An area rug can be the perfect way to add a pop of color, texture, or style to any room. Choosing a bold, eye-catching area rug is a great option if you want to make a statement and liven up your space. From colorful patterns to geometric shapes, a bold area rug has the power to transform the look and feel of a room. Keep reading to learn why you should get floored by a bold area rug and how to pick the perfect one to fit your style.

Why Choose a Bold Area Rug?

There are many great reasons to choose a bold and vibrant area rug:

Draws Attention

A bright and vivid area rug will instantly draw the eye into the room. The bold colors and patterns create a focal point in the space that everything else can play off of. This is a great way to highlight a specific furniture piece or add interest to an otherwise boring room.

Makes a Statement

A bold rug with a dramatic print or color makes a huge statement. It shows off your personality and design aesthetic. A bold area rug communicates your style and brings life to the room.

Complements Other Decor

The right bold rug can tie a room together. If you have other bright accent colors or patterns in the space, a vibrant rug complements them beautifully. The area rug brings continuity to the decor.

Options for Any Style

From traditional motifs to contemporary geometric shapes, bold rugs come in designs to match any style. Whether your room is modern, bohemian, traditional or eclectic, there is a statement rug out there for you.

Lively Ambiance

A bold, eye-catching rug brings energy and atmosphere to a space. The vibrant colors and artful patterns create a lively mood. It’s an effortless way to liven up a dull or boring room.

High Visual Impact

The high contrast colors and artistic designs make these rugs visually stimulating. A bold rug catches your eye and keeps your attention. The dramatic patterns and textures have maximum visual impact.

Popular Bold Rug Designs

Graphic Prints

Graphic print rugs feature artistic abstract patterns and shapes in contrasting colors. The geometric elements have a modern, contemporary vibe. These bold rugs work well in modern spaces.

Moroccan Trellis

Inspired by Moroccan tiles, these rugs have a diamond trellis pattern. The intricate latticework design pops against a solid background. Traditional shades of navy, ivory and red give these rugs exotic flair.

Tribal Motifs

Tribal-inspired rugs have Native American motifs like arrows, animals and totem pole designs. Southwest colors like terracotta orange, turquoise blue and earthy reds and browns bring natural vibrancy.

Floral Patterns

Vintage-inspired floral rugs have large-scale blooms and winding vines in contrasting colors. These bold floral patterns bring classic charm with an updated colorful twist.

Buffalo Check

Buffalo check rugs have big gingham or buffalo plaid prints for a preppy bold style. The oversized checks make a cheerful statement in cabins, kids’ rooms or eclectic spaces.

Overdyed Vintage

Overdyed vintage rugs are made by dyeing old rugs in bold colors. The saturated jewel tones give new life to ornate antique designs. Each rug has a one-of-a-kind look.

Tips for Selecting a Bold Rug

When searching for a statement-making bold area rug, keep these tips in mind:

Complement the Colors

Choose a rug with colors that complement the existing palette in the room. Contrasting hues will make the rug pop. Similar tones will unify the look.

Consider the Furniture

Look at the size and style of your furniture. A bold rug can anchor and define a seating area. Make sure the scale and colors work with your pieces.

Measure the Space

Decide on placement and measure the dimensions of the space. Make sure to get a rug big enough to fill the area without being too small or overwhelming.

Assess Quality

Inspect the quality and materials. Wool or cotton rugs will last longer than synthetic blends. Check for dense pile and sturdy construction.

Visualize the Style

Picture how the rug will look in the room before purchasing. Make sure the style aligns with your overall decor goals.

Know Your Lifestyle

Think about your lifestyle. Do you need an easy-clean rug for pets and kids? Or a plush luxury rug for formal spaces? Choose accordingly.

Place a Bold Rug in Every Room

A bold area rug can make a lively addition to any room. Here are ways to incorporate one in key spaces:

Living Room

Center a graphic black and white rug under a coffee table to define a seating area. The high contrast pops against sofas and other furniture.


Layer a vibrant Moroccan trellis rug underneath a bed to add exotic flair. Complement with matching throw pillows.


Welcome guests with a Southwest tribal rug at your front door. The earthy reds and blues make a lively first impression.


Add a preppy buffalo check rug by your sink or island. The cheerful red and white print energizes the space.

Dining Room

Set a formal dining table atop a distressed overdyed rug for bohemian charm. The floral vines and saturated colors dress up the room.


Use a colorful floral or graphic print rug to brighten up a kids’ room. The whimsical patterns create a playful space.

Home Office

Keep an inspiring overdyed vintage rug under your office desk. The ornate antique patterns stimulate creativity.

Caring for Bold Rugs

Vacuum Frequently

Vacuum high-traffic rugs often to remove dirt, dust and debris. Use a vacuum with adjustable height and brush roll on/off control.

Professional Deep Cleaning

Get bold wool or cotton rugs professionally deep cleaned every year or two to revitalize colors.

Spot Clean Spills

Immediately blot liquid spills with a clean cloth. Mix mild detergent with water and gently clean the spot. Blot dry.

Rotate the Rug

Rotate your rug’s placement every few months to evenly distribute wear. This will prolong its life.

Use Rug Pads

Use a nonslip rug pad underneath to prevent slips, scratches and floor damage. Pads also add comfort and extend the rug’s lifespan.

FAQ About Bold Area Rugs

What size area rug do I need?

Make sure your area rug is big enough for the furniture and space. For living rooms, choose a rug at least 8-12 inches longer and wider than your seating arrangement.

How do I know what rug material is best?

Wool and cotton are the highest quality and most durable. Polypropylene works well for indoor/outdoor use. Jute has natural fiber appeal. Check the pros and cons of each.

Should I get a patterned or solid rug?

It depends on your style. Patterned rugs make a bold statement. Solid rugs subtly unify a room. Mixing patterns can look eclectic.

What’s the best rug color for a small space?

Lighter and brighter colors visually open up a room. Navy blue, light gray, and ivory work well in small spaces. Dark hues and reds feel cozy.

How often should you vacuum a rug?

It depends on material and traffic, but aim to vacuum wool rugs every two weeks. Up the frequency in high-traffic areas. Listen for the motor straining as a sign it’s time.

How do you clean rug stains?

First, blot the stain immediately with a white cloth. Mix dish soap and water, and gently blot the spot. Don’t rub! Rinse with clean water and blot dry.

Get Floored by the Power of a Bold Rug

Bringing home a bold, eye-catching area rug can instantly breathe new life into a space. With colors and patterns that make a statement, these dramatic rugs have high visual impact and lively ambiance. When thoughtfully selected and cared for properly, a quality bold rug can transform your rooms. So next time your space needs an infusion of color and style, consider getting floored by a vibrant new area rug! With the right bold rug, you can easily add a gorgeous focal point that displays your personal design aesthetic.