Adding the right accessories can give a traditional bathroom true polish and help it feel fresh and inviting. Here are some tips for accessorizing a classic bathroom style.


The flooring sets the tone in a traditional bathroom. Classic choices like hexagonal or square ceramic tiles in white, black, or light natural tones beautifully complement vintage fixtures. For warmth underfoot, add a few plush yet colorful bath mats that bring in your accent colors.


Sconces, pendants, and chandeliers lend an elegant ambiance. Go for brass, nickel, or antique silver finishes to match the traditional decor. Add interest with vintage-inspired shades or crystal accents. Make sure lighting is bright enough for tasks like applying makeup.


An ornate framed mirror expands visual space and reflects light. Seek out unique shapes like ovals, rounds, or octagons. Lean into the old-world aesthetic with carved wood or metal frames, or distressing for a timeworn patina. Place at standing height for checking your look before heading out.


Vintage botanical prints, still life paintings, and classic black and white photographs help create a timeless look. Black framed art pops against lighter walls. Group pieces over the toilet or tub in asymmetrical arrangements for interest.


Freestanding cabinets and shelving display cherished collectibles like perfume bottles or soaps while stowing essentials neatly out of sight. Seek out vintage wood cabinets or wire storage caddies. Baskets add texture and hide clutter.


Crisp white cotton towels feel fresh, while pops of color from hand towels and bath mats add flair. Fold towels in a pyramid for a spa-like presentation. Add character with shower curtains in lively prints, lace, or monogrammed fabrics.

Give a Traditional Bathroom True Polish With Accessories

When selecting accessories, restraint is key in a traditional bath. Limit accents to one or two statement pieces, like an etched glass vessel sink or antique clawfoot tub, then keep other elements classic and neutral. The overall effect should be a timeless, peaceful oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accessorizing a Traditional Bathroom

What colors work best in a traditional bathroom?

Stick to a neutral palette of whites, grays, blacks, navies, and naturals like beige or brown. Pops of color from towels, a rug, or artwork keep things lively.

What types of materials suit a classic bathroom?

Natural materials like woven wicker baskets, marble counters, porcelain sinks, cast iron tubs, wood cabinets, and ceramic tile floors help create a seamless, vintage look.

Should I mix metal finishes?

It’s best to stick to one predominant finish like polished chrome, antique brass, or brushed nickel for a cohesive look. Silver, gold, and black metal accents can work together if used sparingly.

How can I accessorize on a budget?

Focus on textiles like shower curtains, bath mats, and towels to inject color and pattern economically. Vintage finds from flea markets or consignment shops add character without breaking the bank.

Should a traditional bathroom have floral prints?

Classic floral prints and motifs on shower curtains, towels, or artwork are timeless accent additions in traditional bathrooms. Just keep the color palette muted.

How do I add storage without clutter?

Built-in shelving, standing cabinets, and tucked-away hampers keep necessities organized. Baskets corral smaller items minus visual clutter. Ensure every piece has a purpose.


When accessorizing a classic bathroom, focus on high-quality vintage-inspired pieces that stand the test of time. Seek out antique lighting, traditional artwork, marble counters, ceramic tiles, woven baskets, and clawfoot tubs to get the look just right. Keep colors neutral and patterns classic. Place accessories thoughtfully instead of overfilling the space. With the right accents that speak to you, your vintage-style bath will always be in fashion.