Adding a touch of glamour and glitz to your bathroom decor is an easy way to create a space that feels luxurious and relaxing. With a few small upgrades and accents, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. In this article, we’ll explore some fun and affordable ways to give your bathroom a little extra sparkle.

Use Metallic Accents and Accessories

Metallic details are an effortless way to make your bathroom feel more glam. Look for shiny metallic finishes when choosing things like shower caddies, soap dispensers, trash cans, towels racks, and tissue holders. Opt for rose gold, gold, silver, or even matte black metal for a chic look.

Some metallic accessory ideas include:

  • A gold geometric wire basket for storing bath essentials.
  • A rose gold canister for cotton balls and swabs.
  • A hammered silver tissue box cover.
  • Black metal tub trays or shower caddies.
  • Pretty glass jars with gold or silver lids for bath salts and scrubs.

Metallic finishes on your faucets and showerhead can also add nice shine. Or consider a small gold framed mirror to lean against the wall for extra sparkle.

Use Luxe Materials Like Marble and Brass

Marble print wallpaper, marble counters, or even just a marble soap dish can make your bathroom feel instantly fancier. Marble adds natural veining and a luxurious aesthetic.

Solid surface materials like quartz countertops often have marble-look options. Or stick with ceramic marble tiles for a budget option with similar visual appeal.

Brass accents also shriek glamour. Swap out your existing faucets, showerhead, or hardware for unlacquered brass. As the brass ages, it develops a beautiful patina that adds vintage character.

Or introduce smaller brass accents like a tissue box cover, candle holders, or a tray. Brass wire storage baskets also have a fancy, but still relaxed vibe.

Add Sparkling Light Fixtures

Nothing says glam like some good shimmer and shine! Consider adding a sparkly light fixture like a crystal chandelier or sconces with jewel accents. This can make even a small bathroom feel grand.

For a more subtle touch, try mini pendant lights over the vanity or above the tub. Draped beaded chandeliers are also popular for creating a glam boho chic style.

If redoing lighting isn’t in your budget, use lamp shades covered in reflective materials like mirrored glass or acrylic crystals. This creates the same ambient sparkle.

Use Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in a big way when it comes to home decor. For a glam bathroom, choose a style with metallic shine, like damask, brocade, or floral. Or try a colorful Art Deco pattern, like geometric designs, for a Gatsby era feel.

Consider just wallpapering one wall as an accent. This creates impact without overwhelming the space. Foyers and ceilings are also unexpected spots to add a dash of fun wallpaper.

Tip: Use removable wallpaper to make it easy to change up patterns down the road. And make sure wallpaper near showers has a waterproof top coat.

Display Flowers and Greenery

Flowers instantly brighten up a space and make it feel more welcoming. Consider a small vase of fresh blooms to liven up the vanity. Opt for pink peonies, white roses, or other elegant varieties.

Or add a posh poof of greenery, like a potted orchid. For a low maintenance option, choose artificial floral arrangements in ceramic vases or planters. This provides natural beauty without the caretaking.

Add Soft Towels and Bath Mats

Plush, fluffy cotton towels feel amazing after a relaxing bath or shower. Upgrade drab towels to super soft, quick dry options in white, champagne, or light grey. Then roll and display them in pretty baskets or bins.

For extra luxury, drape a faux fur bath rug or plush cotton chenille mat on the floor. Step onto the softness when getting out of the tub or shower.

Look for bath mats in light iridescent colors like pearly white, silver, or soft pink for an opulent hotel vibe. These small upgrades make a big visual impact.

Use Candles and Pretty Containers

Candles set the mood for relaxation with their soft glow and calming scents. Place a few candle holders around the bathroom’s edge and windowsill. Opt for glass containers with jewel tones, metallics, or hand-painted floral designs.

When not in use, candles still add nice decoration. For safe use near water, choose battery-operated flameless candles. Their flickering glow provides the same ambiance without the fire risk.

