Introduction to High-End Bathroom Fixtures

When designing and outfitting a luxury bathroom, high-end fixtures are a must to create a lavish and comfortable space. From statement-making bathtubs and elegant faucets to high-tech toilets and heated floors, premium bathroom fixtures elevate the look, feel and functionality of the room. Investing in quality materials and craftsmanship ensures durability and timeless style.

What Makes a Fixture High-End?

High-end bathroom fixtures are characterized by:

  • Premium materials like cast iron, natural stone, solid brass and porcelain
  • Handcrafted details and finishes
  • Cutting-edge technology like touch screens and sensor-activated features
  • Water efficiency
  • Brand reputation for quality and luxury
  • High price point – generally $1,000+ per fixture

Benefits of Using High-End Fixtures

Opting for high-end fixtures offers numerous benefits for your luxury bathroom:

  • Superior quality and durability: High-end fixtures are built to last using sturdy metals, vitreous china and rock-solid construction. This ensures a lifetime of flawless performance and resilience.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: From elegant designs to artisanal details, premium bathroom fixtures introduce sophistication and luxury you can see and feel.
  • Customization: Many high-end manufacturers offer customized options from plating finishes to sizing so you can curate your perfect suite of bathroom fixtures.
  • Innovation: Cutting-edge high-tech advancements like touch screens, overflow drains, temperature memory and overflow drains available in luxury fixtures take bathroom functionality and enjoyment to the next level.
  • Conservation: High-end faucets, toilets and showers help conserve water and energy with low-flow and high-efficiency options.
  • Easy maintenance: Quality solid brass and porcelain finishes are less prone to mineral buildup, corrosion and grime compared to inferior materials.

High-End Bathtubs

The bathtub is the centerpiece of any luxury bathroom, making it one of the most important fixtures to choose. High-end tubs elevate your bathing experience with comfort, design and indulgence.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs make a striking style statement in an opulent bathroom. Positioned away from the walls and plumbing fixtures, they command attention as a sculptural design element. Many high-end manufacturers offer customized sizes, shapes and materials for a bespoke freestanding soaking tub.


  • Cast Iron: The preferred material for freestanding tubs, cast iron offers unparalleled heat retention and durability. Porcelain enamel finishes are smooth and glossy.
  • Copper: Striking natural copper finishes provide an artisanal, hammered metal aesthetic. Must be lined to make water-tight.
  • Stone: For a spa-like feel, natural stone tubs hand-carved from marble, granite or onyx make an impressive, luxe style statement.
  • Acrylic: Lightweight acrylic tub options are easy to clean and install with custom color and finish options. Less expensive than other materials.

Benefits of Freestanding Tubs

  • Make a bold style statement as the focal point of the bathroom
  • Contemporary, sculptural aesthetic
  • Range of custom sizes, shapes and materials
  • Elevated bathing experience with comfort and style
  • Provide an open, spa-like atmosphere when positioned away from walls

High-End Brands

  • Kohler: Handcrafted cast iron and acrylic freestanding tubs with sleek, contemporary designs.
  • BainUltra: Customizable freestanding tubs handmade from stone composite with integrated hydrotherapy massage jets.
  • CBX: Cast iron, copper and stone composite freestanding tubs with ornate detailing and decorative trim.
  • Agape: Minimalist Italian-made stone resin tubs make a contemporary style statement. Fully customizable sizing.

Soaking Tubs

For a truly indulgent bathing experience, a spacious soaking tub provides comfort and luxury. Deeper than traditional tubs, they allow full immersion for relaxing and unwinding.


  • Drop-in tubs: Installed into a platform in the floor, drop-in tubs have sides that drop below floor level for a sleek, seamless aesthetic.
  • Alcove tubs: Nestled into an alcove or corner, these tubs are designed to fit perfectly into small spaces.
  • Clawfoot tubs: A classic style with ornate exposed “feet” elevating the tub off the ground for vintage character. Ideal for freestanding positions.


  • Ergonomic design: Contoured backrests, lumbar support, armrests and integrated headrests provide therapeutic comfort.
  • Hydro massage: Integrated air jets or water jets deliver a stimulating hydromassage experience.
  • Chromatherapy: Illuminated tub interior lighting creates a relaxing mood. Customizable color settings available.
  • Heated: Temperature controlled, heated baths are infinitely more comfortable and therapeutic.

Top Brands

  • Kohler: Extensive range of drop-in and alcove soaking tubs with lumbar support and ergonomic shape for a spa-like soak.
  • Jarrah: Australian-made concrete soaking tubs with stone composite construction and organic, nature-inspired shapes.
  • Caracalla: Luxury soaking tubs handcrafted in Italy using proprietary Dreamax material for comfort and body contouring support.
  • Jacuzzi: Industry leader in hydro massage tubs and baths with adjustable jets, vibration features, and chromatherapy lighting options.

High-End Showers

Invigorating, relaxing and refreshingly indulgent, today’s luxury showers feature rain showerheads, adjustable body sprays, and steam generators turning them into luxury home spas.

