A girly glam bathroom update can transform your space into a chic and feminine oasis. With the right design details, decor, and accessories, you can create a bathroom with serious style and flair. A few simple tweaks and accents can refresh your current bathroom while still keeping that glamorous vibe. Here is an extensive guide on how to plan and execute a successful girly glam bathroom update.

Planning Your Girly Glam Bathroom Update

Before making any design decisions, take the time to evaluate your existing bathroom space. Consider the layout, storage, lighting, color palette, and overall aesthetic. Identify the aspects you would like to keep and the areas you want to update. This will help focus your renovation plans. Here are some planning tips:

  • Set a Budget: Determine how much you can realistically spend on your bathroom renovation. Prioritize updates like lighting, hardware, and decor over larger projects like retiling.
  • Create a Wish List: Make a list of your ideal features like a freestanding tub, accent wallpaper, or a Hollywood mirror. This will help guide your design plans.
  • Evaluate Storage: Assess your existing storage and determine if you need more. Extra shelving, cabinets, or freestanding furniture can add storage and style.
  • Consider Layout: Decide if you want to change the layout to better suit your needs. This may involve moving plumbing fixtures.
  • Collect Inspiration: Search Pinterest boards, home websites, and magazines for inspiration. This will help you hone in on your perfect girly glam style.
  • Hire a Contractor: For larger renovations, consider hiring a qualified contractor. They can help with tasks like installing new flooring, adjusting lighting, or retiling.

Selecting Your Girly Glam Design Elements

The right design choices can make your bathroom refresh feel lovely and feminine. Keep these design elements and accents in mind for your makeover:

Fixtures and Hardware

  • Freestanding Tub: A freestanding soaking tub makes a gorgeous focal point. Opt for sleek, sculptural shapes.
  • Gold/Brass Hardware: Swap out dated hardware for glamorous polished gold or brushed brass. Try cabinet pulls, faucets, showerheads and hooks.
  • Vintage-Style Lighting: For a feminine flair, add vintage-inspired sconces, chandeliers and vanity lighting. Crystal and orbs are on trend.
  • Round Mirrors: Frameless circular mirrors instantly amp up the glam vibes. Go big above the vanity.
  • Curved Shower Rod: Switch basic shower rods for softly curved ones. They make stalls feel more high-end.

Surfaces and Finishes

  • Marble Tile: Small marble tiles in soft hues like pink or white feel elegant. Use as an accent or full wall covering.
  • Terrazzo Tile: Alternatively, medium-scale terrazzo tiles add style. Choose rosy color schemes.
  • Wallpaper Accent Wall: Use a girly chic wallpaper like florals, geometrics or ticking stripes on one statement wall.
  • Wood Accents: Add warmth with wood touches like an open vanity, floating shelves or textured wood paneling.
  • Paint Color: Stick with a neutral main color then add feminine accents like pink, lavender or soft sage green.

Materials and Textures

  • Velvet: Consider a velvet vanity stool, pillows or curtains. Crushed velvet in pink is perfect.
  • Sheepskin: For spa-like coziness, use sheepskin as bath mats, rug pads or vanity stool covers.
  • Rattan: Natural rattan baskets or an étagère instantly add texture. Store towels or display plants and perfumes.
  • Cotton: Soft cotton curtains, towels and bathrobes feel clean and comfy.
  • Wood: Add warmth with wood accents like floating shelves, baskets, trays, mats or a mounted mirror frame.

Special Details

  • Built-In Niches: Niches crafted into the wall provide display space for candles, decor and greenery.
  • Framed Botanical Prints: Choose feminine vintage botanical prints, hydrangea prints or abstract florals to frame over the toilet or vanity.
  • Towel Ladder: A free-standing towel ladder adds spa-like style. Opt for white wood or gold metal.
  • Floating Corner Shelves: Add corner shelves for extra display space floating over the toilet or tub.
  • Granite Top Vanity: A custom double granite vanity adds high-end luxury. Allow space for two sinks.

Creating a Girly Color Palette

Color has a big impact on the overall vibe of your bathroom. Blend feminine shades to design a glam color palette that exudes style.

