Bringing dark blue into your kitchen can create a dramatic, sophisticated look. From cabinetry to decor, dark blue offers a rich complement to many kitchen styles. Follow these tips to incorporate this regal hue into your culinary space.

Select Dark Blue Paint or Stain for Cabinets

Painting or staining your kitchen cabinets dark blue instantly transforms the room. Opt for a deep navy or midnight tone to make a bold statement. Be sure to prep and prime the cabinets properly before applying the color. Some suggestions:

  • Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
  • Sherwin-Williams Naval
  • Behr Midnight Lake
  • Valspar Secluded Sea

Consider painting just the lower cabinets dark blue and keeping the uppers a light neutral shade. The contrast creates visual interest.

Use a Dark Blue Backsplash

The backsplash is the perfect place to bring in a pop of dark blue. Subway tiles, mosaic tiles, or continuous backsplashes in a deep blue hue add eye-catching style. Try a Moroccan tile pattern for a worldly vibe or abstract glass tiles for an artsy look.

Some stylish options:

  • Moroccan cement tile patterns
  • Blue glass subway tiles
  • Metallic navy mosaic tiles
  • Classic blue and white graphic tiles

Pair blue backsplash tile with white cabinets and brass hardware for a chic coastal kitchen.

Incorporate Dark Blue Appliances

Today’s appliances come in a wide array of colors. Swap out stainless steel for rich navy appliances that coordinate with your cabinets or backsplash. Blue stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and range hoods can create a fully integrated look. Brands like Big Chill, Smeg, and La Cornue offer dark blue appliance options.

Add Dark Blue Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is the natural focal point, so painting or staining it an eye-catching dark blue makes a bold style statement. Flank a navy blue island with light cabinets for contrast. Top with white or blue-veined marble for an elegant finish.

Select Dark Blue Countertops

Dark blue countertops nicely complement both light and dark cabinetry. Traditionally, deep blues work well with white kitchens to create a crisp nautical vibe. Options like blue granite, soapstone, or colored concrete offer an integrated look with blue cabinets.

Incorporate Dark Blue Accents

Use accessories to introduce dark blue as an accent color. Some ideas:

  • Dark blue kitchen utensils or cookware
  • Navy bar stools
  • A pendant light or chandelier in a midnight blue hue
  • Canisters, vases or kitchen linens in shades of blue
  • Dark blue rugs for visual interest underfoot

Mix various blue tones and patterns for eclectic charm.

Try Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

For a dramatic effect, opt for dark blue cabinets all over. Navy kitchen cabinets make a bold style statement. For a touch of contrast, pair them with brass hardware and light countertops. Some chic color combinations:

  • Midnight blue cabinets + white marble countertops
  • Navy cabinets + butcher block countertops
  • Dark blue cabinets + brass hardware + subway tile backsplash

Whether you opt for dark blue cabinets, backsplash, an island or accents, this regal color adds eye-catching sophistication to any kitchen. From coastal casual to modern chic, dark blue adapts well to various kitchen aesthetics. Feel free to get creative and make a vibrant blue statement!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good dark blue paint colors for kitchen cabinets?

Some popular dark blue cabinet paint colors include Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, Sherwin-Williams Naval, Behr Midnight Lake, and Valspar Secluded Sea. Opt for a deep blue tone with little black or gray undertones.

What color hardware goes well with dark blue kitchen cabinets?

Brass and other metallic hardware pair beautifully with dark blue cabinets, adding a hint of warmth. Matte black hardware also looks very sleek. Avoid matching blue hardware, which can look monotonous.

Should I paint my upper and lower cabinets different colors?

Painting just the lower cabinets dark blue while keeping the upper cabinets light can provide contrast and visual interest. This works especially well in small kitchens, drawing the eye downward.

What color countertops go with dark blue cabinets?

Light countertops like white marble, quartz or butcher block complement navy cabinets nicely. Blue-toned countertops like soapstone can also integrate well. Avoid matching the countertops and cabinets too closely.

What kind of tile backsplash looks good with dark blue cabinets?

White subway tile, marble mosaic tile, or geometric patterns with some white provide contrast against dark blue cabinets. You can incorporate blue accent tiles for a coordinated look as well.


With so many shades to choose from, dark blue is a sophisticated yet versatile color for kitchens. Painting or staining cabinets, islands and accents in navy hues instantly transforms the space into a dramatic culinary showpiece. Be creative and don’t be afraid to mix various blue tones. With the right combination of colors and textures, dark blue adds an elegant, inviting appeal to any kitchen.