French country style bathrooms evoke a feeling of relaxed elegance and vintage charm. This classic design style combines rustic elements with refined details to create a look that feels established and timeless. From freestanding tubs to painted vanities, there are many ways to incorporate French country style into your bathroom design.

Elements of French Country Bathroom Design

Fixtures and Hardware

  • Clawfoot Tubs: A classic clawfoot tub serves as the ultimate focal point in a French country bathroom. Opt for a freestanding tub in white, silver, or antique finish.
  • Pedestal Sinks: Pedestal sinks with graceful silhouettes complement the vintage charm of French country style. Look for pedestal sinks in white porcelain or distressed metal finishes.
  • Bridge Faucets: Bridge faucets with cross handles in brushed nickel, chrome, or bronze finishes lend an elegant and vintage look well-suited for French country bathrooms.
  • Cabinet Hardware: Choose vintage inspired hardware in brushed bronze, nickel, or antiqued brass finishes for vanities and cabinets. Ornate hardware with carved details adds to the French country aesthetic.

Materials and Finishes

  • Painted Cabinets: Paint vanity cabinets, mirrors, and other built-ins in light neutrals like antique white or very light greys to emulate the painted furniture commonly found in French country decor.
  • Distressed Wood: Incorporate reclaimed or distressed wood on vanities, shelving, or floors. French country design embraces the well-worn, vintage look of distressed wood.
  • Subway Tile: Subway tile in white is a popular backsplash option for French country bathrooms. Go for a classic bricklaid pattern or get creative with patterns.
  • Terrazzo: The speckled, marbled look of terrazzo makes for an elegant and vintage-inspired flooring option for French country bathrooms.
  • Clawfoot Tubs: A classic clawfoot tub serves as the ultimate focal point in a French country bathroom. Opt for a freestanding tub in white, silver, or antique finish.

Colors and Patterns

  • Light Neutrals: Stick to a light and airy color palette with neutrals like white, ivory, cream, or pale greys on major surfaces and fixtures. Neutrals create an elegant backdrop.
  • Pastels: Incorporate soft pastels like powder blue, lavender, and pale yellow in small doses on walls or with accessories and linens. Pastels complement the feminine vibe of French country.
  • Floral Patterns: Floral patterns in muted color palettes bring French country charm to shower curtains, rugs, and upholstered stools. Choose classic florals like roses and hydrangeas.
  • Toile: The intricate scenic patterns of classic toile instantly evoke French country style. Use toile on shower curtains or upholstered bathroom stools.
  • Checks and Plaids: Checkered and plaid patterns in cotton or linen add to the relaxed farmhouse feel of French country with timeless vintage appeal.

Design Elements to Incorporate

Tubs and Sinks

As mentioned above, a clawfoot tub and pedestal sink lend authentic old-world charm perfect for French country bathrooms. If space allows, opt for his and hers pedestal sinks flanking a large window or vintage mirror. For small bathrooms, pedestal sinks maximize space since they don’t require any storage underneath.

Look for clawfoot tubs with ball and claw feet and decorative exterior detailing to take the vintage aesthetic up a notch. Situate your tub near a sunny window to make it a true spa-like retreat. For a focal point, opt for an oversized stand-alone tub in an ornate silver finish.


For lighting French country bathrooms, think vintage charm meets farmhouse simplicity.

  • Pendant lights: Suspended pendant lights over the bathtub or vanity lend a refined yet relaxed look. Opt for domed glass pendants with metal detailing.
  • Sconces: Mount wall sconces with an antique brass or bronze finish on each side of the mirror above the vanity. Candle-style sconces enhance the vintage vibe.
  • Chandeliers: For larger bathrooms, make a statement with a mini crystal chandelier hung over the tub or vanity area. A touch of sparkle plays up the femininity of French country style.