Main Colors

Whites and Creams – Lighter base colors like ivory, cream and soft white keep the space feeling open and airy. Try:

  • Benjamin Moore Creamy White
  • Sherwin Williams Pure White
  • Behr Cappuccino Foam

Grays – Sophisticated grays work in any style of decor. Pair with bolder accents. Try:

  • Benjamin Moore Pale Oak
  • Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray
  • Behr Cadet Gray

Black – For drama, use black on accent walls or fixtures. Try:

  • Benjamin Moore Black Beauty
  • Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black
  • Behr Tar Black

Accent Colors

Pinks – Feminine pink is having a major moment. Try soft blush or peachy shades.

  • Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss
  • Sherwin Williams Love This Pink
  • Behr Tickled Pink

Gold Metallics – Metallic gold instantly glams up any space. Use sparingly.

  • Benjamin Moore Gold Dust
  • Sherwin Williams Dazzling Gold
  • Behr Glitter Blast Gold

Greenery – Lush green accents feel fresh and lively. Try emerald, sage or limegreen.

Incorporating Girly Glam Decor

The decor and accessories you choose will heavily influence the glamorous style of your bathroom. Search for pieces that are elegantly feminine or add a touch of shine and glitz. Here are some chic decorating ideas:

  • Framed Mirrors – Frame basic mirrors or opt for a statement piece like a sunburst or tufted oval mirror. Gold frames suit the glam aesthetic.
  • Sconces – Mount feminine sconces like crystal or orb styles on each side of the mirror for ambient lighting.
  • Artwork – Choose pieces like floral prints, silver botanical prints, Audrey Hepburn portraits or modern feminine abstracts.
  • Sculptural Vases – Display bright blooms or faux flowers in gleaming ceramic or gold sculptural vases.
  • Baskets – Pretty woven baskets suit a girly glam look. Store rolled towels, bath products or toiletries.
  • Tray Vignettes – Style decorative trays atop the vanity with perfumes, candles, makeup and jewelry.
  • Floating Shelves – Mount floating shelves near the tub or vanity to display plants, art and accessories.
  • Throw Pillows – Add a velvet or satin pillow to a bench or chair for a glam accent.
  • Faux Fur Mat – For a dash of retro glamour, use a fluffy faux fur bath mat in white or cream.
  • Towels and Robes – Elevate your linens with monogrammed and plush bath towels or pretty satin robes.

Stylish Bathroom Updates on a Budget

If your budget is tight, you can still achieve a glamorous new look with small affordable updates:

  • Paint – A fresh coat of paint in a trendy color makes a big impact for little cost.
  • Hardware – Swap out dated hardware like faucets, pulls and showerheads for glam gold or rose gold.
  • Lighting – New lighting like sconces and pendants can modernize the space for under $100.
  • Textiles – Use patterned shower curtains, plush towels and stylish new bath mats to refresh.
  • Wallpaper – An accent wall with glam metallic or floral wallpaper easily achieves the look.
  • Accessories – Candles, trays, greenery and other girly accents add major style without breaking the budget.
  • Mirrors – Frame a basic mirror or replace it with a statement making sunburst style.
  • Organizers – Pretty baskets and bins keep essentials tidy and add flair.
  • Artwork – Swap out standard art for modern graphic prints, vintage botanicals or feminine portraits.

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Here are five complete girly glam bathroom makeover ideas to inspire your own renovations:

1. Black and White Retro Glam

This look blends feminine shapes with contrasting black and white for bold retro style.

  • Black and white geometric floor tile
  • Curved walls with black and white wallpaper
  • White pedestal tub
  • Black metal rimmed mirrors
  • Crystal chandelier
  • White ceramic stool

2. Bohemian Glam

Boho vibes get a glitzy twist with metallics, lush greenery and earthy pinks.

  • Terrazzo flooring with brass accents
  • Sage green walls
  • Rattan shelving with plants
  • Rose gold hardware and sconces
  • White stone vessel sink
  • Hanging brass pendant lights
  • Pink and ivory patterned shower curtain

3. Modern Marble

Sleek white marble sets the stage for pale gold accents and marble art.

