served annually at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby. Sipping this bourbon classic from a silver julep cup is a beloved Derby tradition. The ice, mint, and silver cup help cool down racegoers on a hot Southern day.

Frozé Room

Make yourself at home in this blush pink dream room inspired by the refreshing wine cocktail, the Frozé. Soft rosy hues on the furniture, walls, and decor lend a romantic charm.

Accent the space with touches of gold and cream. Shelves display charming vintage glassware like coupes and wine glasses. A tufted velvet sofa offers plush seating. Rose gold and glass end tables hold vases of freshly cut pink roses.

Light streaming in the rosy stained glass window casts a warm glow. Pop a bottle of rosé and pour yourself a Frozé—it’s like you’re at a chic vineyard tasting room. The only thing missing is some light jazz and French macarons. À votre santé!

Design Elements

  • Blush pink color scheme with gold and cream accents
  • Vintage glassware displayed on shelves
  • Tufted velvet sofa
  • Rose gold and glass end tables with pink roses
  • Rosy stained glass window
  • Light jazz music playing
  • French macarons for snacking

About the Frozé

Frozé combines refreshing rosé wine with flavored syrup and sparkling water for a fizzy, fruity cocktail. With origins in France, it’s like an adult pink lemonade. The slushy texture makes it perfect for hot summer days.

While any rosé works, lighter, crisp varieties are best so the flavors don’t become muddled. Make your own by blending rosé with simple syrup, lemonade, and strawberries or other fruit flavors. Top it off with sparkling water or club soda.

From boozy brunches to beach days, the pretty pink Frozé is ideal when you want something fun and fruit-forward. Fête with a glass of this French-inspired cocktail.

Frosé Room

Escape into an oasis of pink with this room inspired by Frosé, the ultimate summer cocktail. Soft, blush pink walls and furnishings evoke the drink’s rosy color. Accent with bright white and metallic gold for glamour.

Plush pink velvet couches offer a comfy spot for lounging with a cocktail. Paint a stunning pink floral mural to bring the outdoors in. Style with touches like faux furs, branch chandeliers, vintage mirrors and billowing fabric curtains.

A bar cart with pink bottles, shakers, stemmed glasses and fresh flowers sets the scene for mixology. Play lively jazz or French tunes to complete the chic vibe. Add some macarons, strawberries or other bite-sized treats and get ready to fête with refreshing Frosé cocktails. À votre santé!

Design Elements:

  • Blush pink walls and furnishings with white and gold accents
  • Plush velvet couches
  • Pink floral mural
  • Faux fur throws
  • Branch chandelier
  • Vintage mirror
  • Fabric curtains
  • Bar cart with pink bottles, shakers, stemmed glasses & flowers
  • Lively jazz or French music playing
  • Macarons and strawberries for snacking

About the Frosé Cocktail:

Frosé mixes crisp rosé wine with fruit liqueurs and simple syrup, then blends everything with ice into a slushy, pink cocktail. With origins in the French Riviera, it’s light, fruity and perfect for hot days.

The key is using a bright, dry rosé that won’t get overwhelmed by added flavors. Blend it with strawberry or peach liqueur, lemonade, and fresh fruit. Finish it off with club soda for some fizz.

From summer barbecues to beach vacations, Frosé is the prettiest way to rosé all day. This French-inspired slushy cocktail is as photogenic as it is refreshing.

Orange Creamsicle Room

Recall carefree childhood summer days with this room inspired by the original orange creamsicle. Creamy white furnishings accented with bright pops of tangerine orange evoke the classic ice cream bar’s colors.

Puffy white chairs offer marshmallowy soft seating. Orange throw pillows add bursts of citrus color. Minimalist white shelving displays a rainbow of creamsicle merch—vintage tins, posters, stickers, and more.

The citrus scent of fresh oranges fills the air. Sunny accents like orange textiles and wall prints offset the dreamy white. Curl up with an old Archie comic and put on a Beach Boys record for maximum nostalgia.