Mirrors and Vanities

  • Framed mirrors: An ornate framed mirror makes a striking statement above the vanity. Go for baroque-inspired frames in gold or silver leaf finishes.
  • Antique mirrors: For vintage appeal, hang an antique mirror with visible age marks like tarnishing or verdigris patina. The imperfections add character.
  • Cabinet vanities: Opt for vanities with built-in cabinets for concealed storage. Shaker-style cabinetry keeps the look unfussy and rustic. Paint or distress the cabinets for a vintage vibe.
  • Marble or granite tops: Pair painted vanity cabinets with marble, granite, or butcher block countertops. The natural stone tops create an elegant contrast against the painted cabinets.

Window Treatments

Frame your windows with pretty, feminine touches like breezy curtains and cafe shutters.

  • Curtains: Hang sheer voile panels or linen curtains with tie-backs in floral prints. Go for muted pinks, blues, and lavenders.
  • Cafe shutters: Adorable cafe shutters lined up above the tub or vanity lend French flavor. Opt for shutters in antique white or robin’s egg blue.
  • Vintage crank windows: If your bathroom is blessed with original vintage windows, emphasize them! Add window boxes or a bench with patterned cushions underneath.


  • Hexagon tile: For traditional appeal, lay hexagon tile in white with black grout on the floors and shower walls. The geometric pattern feels both vintage and modern.
  • Herringbone: Herringbone tile patterns in neutral shades like greige bring texture and dimension. The zig-zag pattern adds subtle interest underfoot.
  • Wide-plank floors: Painted or naturally finished wide-plank wood flooring adds a relaxed rustic base to balance the elegant vanities and fixtures.
  • Patterned encaustic cement tile: Make a style statement with encaustic cement floor tiles. Moroccan-inspired patterns or delicate florals inject color and whimsy.

Accessories and Accents

Accessories introduce color, softness, and personality to your French country bathroom. Have fun layering in accents that speak to you!

  • Botanical prints and paintings: Vintage botanical prints, flower illustrations, or classic landscape paintings in simple frames bring French country walls to life.
  • Framed mirrors: An antique-style framed mirror makes a striking statement above the vanity. Go for baroque-inspired frames in silver or gold leaf finishes.
  • Wicker baskets: Store rolled towels in open wicker baskets for breezy French farmhouse flair. Look for baskets with distressed cream or robin’s egg blue finishes.
  • Fresh florals: A vase of fresh-cut garden roses, peonies, or wildflowers instantly livens up vintage vanities and clawfoot tubs. Stick to muted, romantic colors like pink, blush, lavender, and cream.
  • Oversized art: For spacious bathrooms, make a stylish splash with a large piece of statement art, like an oversized antique mirror or painted canvas.
  • Pendant lights: Suspended pendant lights over the bathtub or vanity lend a refined yet relaxed look. Opt for domed glass pendants with metal detailing.

French Country Bathroom Color Schemes

Soft Blues + Wood Tones

A calming color scheme of soft powdery blues and natural wood finishes creates a relaxing spa-like retreat. Robin’s egg blue walls, painted vanity cabinets, or floral shower curtains play nicely with wood plank floors and marble counters. The light cool blues bring the feel of the French countryside indoors.

Antique White + Wood Tones

The classic combination of distressed wood and creamy antique white makes a foolproof color scheme for French country bathrooms. Paint vanities, trim, built-ins, and other surfaces in antique white or very light greys to set off darker reclaimed wood floors and accents. The neutral and natural color pairing exudes timeless sophistication.

Vintage Lavender + Antique White

Make a statement by embracing moody lavender walls paired with bright white trim and accents. Or, paint just one focal wall in a saturated lavender hue. Soften the bold wall color with elements like white subway tile, cream painted vanities, light stone counters, and antique silver fixtures for stunning contrast.

Muted Greens + Warm Whites

Capture the essence of the French countryside with muted sage greens paired with warm ivory, cream, and antique white details. Incorporate the soft pastel green through vintage floral wallpaper, towels, or a stand-out mint green vanity. Keep other elements light and airy for a soothing, nature-inspired oasis.