Add a Glamorous Yet Functional Rug

An area rug brings warmth and softness underfoot. Rugs also help define spaces within the bathroom. Try a plush shag rug or faux fur style in white, cream, or light grey. This adds cozy texture.

For a bold pop of color, opt for a patterned cotton, jute, or wool rug. Moroccan trellis, Ikat, or Southwest designs work well. Make sure any rugs in bathrooms have a non-slip latex backing for safety.

Use Sleek Hardware and Fixtures

From faucets to toilet paper holders, the hardware finishes you choose impact the room’s style significantly. Matte black and oil-rubbed bronze have a modern, sophisticated look.

For a more delicate touch, try porcelain, crystal, or glass knobs and handles. Details like embedded crystals or metallic inlay create elegance.

Rainfall-style showerheads also say luxury, as do built-in niches for bath products. Seamless glass doors on showers and tubs add to the spa vibe as well.

Create a Spa Corner

Carve out space for a dedicated spot to store and display bath products and accessories. This could be a set of open shelves, a caddy on the wall, or even just a tray on the counter or windowsill.

Fill your spa corner with scented candles, essential oils, bath bombs, body scrubs, luxury hand lotions, monogrammed slippers, and any other pampering items. Keep rolled washcloths and fresh flowers around for an extra touch of spa flair.

Having all your relaxing bath accessories together in one place creates a calming ambiance. It also makes it convenient to draw a bath or prep for showering.

Use Specialty Lighting

Unique lighting options like sconces, pendant lights, and Edison bulbs immediately give a bathroom space more personality. But don’t overlook the power of specialty lighting to enhance the ambiance.

Consider installing dimmable lights on your vanity and above the tub. This allows you to create a soft glow perfect for soaking.

Under cabinet lighting is also great for task lighting at the sink. For extra fun, install color-changing LED light strips. Then you can program lighting to match your mood.

Refinish or Reglaze Your Bathtub

Is your bathtub looking a little dingy or dated? Refinishing is an affordable way to make a well-worn tub look brand new again. This process involves cleaning, stripping, and recoating the tub’s existing surface.

For a longer lasting facelift, have your tub professionally reglazed instead. This applies a fresh layer of porcelain enamel over the old finish for a seamless look. The result is a tub that gleams like new for far less than replacement cost. Just be sure to use a reputable refinishing company.

Add a Statement Mirror

An eye-catching mirror can instantly glam up even the most basic bathroom. Look for interesting shapes like octagons, sunbursts or ovals. Lean mirrors against the wall for a casual vibe or hang horizontally above the vanity.

Ornate framed mirrors also pack style power. Choose reflective surfaces surrounded by crown molding, crystal bezels, or hand carved frames. Just be sure the mirror itself is steam resistant if using near a shower.

Create an Accent Wall

Painting or wallpapering one wall in a bold color or print makes it the focal point. Contrast the standout wall with more neutral paint or tiles on surrounding surfaces.

Some glam accent wall ideas include:

  • Metallic silver leaf wallpaper
  • A wall stenciled with Art Deco patterns
  • Turquoise or sapphire blue paint
  • Shimmery textured paint techniques
  • Wallpaper with a crocodile or snake skin print
  • A earthy botanical print wallpaper

Place your tub, vanity, art or other details against the accent wall. This helps anchor the space and highlight the special treatment given to that area.

Add Touches of Gold and Silver

A little bit of metallic goes a long way in bathrooms. Look for small doses of gold, silver or champagne hues when selecting fixtures and decor. This could include:

  • Chrome faucets with gold hardware
  • Silver tray ceilings
  • Gold framed art and mirrors
  • Metallic mosaic tile backsplashes
  • Champagne and gold colored bath accessories

Too much metallic can look gaudy. But sprinkling in these shiny accents creates elegance. Just make sure fixtures work together nicely rather than competing for attention.

