Giving your bathroom a fun, colorful makeover is a great way to create an inviting space for girls to get ready in. With some creativity and smart decor choices, you can transform an outdated or dull bathroom into a bright, cheerful oasis. Here are some tips and ideas for giving your girls’ bathroom a playful yet stylish color makeover.

Choosing a Color Scheme

The first step is selecting an overall color scheme. Go bold with bright primary colors like red, yellow, and blue or opt for a more subdued look with pastels. You can also pick a color theme based on your girls’ interests, such as their favorite color or a hue that matches the decor in their bedroom.

Some popular color combination ideas for a girls’ bathroom makeover include:

  • Pink, purple, and green – These fun feminine colors complement each other nicely. Try pairing a bright pink with lime green accents.
  • Blue and yellow – This classic color duo is vibrant yet cohesive. Different shades of blue on the walls with crisp yellow accessories creates a fresh, nautical-inspired look.
  • Rainbow – For the ultimate playful vibe, use each color of the rainbow throughout the space. You can paint the walls white and bring in the color through towels, art, accessories.
  • Black, white and a bold hue – Have dramatic contrast with a bold color like fuchsia or turquoise paired with crisp black and white accents.

Tips for Choosing Colors

  • Opt for light, bright, or pastel versions of colors to keep the room feeling open and airy. Dark colors can make a small bathroom feel closed in.
  • Limit yourself to 2 or 3 main colors for a coordinated look. Too many competing hues can feel busy or overwhelming.
  • Pick timeless rather than trendy colors to get more longevity out of the makeover.
  • Consider how the colors will complement each other in both artificial and natural light to make sure the scheme works at all times of day.
  • Use coloring mixing tools online to visualize different color combinations and see how they will look together.

Painting Walls and Ceiling

Painting the walls and ceiling is often the foundation of any bathroom makeover. With a palette of colorful paints, you can transform the whole feel of the space. Here are some tips for choosing and applying new paint:

Wall Paint Color

  • For a bold look, paint all four walls in a vibrant hue like aqua, violet or lime green.
  • For a more subtle approach, do one or two accent walls in a bright color and keep the others a neutral white or beige.
  • The mirror wall is a good spot for a pop of color that won’t overwhelm.
  • Pastel paint colors like mint, lavender and pale yellow are calming options.
  • Painting stripes, geometric patterns or even clouds/nature silhouettes adds whimsical character.

Ceiling Paint

  • White is the most common ceiling color as it makes the space feel open and airy.
  • For a fun touch, use a pale tinted version of the wall color or a complementing pastel shade.
  • Glitter or glow-in-the-dark paint on the ceiling transforms it into a starry night sky.

Paint Finish

  • A matte or eggshell paint finish is ideal for bathroom walls and ceiling. The subtle sheen helps hide imperfections.
  • Semi-gloss is good for trim and areas that need wiping. Use 100% gloss on shower surround.
  • Make sure all paints are mold/mildew resistant.

Paint Application Tips

  • Properly prep walls by cleaning, lightly sanding, and applying primer coat before painting.
  • Use painters tape for clean edges along trim, ceiling and floors.
  • Apply 2-3 thin, even coats allowing proper dry time between each.
  • Use angled trim brushes for best results painting borders and edges.

Flooring Updates

Replacing outdated or worn flooring gives the bathroom a fresh new foundation. Here are some fun, colorful flooring ideas for girls:

Tile Flooring

  • Bold geometric tile patterns in contrasting colors make a dramatic statement.
  • Pastel glass mosaic tiles have a whimsical, artsy look.
  • Draw the eye down with a striped tile rug inset into neutral flooring.
  • Florals, butterflies, sea creatures – find tiles to match any interest.

Vinyl Flooring

  • Self-adhesive vinyl tile comes in every color and pattern imaginable. Easy DIY installation.
  • Vinyl “planks” can replicate fun looks like colored wood, terrazzo or cork.
  • Peel-and-stick vinyl sheeting resists water and scratches. Great for covering existing floors.

Painted Floors

  • Concrete, wood or laminate floors can be painted in any color. Use gloss finish for durability.
  • Make checkerboard, diamond or zigzag patterns with two contrasting colors.
  • Stencils can be used to create intricate emblems or nature designs.

Colorful Bathroom Storage & Organization

Smart organization is key for keeping a girls’ bathroom tidy. Make it fun with colorful hooks, bins and drawers:

Bathroom Cabinets

  • Paint the exterior a bright, glossy color to contrast with neutral walls.
  • Wallpaper the inside of cabinet doors to add a pop of pattern.
  • Frost cabinet glass with tinted vinyl wrap for a stained glass effect.


  • Use removable contact paper to cover drawer fronts with colorful patterns.
  • Paint drawer pulls/handles in complementary accent shades.
  • Clear acrylic drawers show off fun decor items while hiding clutter.


  • Powder coated metal utility shelves come in lots of color options.
  • Wood shelves can be painted or stained any shade. Add girly edge with scalloped trim.
  • Woven baskets in rainbow colors corral towels, bath toys and toiletries.


  • Paint existing hooks or replace with fun options like colorful ceramic birds, butterflies, flowers.
  • Use removable hook strips to instantly add more space for robes and towels.

Lighting and Reflective Surfaces

Proper lighting and strategically placed mirrors or reflective surfaces make a bathroom feel bright and spacious.

