The excitement of Halloween is over, and it’s time to take down all the spooky decorations. As the ghostly white cobwebs come down and the flickering candles get packed away, many of us feel a touch of sadness seeing the orange lights and eerie accents disappear. But un-decorating is a necessary part of the Halloween ritual, making way for the next holiday while preserving fond memories.

In this article, we’ll explore tips and insights on efficiently putting away your Halloween effects while retaining their magic for next year. From properly storing delicate decor to repurposing party supplies, you can make un-decorating as fun as the original decorating process. With a strategic approach, you can save time and money down the road.

Evaluate and Organize Your Halloween Decorations

Before hastily shoving everything into cardboard boxes, take inventory of your Halloween decor and organize it logically. Consider the following tips:

  • Carefully examine lighting strands, animated props, fog machines, and other electrical decor for damage before storage. Discard and replace anything that poses a potential electrical or fire hazard.
  • Separate inexpensive seasonal decor like plastic jack-o-lanterns and polyester spiderwebs from more fragile and valuable items. Handle carefully accordingly.
  • Group common decor types together – indoor accents, outdoor lights, lawn/yard pieces, etc. This makes unpacking easier next October.
  • Note any decorations that are dirty, damaged, or need batteries or light bulbs replaced. Set these aside for cleaning or repair.
  • Make a list of any new decorations you want to purchase next year to enhance your display. Shop sales now for deals.
  • Photograph your decor setups for reference later. These photos can inspire your arrangement next Halloween.

Thoroughly vetting and thoughtfully organizing your decor ensures you start fresh next fall and get the most out of your Halloween investments.

Carefully Pack and Store Your Halloween Effects

Halloween decorations require special care to prevent damage between seasons. Consider these tips when packing up your spooky accents:

Fragile/Delicate Decorations

  • Bubble wrap or tissue paper can prevent breakage of delicate props like ceramic pumpkins or glassware.
  • Place decor loosely in sturdy plastic totes or cardboard boxes, avoiding overcrowding.
  • For lighting strands, carefully coil them to avoid tangling bulbs and cords.
  • Store breakable ornaments and hanging decor in original packaging when possible.


  • Fabric decor like tablecloths, creepy cloth, streamers, and costumes are prone to wrinkles and dust. Fold neatly and store in breathable containers.
  • To prevent creases in fabrics, wrap flexible plastic around the folded item before packing in a rigid box.
  • Consider washing machine-safe fabrics before storing to remove grime and sweat from costumes. Air dry thoroughly.

Artificial Pumpkins, Wreaths and Arrangements

  • Spray household dusting products on decor made from artificial plants and flowers before packing them away. This prevents dust buildup and fading.
  • Carefully pack ornaments on wreaths and tree branches separately to avoid damage. Re-assemble these next season by referencing photos.
  • For elaborately carved pumpkins, gently pack with cushioning. Some carve intricate new designs each year.

Proper storage methods prevent deterioration and keep your Halloween effects looking spook-tacular, year after year.

Repurpose Halloween Party Supplies

Before trashing paper streamers, plastic tableware, and other party supplies, consider saving or repurposing these:

  • Extra candy can be frozen to stay fresh for weeks. Hand out to trick-or-treaters next year.
  • Reuse plastic cups, plates, and cutlery at your Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings later this year.
  • Craft supplies like glitter, pompoms, and stickers can be incorporated into holiday cards or year-round DIY projects.
  • Leftover plastic tablecloths make perfect drop cloths for painting projects or covering surfaces during messy indoor activities with kids.

With a little creativity, you can eliminate waste and get more mileage from your party provisions even after Halloween.

Un-decorate Strategically to Save Time Later

When taking down your Halloween decor, keep time-saving strategies in mind:

  • If possible, leave exterior lighting strands intact along roof lines and windows. Simply unplug and neatly hang until next year.
  • Pack lawn and yard decorations last. These are the first decorations to go up each year.
  • Group all cords, extension cables, timers and controllers together in a clear plastic bin for easy access next Halloween.
  • Collapse life-size figures, props and animatronics rather than fully disassembling them and having to rebuild from scratch next fall.
  • Label all containers and storage bins with their contents for fast identification and unpacking next year.