Rainfall Showerheads

Rainfall showerheads are a hallmark of premium modern showers. Extra-large 8 to 12 inch diameter heads recreate the sensation of bathing in a warm summer downpour. Customizable options like:

  • Multiple adjustable body jets
  • Controllable temperature settings
  • Programmable shower sequences
  • Wireless remotes

Make high-end rain showers an adjustable, high-tech water therapy experience.

Top Rainfall Shower Brands

  • Kohler: Customizable multi-outlet Raincan ceiling-mounted showerheads with precision spray control.
  • Grohe: DreamSpray technology with push-button control of water flow, temperature, and shower sequencing.
  • Moen: Adjustable and wall-mounted rainfall showerheads options with immersive water pressure.
  • Hansgrohe: Raindance high-end shower systems with up to 600 adjustable spray nozzles.

Steam Showers

Steam shower generators infuse bathing spaces with moist, warm steam to create a tranquil home-spa atmosphere. Features like aromatherapy, chromatherapy mood lighting, waterproof Bluetooth speakers and benches or seats enhance the therapeutic steam shower experience.

Benefits of Steam Showers

  • Deep cleanse and detoxify skin and pores
  • Warm steam soothes sore muscles and joints
  • Ease breathing and open airways
  • Improve circulation
  • Provide an at-home spa experience

Top Steam Shower Brands

  • ThermaSol: Ultra-luxury custom-built steam rooms featuring SmartTouch digital controls and whisper-quiet steam generators.
  • Jacuzzi: Seamlessly integrated steam shower systems and retrofit steam generators bringing luxury spa therapy home.
  • Kohler: Minimalist tile-in DTV II Interface digital showering system delivers customized steam baths.
  • Mr. Steam: Industry leader manufacturing steam shower generators and accessories like aroma steam heads and chromatherapy lighting.

High-End Faucets

The bathroom faucet handles the important yet mundane task of facilitating daily activities like hand washing and teeth brushing. High-end faucets elevate form and function with distinctive style, cutting-edge technology, eco-consciousness and flawless performance.

Designer Faucets

Luxury designer faucets from top brands fuse high-style with high-performance.

  • Sleek profiles: Graceful arched, gently curved and elegantly angled spouts make contemporary design statements.
  • Artfully sculpted hardware: Industrial shapes, organic forms and Old World detailing on handles and spouts reflect fine craftsmanship.
  • Creative custom finishes: Specialty plating techniques like polished nickel, antique bronze and soft champagne hues offer refined, unique styles.
  • Luxury materials: Solid brass castings and quality vitreous china last a lifetime.

High-Tech Faucets

Cutting-edge innovations create exceptionally functional, convenient faucets:

  • Touch-activated faucets: Touch, tap or wave to activate the flow of water thanks to motion sensor technology.
  • Hands-free faucets: Precise infrared sensors for touchless on/off water flow activation.
  • Temperature memory: Faucets recall your desired water temp and deliver it without waiting.
  • Precision flow control: Buttons allow you to toggle between full stream and eco-efficient trickle flow.

High-End Faucet Brands

  • Kohler: Ergonomically advanced faucets with minimalist style, innovations like touchless activation and polished metal finishes.
  • Delta: Water-efficient Touch2O Technology touch-activated faucets with sleek single-handle control and MagnaTite docking.
  • Grohe: Hands-free automatic GROHE faucets and adjustable PerfectFlow EcoJoy technology. Zero limescale buildup.
  • California Faucets: Customizable faucets handcrafted from solid brass with beautiful architectural profiles.

High-End Toilets

Advanced high-end toilets optimize comfort and performance with refined contemporary designs showcasing superb craftsmanship and cutting-edge convenience features.

Luxurious Features

  • One-piece toilets: Sleek, seamless vitreous china design is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Dual-flush technology: Separate buttons for liquid and solid waste help conserve water.
  • Touch screen controls: Intuitive touch-activated controls simplify flushing and personal settings like heated seats, bidet functions, music, lighting and automatic open/close seat.
  • Quiet-close seats: Soft-close hinges prevent loud slamming noises.
  • Smart connectivity: Integrates with home automation systems for convenient remote control.

Top Brands

  • Toto: Industry leader in high-tech luxury toilets combining proven performance excellence with sophisticated Japanese design aesthetics and innovation.
  • Kohler: Highly customizable one-piece and two-piece contemporary toilets with touch screen controls and ergonomic heated seats.
  • Woodbridge: Luxurious modern toilets featuring integrated bidet cleansing, heated seats, dual flush, and quiet close seats.
  • Duravit: Sleek European-style luxury one-piece and two-piece toilets made from antimicrobial vitreous china.

High-End Bidets

Once a European luxury, today’s high-end bidets have gone mainstream in North America with customized options providing the ultimate bathroom comfort and convenience.

Types of Bidets

Integrated bidet toilets combine bidet cleansing with standard toilet functions in a seamless one-piece toilet design.

Add-on bidet seats can be adapted onto your existing toilet for refreshing hands-free cleansing. Offer high-end features like heated water, air drying, and customizable settings.

Handheld bidet sprayers provide targeted cleansing with adjustable wands that mount beside or inside the toilet tank.

