A kitchen with a blue and white color scheme can be an uplifting and cheerful space. The colors blue and white evoke feelings of tranquility, clarity, and refreshment – perfect for the room where you start your day. Embracing blue and white in your kitchen decor can create an atmosphere that is peaceful yet vibrant.

Why Choose Blue and White for Your Kitchen

Blue and white have been a popular kitchen color combination for decades, and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of using these cool, light colors in your cooking space:

Promotes Relaxation

The color blue is known to have a calming effect on the mind. It represents stability and focus. White enhances feelings of openness and breathability. Together, blue and white create an environment in your kitchen that feels soothing yet energizing. The colors work to relax and center you, setting the tone for a pleasant and balanced day ahead.

Encourages Appetite

Interestingly, the color blue is believed to provide an appetite-suppressing effect, while white has the opposite impact. Combining them creates visual interest while keeping your hunger cues in balance. The aim is an atmosphere that energizes you to create delicious, healthy meals.

Enhances Cleanliness

White is universally associated with purity, neatness, and cleanliness. It makes spaces feel open, uncluttered, and hygienic. Blue also gives off a crisp, fresh vibe. The pairing of these cool hues creates a kitchen aesthetic that feels pristine and orderly.

Lends Versatility

On their own, blue and white are extremely versatile colors that pair well with many styles. From modern to coastal to farmhouse, blue and white are enhancing neutrals that provide flexibility in your décor. You can easily introduce other accent colors and change things up seasonally while maintaining the underlying tranquility of the two-tone scheme.

Reflects Natural Serenity

Blue and white are abundant in nature – from cloudless skies, to ocean waves, to snowy mountaintops. They reflect images of beauty, clarity, and peace. Bringing these elemental colors into your home results in a space that feels connected to the calming wonders of the natural world.

Ideas for Incorporating Blue and White

Ready to freshen up your kitchen with this iconic and cozy color palette? Here are some great ways to work blue and white into your design:

Paint the Walls

Painting your kitchen walls blue and white sets the whole stage for the serene vibe you want to create. Try all-over baby blue, or go for white walls with blue trim. Paint the upper cabinets blue and lowers white. The options are numerous – choose the ratio and intensity of each color based on the look and feel you prefer.

Add Appliances

Replace chrome finishes and black appliances with options in blue and white. A retro-style refrigerator in powder blue or a soft white stove can complement your walls beautifully. For smaller appliances, look for toasters, stand mixers, and coffee makers in shades of blue. A blue KitchenAid mixer makes a cheerful statement.

Select Flooring

For floors, blue and white tile patterns are a popular choice. Or opt for white floors with blue accent rugs. Wide plank wood floors with a whitewashed finish also pair nicely with blue walls or cabinetry. Try painting a wooden table and chairs in a light sky blue.

Style with Textiles

Use textiles like curtains, towels, and accents to full embrace the blue and white palette. White window treatments with blue tie-backs and trim add a finished look. Hang tea towels or oven mitts in varying shades of blue. Add blue and white decorative bowls, vases, and canisters for a pulled-together feel. A table runner or placemats in blue and white patterns can nicely style your eat-in space.

Display Pretty Dishware

Fill open shelving or glass-front cabinets with an assortment of blue and white china. Mix and match plates, cups, and bowls in varying blue hues and white patterns for a charming display. For more color, add floral arrangements in white vases and fruits like lemons or limes.

Choose Inviting Lighting

To enhance the airy, relaxing vibe, select pale blue or transparent white lamp shades. Candles in whites and blues can provide a cozy glow for evening meals. Try chandeliers or pendant lights with blue or aqua colored glass for an elegant accent overhead.

Add Finishing Touches

Finally, pull the whole blue and white kitchen together with finishing touches like:

  • Chalkboard menu board or framed art in black and white
  • Cutting boards, utensils, or kitchen tools with blue handles
  • White dishes or drinkware with thin blue rings
  • Opaque blue glass bottles and canisters
  • Pretty shells, starfish, sea glass, or other coastal finds

The goal is to implement blue and white thoughtfully throughout the space for a harmonious look that feels intentional. The result will be a kitchen that reflects peace and positivity.

Blue and White Kitchen Inspiration

Here are some stunning examples of blue and white kitchen designs to provide inspiration:

Modern Coastal Kitchen

This kitchen features bright white cabinetry paired with a light blue-gray backsplash and accents. Modern stainless appliances add shine while open shelves lined with white dishes and blue cookware nail the beachy vibe. The blue penny tile floor ties it all together. Crisp and tranquil.

Vintage Homey Kitchen

With painted shaker cabinets in robin’s egg blue and distressed white, this kitchen exudes farmhouse charm. The wood plank floor and antique-inspired lighting keep things feeling cozy and welcoming. The all-white dishes with blue edging complete the vintage aesthetic.

Glamorous Blue Kitchen

Deep navy blue lower cabinets make a dramatic statement in this kitchen. Mirrored surfaces above reflect light beautifully. Gold hardware and light fixtures add a glamorous accent. The look is luxurious yet grounded with natural stone countertops. Bold and elegant.