Use Sculptural Sconces

Sconces do double duty in bathrooms by providing light and serving as unique wall decor. Look for sconces with interesting silhouettes or details. Some ideas:

  • Crystal teardrops or cascading strands
  • Curved arms with floral motifs
  • Cast metal shapes like starbursts
  • Geometric cubes or zigzags
  • Rippled glass shades
  • Woven rattan shades in natural hues

Place symmetrically on either side of the vanity mirror or stagger creatively around the bathroom walls. Sconces with an uplight provide ambiance while eliminating shadows.

Add Some Unexpected Artwork

Incorporate artwork and decor that feel fresh and reflect your tastes. Avoid cliche bathroom prints and go for something colorful, architectural or nature inspired. Some ideas:

  • Vintage botanical drawings or insect illustrations
  • Large format floral or landscape photography
  • Abstract paintings or textural mixed media
  • Architectural prints, maps, or graphic wall decals
  • Framed mirrors with fun shapes like starbursts

Unexpected mediums like shadowboxes, textiles, metal work, and 3D pieces also make great art options that enliven walls.

Create a Spa-Like Shower Experience

Transform an ordinary shower into a spa sanctuary. It’s all about the details. Look for:

  • An adjustable rainfall showerhead
  • Built-in shelving or niches for products
  • LED lighting strips to set the mood
  • Rich natural stone tiles like marble, travertine or slate
  • Glass doors or surfaces for an airy look
  • Stacked stone walls or a pebble shower floor
  • Wood-look ceramic tile for a luxe but natural vibe

Keep things clutter-free and add a shower bench or chair so you can relax and enjoy the sensory experience.

Add Touches of Nature

Natural elements have an inherently soothing and luxurious look. Incorporate organic accents like:

  • Pebble mosaic tile
  • Fossil or stone vessel sinks
  • Wood framed mirrors
  • Rattan bins and baskets for storage
  • Driftwood, branches, or agate stones as decor
  • Natural fiber rugs like sisal, seagrass and jute
  • Use leafy potted plants like orchids or succulents

You can also mimic natural materials with ceramic and porcelain tiles made to replicate wood, concrete, and stone at various price points.

Display Pretty Bottles and Vases

In the bath, products like bubble bath, bath salts, and body oils become part of the decor. Seek out packaging with sophisticated silhouettes and up the allure.

  • Decant products into matching pretty glass bottles and carafes
  • Use gleaming silver or gold caps and stoppers
  • Arrange bath accessory sets on trays or serving carts
  • Keep extras stored neatly in canisters, jars, and bins

For flowers and greenery, use decorative vases with interesting shapes and materials like crystal, porcelain, concrete, or hammered metals.

Add Unexpected Finish Details

It’s the furnishings and finishes that really take a basic bathroom to a glam new level. Some ideas:

  • Crystal or metallic tile trim and mosaic insets
  • Wall paneling with glossy lacquer or metallic finishes
  • Elevated wainscoting molding around walls
  • Ornate legs and corbels supporting counters and fixtures
  • Carved wood or ceramic baseboards
  • Fretwork and filigree metal mirror frames
  • Tufted upholstery on ottomans and benches
  • Mirrored cabinets and drawers

Don’t be afraid to mix modern and traditional elements to create an eclectic but polished look. The blend of old and new creates striking contrast.

Infuse Color with Paint or Wallpaper

Color transforms the entire feel of a space. Calm hues like powder blue, pale yellow, or muted sage green work beautifully in bathrooms. Or make the room pop with deep inky blues, emerald greens, or vibrant eggplant purples as accents.

