The holidays are a time for gathering with family and friends, celebrating time-honored traditions, and decorating our homes to reflect the joy and warmth of the season. This year, fresh and rustic decor is emerging as a top trend forholiday adornment. Natural materials, warm textures, and effortless styling create a cozy, inviting backdrop for making holiday memories.

Embracing the Beauty of Nature

Bringing nature indoors is at the heart of fresh, rustic holiday décor. Holiday Decor Goes Fresh and Rustic style focuses on natural elements like pinecones, berries, fresh greens, and wood. These organic materials infuse our living spaces with the essence of the great outdoors.

Pine cones collected from the yard or forest add organic texture and natural beauty to holiday displays. Cluster them in bowls or scatter them across the tabletop for an earthy element. Garlands made from fragrant fresh cedar, pine, magnolia leaves, or other evergreen boughs scent the air with crisp forest aromas. Holiday Decor Goes Fresh and Rustic garlands can be draped over stair railings, mantles, or doorways.

For a farmhouse chic look, hang mini green wreaths made from eucalyptus above each window. Or assemble larger wreaths from fresh greenery, nuts like acorns or chestnuts, dried fruits, and ribbons. Hanging fresh oranges or cranberries adds cheery pops of festive color while continuing the natural style.

Berries and fruits like pomegranates infuse indoor holiday decor with vibrancy. Artfully arrange pomegranates and berries in tall clear vases or bowls of water. Float a few cranberries or rose hips in the water for added flair. Groupings of artichokes, live orchids, or mini pumpkins also lend organic elegance.

Warm Hues and Textures Beckon

Holiday Decor Goes Fresh and Rustic relies on warm, natural color palettes and tactile textures. Earthy hues like beige, brown, terra cotta, and mustard lend coziness, while unexpected pops of sage green or burnt orange add modern flair.

Look for throws and pillows in nubby knits, soft flannel, or faux fur to create irresistible spaces for snuggling by the fireplace. Handcrafted cable-knit stockings bring textural interest when hung in a row. Woven hampers or baskets offer convenient storage while complementing the earthy aesthetic.

Rustic wood elements enrich spaces with handsome grain patterns and natural color variations. Wooden beads on a garland or a hand-carved nativity scene add organic artistry. Teak, oak, or pine cutting boards make beautiful holiday spreads when arranged with candles, wreaths, and other decor.

Warm up any room with an artfully displayed stack of firewood, tied with a plaid ribbon or strung with mini fairy lights. Place natural wood cutting boards or slices of tree trunk as rustic chargers under holiday dishes and centerpieces.

Effortless Style Brings Simplicity

A key aspect of fresh, Holiday Decor Goes Fresh and Rustic is its simplicity and attainability. This is easy, breezy decorating that doesn’t require perfect symmetry or fussy styling.

Choose easy-care greenery like eucalyptus and cedar that lasts throughout the season without a lot of maintenance. Skip the complicated holiday village setup and stick to a simple wood board dotted with mercury glass votives. Make your own garlands rather than purchasing elaborate ready-made swags from the store.

Imperfections and asymmetrical elements make a space feel curated rather than overtly decorated. Vary the heights and clusters of candles along the table or mantel. Hang stockings at different levels instead of perfectly spaced. Embrace the natural irregular shapes of fresh greens and branches.

Handmade crafts bring quaint, homemade charm to fresh, rustic holiday spaces. Adorn wreaths and garlands with cinnamon sticks, dried citrus slices, or other DIY foraged elements. Deck the halls with paper poinsettia flowers or glittery snowflake cutouts made by the kids. Display hand-knit stockings personalized with each family member’s name.

The beauty of fresh, rustic holiday decor is that it allows the natural textures and warm, organic materials to take center stage. Simple natural styling creates an inviting backdrop for celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

Bringing the Outdoors In

A great way to achieve the fresh and rustic holiday aesthetic is to incorporate organic elements that evoke the great outdoors. Here are some ideas:

Forage for Natural Elements

  • Gather pinecones, acorns, chestnuts, sticks, and fallen branches from your backyard or on a nature walk. These add beautiful, raw textures.
  • Snip a few sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme from your garden to add aromatic greenery.
  • Look for unique dried flowers or grasses growing near your home to add meadow-chic whimsy.