Planning ahead makes re-decorating for the next Halloween quicker and easier.

Discard Anything Irreparable or Unwanted

As you un-decorate, it’s the ideal opportunity to purge your Halloween effects of the following:

  • Decorations that are irreparably damaged or hazardous after evaluation. Properly dispose rather than storing it for another year.
  • Inferior quality decor that looks cheap or wore out. Replace with sturdier effects.
  • Items you simply no longer need or want as your tastes evolve. Donate usable decor to charity haunted houses.
  • Dated-looking decorations that require excessive maintenance and repairs. Upgrade to modern, higher-tech props and animatronics.

Be selective regarding what Halloween effects earn a spot in your storage for next fall. Only keep items in good condition that match your evolving decorative vision.

Have a Post-Halloween Storage Sale

Making space for new decorations next year? Consider the following tips for a successful Halloween storage sale:

  • Hold the sale shortly after Halloween when demand for spooky decor is still high. Many enthusiasts start planning displays immediately after the holiday.
  • Advertise on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and community bulletin boards. Spread the word on your neighborhood Facebook group too.
  • Offer bundle deals for large multi-piece sets and displays to attract buyers wanting lots of coordinating decor.
  • Price items at 20-50% off what you originally paid to effectively compete with post-holiday sales.
  • Donate any unsold decorations in good condition to charity for a tax write-off.

With strategic pricing and savvy promotion, you can recover a portion of your initial decoration investment by purging unwanted effects each year.


While bittersweet, un-decorating is an essential ritual after the Halloween season ends. With smart strategies for storage and organization, you can keep your Halloween effects in top shape for years of spine-tingling fun. Repurposing leftover party supplies also reduces waste. And by selectively purging damaged and unwanted decor, you make room for exciting new additions next year.

Approach Halloween un-decorating methodically, and you’ll reap rewards including saved money, effort and storage space. So as you pack up those ghostly cobwebs and flickering candles this year, do so with organization and forethought. Next October, when you unveil a sensational display, you’ll appreciate the time invested now to preserve your decorations. With proper care and planning, your Halloween effects will impress and frighten for seasons to come!


How soon after Halloween should you un-decorate?

It’s best to remove Halloween decorations within two weeks after October 31st. Leaving them up too long past the holiday makes the display look neglected. Prioritize taking down any effects that will degrade outdoors.

What’s the best way to store artificial jack-o-lanterns?

Gently pack carved plastic and resin pumpkins with cushioning in a rigid plastic tote or cardboard box. Avoid overcrowding them to prevent damage. Store fragile glass pumpkins individually wrapped in tissue or bubble wrap.

How do you untangle Halloween string lights?

Carefully unwind strands of lights and straighten any kinks or knots. Coil the strand loosely and use zip ties to secure loops. Store lights haphazardly balled up will lead to more knots and breakage over time.

Can Halloween costumes be stored folded or on hangers?

It’s best to store costumes lying flat to prevent hanger bumps and wrinkles. Fold delicately along seams or place in underbed containers. Store coats and capes on sturdy hangers and cover with clothing bags to prevent dust buildup.

What’s the best temperature to store Halloween decorations?

Store decor in a clean, dry location with temperatures between 50-70°F. Avoid attics, basements and garages with extreme temperature fluctuations that could damage effects over time. The optimal storage conditions will prolong the life of your Halloween decorations.

How can you reuse Halloween candy?

Leftover commercially wrapped candy stays fresh in the freezer for up to 6 months. Hand out the surplus to next year’s trick-or-treaters. Reuse chocolates and candies in holiday baking recipes and desserts. Hard candies also make festive ornaments and crafty decorations.


Un-decorating with care and strategy allows you to cherish Halloween memories while optimally storing decorations. By organizing, cleaning and thoughtfully packing effects, you’ll start next Halloween season off on the right foot for an impressive display. Repurposing leftover party supplies also reduces waste. Only store and display decorations that spark joy and suit your evolving spooky style. With some forethought as you box up this year’s ghostly artifacts, you’ll save precious time, money and storage space for celebrations to come.