Hexagonal tiles, often nicknamed hex tiles, have become a popular design trend in bathrooms. With their unique six-sided shape, hex tiles can make a bold geometric statement and pack visual punch. Using oversized hex tiles is an easy way to create drama and make your bath feel grand and luxurious.

Why Choose Hex Tiles for Bathrooms

Hex tiles offer several advantages that make them well-suited for bathrooms:

  • Visual Impact – The hexagon shape and repeating pattern naturally draw the eye, creating an eye-catching honeycomb effect. Oversized hex tiles exaggerate the geometry for maximum visual impact.
  • Uniqueness – Hex tiles offer a refreshing change from classic square and rectangular tiles, bringing uniqueness and modern style to your bath.
  • Spacious Feel – The large scale and broad shape of hex tiles can make a bathroom feel more expansive.
  • Fewer Grout Lines – With fewer grout lines than square tiles, hex tiles create a sleek, clean look. Wide grout lines in contrasting colors accentuate the hex pattern.
  • Versatility – Hex tiles come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes, suiting any design aesthetic.

Choosing Oversized Hex Tiles

Oversized hex tiles range from 4-6 inches or more per side. Here are some tips for selecting large-format hex tile:

  • Consider the scale of your space. Oversized tiles suit larger bathrooms and make a dramatic statement. Use care when applying them in a small space.
  • Look for hex tiles with textural interest, like glossy crackled glaze, etched patterns, or three-dimensional surfaces. Larger tiles show off these details.
  • Select smaller grout lines, around 1/16″, to offset the bold tile and not distract from the hex pattern.
  • Contrasting grout lines in black, dark gray, or beige add definition. Matching grout blends seamlessly.
  • For floor installation, ensure tiles have a slip-resistant surface for safety. Porcelain or stone tiles with grip work best.

Creative Ways to Use Hex Floor Tiles

Hex floor tile layouts make a geometrically exciting foundation in a bathroom. Consider these creative floor design ideas:

  • A classic stacked layout with tiles in straight vertical and horizontal rows.
  • Brick pattern with tessellated rows offset like bricks on each course.
  • Herringbone layout with tiles pointing in alternating V-formations.
  • Radial pattern with tiles fanning around a central point.
  • Inset tile design with hex tiles framing a contrasting central shape.
  • Blended colors or patterns mixing multiple hex tile varieties.

Hex Tile Shower Wall Designs

Shower walls provide ample space to show off boldly patterned hex tiles. Some eye-catching shower tile ideas include:

  • All-over honeycomb pattern surrounding the entire shower enclosure.
  • Vertical stripes or stacked layout on one accent wall.
  • Contrasting mosaic hex tile inserts within framed subway tile walls.
  • Inset niche faced with hex tile to match or contrast the surrounding shower tiles.
  • Banded rows of alternating color or finish for a striped effect.
  • Geometric motif like interlocking triangles or overlapping circles using mosaic hex tiles.

Creative Hex Backsplash Concepts

The kitchen backsplash presents another opportunity for hex tiles to shine with creative designs like:

  • Herringbone pattern spreading across the entire backsplash area.
  • Tiled focal point or geometric medallion as a backsplash accent.
  • Blended multicolored hex tiles in rainbow, ombre, or random mix.
  • Framed inset panel of hex mosaic tiles within a subway-tiled backsplash.
  • Row of hexes alternating with contrasting rectangular deco tiles.
  • Hexes fanning outwards in sunburst or radiating layout from the range hood.

With limitless layout possibilities, hexagonal tiles offer a versatile way to create showstopping style. Their bold geometric shape packs substantial visual impact that makes a stunning statement in any bath. Going big with oversized hex floor tiles and shower tile installations makes your bathroom into a grand honeycomb-patterned oasis. Let your creativity run wild designing eye-catching hex backsplashes too. Embrace the drama and make a bold geometric statement with the exciting possibilities of hex tiles for your next bathroom project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hex Tiles in Bathrooms

What are the best materials for hex bathroom tiles?

Popular choices include porcelain, ceramic, natural stone like marble or travertine, and glass. Porcelain stands up well to moisture and wear. Natural stone adds luxurious texture. Glass tiles make a shiny modern statement.

What size hex tiles work best in small bathrooms?

Stick with smaller 2-3 inch hex sizes to avoid overwhelming a compact space. Add inserts or accents of oversized hex tiles instead of covering every surface.

How do you lay bathroom hexagon tiles?

Most installers use mosaic sheets of pieced together hexagons for efficiency. Individual tiles take more time and precision to install. Always use a waterproof grout and seal porous tiles.

What color grout goes best with hex bathroom tiles?

For a clean modern look, match the grout color closely to the tiles. Contrasting dark or light grout adds definition. Consider gray, tan, black or white grout with colored hex tiles.

How do you cut hexagon tiles?

Use a wet saw fitted with a diamond tile blade. For irregular cuts, score the tile face with a tile nipper then snap it cleanly. Use a tile grinder to smooth cut edges. Work carefully and safely.


With their captivating honeycomb geometry, hexagonal tiles make an eye-catching and fresh style statement in bathrooms. Oversized hex floor tiles and shower tiles maximize the drama and visual impact of the unique hex shape. Creative layouts like herringbone, brick, or inset tile designs showcase these six-sided tiles in exciting new ways. Hex tiles come in an array of materials, finishes, colors and patterns to suit any design vision. Embrace the bold geometric possibilities with the on-trend honeycomb hex tile look in your own bathroom remodel or refresh.