Create Organic Arrangements

  • Display pinecones, acorns, and dried flowers in simple glass jars, jugs, or terra cotta pots.
  • Weave fresh bay laurel or rosemary into a mini wreath for the powder room.
  • Bundle birch logs or sticks tied with twine for rustic candle holders.
  • Float autumn leaves, cranberries, or slices of fresh citrus in glass bowls of water.

Infuse Indoor Greenery

  • Drape fresh cedar, pine, or magnolia across your mantel or stairway.
  • Style a mini wreath of eucalyptus on each window or above doorways.
  • Top a large wreath form with fresh fir, berries, and tasteful plaid ribbons.

Add Natural Wood Accents

  • Arrange acorn-topped candles on a wooden cutting board for an instant centerpiece.
  • Display fresh oranges or mini pumpkins in a wooden crate, box, or basket.
  • Sprinkle raw wood slices down the table as organic chargers.

Warm and Rustic: The Hygge Trend

Holiday Decor Goes Fresh and Rustic elements overlaps beautifully with the “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah) trend of creating cozy, charming, imperfect spaces. Hygge’s Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic matches effortlessly with rustic holiday decor. Here are some tips for infusing rustic hygge into your holiday look:

Texture is Key

  • Incorporate nubby knits, soft flannel, faux fur throws, and tactile woven baskets.
  • Display chunky hand-knit stockings and pillows with cable patterns.
  • Look for furnishings and accessories with visible wood grains and knots.

Candles Set the Mood

  • Cluster an assortment of candles in glass votives and earthy stoneware.
  • Place candles of varying heights on the mantel or dining table.
  • Dot candles along the stair banister or around the bathtub for cozy glow.

Warm Hues Beckon

  • Choose warm white fairy lights over cool LEDs.
  • Look for glassware and ornaments in amber, smoke, and jewel tones.
  • Use antiqued metals and aged leathers to add patina.

Handcrafted Touches

  • Make pomander balls to hang with ribbon.
  • Sew simple flannel pillows or knit oversized mittens for display.
  • Arrange homemade cinnamon sticks or dried citrus garland over doorways.

Favorite Food and Drinks

  • Display heaping platters of nuts, cookies, and fruit.
  • Serve mulled wine, hot spiced cider, or hot chocolate.
  • Bake comforting casseroles, stews, and hot breakfasts.

Cozy Up

  • Add sheepskin or faux fur throws to sofas and chairs.
  • Layer old quilts and knit blankets on top of duvets.
  • Lounge by candlelight, fireplaces, or twinkle lights.

Rustic, hygge-inspired decorating evokes the feeling of spending a holiday tucked away in a warm, secluded cabin, surrounded by nature’s beauty. When our homes feel like our haven away from the world, our holiday memories become even more special.

Say “No” to Trendy Holiday Styles

While fresh and rustic decor is having a moment, it’s important not to force a trendy aesthetic if it doesn’t fit your taste or lifestyle. Here are some holiday decor styles you can feel free to avoid if they don’t spark joy:

Over-the-Top Glam

The days of overly opulent holiday decor with crystal chandeliers, sparkling silver accents, and tons of shiny metallics are behind us. Unless you live in a grand European-style mansion, this formal aesthetic can feel too fussy and high-maintenance.

Matchy-Matchy Mood

Having every last bauble color-coordinated to “go” with your decor can drain the fun and spontaneity out of holiday adorning. Embrace mixing metallic hues, textures, and styles instead.

Impersonal Hotel Chic

Perfectly styled but sterile holiday decor lacks the charm and memory-making of family-focused decor. Skip the neutral palettes and generic store-bought pieces and opt for meaningful ornaments and heirloom touches instead.

