Experience the glamour and intrigue of the hit TV show Scandal with these tips for bringing Olivia Pope’s iconic style into your own home. A Scandal-inspired interior combines sleek, modern elements with dramatic accents for a space that’s both stylish and sensational.


The acclaimed TV show Scandal centers around the life of Olivia Pope, a powerful crisis manager played by Kerry Washington. With her tailored pantsuits and crisp white trench coat, Olivia Pope exudes confidence, control, and classic sophistication. Fans of the show love Olivia’s fiercely fashionable look and the bold, striking interiors of her Georgetown home.

Get the sensational Scandal style for your own home with these tips for infusing glamour, edge, and intrigue throughout your space. Mix sleek surfaces with punchy patterns and colors, incorporate feminine touches along with bold metallic accents, and opt for conversation-starting furnishings and artwork. Read on for ideas to recreate the scandalously chic ambiance from the show in your own interiors.

Sophisticated Color Palette

The color palette of Olivia Pope’s home features a blend of neutrals punctuated by pops of bold hues. Stick to a background of creams, taupes and grays to evoke a sense of refined elegance. Incorporate texture with layered natural linens, textured wallcoverings, and nubby throw pillows.

Make a dramatic statement by incorporating deep, saturated colors like wine, emerald and sapphire blue via accent pieces like toss pillows, artwork, and decorative objects. Metallics like gold, silver and bronze add polish, as seen in Olivia’s array of gleaming lamps and vases.

Striking Furniture Silhouettes

The furniture in Olivia Pope’s home makes a serious style statement with its mix of sleek, retro and ornate silhouettes. Choose conversation-starting pieces like:

  • Mid-century modern lounge chairs with slim profiles
  • Curvy art deco-inspired sofas or chairs
  • Ornately carved wood furniture with baroque or rococo styling
  • Luxe chairs upholstered in eye-catching fabrics like velvet or brocade
  • Sleek acrylic or glass coffee tables
  • Bold metal console tables

Incorporate feminine touches like tufted headboards, mirrored furniture, andcrystal chandeliers. Contrast with edgy industrial elements like exposed brick walls, metal Tolix chairs, and concrete or marble slab coffee tables.

Modern Artwork

Make a bold impact with modern abstract paintings, photography, sculptures, and mixed media pieces throughout the space. Black and white palette-cleanser pieces provide contrast to colorful accents.

Dramatic oversized artwork creates a focal point in living and dining areas. Sculptural lighting like articulating arm sconces or cascading crystal chandeliers doubles as art.

Inject intrigue with provocative photography featuring glimpses of the human form or unusual close-up compositions. Abstract expressionist paintings with pops of vibrant color enliven neutral walls.

Eye-Catching Accent Pieces

Accessories and accent pieces let you layer on signature Scandal-worthy flair. Make a statement with:

  • Vivid velvet throw pillows
  • Patterned area rugs with graphic or global motifs
  • Mirror trays and bar carts for displaying curiosities
  • Lucite, marble or gold-footed side tables
  • Decorative boxes covered in leather, embossed patterns or lacquer
  • Metallic vases, bowls or candlesticks
  • Framed maps, botanical prints or pages from antique books
  • Collections of objs d’art like geodes, shells, or figurines

Finishing touches like fresh flowers, stacks of books, trays of cocktails, and candles create an inviting lived-in feel.

Final Thoughts

Channel the essence of Scandal in your own home with this guide to creating sleek, feminine, dramatic interiors. Sophisticated neutrals accented by eye-catching colors and textures provide a refined base. Conversation-starting furniture silhouettes, provocative artwork, and glamorous accents add sensational style. The result is a space packed with the intrigue, edge, and modern elegance of Olivia Pope’s iconic on-screen home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key elements of Olivia Pope’s interior design style?

Some hallmarks of Olivia Pope’s style include sleek, modern furniture mixed with ornate accent pieces, sophisticated neutrals and pops of bold color, dramatic abstract art, feminine touches like velvet and crystal, and edgy industrial accents like exposed brick.

What are some good neutral wall colors for a Scandal-inspired space?

Stick to soft creams, taupes, grays, and tans on walls and larger furniture to keep the space refined. Add pops of color and interest via accessories. Some specific shades to consider are almond, oatmeal, warm gray, and light French gray.

How can lighting help create a dramatic Scandal aesthetic?

Make lighting a focal point by using glamorous chandeliers and sconces. Opt for articulating arm lamps, cascading crystal fixtures, or sleek metallic pendants. Dimmer switches help set mood lighting for drama.

What types of accent chairs work for a Scandal-style interior?

Look for accent chairs with sleek retro profiles, like mid-century modern or art deco silhouettes. Chairs upholstered in eye-catching fabrics like velvet, brocade, or leather make a statement. Lucite chairs add modern edge.

Where can I find art and accessories to recreate Olivia Pope’s look?

Check sites like Chairish, 1stDibs and Etsy for vintage and modern art, lighting, and décor inspired by Scandal’s aesthetic. Anthropologie and West Elm also have accent pieces that fit this glamorous style.

How can I add a feminine touch to a Scandal-style space?

Incorporate tufted headboards and sofas, silk pillows, floral prints and patterns, crystal chandeliers, mirrored furniture, and porcelain objets. Fresh flowers and scented candles also lend a feminine vibe.

What are some budget-friendly tips for getting the Scandal look?

Shop secondhand and vintage stores for unique art and accessories. Use removable wallpaper or decals for an accent wall. Paint or spray-paint existing furniture metallic. DIY marble-dipped accessories or acrylic furniture makeovers.


With its blend of sleek, ornate, modern, and retro touches, the Scandal aesthetic is all about creating a space that’s sophisticated, feminine, and totally conversation-starting. Infuse any room with dramatic allure by taking inspiration from the iconic style of Olivia Pope’s on-screen home. With strategic use of color, art, accessories, and glamorous finishes you can craft interiors that are polished, intriguing, and sensationally chic.