The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the premier trade show for the latest trends, innovations, and products in the kitchen and bath industry. Held annually in January or February, KBIS brings together manufacturers, designers, builders, remodelers, and other professionals to showcase the newest and most exciting developments for the home. With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of new products, KBIS provides an inside look at what’s hot and cutting edge in kitchen and bath design.

This year’s KBIS did not disappoint, featuring everything from high-tech appliances to nature-inspired materials and finishes. Here are some of the most notable finds and highlights from the 2023 KBIS show that stood out as being particularly interesting, stylish, innovative, or promising for the year ahead.

Smart Appliances Take Center Stage

One major theme at KBIS 2023 was the proliferation of app-connected and voice-controlled smart appliances. From refrigerators that can tell you when food is about to expire, to ovens you can preheat from your phone, more and more kitchen appliances are incorporating cutting-edge technology and connectivity. Key launches included:

  • LG “MoodUP” refrigerator with changeable LED door panels – Swap out the color and lighting on the front panels to match your mood or decor. The panels can display graphics, complement an outfit of the day, or celebrate holidays and seasons.
  • Samsung “Family Hub” refrigerator with a communal screen – This fridge has a large exterior touchscreen for leaving notes, calendars, shared photos and more. You can also use it to stream music, search recipes, and shop online while cooking.
  • GE Profile smart ranges and wall ovens – These high-end GE ovens can be controlled via smartphone and even react to your voice commands. Users can preheat, monitor cook times, and turn off the oven remotely using an app.
  • Kohler Konnect smart faucets and showers – Kohler’s Konnect platform allows you to turn on/off, monitor usage, set and control temperatures, and receive maintenance alerts for sinks, tubs, showers. All controllable via an app or voice assistant.

This move towards kitchen and bath appliances with app and voice functionality adds convenience but also a new dimension of customization and personalization to the home. Expect seamless smart appliance integrations to become standard in new luxury kitchens and baths.

Nature-Inspired Materials Make a Splash

Sustainability remains a growing priority across the home industry, and KBIS showcased designs using eco-conscious and nature-inspired materials. Wood grains, stone textures, and organic patterns took center stage on new kitchen and bath products. Some standout launches included:

  • Cambria Whispering Willow quartz – This rich, earthy quartz surface mimics the look and texture of natural wood. The swirling grains in warm neutrals pair beautifully with craftsman, farmhouse or transitional styles.
  • Cosentino Umbra basaltina – Made from volcanic basalt particles, this unique black stone vessel sink has raw natural texture reminiscent of lava rock formations.
  • Wilsonart Petrified bark – Wilsonart’s textured laminates range from sleek solid surfaces to faux woods like this handsome Petrified Bark pattern, bringing organic drama to casegoods and islands.
  • Tile of Spain’s Wood-Look Porcelain Collections – From minimalist grey plank styles to rustic, age-worn barnwood designs, porcelain tile makers are cranking out incredibly realistic faux woods with texture and graining.

Nature themes also appeared in leafy motifs, organic textures, and serene water-inspired palettes. Designers can look to Mother Nature for endless inspiration when selecting materials and finishes for kitchen and bath projects.

Statement-Making Designs Provide Visual Drama

2020’s pared-down “cozy” aesthetic is giving way to more audacious, statement-making styles for the kitchen and bath. KBIS included many products and designs embracing bolder colors, maximalist patterns, avant-garde shapes and mixed artistic mediums. Some key examples include:

  • Semihandmade colorful metal fronts – This maker of custom IKEA cabinet fronts debuted glossy, vivid colors like emerald, ruby, sapphire and tangerine for their metal door and drawer collections. Makes a vibrant pop against white cabinet boxes.
  • MTI’s gradient color sinks – Vessel and undermount sinks come in artful ombre color fades, like deep navy to sky blue, or rich magenta to soft pink. Makes a unique focal point.
  • Tom Dixon Elements Collection – Minimalist but edgy range includes tapered, faceted tap and sink designs in mixed metal finishes like brushed bronze and polished nickel. Feel like sculptural artwork for baths.
  • Statement tile from Heath Ceramics, Fireclay and Clé – Graphic honeycomb shapes, bold abstract geometrics and arty reclaimed patchwork styles add whimsical flair, energy and creativity to backsplashes and walls.

Whileneutrals and simplicity remain popular, KBIS showed designers and homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to infuse personality and artful style into kitchen and bath spaces.

