When renovating or building a new home, the kitchen and bathroom sinks are often overlooked as an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Traditional rectangular porcelain sinks may be the safe, expected choice, but taking a chance on something unique can really pay off in creating a space you love. From creative use of materials like stone, copper, or glass to custom shapes and sizes, today’s sinks offer lots of possibilities beyond just the basic white oval basin.

Read on to explore why you should think outside the box for your next sink purchase and discover some striking and functional unique sink options to inspire your next remodel. Finding that statement piece can elevate your whole space.

Unique Materials Add Character

Tired of standard porcelain, enamel, or stainless steel? Choosing a sink material with natural variation, texture, and imperfections can add organic, rustic appeal to your space.

Stone Sinks

Sinks carved from granite, marble, travertine, or other stone make a luxurious, substantial focal point. The stone’s natural patterning ensures no two sinks will be exactly alike. Pair with stone counters for a seamless, impactful look.

Copper Sinks

The warm, reddish-gold hue of copper makes a vibrant splash. As a soft metal, copper will show signs of wear, developing a unique patina over time. Copper’s natural antibacterial properties provide practical benefits too.

Glass Sinks

From rippled to frosted to colorful, glass sink options range from sleekly modern to fanciful. Glass can be formed into sculptural shapes impractical with other materials. Some glass sinks even light up for dramatic effect.

Custom Shapes Stand Out

Rectangles and circles have their place, but why not make a statement with an unexpected silhouette? Angles, curves, tapered sides, and asymmetric shapes can lend contemporary flair.

Geometric Sinks

For a bold, geometric look, try a hexagonal, triangular, or trapezoidal sink. Crisp lines and striking shapes catch the eye. Pair with other graphic elements for cohesion.

Sculptural Sinks

Organic, freeform designs modeled after shapes in nature provide a sensuous focal point. Flowing lines and irregular edges create an artistic, handcrafted look.

Asymmetric Sinks

Asymmetry amps up the visual interest, with one side differing from the other in shape, angle, or size. The imbalance feels modern and edgy.

Innovative Features and Finishes

Unique accents and details give standard sink basins character. Go beyond basic white enamel to make your sink a functional work of art.

Colored Sinks

Inject vibrant accent shades or opt for dramatic dark hues like black, charcoal, or navy for your sink. Glossy finishes reflect light and color.

Textured Sinks

Subtly patterned surfaces, like rippled glass or gently hammered metals, provide tactile appeal. Hand-carved stone exhibits natural pitting and veining.

Ornate Details

Elaborate decorative touches turn a sink into a showpiece. Look for artfully crafted faucets, elegant inlaid designs, or decorative feet, chains, and accents.

Drainboard Grooves

For a vintage bistro vibe, keep an eye out for sinks with carved drainboard grooves sloping gently to the drain. The quintessential chef’s sink.

Unique Sink Styles to Inspire You

To spur your imagination, here are some specific styles of spectacular unique sinks to consider:

  • Stone egg-shaped vessel sinks – Ovoid sculpture sinks carved from marble or travertine make quite the artistic statement, especially elevated on a stone or wood stand.
  • Over-sized copper farmhouse sinks – Sprawling hammered copper apron-front sinks are the showstopping centerpiece of an inviting country kitchen.
  • Curved glass vessel sinks – A tempered glass sink with sensuous contoured sides can complement modern or traditional bathrooms equally. Perch it atop the vanity or customize an inset installation.
  • Geometric concrete rectangle trough sinks – For an ultra-modern look, opt for the clean lines and matte finish of a rectangular concrete sink. Drain grooves add interest.
  • Asymmetrical hammered bronze sink – One side smooth and one side textured creates visual intrigue in handcrafted bronze sinks with an organic shape.
  • Petal-shaped porcelain sinks – Delicate sculpted “petals” create the impression of a flower in bloom for a pretty, feminine sink shape that plays with negative space.
  • Black glass rectangle trough sink – Sleek and contemporary, a black glass trough sink feels crisp and elegant atop contrasting stone or wood vanities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits of choosing a unique sink?

Some benefits of selecting an unusual or artistic sink design include adding character and interest to your space, reflecting your personal style, making a statement, and creating a focal point in the kitchen or bathroom.

What materials can you find unique kitchen and bathroom sinks in?

Creative sink materials go far beyond standard porcelain or enamel. Some options include stone (granite, marble, travertine), glass, concrete, copper, bronze, recycled wood, terrazzo composite, and more.

Do unique sinks cost more than conventional sinks?

In most cases, yes, plan on spending more for a custom or artistic sink made from high-end materials compared to a basic stainless steel or porcelain builder grade sink. But your tradeoff is a stunning focal point.

Are there any downsides to picking an unusual sink?

Weight and fragility are potential downsides of some artistic sink materials. Check weights and structural needs to ensure your vanity or countertop can support a heavy stone or concrete sink without reinforcement. Discuss durability concerns with your contractor.

How do I decorate around a unique sink?

Choose faucets, cabinets, tiles, lighting and other elements that complement your special sink’s shape, color, and material. Balance the uniqueness with classic, neutral finishes so the space doesn’t feel too busy.


Adding a touch of distinctiveness to your kitchen or bath with a sink that stands out can make the space feel creative, lively, and uniquely yours. When planning your next remodel, look beyond basic builder grade options to find a sink that reflects your personal vision. From handcrafted materials to innovative shapes, integratating something creative and unexpected can be the detail that takes your whole room to the next level. A sink should be durable and functional, yes, but with all today’s options available, why not let it also be beautiful art?