Lighting Ideas

  • Pendant lights over the vanity add both task lighting and visual interest.
  • Sconce lights flanking the mirror provide ideal grooming illumination.
  • Swap outdated ceiling flush mount fixture for a colorful new one that ties into the color scheme.
  • Glow in the dark star stickers on the ceiling become a magical night light.

Mirrored Surfaces

  • Full height mirrors visually expand a small bathroom.
  • Strategically placed smaller mirrors reflect light and views of color accents.
  • Etched designs, beveled edges and decorative frames give mirrors added panache.
  • Mirror tiles arranged in patterns add reflective surface and visual interest.

Bathroom Furniture and Decor

Furniture and decor elements in cheerful colors and youthful stylings transform the room’s aesthetics.

Vanity Furniture

  • A colored vanity makes a bold style statement.
  • A wall-mounted floating vanity saves floor space. Paint the wall behind it a contrasting color.
  • Distressed wood add cottage charm. Metallic finishes feel glam.
  • Vanity stools in fuzzy, sparkly or animal prints provide playful seating.

Bath Accessories

  • Toothbrush holder, soap dish, wastebin – find coordinating sets in matching colors.
  • Wall shelves display cherished decorative items like colored glass bottles, ceramic figurines or flower vases.
  • Framed prints and colorful artwork liven up blank walls. Waterproof options can go inside shower.
  • Colored washcloths, plush towels and bath mats bring together the whole look.

DIY Colorful Touches

Let kids help personalize the space with fun, easy DIY projects:

  • Decoupage wastebasket or tissue holder with cut outs from colorful papers and images.
  • Paint terra cotta pots to use as quirky toothbrush holders.
  • Make beaded curtain wall hangings for a boho vibe.
  • Stencil designs onto walls, cabinets, or vinyl flooring using painters tape and stencil brushes.
  • Arrange collections of colored glass jars, bottles or vases on shelves.
  • Cover switch plates with removable vinyl designs or paint plates to match accent colors.

Tips for Maintaining a Colorful Bathroom

To keep the bathroom looking vibrant over time:

  • Use mold/mildew resistant paint. Run vent fan during and after showering.
  • Seal grout and use caulk on tile joints to prevent moisture damage and mildew growth.
  • Limit moisture exposure under sink and around toilet base with protective sealants.
  • Establish routines like wiping surfaces after use, immediately removing wet towels, decluttering counters.
  • Clean frequently with antimicrobial cleaners formulated for bathrooms.
  • Limit sun exposure on colored vinyls and dyed textiles to prevent fading.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Colorful Girls’ Bathroom Makeover


  • Create a cohesive color story connecting wall colors, tile, textiles and decor.
  • Use properly lighting, mirrors and reflective surfaces to make space feel open and bright.
  • Incorporate plenty of storage for organization and concealed clutter.
  • Add youthful details like art, floral prints, butterfly decals, cherished collectibles.
  • Include them in process by doing easy DIY projects together.


  • Use more than 3 main colors or the room will feel too busy.
  • Choose dark hues unless you have ample natural light.
  • Forget the finishing touches like new fixtures, drawer pulls, switch plates.
  • Overload on clutter or it will quickly look messy and chaotic.
  • Neglect moisture prevention and maintenance for a long lasting makeover.

Inspiring Colorful Girls’ Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Here are some stunning examples of colorful makeovers for girl’s bathrooms:

Vintage Floral

This feminine bathroom features handpainted floral murals along with robin’s egg blue walls and accents of warm rose, green and antique gold. Vintage botanical prints and an antique wood vanity complete the timeless vintage look.

Vintage floral bathroom:strip_icc()/Pinkfloralbathroom-59bce4eb0d327a00113bef47.jpg)

Photo from The Spruce

Sunny Cottage

Cheerful sky blue upper walls and crisp white wainscoting give this bathroom a breezy, cottage feel. Pops of daisy yellow in the mirror frame, artwork and accessories keep it bright and fun.

Sunny cottage bathroom

Photo from Be Colorful Coastal

Boho Chic

This earthy, bohemian style bathroom features a rich terra cotta painted vanity, olive green walls and trendy brass fixtures. Macrame wall hangings, round mirrors and collected accessories give it tons of eclectic charm.

Boho chic bathroom

Photo from Pinterest

Black and White with Pop of Color

The classic black and white bathroom gets kicked up a notch with pops of vibrant peach. Glossy black penny tile flooring, black and white patterned feature wall and a peach painted vanity create chic contrast.

Black white and peach bathroom

Photo from HGTV

Ocean Inspired

This bathroom channels the vibe of the sea with aqua walls, marine blue tile accents, reclaimed driftwood shelves and subtle hints of coral, sand and sea glass in the decor. The colors are fresh yet soothing.

Ocean inspired bathroom

Photo from Homedit


Redesigning a boring bathroom into a playful space girls will love doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With smart color choices, impactful paint projects, trendy prints and patterns mixed with personal touches, you can give a girl’s bathroom an exciting makeover. Use these color ideas and tips to create a stylish, functional bathroom your girls will be thrilled to use. Just keep it clutter free and don’t forget the finishing touches. With a little creativity you can design a colorful bathroom that reflects their personality and gives them a space made just for them.