Smart Home Technology Seamlessly Integrates

With home automation on the rise, smart technology was on full display at KBIS 2023. Voice assistants, security systems, lighting controls and more are being conveniently built into kitchen and bath products for a fully connected home. Noteworthy launches include:

  • Moen Smart Faucets – Moen’s IoT platform allows voice control, optional motion activation, and automatic temperature regulation for kitchen and bath faucets. Users can also monitor water usage.
  • Kohler’s Stillness Bath – This high-tech tub offers fog-free mirrors, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acoustic vibration massage features. Compatible with Smart Home and voice assistant systems.
  • Cosentino’s Dekton Slim Surface Tech – Its ultracompact surface material can be manufactured in large-scale slim pieces, allowing for seamless countertops with integrated lighting, charging and other technology.
  • Delta Touch 2.0 Faucets – Touch-activated faucets now offer voice control compatibility, temperature limit setting and automatic shut-offs. Users can also monitor water usage.

Integrating IoT platforms, automation, and smart home connectivity allows kitchens and baths to became more intelligent, responsive and attuned to homeowners’ needs and lifestyles. Expect more appliances, fixtures, and surfaces to become “smarter” in 2023.

Premium Outdoor Kitchens Gain Popularity

KBIS saw high-end outdoor kitchens take center stage, featuring weather-proof cabinetry, durable surfaces and professional-grade grills and appliances. These outdoor oases allow homeowners to create deluxe cooking and entertaining experiences in backyards, patios and decks. Notable launches included:

  • Dekton by Cosentino ultracompact surfaces – This virtually indestructible, stain resistant material comes in UV-stable colors like warm woodgrains. Perfect for outdoor countertops and kitchen islands.
  • Traeger Timberline XL pellet grill – This wifi-connected, rustproof stainless steel grill even includes a built-in meat probe for perfect cooking. Ideal for outdoor chef’s kitchens.
  • Fisher & Paykel Cool Drawer outdoor fridge – Stores beverages and fresh foods outside seamlessly, with dual refrigeration zones to prevent smells from transferring between drawers.
  • Stein outdoor cabinet collections – Featuring marine-grade stainless steel and waterproof, weather-resistant laminated cabinets designed specifically for outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor cooking spaces are now being designed as full-fledged outdoor living rooms, rather than just grilling stations. From cabinetry to surfaces to appliances, outdoor kitchens now mirror the most elegant indoor styles but in durable, weather-appropriate materials.

New Organization Innovations Introduced

KBIS demonstrated how easy organization can be in the kitchen with clever new storage solutions. Deep drawers with specialized dividers, smart pull-outs and modular racks keep items tidy but close at hand. Key introductions included:

  • Rev-A-Shelf’s Flexy Series Pullouts – Modular storage bins, see-thru canisters and adjustable dividers cater to everything from utensils to dry goods for ultimate customization.
  • BOFI Brothers’ Pantry Storage – Easy to install storage kits come with mix-and-match trays, drawer dividers and inserts to optimize kitchen pantries.
  • Richelieu’s Tip-Out Tray Cabinets – Lower cabinets with front tip-trays provide quick access to everyday dishes without having to open entire cabinet doors.
  • Häfele’s Sensor storage pull-outs – Motion-activated lights illuminate specific drawers or pull-out cabinets when opened for easy visibility inside.

Organization innovations like these allow maximum accessibility and efficiency in kitchens without compromising style. Clever pull-outs, racks, dividers and trays keep essentials handy by customizing drawers and cabinets to homeowners’ unique needs. Expect optimized and specialized storage solutions to become standard in new and renovated kitchens.

Unconventional Materials Used in New Ways

2022’s material shortage has driven more creativity and unconventional uses of alternative materials in kitchen and bath design. Exotic countertop materials, unexpected finishes and ingenious uses of concrete, stone and porcelain impressed at KBIS 2023. Some highlights include:

  • PaperStone surfaces – This sustainable composite made from recycled paper offers a sleek matte finish reminiscent of natural stone, as an eco-friendly surface material.
  • Custom cement tiles – Mosaic-likecement floor and wall tiles with ornate designs and metallics add artisanal Old-World style to baths and showers.
  • Thin porcelain panels – These ultra-thin porcelain sheets now clad countertops, walls, furnishings and backsplashes seamlessly without visible joints or groutlines.
  • Pietra di Luna quartzite – This exquisite natural stone has iridescent smoky blue and gold marbling, for one-of-a-kind dramatic countertops.

Using alternative sources and taking products beyond their typical uses allows more unique, custom looks not reliant on ubiquitous marble and granite. Expect to see tiles, concretes, laminates and eco-materials used in new creative ways in 2023 designs.

Minimalism Stays Relevant with Simplified Forms

While bold colors and maximalism emerged at KBIS, clean-lined minimalism continues to resonate in more simplified, functional forms. Uncluttered Shaker styles and scandi-influenced designs use minimalism in sophisticated ways. Notable launches included:

  • IKEA Stockholm kitchen – This streamlined, all-white kitchen mixes Shaker panel styles with open shelving and industrial metal accents. Crisp and uncomplicated.
  • Atlas Homewares minimalist bath collections – Matte black bath fittings and accent hardware offer understated elegance, with simplified shapes and no visible branding.
  • True Residential’s Modern Farmhouse – Offers a contemporary take on classic farmhouse, with recessed panel doors in muted finishes for a refined yet unfussy look.
  • Snaidero’s Essence kitchen – A seamless, highly-integrated kitchen system with base units concealing appliances, drawers and controls behind touch-latch panels for a clutter-free look.