Black + White Classic

The timeless and glamorous pairing of true black and bright white makes a chic style statement in a French country bathroom. Make a bold impact with graphic black and white geometric tile floors, black granite vanity tops, black accents, and plenty of white subway tiles for contrast. The bold classic color scheme exudes modern farmhouse edge.

Layout and Spatial Considerations

Small Bathrooms

  • Maximize space: Opt for space-saving pedestal sinks, corner shelving units, and narrow console vanities that don’t obstruct floor space.
  • Limit built-ins: Skip large vanities and cabinetry. Opt for freestanding furnishings that can easily be moved or removed.
  • Choose multipurpose furniture: Look for narrow consoles or antique dressers that can double as bathroom vanities. Seek furniture that can multitask.
  • Light colors: Stick to light neutrals on major surfaces to prevent a closed-in, dark look. Light colors help small bathrooms feel bright and airy.
  • Glass shower doors: A frameless glass shower door helps even the tiniest bathrooms feel more open and spacious. Skip bulky shower curtains.
  • Vertical subway tile: Running vertical subway tiles floor-to-ceiling visually lifts low ceilings for an illusion of height.

Large Bathrooms

  • Make a tub focal point: Give your clawfoot tub celebrity status by placing it beneath a statement window or against a stand-out wallpapered accent wall.
  • Define spaces: Break up a large bathroom into zones like a separate tub area and dual vanities using area rugs and varied tile layouts.
  • Fill space wisely: Opt for wide double vanities and roomy linen cabinets. But focus on one statement piece instead of cramming in too much.
  • Long drapes: Take advantage of double windows with long, grand drapes that puddle on the floor for an elegant hotel vibe.
  • Warm up the space: In a large chilly bathroom, bring visual warmth with wood floors, sconces, and natural elements like wicker baskets and flowers.

Open Concept Bathrooms

  • Provide privacy: Strategically place walls, screens, or half-walls to section off toilets and showers for discretion, while keeping other areas open.
  • Zone with lighting: Define different areas like the tub and vanity with distinct lighting like pendant lights over the tub and sconces over the vanity.
  • Unify with flooring: Using continuous floor tile throughout logically connects the open bathroom with adjoining areas for a cohesive look.
  • Limit color palette: Opt for a limited color scheme that carries through the entire open bathroom and connecting spaces for visual flow.
  • Floating vanities: Furnish open bathrooms with floating vanities not attached to the walls or floors for a lightweight, built-in look.

French Country Bathrooms on a Budget

Creating a French country bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank! You can achieve the vintage European farmhouse look on a budget with clever furnishings and finishes.

Buy Vintage

Scope out flea markets, antique stores, thrift shops, and online secondhand platforms for unique vintage finds at affordable price points. Vintage furniture pieces, mirrors, artwork, and other decor instantly lend authentic French country character on a budget.

Paint It

One of the easiest budget-friendly ways to freshen up a bathroom is by painting built-ins, cabinets, and vanities. A coat of light neutral paint gives tile and wood surfaces an instant facelift for the price of a can of paint.

Style with Textiles

Incorporate inexpensive textiles like shower curtains, towels, and bath mats in French country inspired florals, toiles, and checks. Affordable fabrics quickly inject on-trend style.

Visit Discount Home Stores

Check out stores like HomeGoods and World Market for chic French country inspired decor and fixtures at reasonable prices. You can often score major deals on furnishings, lighting, baskets, and accessories.

Mix High and Low

Splurge on one luxe focal point—like an antique chandelier or clawfoot tub—and save on secondary items by mixing high end with budget finds. The statement piece steals the show.

Look for Look-Alikes

Can’t afford genuine antique fixtures? Look-alike reproductions give you the same visual effect for less. Seek affordable clawfoot tub, chandelier, and hardware options that emulate the French country aesthetic.