Retro Diner Style

Checkered black and white flooring combined with turquoise blue cabinets transports this kitchen straight from the 1950s. Accents like a chrome table, blue stools, and a retro fridge enhance the fun, nostalgic diner aesthetic. Quirky and uplifting.

Rustic Chic Kitchen

Soft robin’s egg blue cabinets with exposed hinges pair beautifully with rustic wood countertops in this cozy kitchen. The brick backsplash and floor add texture while white dishes pop against the blue. Wrought iron finishes provide an industrial edge. Relaxed sophistication.

Sophisticated Blue Kitchen

Crisp navy perimeter cabinets and a large island in airy blue-gray create a refined look. Brass fixtures, marble tile, and an abstract white framed print elevate the elegance. The all-blue palette feels bold yet soothing. Polished and artistic.

Tips for Decorating a Blue and White Kitchen

Ready to implement the blue and white combo in your own kitchen redesign? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to no more than 3 shades of blue. Too many variations can feel chaotic.
  • Add warmth and texture with natural materials like wood, stone, rattan, etc. This balances the cooler blue and white tones.
  • Incorporate metallic accents like brass, gold, nickel, or chrome for a touch of polish.
  • Layer in plenty of white for balance. White dishes, trim, walls, and cabinets will prevent too much blue from feeling overwhelming.
  • Introduce black and white art or prints to enhance the palette. This anchors the scheme.
  • Mix and match blue and white patterns on dishware, textiles, and accent tiles for visual interest.
  • Display fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies often. The pops of color will make the blue and white colors sing.
  • Incorporate personal mementos and photos to give the peaceful space personality.
  • Use lighting strategically to create a bright and airy or cozy and intimate mood.

The most important tip is to embrace the colors in a way that resonates with your personal style. The options are endless with this classic and adaptable palette.

Enjoying the Benefits

With a tranquil blue and white color scheme in your kitchen, you’ll be able to start and end each day with a sense of harmony and optimism. As you cook and dine in the cool, appealing space you’ve designed, you’ll enjoy the many functional and emotional benefits:

  • Feel relaxed as you prepare meals for yourself and loved ones
  • Appreciate the cheerful, clean aesthetic during clean-up
  • Enjoy displaying treasured dishes and heirlooms
  • Entertain casually at the dining table or kitchen island
  • Gain creativity and clarity for trying new recipes
  • Feel uplifted as you sip your morning coffee
  • Find the atmosphere healing and centering after a long day

A blue and white kitchen serves up far more than just great meals. Infusing your cooking space with these calming, nostalgic colors creates an environment that nourishes you in body and spirit. Carefully curating the details results in a peaceful oasis you’ll be happy to spend time in, day after day.

So breathe new life into your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint, new dishware, and decluttering. Be inspired by beautiful images of this classic color pairing. And know that all it takes is a touch of blue and white to craft a kitchen that brings you joy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue and White Kitchens

What are the most popular shades of blue for kitchens?

Some of the most popular blue shades for kitchens include navy, cobalt, powder blue, sky blue, aqua, baby blue, and duck egg blue. Go for lighter tones for a more tranquil look or deeper shades for dramatic style.

What kind of white paint works best?

A bright, clean white like Swiss Coffee or Simply White works wonderfully for a blue and white kitchen. Stay away from whites with yellow, beige or gray undertones.

Should I paint my upper or lower cabinets blue?

This depends on your style and the look you want. Lower blue cabinets feel bold and grounding. Upper blue cabinets are lighter and dreamier. Pick what works best with your overall vision.

What backsplash looks best with blue and white kitchens?

White subway tile, marble, glass tile, or patterned blue and white ceramic are great backsplash options. But anything that enhances the overall palette can work beautifully.

What color hardware should I use?

Brass and gold hardware pair nicely for a traditional or glam kitchen. Nickel or chrome have a sleek, modern feel. Oil-rubbed bronze can provide a lovely contrast. Mixing metallics can be striking too.

Should I use a blue and white patterned rug?

A patterned area rug with blue and white can nicely define the kitchen space. But a solid blue or textured white rug also complements the colors well. Layering a few smaller blue and white rugs works too.

How can I add warmth to a blue and white kitchen?

Natural wood accents, rattan or wicker textures, live plants, and cozy textiles like blankets help make a blue and white scheme feel warm and inviting. Rich metallics also add nice contrast.


Creating a gorgeous and tranquil blue and white kitchen is simply a matter of embracing this soothing, flexible color scheme in a way that brings you happiness. Using a thoughtful approach when selecting everything from paint to appliances to dishware results in a cohesive look you’ll love spending time in. A space decorated in these cool, calming tones allows you to center yourself as you start each day, fuel your creativity as you cook, and relax fully as you share meals with those you love. The combination of blue and white is a timeless way to infuse your home with uplifting tranquility.

How to Choose the Best Blue and White China for Your Kitchen

Adding beautiful blue and white china to your kitchen is a simple way to enhance its visual appeal. When displayed in open cabinets or on shelves, the pretty dishware acts like accent decor that you can also use daily. Here are some tips for choosing stunning blue and white china for your cooking space:

Look for Timeless Style

When selecting china, opt for classic patterns and designs that will stand the test of time. Floral motifs, geometrics, checks, and stripes are always in fashion. Timeless blue and white choices will coordinate seamlessly with any evolving kitchen style.

