Having a dedicated bathroom for guests in your home provides convenience and privacy for both homeowners and visitors. Below are tips on how to design and decorate an inviting guest bathroom.

Location and Accessibility

When deciding where to locate the guest bathroom, consider easy access from the main entry as well as the guest bedrooms. Situate it on the main living floor, close to but not directly off common areas like the kitchen or living room. Make sure the layout offers a clear path without requiring guests to walk through private spaces.

Size and Layout

While a full bathtub is not essential, plan for enough space to accommodate two people comfortably. A minimum of 20 square feet provides room for a toilet, small vanity, and standing shower stall. Include stylish storage to tuck away extra towels and toiletries. If space allows, add a medicine cabinet with a mirror.

Fixtures and Features

Choose durable, easy-to-clean fixtures and surfaces like porcelain tile floors, granite vanity tops, and a quality toilet and faucets. Install dimmable lighting, heated floors, thick towels, and a magnifying mirror for added comfort. For a spa-like vibe, incorporate a wall-mounted showerhead, bamboo bathmats, and nature-inspired art.

Style and Decor

Keep the style simple, neutral, and classic to appeal to a range of guests’ tastes. Monochromatic colors like whites, grays, and ivories make the room feel open and airy. Incorporate subtle color with towels, rugs, and artwork. Live plants, woven baskets, and framed nature photography add warmth. Provide high-end soaps, lotions, and candles in relaxing scents like lavender or eucalyptus.

Additional Considerations

  • Install an effective ventilation fan to control moisture and odors.
  • Use moisture-resistant drywall and mildew-resistant paint.
  • Make sure outlets are accessible and provide nightlights.
  • Include plush hand and bath towels.
  • Stock toiletries like mouthwash, a hair dryer, and lotions.
  • Offer aromatherapy candles, diffusers, or essential oils.
  • Provide a laundry hamper, trash can, tissues, and air freshener.

With thoughtful layout and design, the guest bathroom can elevate the experience for visitors and enhance the convenience and enjoyment of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guest Bathrooms

What size should a guest bathroom be?

Ideally, a guest bathroom should be at least 25-30 square feet to accommodate a toilet, vanity, and shower stall comfortably. For a half bath with just a toilet and sink, 20 square feet can work in a pinch.

Where should the guest bathroom be located?

Locate the guest bathroom near guest bedrooms and accessible from common areas, like off an entryway or hallway. Avoid situating it directly off shared spaces like the kitchen or living room for privacy.

What special touches make a guest bathroom feel luxurious?

Heated floors, fluffy towels, aromatherapy candles, and high-end toiletries like scented soaps, bath bombs, and lotions help a guest bathroom feel indulgent. Also, include fresh flowers, a basket of snacks, or thoughtful touches like new toothbrushes.

What type of flooring works best in a bathroom?

Water-resistant porcelain or ceramic tile flooring is best for moisture-prone bathrooms. Other good options include natural stone like granite or marble, glass tile, and stone-look luxury vinyl plank flooring. Avoid real wood floors which can warp.

Should bathroom walls have special insulation or materials?

It’s smart to install mold-resistant drywall or cement board on walls behind the shower and tub. Also, choose vapor-blocking paint to limit moisture damage. Scrubbable matte finishes make cleaning easier.

How do I make a small bathroom feel bigger?

Use a wall-mounted, floating vanity and elongated oval mirror to open up floor space visually. Light colors, glass shower doors, and natural light also make a small bathroom feel more expansive. Minimize clutter and bulky fittings.


Thoughtfully designing a guest bathroom demonstrates your hospitality. Keep the space clean, comfortable, and classic to satisfy a range of tastes. Situate it conveniently but privately, and outfit it with high-quality, durable finishes and indulgent touches like heated floors, thick towels, and scented soaps. With an accessible, spa-like guest bath, you can help ensure visitors feel pampered and relaxed.