Install Pedestal Sinks

Rather than splurging on pricy custom cabinetry, go for space-saving and vintage-style pedestal sinks. The exposed pipe look epitomizes French country on a budget.

Style Simply

Skip pricey built-ins and cabinetry altogether to save big. Simply adorn your pared-down bathroom with pretty textiles, a statement mirror, pillar candles, and fresh flowers for thrifty French farmhouse flair.

French Country Bathroom Ideas

Freestanding Clawfoot Tub

Make an antique-style freestanding clawfoot tub the star of your French country bathroom. For drama, opt for a double-slipper style tub in an ornate silver or bronze finish. Place by a sunny window dressed with romantic voile panels. Scatter the surround with candles and fresh blooms.

Patchwork Patterned Tile Floors

Lay a beautiful patchwork tile floor in vintage-inspired patterns like Moroccan, geometric, or delicate floral motifs. Handpainted encaustic cement tile offers tons of French country character. Pair with neutral white-painted built-ins and a pastel tub for balance.

Rustic Wood Vanity

Bring organic warmth to your space with a rustic wood vanity made from reclaimed barn boards. The rough-hewn vanity paired with a stone sink top and vintage brass faucet makes for a casually elegant statement.

Built-In Tub with Shutter Surround

Custom build your tub into a cozy nook surrounded with charming antique shutters repurposed as walls. Opt for shutters in robin’s egg blue or antique white. Place a stool nearby to hold bath accessories.

Double Sink Vanity with Marble Top

For a his-and-hers setup, opt for a double vanity featuring painted cabinets and contrasting marble, granite, or butcher block countertop. The long counter provides plenty of storage and prep space for two. Hang matching vintage frame mirrors above.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

Make your vanity area pop with a bold and vibrant wallpaper accent wall. Choose a romantic floral print or graphic scenic toile design. Complement with painted white vanity cabinets and marble tile floors.

Crystal Chandelier Over Tub

Up the elegance factor by hanging a glam mini crystal chandelier over your freestanding tub. The sparkling fixture casts a romantic glow during bath time. Pair with sconces flanking a window or mirror to complete the look.

Botanical Mural

Commission a custom mural depicting an oversized floral or scenic landscape along one wall. The artistic one-of-a-kind mural instantly transports you to the French countryside.

Distressed Wood Mirror Frame

Frame your bathroom mirror with salvaged barn boards for a charming distressed wood finish. Coordinate with the vanity and wood flooring for cohesion. Leave wood unstained for a weathered whitewashed look.

Tips for Achieving French Country Style

  • Seek out architectural salvage shops for authentic antique fixtures, hardware, doors and lighting. Vintage elements instantly capture old-world character.
  • Layer in touches of black and brass for Parisian flair. Paint vanity cabinets black and pair with brass hardware.
  • Incorporate natural, organic textures like woven baskets, linen curtains, wood surfaces, marble counters, and distressed metal.
  • Arrange fresh florals in whitewashed ceramic pitchers or rustic bottles for casual French farmhouse charm.
  • Include framed botanical prints, flower illustrations, or black and white photography featuring architecture or nature.
  • Opt for classic patterns like toile, stripes, florals and houndstooth on shower curtains, stools, rugs and soft linens.
  • Mix in modern and industrial elements like matte black fixtures or furniture for an eclectic twist on traditional style.
  • Display stacked white dishes or rolled bath towels in open antique dry sinks or hutches.
  • Add a quintessentially French cafe vibe with a bistro table and stools for enjoying morning coffee and winding down at day’s end.

Common Questions About French Country Bathroom Design

What colors are best for a French country bathroom?

Classic French country color palettes include light neutrals like antique white, linen, greige, cream, and pale blues. Accent with soft pastels like robin’s egg blue, lavender, pale peach, and mint green. Bold black and white schemes also have graphic French flair.