Seek High Quality Materials

Quality porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware will be more durable choices that last you for years. Make sure pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. For heirloom pieces, look for fine china made from strong bone ash.

Mix and Match Patterns

Choose several blue and white patterns like florals, solids, geometrics, and stripes. Mix and match them together for a collected look with visual interest. Varying patterns in blue hues looks livelier than a single matching set.

Include Essential Pieces

Be sure to buy essential dishware like dinner plates, small plates, bowls, mugs, and serving platters. This ensures you can use the china daily rather than just display it. Having basics on hand makes coordinating table settings effortless.

Select Coordinating Accents

Round out your blue and white collections with coordinating pieces like pitchers, teapots, creamers, butter dishes, salt and pepper shakers, cake stands, napkin rings, and other decorative accents. These extras complete the look.

Display Thoughtfully

Group pieces together in a thoughtful vignette for the best visual impact. Stack plates and bowls on open shelves, hang mugs from hooks, display pitchers on cake stands. Place everyday items within reach and special pieces further away.

Illuminate the Beauty

To highlight the vibrancy of any blue and white ceramics, use ample lighting. LED strips, pendants centered over displays, and natural sunlight from windows are all great options. Proper lighting truly makes the colors shine.

Protect Investment Pieces

For any antique, vintage, or fragile ceramic you want to protect, display them behind glass cabinet doors rather than on open shelving. This keeps precious pieces free of dust and safe from damage during daily kitchen tasks.

Introduce Greenery

Intersperse any blue and white dish arrangements with fresh greenery like ferns, ivy, succulents, or flowering branches. The organic contrast beautifully complements the cool palette and adds life.

Refresh Displays Seasonally

Keep your china displays looking fresh by updating them for the seasons or holidays. Swap in warm tones like reds and oranges for autumn or sparkling silver and white for the winter holidays. This keeps the look lively.

The right blue and white china choices can inject a good dose of vintage farmhouse charm, classic elegance, or laid-back coastal style into any kitchen. Allow the dishware to do double duty by both creating an inviting decorative backdrop and supplying functional pieces for daily cooking and dining. Approach curating and displaying your selections thoughtfully for a polished look you’ll enjoy.

9 Unique Blue and White Flooring Options for Kitchens

The floor is a significant surface area in any kitchen, so it’s an important element to consider when designing your blue and white color scheme. Flooring in shades of blue or white, or patterns that incorporate both colors, can make a big visual impact. Here are 9 unique blue and white flooring options to inspire you:

1. Blue and White Checkered Tile

Vintage-inspired blue and white checkered tile is a fun retro nod to old school diners. The pattern looks bold and graphic on floors. Try mixing various blue hues rather than identical checks.

2. Moroccan Tile

Intricate Moroccan-style tiles often feature flowing blue and white geometric patterns. This ornate flooring option has major style impact in a kitchen.

3. Blue Pebble Tile

Tiny blue pebble tiles can be arranged in creative patterns and shapes or simply set in sheets. The organic look has a lovely flow when used on floors.

4. Whitewashed Wood Planks

Wide-plank wooden floors treated with a whitewashed finish adds rustic warmth. The light wood beautifully complements blue walls or cabinetry.

5. Blue Concrete Tile

Concrete floor tiles come in an array of blues, from pastel to denim. The muted solid color is a simple base for busier blue and white patterned rugs.

6. Black and White Hex Tile

For dramatic contrast, bold black and white hexagon tile makes a striking statement underfoot. It pairs flawlessly with blue cabinetry or walls.

7. Blue Striped Marble

Elegant marble tile in a pale blue and white striated pattern brings subtle contrast. It’s ideal for high-end kitchen designs.

8. Blue Mosaic Tile

Tiny mosaic tiles in varied shades of blue, from navy to sky, can be laid in fun patterns. Some shimmery glass versions catch the light beautifully.

9. Blue and White Octagon Tile

For a nod to mid-century designs, blue and white octagon tile has a retro vibe. The geometric shapes flow nicely underfoot.

Look for blue and white flooring options that complement your cabinetry, countertops, and other finishes. Let it make the aesthetic statement your particular kitchen design calls for, whether that’s retro charm, modern elegance, or breezy coastal style. The floor is the perfect place to have fun and infuse blue hues that uplift the overall space.

6 Creative Ways to Use Blue and White Dishware as Kitchen Décor

Displaying beautiful blue and white dishware is an easy way to simultaneously decorate your kitchen and keep frequently used items within reach. Here are 6 creative ways to showcase your favorite china while enhancing your kitchen’s style:

1. Stack Plates and Bowls

Plates and bowls stacked or fanned out on open shelving make for an artful arrangement. It’s visually appealing while keeping essentials accessible. Mix and match patterns for interest.

2. Hang Mugs from Hooks

Mugs hung from hooks beneath cabinets keep this necessity handy for tea or coffee. Group mugs together in a row or hang