  • Large scale white marble tile on walls and floor
  • White floating vanity with drawers
  • Pale gold handles and fixtures
  • Marble print artwork
  • Frameless oval mirror
  • White marble tray and accessories
  • Sheer window panels for natural light

4. Hollywood Glamour

Channel old world movie star style with lush metallic wallpaper, rich wood and gold.

  • Black marble herringbone flooring
  • Metallic floral wallpaper on accent wall
  • Dark wood double vanity with marble top
  • Hollywood style lighted mirror
  • Gold metal piping on black velvet stool
  • Crystal chandelier
  • Faux fur rug

5. Blush and Gold

Soft blush pink makes a pretty and trendy pairing with glimmering gold accents.

  • Blush subway tile on shower walls
  • White painted vanity with gold hardware
  • Pink velvet vanity stool
  • Frameless round gold mirror
  • Pink and white abstract artwork
  • Gold geometric pendant lights
  • Pink roses in gold vase

Bathroom Decorating Tips

Follow these tips to make sure your glam bathroom remodel is a success:

  • Stick to a cohesive color story so all the elements work together seamlessly.
  • Layer lighting for both task and ambient needs. Use statement pendants plus sconces.
  • Include plenty of storage space and organizers to keep clutter at bay.
  • Select high quality materials and fixtures that will stand the test of time and moisture.
  • Account for proper ventilation to prevent mold and mildew buildup.
  • Choose easy-to-clean surfaces like ceramic tile and natural stone that won’t stain.
  • Have an electrician wire any new lighting needs and check for safety.
  • Hire professional help as needed, especially for plumbing, tiling, carpentry and electrical.
  • Add personal touches like monogrammed towels, favorite art prints and family photos.
  • Consider resale value for larger investments like tile and layout changes. Neutrals have best appeal.
  • Incorporate greenery for an inviting spa-like atmosphere. Hang plants or add fresh flowers.

Bathroom Update FAQs

Still have questions about planning your own girly glam bathroom makeover? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where is the best place to start with a bathroom remodel?

Start by evaluating how you currently use the space – what you like, don’t like and what you would change. This will help you determine your priorities and style direction before making any design decisions.

How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

The cost can range greatly based on the materials used, size of the space and renovations needed. Cosmetic updates may be $2,000 – $6,000 while full gut renovations are $15,000 or more. Set your budget first.

Should I DIY or hire a contractor?

For major changes, professional help is recommended for plumbing, tiling, lighting and layout alterations. But painting, decor and small updates can easily be DIYed. Assess your skills first.

How do I pick new paint colors?

Look at photos online or in home magazines to find inspiration. Neutrals like whites, grays and greige suit most spaces. Then add accent walls or touches of colors like pink or green.

What are some cheap bathroom updates?

Paint, decor, organizers, new shower curtains and fixtures like faucets and lighting can make a noticeable difference on a small budget. Refinish existing materials for savings too.

What new trends should I consider?

Marble and terrazzo tiles, curved shower rods, brass fixtures, wallpaper accents, vintage lighting, greenery and black accents are popular. Tap into trends that suit your style.

How do I add more bathroom storage?

Floating shelves, corner shelves, under-sink organizers, freestanding cabinets and enhanced medicine cabinets help keep clutter contained. Maximize existing storage too.

Should I re-tile or re-grout existing tile?

If your tile is in good shape, re-grouting can refresh the look for less cost. Use caulk for corners and edges. If tile is poor quality or dated, new tile is best.

How do I make a tiny bathroom feel bigger?

Use a pedestal sink, mount a corner shelf for products, add a large mirror, choose light colors, install a skylight and declutter to open up the space.

Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Girly Glam Retreat

With the right combination of colors, textures, lighting, decor and layout, you can create a glamorous new bathroom that suits your personal style. Use this guide to help plan and execute your own beautiful and feminine bathroom makeover. Focus on the details that will make the biggest impact for your budget. Soon you’ll have a gorgeous new spa-like space to relax, unwind and glam up in. Let your creativity shine through to design a bathroom you absolutely adore spending time in.