A well-designed powder room is an opportunity to make a statement and showcase your style. Though small in size, a powder room’s details have an outsized impact. Here are six key elements to focus on when planning your pretty powder room.

Inviting Vanity

The vanity is the focal point of any powder room, so choose one that aligns with your desired aesthetic. Console-style vanities with legs are trendy, while floating vanities create a clean, modern look. Consider a decorative mirror or sconces to accent the vanity area. Select fixtures like faucets and knobs that match the vanity’s style.

Statement Wallpaper

Wallpaper is ideal for powder rooms since the space is small. Go bold with a graphic print or preserve the serenity with textured neutrals. Pick wallpaper in your favorite color or pattern to make the design pop. Install wallpaper on one wall to create an accent or cover all four walls for maximum drama.

Stylish Sink

The sink is integral to the room’s functionality and style. Vessel sinks sit atop the vanity for an updated look. Alternatively, wall-mounted or pedestal sinks save space and create a clean aesthetic. Select a sink material like glass or stone that aligns with your design vision. Opt for an unexpected shape like oval or asymmetric.

Perfect Lighting

Properly illuminate the space with layers of light for ambiance and function. Flush or sconce mounts pair nicely with vanity mirrors. Consider a decorative chandelier or pendant light to infuse character. Install dimmers to control the mood with bright task lighting and soft accent lighting.

Special Touches

Elevate the powder room with special touches and personalized accents. Display fresh flowers, artwork, accent tiles or wall decals. Roll out a patterned mat or rug to enhance the floors. Update knobs and pulls in a finish that complements your style. The right details make all the difference.

Spa Treatment

Indulge guests with spa-like touches for the ultimate powder room oasis. Provide stacked plush towels and high-end soaps. Include a scented candle, essential oil diffuser or calming music. Hang a robe hook on the back of the door for convenience. Follow a serene color palette and decor to enhance the spa vibe.

With strategic planning and innovative design, you can create a powder room that is as pretty as it is functional. Focus on the vanity, wallpaper, sink, lighting and special touches tailored to your unique style. Apply spa elements to help guests feel pampered and refreshed. By thoughtfully incorporating these key elements, you’re sure to have a powder room that is as sophisticated as it is stunning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Designing a Pretty Powder Room

What are some tips for maximizing a small powder room space?

  • Use wallpaper or paint to make the walls visually recede
  • Install a mirror to create the illusion of more space
  • Choose slender console vanities and elongated vessels sinks
  • Use pocket and sliding doors to save space
  • Opt for wall-mounted fixtures and sconce lighting
  • Keep the layout open with no bulky furnishings

What colors work best for powder rooms?

  • Bold jewel-toned colors like emerald green and sapphire blue
  • Neutral tones like gray, beige and taupe for a soothing vibe
  • Black and white for high-contrast drama
  • Metallic hues like gold, silver and copper for glam
  • Soft pastels to evoke a vintage feel

How can I add personality to my powder room?

  • Showcase collections like perfume bottles or colorful soaps
  • Hang unique artwork or vintage prints
  • Add mirrors or tiles in interesting shapes
  • Use an unexpected vanity color or material
  • Install patterned floor tiles or an area rug
  • Display fresh flowers, candles or greenery

What flooring works well in powder rooms?

  • Porcelain, ceramic or glass tile for durability
  • Natural stone like marble or travertine to add elegance
  • Vinyl flooring for an affordable waterproof option
  • Heated floors for comfort underfoot
  • Mosaic tiles or patterns to make a statement
  • Area rugs over tile or hardwood for softness

Should I have enclosed or open storage in my powder room?

  • Enclosed storage like cabinets keep toiletries tidy and hidden
  • Open shelving provides easy access and visual interest
  • Baskets or decorative boxes on shelves offer casual storage
  • A console table with drawers adds concealed storage
  • A medicine cabinet with a mirror is functional and space-saving

What are some special touches to elevate a powder room?

  • Soap and lotion dispensers that match the faucets
  • Custom monogrammed hand towels or robes
  • A unique wastebasket like a bamboo or copper bin
  • A tray to hold perfumes, candles or floral arrangements
  • Upscale toilet paper holders and tissue box covers
  • Framed prints, fresh flowers or mini plants


With creative touches and strategic use of the available space, powder rooms can make stylish statements and provide pampering. Choose a vanity, sink, wallpaper, lighting and decor that reflects your personal taste. Include spa-like elements for an indulgent experience. By focusing on these key details, you can design a picture-perfect powder room your guests are sure to admire.