Adding some charm and personality to your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a bit of creativity and thriftiness, you can give your bathroom windows an uplifting makeover on a budget. Here are some fun, frugal ideas to perk up those boring bathroom windows.

Inexpensive Window Treatments

You don’t need expensive drapes or blinds to add some privacy and style to your bathroom windows. Here are some budget-friendly options:

Light Curtains or Sheers

Hang lightweight cotton curtains or sheers to softly filter light and add a delicate, dreamy look. Go for solid white or patterns like polka dots, stripes, or floral. Light curtains billow beautifully and cost very little.

Patterned Contact Paper

Use self-adhesive contact paper with a creative print to instantly transform plain glass. Geometric shapes, Moroccan tiles, bamboo, or faux stained glass patterns brighten up boring windows. Just stick on and trim to size.

Window Films

These self-adhesive plastic films easily stick to glass to add instant privacy. Opt for decorative etched patterns or tinted films in hues like bronze, gray, or frost. Install opaque vinyl film for maximum privacy. Much cheaper than replacing glass.

Fun Frames and Borders

Framing those bathroom windows with color, textures, or shapes brings them to life. Get creative with these frugal framing ideas:

Painted Borders

Paint a contrasting color around the edges of the window. Try wide or thin borders in any color combo. Use painter’s tape for crisp edges. Such a simple upgrade with pops of color.

Framed with Trim

DIY some wood trim around the window for a built-in framed look. Paint the trim a contrasting color from walls for extra definition. Such character for cheap.

Stenciled Shapes

Use stencils to add shapes like circles, curves, vines or moroccan patterns around window edges. Try metallic paints over light paint for stunning contrast.

DIY Window Art

Display your creativity and personality with artsy window upgrades. Here are some DIY ideas that won’t bust your budget:

Frosted Window Film Art

Draw or stencil patterns on frosted window film before applying to glass. Etch fun designs like flowers, butterflies, vines, leaves, or words. This leafy window treatment looks professional but is easy and inexpensive to DIY.

Mirror Art

Use affordable mirror tiles, acrylic mirror sheets or mirrored vinyl to create dazzling window art. Cut shapes, lines or patterns and arrange in geometric designs. Reflective and chic on a budget.

Stained “Glass” Window Film

Transform plain glass into mock stained glass windows. Use tissue paper, food coloring and Mod Podge or actual colored adhesive window film. Cut into shapes and arrange into patterns. Light shines through beautifully for the look of real stained glass.

Upcycled Bathroom Window Ideas

Give used, recycled or repurposed materials fresh purpose as budget-friendly bathroom window dressings. Here are some crafty, eco-friendly ideas:

Scraps of Lace

Applied to glass, bits of lace or fabric scraps add softness and texture. Use a mix of patterns and textures, keeping lace light enough for some visibility. Easy vintage charm using remnants.

Wine Corks

Think outside the (wine) box and turn corks into crafty window art. Arrange and glue corks into shapes, patterns or designs on glass. Natural, earthy, free material makes such a creative display.

Etched Glass Spray

Make plain glass look etched by spraying with glass etching spray paint. Use stencils first to create detailed designs. Krylon Looking Glass paint fools the eye with the look of expensive etched glass for less than $10.

Fun Window Displays

Display personal treasures or collections in those bathroom windows. Frame favorite photos and art or showcase meaningful objects against the windowsill. Here are some inventive ideas:

Shadow Boxes

Mount shadowboxes on or around the window to display mini collections or trinkets. Arrange small frames, antiques, rocks, shells, figurines, vases, candles or artwork for unique personality.

Photos or Prints

Frame favorite photos, album covers, inspirational quotes or printables using bargain frames. Group and arrange for an artistic display. Add string lights or vines to frame edges for a creative touch.

Meaningful Memorabilia

Mount or arrange sentimental souvenirs on the windowsill to personalize. Display child’s artwork, travel mementos like postcards or ticket stubs, figurines or initials. Style with candles or greenery for a purposeful vignette.

Inventive Window Coverings

Sometimes think outside of curtains and blinds with unusual materials for window coverings. Sheer fabrics, panels and unexpected finds make for charming treatments:

Tablecloths or Sheets

Use vintage embroidered tablecloths or old soft linen or lace sheets as dreamy Billowy window coverings. Hang with ribbon or fabric tape for an extra creative cottage look on a budget.

Fabric Scraps

Sew together swatches of old fabric remnants, scarves or clothing pieces. Hang like sheer curtains for a colorful patchwork texture. Add tasseled trim for boho flair. Thrifty and crafty.

Unexpected Finds

Always be on the hunt for usable materials to transform into window treatments. Vintage handkerchiefs, doilies, table runners, napkins or aprons can be arranged as textured art or sheers. Eclectic creativity on the cheap.

Bathroom Window Dressing Ideas

Enhance plain bathroom windows with beautiful, budget-friendly accents for a finished, polished look:

Sill Styling

Style the windowsill with greenery, candles, table books or a tray of crystals or trinkets for organic texture and warmth. Layer in different heights and frames for interest.

Coordinating Roman Shades

Install inexpensive but elegant bamboo or faux wood blind shades. Coordinate with a shower curtain and accessories for a put together, spa-like look. Much more polished than a bare window.

Cafe-Style Curtain Rods

Install curtain rods high and wide to max out light and draw the eye up. Hang sheers or patterned curtains. Open and breezy with French cafe style on a budget.

Glass Vases or Bottles

Collect glass containers in clear, blue, green or amber to display on sills. Fill with decorative rocks or shells. The sun shines through beautifully for natural ocean vibes.

Frugal Bathroom Window Perk-Ups: Final Thoughts

With a dash of imagination and thriftiness, those bare bathroom windows can get a stylish, feel-good makeover without spending a lot. Beyond just function, let your windows reflect what makes you happy and tell your unique story. Just looking at that creative window dressing will instantly perk your mood as you start and end each day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frugal Bathroom Window Ideas

What are some good inexpensive window treatments?

Light sheers, contact paper, window film, painted borders, framed trim, and stenciled shapes are some budget-friendly bathroom window dressing ideas. Get creative with materials like fabric scraps, corks, and other upcycled finds.

How can I decorate a small bathroom window nicely?

Small spaces call for maximizing visual interest. Try bold stenciled shapes or patterns around the window. Display collections and art in neatly grouped vignettes. Add strong pops of color with paint, accents or fabrics.

What can I use for bathroom window privacy?

Window films, opaque blinds/shades, or light sheers provide privacy while still allowing in light. For max privacy, use blackout curtains, like heavy velvet, or install frosted or patterned window vinyls.

How can I make my bathroom windows look modern?

Clean-lined wood blinds, bright white sheers, and chrome or black accents keep things contemporary. Try frameless window films with graphic prints or solid frosted colors. Paint the window wall black for dramatic contrast.

What are quick and easy bathroom window dressing ideas?

Self-adhesive contact paper, pre-made window film, tension rods with ready-made sheers, and painter’s tape used to paint borders provide fast upgrades. Display a few lush plants or candles for instant freshness.


Beautifying bathroom windows doesn’t require big bucks. With clever use of paint, fabric, trim, and recycled materials you can craft charming treatments unique to your style. Frame with meaningful memorabilia, art and lighting for personality. Let those windows inspire you anew each day with their budget-friendly coziness.