While not as trendy as bold colors and experimental textures, pared-down simplicity and purposeful functional design remains relevant with consumers wanting calming, livable kitchens and baths. Subtle twists like unexpected colors and materials layered in modernize minimalism.

Black is Back in Bathrooms and Kitchens

Moody black finishes are having a moment in both kitchens and bathrooms, from inky cabinets to statement plumbing fixtures. Used in moderation against light walls or countertops, black makes a dramatic style statement. Top examples include:

  • Dornbracht’s Matte Black fittings – Minimalist faucets, taps and showerheads use this deep matte black finish to create elegant, monochromatic baths. Also available in graphite and anthracite.
  • PentalQuartz’s Thunder Grey – With its absolute black background and faint white marbling, this striking quartz countertop material channels high drama.
  • Semihandmade’s Midnight Black doors – Their newly introduced satin black finish creates a dark, sleek look on base cabinets and island accents against white uppers and walls.
  • Kohler’s Stillness Bath – This high-tech immersive bath experience is available with a dramatic black exterior, encasing the soothing experience within.

Black serves to ground lighter elements and add couture appeal. Using black finishes or accents helps create a glamorous, sophisticated look when balanced against airier materials in the space.

FAQ About Top KBIS 2023 Design Trends

What were some of the biggest trends seen at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2023?

Some major trends included smart home connectivity in appliances, nature-inspired finishes, bold artistic statement pieces, indoor/outdoor kitchens, innovative storage solutions, and simplified minimalist styles. Black finishes are also making a dramatic statement in kitchens and baths.

What smart home technologies were prevalent for appliances at KBIS 2023?

Many new refrigerators, ranges, ovens and faucets offer app and voice control integration. Users can now monitor, preheat, turn on/off and more from their smartphones. Smart connectivity allows customization and convenience from anywhere.

Which natural material aesthetics were popular kitchen and bath finishes?

Wood-look porcelains in grey and natural tones were prevalent. Quartz slabs mimicked natural stone and wood grains. Organic patterns like leaves and branches appeared on tile designs and laminates. Nature themes brought calming ambiance to kitchens and baths.

What statement styles stood out at KBIS with bold artistic flair?

Vibrant glossy cabinet colors, ombre fades on sinks, faceted and sculptural metal fixtures, and graphic honeycomb and geometric tiles all added artistic drama and customized style. Maximalism allows homeowners to showcase their unique tastes and personalities.

How are outdoor kitchens being designed for luxury and performance?

Outdoor kitchens now integrate high end features like professional-grade grills, weatherproof cabinetry, and durable surfaces like Dekton. Appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators are specially designed for outdoor use to create luxury outdoor living spaces.

What storage solutions made kitchen organization more accessible and customized?

Inserts with adjustable dividers, specialized pull-outs, slide-out trays in base cabinets, and motion-sensor lighting in drawers allow everything to have a convenient dedicated space that’s easy to access when cooking and prepping.

How were alternative and uncommon materials used in new ways?

Thin porcelain sheets replaced backsplashes and countertop materials with a seamless look. Paperstone offered a sustainable surface option. Cement tiles and large-scale mosaics provided artisanal flair, while quartzite stones featured unique marbling and iridescence.

How did minimalism remain relevant despite bold trending styles?

Simplified forms and purposeful functional design kept clean, uncluttered kitchens and baths feeling fresh, not stark. Unexpected finishes and colors modernize and add interest to pared-down spaces. Subtle details make minimalism feel current.

Why are black finishes gaining popularity again?

Black creates high contrast and drama against white or light surfaces and walls. Matte black plumbing fixtures and faucets feel sleek and modern. Satin black cabinetry grounds lighter finishes. Used strategically, black adds sophistication.


The 2023 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show revealed several macro trends affecting kitchen and bath design, from an emphasis on eco-conscious materials to the integration of smart home technology for convenience. Nature themes and organic textures bring the soothing benefits of natural elements into the home, while high contrast metallic blacks and bold pops of color enliven spaces.

Organization innovations allow kitchens to be highly customized to owners’ needs, and outdoor cooking spaces now offer professional options for homeowners. While bold artistic statements stand out, pared-down minimalism remains relevant in new modern forms.

KBIS continues to showcase up-and-coming developments and predict trends homeowners will embrace in future renovation and new construction projects. The most influential trade show in the industry, KBIS sets the tone for what’s on the horizon for attaining the kitchen and bath of one’s dreams. Homeowners and industry professionals alike can discover fresh inspiration and new possibilities after exploring the exciting array of KBIS 2023’s most notable introductions.