Decorating a bathroom with a black and white color scheme can create a bold, dramatic look. When done right, it looks clean, elegant, and timeless. Here are some tips for using black and white to decorate your bathroom stylishly.

Choose the Right Black and White Tones

When decorating with black and white, pay attention to undertones. For black, go for a true black rather than greyish. For white, use a crisp, bright white rather than something cream or off-white. These high-contrast tones will make the biggest impact. Stay away from anything too dark or dingy.

Opt for matte finishes rather than glossy. Matte black fixtures and accessories make for a more sophisticated look. Polish chrome finishes can add some shine without going overboard.

Use Black and White Flooring

The floor makes a major design statement. Black and white tile patterns instantly create visual interest. Try a checkerboard tile floor in glossy black and white. Or go for larger black and white tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Another idea is classic black and white subway tiles, or hexagon tiles for a honeycomb effect. Make sure the floor tiles are coordinated with wall colors and accessories.

Paint the Walls Black or White

Use black or white paint on the walls to create a cohesive backdrop. Stark white walls keep the space feeling open, clean and contemporary. Bold black walls make a dramatic, glamorous statement.

For a softer look, try a black and white patterned wallpaper on one accent wall. Horizontal stripes or trellis patterns work well. Paint the other walls white to offset the bold paper.

Incorporate Black and White in the Shower/Tub Area

Bring black and white into the shower or tub area to continue the theme. Use graphic black and white shower curtains or a black shower caddy and white towels.

A classic clawfoot tub looks stunning against a black tiled wall. Outfit with black and white art prints to play up the color scheme. Or attach a black shower head to white subway tiles.

Use Black and White Accessories and Decor

Complete the black and white look with carefully chosen accessories and decor. Black and white art, prints or photos help reinforce the color scheme. Display white fluffy towels on black shelves or towel racks.

A sparkling chandelier provides contrast to dark walls and ceilings. Floating black shelves mounted on white walls neatly display your black and white bathroom accessories.

Add Pops of Contrasting Color

While maintaining a black and white foundation, add splashes of a contrasting color for visual interest. Bright red, silver, or gold accents make black and white pop.

For example, add a red rug, silver mirror frames, gold candlesticks. Stick to one color to keep it simple. The color accent should tie together the overall design.

Use Different Textures and Materials

Vary textures and materials to give the black and white scheme depth. Mix glossy surfaces with matte ones, and combine reflective metals and glass with flat painted surfaces.

For example, pair a sleek black quartz countertop with softly textured white towels. A glass vessel sink provides sheen against flat white cabinetry. The varying textures add interest.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Proper lighting is key in a black and white bathroom. Natural light prevents an all-black space from feeling too dark and gloomy. Add lighting fixtures to brighten up shadowy corners.

Install ceiling mounted fixtures, sconces, and vanity lighting. Dimmer switches allow you to control ambience. Multiple light sources create a pleasant glow on black and white surfaces.

Common Questions About Decorating a Bathroom in Black and White

How do you keep a black and white bathroom from looking boring?

  • Use a combination of patterns and textures like stripes, subway tile, marble, and glossy/matte finishes.
  • Add metallics like gold, rose gold, or silver for interest.
  • Use black and white photography or art prints to reinforce the color scheme.
  • Introduce greenery and plants for a pop of color.

What paint color goes well with black and white bathroom?

  • Bright white, Swiss coffee, and Wimborne white are safe white paint colors to pair with black.
  • For black walls, match with bright white trim and ceiling for high contrast.
  • Gray, charcoal, navy, and emerald greens complement black and white.

Should you paint the ceiling black in a bathroom?

Painting the ceiling black can work in some cases, but generally white or light grey ceilings keep the space feeling open and airy. Black ceilings in a small space may feel too dark and enclosed.

What flooring goes with a black and white bathroom?

Black and white checkerboard tile, herringbone patterns, hexagon tile, and subway tiles make excellent black and white bathroom flooring. Marble tile also complements the color scheme nicely.


Decorating your bathroom in classic black and white is an easy way to create a bold, elegant look. Contrast the two tones through paint colors, tile, accessories, fixtures, and decor. Pay attention to texture, metallics, lighting, and art to finish the space. A black and white color palette allows for many different stylish options in the bathroom.