Luxury Features

  • Adjustable water temperature, spray width, and pressure
  • Heated seats
  • Built-in air dryers
  • Motion-activated hands-free operation
  • Self-cleaning wands
  • Ambient mood lighting
  • Deodorizing charcoal filters
  • Slow close seats

Top Brands

  • Toto Washlet: Highly customizable bidet toilet seats integrating advanced comfort and hygiene technologies.
  • Bio Bidet: Luxury add-on bidet seats offering options like a wireless remote, heated water, and adjustable nozzles.
  • Brondell: Intuitive bidet seats focused on comfort, energy efficiency, and ease of use. Many models are DIY installation.
  • Kohler Novita: Bidet seats and integrated bidet toilets with dual-action spray wands and remote controls.

High-End Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture plays an important aesthetic role in creating a cohesive upscale look while providing ample storage functionality.

Luxury Vanities

The bathroom vanity anchors the space as the main furniture piece that sets the decorative tone. High-end vanity characteristics include:

  • Premium materials: Natural stone like marble or granite. Rich hardwoods like mahogany.
  • Fine finishes: Hand-applied brushing, glazing, distressing or decorative accents.
  • Custom design: Bespoke vanities are sized and styled to your exact tastes. Curved, carved, or angular – options are limitless.
  • Luxury hardware: Decorative pulls, knobs, and handles made from crystal, natural stone, or metal with finishing like antique bronze or brushed nickel.
  • Integrated sinks: Seamlessly incorporate the sink material like marble, glass, solid surface or porcelain.
  • Quality craftsmanship: Heirloom furniture built to last using mortise and tenon joinery, dovetail joints, precision ball-bearing drawers.

High-End Brands

  • Signature Hardware: Handcrafted luxury vanities incorporating heirloom detailing and premium Italian Carrara marble.
  • Native Trails: Sustainably crafted vanities made from solid American hardwoods in contemporary and transitional styles.
  • Virtu USA: Ultra-modern curved vanities with soft-closing hardware and fully customizable configurations.
  • Wyndham Collection: Traditional to contemporary vanities integrating advanced interior storage systems and soft-close drawers.

Luxury Medicine Cabinets

An often overlooked element, well-designed medicine cabinets keep essentials organized yet hidden. Contemporary high-end medicine cabinets level up with:

  • Built-in electrical outlets for shavers and toothbrushes
  • Adjustable interior shelving
  • Magnifying mirrors
  • Touch screen digital interfaces
  • Sensor-activated cabinet doors
  • Integrated LED lighting

High-End Bathtub and Shower Combination Units

All-in-one bathroom solutions that fuse a spacious soaking tub with a rejuvenating shower offer homeowners luxury and convenience.


  • Save space with a single unified water feature
  • Seamless transition from relaxing bath to invigorating shower
  • Curbless entry designs with watertight doors or partitions
  • Customizable configurations
  • Streamlined aesthetics contemporary styles

Types of Combination Units

Soaking tub + oversized shower configurations allow bathers to rinse off in an expansive shower enclosure.

Soaking tub + wall-mount shower designs have a shower fixture mounted unobtrusively on the wall above the tub.

Soaking tub + rain shower overhead combinations utilize a adjustable overhead rainfall shower fixture installed high above the bathtub surface.

Top Brands

  • Kohler: Whirlpool tubs with combination tub-shower designs and seamless sliding watertight doors.
  • Maax: Neo-Angle units with spacious soaker tubs and frameless glass shower enclosures.
  • Jacuzzi: Luxury freestanding tubs outfitted with hand-held showers or overhead rain showers.
  • Steamist: High-end combination tub and steam shower units with programmable digital controls.

High-End Bathroom Flooring

Choosing flooring that looks as good as it performs is key in luxury bathrooms. High-end flooring materials create an elegant foundation and withstand high moisture.

Natural Stone Tile

Sourced from quarries worldwide, premium natural stone like marble, travertine, limestone or granite brings luxury underfoot with unique veining, colors and patterns. Honed or polished finishes offer timeless, elegant beauty. Requires professional installation and sealing.

Maintenance: Avoid harsh cleaners. Seal regularly.

Porcelain Tile

Mimicking natural stone, ceramic and porcelain bathroom floor tiles offer realistic stone-look visuals combined with durability and easy maintenance. Available in large-format slabs up to 5 feet long to recreate a seamless look. Modern digital printing technology creates natural-looking variation and texture.

Maintenance: Extremely low maintenance. Use mild cleaners.

Glass Tile

Small, handcrafted glass tiles in vibrant colors or metallic hues create a mosaic-like look. Translucent glass tiles allow light to pass through for radiant floors. Available in shimmering finishes like iridescent glass.

Maintenance: Easy to clean. Use mild cleaners to avoid etching.

Solid Hardwood

For a touch of warmth and natural beauty, solid bamboo, teak, maple or oak hardwood bathroom flooring brings rich graining and a smooth, hygienic finish. Must be expertly sealed and maintained.

Maintenance: Recoat with polyurethane regularly. Immediately clean up spills to avoid warping.

Heated Floors

Integrated radiant floor heating systems transform chilly hard floors into toasty-warm surfaces for bare feet. Options include electric and hydronic systems.