Dated Holiday Trends

Avoid outdated looks like Victorian-style red and green tartan plaid everywhere or kitschy themes like elf figurines. These overly thematic looks can seem like holiday overload. Stick to more refined, tasteful styles.

High-Maintenance Fabrics

As beautiful as velvet, satin, or brocade may seem, these delicate fabrics can require too much effort to keep pristine through the holidays. Opt for easy-care cottons, flannel, knits and rustic wood finishes instead.

While it’s fine to admire glitzy, color-coordinated, or thematic holiday decor, opt for less fussy, more organic styling in your own home. You want your look to set the stage for family fun, not feel like a museum!

FAQs About Fresh and Rustic Holiday Decor Trends

What are some key elements of fresh, rustic holiday decorating?

Some hallmarks of fresh and rustic holiday decor include natural materials like pinecones, fresh greens, wood accents, warm textures like knits and flannel, effortless styling with asymmetrical elements, and neutral color palettes with pops of color.

How can I achieve the rustic “hygge” aesthetic for the holidays?

The hygge trend focuses on creating cozy, charming spaces through candles, warm lighting, handmade touches, comforting foods and drinks, tactile textures like wool and fur, and natural unfinished wood accents.

Are fresh wreaths safe to hang over my gas fireplace?

It’s best not to hang flammable wreaths made from fresh greenery directly above a gas fireplace where prolonged heat exposure could dry them out. Opt for a faux green wreath instead, or hang fresh wreaths a safe distance away on the wall.

Where can I find rustic wooden crates or boxes to use in holiday displays?

Check thrift stores, yard sales, or flea markets for old wooden crates, fruit baskets, and storage boxes that can be repurposed for decor. Or find new and reproduced vintage wooden crates and boxes at most craft stores.

How can I give my interior wood accents like tables or shelves a more rustic look for the holidays?

You can gently distress, sand, or whitewash wooden furniture using DIY techniques to give it a more aged, timeworn look. Just seal it after so spills don’t stain the raw wood. Twine, burlap, or a simple table runner can also create rustic flair.

What are some easy natural materials to forage for rustic holiday decor?

Pinecones, acorns, twigs, bark chunks, dried seed pods, fresh tree clippings, dried flowers, leaves, grasses, berries, and evergreen branches are all easy finds to infuse rustic holiday charm either freshly foraged or dried.

Is it better to make my own garlands and wreaths or buy pre-made ones?

While more time consuming, homemade wreaths allow for personal customization and cost savings. But freshly made wreaths and garlands also require more upkeep. Pre-made greenery decor can be more convenient if time is limited.

How can I incorporate fruits like pomegranates into my holiday decor?

Fresh whole pomegranates, oranges studded with cloves, or sliced citrus fruits floating in glass bowls create festive rustic decor. Groupings of artfully arranged lemons, limes, grapes, pears, or figs also make seasonal organic centerpieces.

What are some ideas for easy natural centerpieces?

Try gathering fresh cedar, pine, or magnolia sprigs and bundling them in the center of the table. Float cranberries or dried citrus slices in a clear glass vase for pops of color. Or display mini gourds, fresh orchids, or loose pine cones and acorns in a wooden box or basket.


This holiday season, consider embracing the fresh and rustic decor trend that focuses on displaying natural materials in cozy, inviting ways. Pine cones and berries foraged from nature, fragrant wreaths of fresh evergreen boughs, warm woven and knit textures, and touches of handcrafted charm can make your home feel like a peaceful oasis during the holidays.

Rustic wood accents, candles, neutral color palettes, and effortless asymmetry contrast beautifully with vibrant pops of cranberries, pomegranates, or fresh flowers. By pairing organic elements with hygge-inspired coziness, your decor takes on a tranquil, handmade style that encourages meaningful connections.

While glitzy trends will come and go, fresh and rustic holiday decor has an enduring, emotional appeal. Rather than worrying about formal, color-coordinated perfection, focus on surrounding yourself with natural textures, delicious seasonal treats, and loving company. May your fresh and rustic holiday decor surround you with the beauty of the natural world during this special time of year.