Some tips for colorful style:

  • Use semi-gloss or glossy paint sheens that feel luxe
  • Choose paint with metallic flecks or pearlescent shimmers
  • Introduce color through removable wallpaper on one focal wall
  • Upholster wooden stools or chairs in colorful velvet or silk
  • Add bright yet sophisticated hand towels and bath rugs

Create an Inviting Tub Area

Help guests relax with a bathtub area designed for indulgence. Some ideas to try:

  • Provide plush towels, slippers, and comfy robes
  • Have freshly cut flowers in a small vase
  • Offer bath salts, scrubs, masks, and candles
  • Install sloped reading pillows or a bathtub caddy
  • Add a mounted TV or tablet for streaming movies
  • Place a folding wooden bathtub tray for drinks and books
  • String Edison bulb lighting overhead for a cozy glow

Even just providing thoughtfully arranged bath accessories makes a difference in making soakers feel pampered.

Add Unexpected Lighting

Unique lighting elevates ho-hum bathrooms in an instant. Instead of basic overhead fixtures, try unexpected choices like:

  • A grouping of modern globe pendant lights
  • A vintage chandelier for drama
  • Slim wire-frame or branch-like fixtures
  • Edison bulb sconces with visible filaments
  • Moroccan lanterns for exotic flair
  • Mini pendant lights flanking the sink
  • Accent lighting built into shelves

Dimmers allow you to create different lighting moods. Remember to also install lighting that eliminates unflattering shadows on faces at the vanity.

Warm up with Wood Decor

Wood instantly provides natural texture and coziness even in sleek, modern bathrooms. Some ways to incorporate wood:

  • Floating wood shelves supported by black brackets
  • Wood framed mirrors with unique shapes
  • A live edge wood vanity countertop
  • Round wood side tables that double as stools
  • Stacked wood boxes for staggered shelving
  • Teak wood mats for spa-like floors
  • Wood caddies, tissue boxes, and trays
  • Vertical wood plank walls or wainscoting

Wood surfaces work well when sealed properly for bathroom humidity. Just avoid direct contact with standing water.

Create a Dramatic Tub Area Backdrop

An impressive tub deserves an equally eye-catching backdrop. Some ideas for creating a focal feature wall behind bathtubs:

  • Oversized wall art or a large gilded mirror
  • Wallpaper with a vibrant print or fun texture
  • Painted or raw brick arranged in graphic patterns
  • A wood accent wall with planks or shiplap
  • A wall sculpture made from overlapping metal circles
  • A colorful hand-painted jungle mural with exotic birds and plants
  • Bold black and white graphic tiles in varying scales

This kind of dramatic backdrop transforms the tub zone into an inviting spot to retreat and unwind.

Add Pops of Black

For something a little more sleek and modern, bring in some black and metallic accents. Try:

  • Matte black fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and hardware
  • Black framed mirrors or art for contrast
  • A black clawfoot tub makes a statement
  • Black tiles in graphic patterns with metal grout
  • Black stone vessel sinks provide drama
  • Black shag bath mats feel ultraluxe
  • A black lacquer storage cabinet adds sheen

The key is balancing out bold black with lighter metals, marble, wood and greenery so the room still feels relaxed.

Create Hotel Style Luxury

Making a bathroom feel like a high-end hotel getaway is all about the details. Focus on:

  • Plush robes, slippers, towels and mats
  • High end bath products and accessories
  • Soft lighting options like sconces on dimmers
  • Fresh flowers and greenery
  • A trash can with a silent closing lid
  • Electronic bidet toilets and towel warmers
  • Technology like waterproof TVs and mirror defoggers
  • Rainfall showerheads and deep soaking tubs
  • Neutral organic color schemes with metal and wood
  • Elevated wainscoting molding and ornamental trim
  • Mirrored cabinets and contemporary wall sconces

It’s easy to recreate a hotel’s elegant ambiance at home with a little strategic planning.

Incorporate Industrial Elements

For modern flair, blend in industrial details like raw metals, concrete, plumbing pipe, and distressed wood. Ideas include:

  • Floating shelves made of black iron pipes and wood
  • Concrete vessel sinks
  • Metal wire basket storage
  • Factory style pendants over the vanity
  • Reclaimed barnwood wall accents
  • Galvanized tin