Design Elements

  • Creamy white furnishings with tangerine orange accents
  • Puffy marshmallow chairs
  • Orange throw pillows
  • White shelving displaying creamsicle merch
  • Fresh orange scent
  • Sunny orange accents
  • Vintage Archie comics
  • Beach Boys record playing

About the Creamsicle

The iconic Creamsicle ice cream treat combines creamy vanilla ice cream with a refreshing orange sherbet coating. The original Creamsicle was created by Popsicle and debuted in the 1920s.

Beloved for its sweet vanilla center and tangy sherbet shell, it’s a nostalgic summer treat. The Creamsicle inspired spin-off products like the Dreamsicle, which uses creamy ice cream instead of sherbet.

Unwrap a Creamsicle on a hot day and instantly feel transported back to carefree summer childhood days. The classic combo of creamy vanilla and bright orange sherbet makes a delicious frozen fruit bar.

Sangria Room

¡Olé! Get lost in this room inspired by the fruity red wine punch, sangria. Red walls and citrus accents evoke the drink’s iconic ingredients—red wine and fresh fruit.

Spanish fans, curtains and textiles add flair while wrought iron candleholders and lanterns create cozy lighting. A wine barrel table overflows with lemons, oranges and apples alongside bunches of grapes.

Jars of spices like cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves line the shelves. A bottle of Rioja and pitcher of sangria entice you to pour a glass. Vibrant still life paintings depict wine and fruit.

Turn on some lively guitar music, kick back with a pitcher of sangria, and let yourself feel transported to Spain. ¡Salud!

Design Elements

  • Red walls with citrus accents
  • Spanish fans, curtains and textiles
  • Wrought iron candleholders and lanterns
  • Wine barrel table overflowing with fruit
  • Spice jars on shelves
  • Rioja wine and sangria pitchers
  • Vibrant still life paintings
  • Spanish guitar music

About Sangria

Sangria is a classic Spanish punch made by mixing red wine with fresh citrus slices, fruit, spices, and sometimes brandy. It’s often garnished with apples, oranges and lemons.

While red wine is traditional, white wines and rosés make refreshing summer variations. Sangria comes from the Spanish “sangre” meaning blood, referencing its deep red hue.

Beloved for its fruity flavor and communal punchbowl presentation, sangria is perfect for sharing on hot summer days and at backyard barbecues. The wine keeps it feeling sophisticated while the fruit adds freshness. ¡Salud!

Frozen Hot Chocolate Room

Indulge your inner chocoholic in this room inspired by creamy frozen hot chocolate. Chocolate brown walls make the perfect backdrop for a marshmallowy soft white sectional and fur throw pillows.

Candles flicker atop a coffee table book display of drool-worthy desserts. Chalkboard paint on one wall boasts a menu of frozen hot cocoa recipes and toppings.

Mounds of whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and sticks of cinnamon await a dunk into your frozen chocolate drink. Curl up under a blanket and gaze out at the snowy views through big icy windows. Pick your perfect chocolatey adventure.

Design Elements

  • Chocolate brown walls
  • Marshmallowy white sectional and fur throw pillows
  • Candles flickering over dessert table books
  • Chalkboard wall with frozen hot cocoa recipes
  • Whipped cream, chocolate shavings and cinnamon sticks for toppings
  • Cozy blankets
  • Big icy view windows

About Frozen Hot Chocolate

What happens when hot chocolate goes cold? You get deliciously frozen hot chocolate. Blending warmed chocolate milk or melted chocolate with ice makes a creamy, richer alternative to chocolate milkshakes.

Toppings like whipped cream, chocolate chips, crushed candy canes or butterscotch add mix-ins. Peppermint, peanut butter, or more exotic flavors create fun twists.

Frozen hot chocolate is the perfect treat for chocolate lovers. Richer and creamier than ice cream, it evokes the cozy feel of hot cocoa in frosty ice cream form.

Icy Blue Lagoon Cocktail Room

Immerse yourself in tropical blues with this room inspired by the icy blue lagoon cocktail. Soft teal and sky blue create a breezy coastal vibe. White trim adds crisp contrast.

Potted palms, driftwood accents and rattan egg chairs add organic touches. Printed turquoise pendant lamps cast a cool underwater glow.

Beach photos and wave art decorate the walls while gauzy curtains filter in natural light. Cinnamon sticks, star anise and lychee fruits scent the air alongside fresh blooms in seashell vases. Mix up some blue lagoon cock