Outfitting a sunroom provides the perfect opportunity to create an inviting, relaxing space for year-round enjoyment. With the right furnishings and decor, your sunroom can become a cozy place to read, enjoy a cup of coffee, or host friends and family. Here is everything you need to outfit a beautiful, functional sunroom.


Choose furniture that can withstand the temperature fluctuations and sunlight exposure of a sunroom.


Comfortable, weather-resistant seating creates a cozy and inviting ambiance. Consider options like:

  • Wicker furniture – Lightweight and breezy, it comes in stylish shapes and sizes. Look for synthetic wicker over natural for weather resistance.
  • Rattan furniture – Similar aesthetic to wicker but more durable. A great choice for sunrooms.
  • Outdoor sectionals – Offer ample, adjustable seating and are designed for all-weather use.
  • Porch swings – Nothing says relaxation like gently rocking on a porch swing. Can be hung from the ceiling.
  • Stackable chairs – Metal or plastic stackable chairs provide flexible extra seating. Some even recline.
  • Benches – Great for additional seating. Storage benches allow you to stow cushions or extra items.


Having a table in your sunroom allows for dining, games, crafts, and more. Consider:

  • Bistro sets – Metal bistro tables paired with two chairs make a nice casual dining set.
  • Patio dining sets – Choose an outdoor dining set in a weather-resistant material like aluminum or synthetic wicker.
  • Coffee tables – Go for lightweight coffee tables that can be easily moved as needed.
  • Side tables – Provide space for lamps, books, and other items while not taking up too much room.
  • Bar carts – Incorporate a bar cart for serving beverages without clutter.

Other furniture

  • Rocking chairs – A must for any relaxing sunroom. Adirondack style works well.
  • Chaise lounges – Let guests stretch out and nap or read books in the sunshine.
  • Porch swings – Gentle rocking makes for a soothing place to lounge. Can mount from ceiling.
  • Ottomans – Provide extra seating, foot rests, and storage space. Outdoor styles recommended.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a functional and decorative must for sunrooms. Considerations include:

  • UV protection – Crucial for blocking harmful rays and preventing fading. Look for blackout shades or drapes with tightly woven, UV-blocking material.
  • Temperature control – Options like thermal curtains and honeycomb shades provide insulation and help regulate temperature.
  • Privacy – Sheers, smart glass, blinds and shutters all allow you to control visibility.
  • Aesthetics – Match the style of your space. Casual sunrooms look great with breezy linen drapes and metal blinds.


The right sunroom flooring stands up to temperature swings and UV rays while looking fabulous. Great options include:

  • Tile – A classic choice, tile excels in durability and style. Opt for slip-resistant outdoor tile.
  • Linoleum – Affordable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Select linoleum rated for exterior use.
  • Concrete – For a seamless, modern look, stain and seal the existing concrete floor.
  • Cork – Naturally insulating, comfortable underfoot, and very durable. Buy exterior-rated cork tiles.
  • Decking – If your sunroom connects to a deck, use matching waterproof composite deck boards inside.

Plants and Decor

Incorporating the right plants and accents creates a lush, inviting ambiance.

  • Potted plants – Certain low-light plants like orchids, ferns and palms thrive in sunrooms. Use pots that breathe and drain well.
  • Hanging plants – Trailing ivy, air plants and succulents look fantastic hung in windows or from ceilings.
  • Water features – The tranquil sound of a small fountain or bubbling water wall masks outdoor noise.
  • Textiles – Rugs, pillows and throws in moisture-resistant materials like polyester and olefin add comfort.
  • Wall art – Choose pieces that can handle temperature swings and humidity, like metal or wood art and canvases.

Climate Control

The right cooling, heating and ventilation keeps a sunroom comfortable year-round. Consider:

  • Fans – Circulating air is key. Install ceiling fans on the highest setting that allow for head clearance.
  • Misting systems – Misting nozzles on the ceiling or mounted fans provide cooling relief on hot days.
  • Heaters – Select energy efficient electric or hydronic heaters that won’t dry out the air. Wall-mounted units work well.
  • Passive solar design – Strategies like thermal mass floors, ceiling fans, and ample ventilation reduce the need for actual heating/cooling.
  • Smart vents – Automated, solar-powered vents open when a certain temperature is reached.


Proper lighting transforms a sunroom from day to night.

  • Natural light – Maximize sunlight with expanded window space and skylights if possible.
  • Task lighting – Use table and floor lamps to provide light for specific activities like reading.
  • Ambient lighting – Overhead lighting sets the mood. Go for dimmable fixtures on a dimmer switch.
  • Accent lighting – Landscape lighting and strategically placed picture lights showcase greenery and wall decor.


A few habits ensure your sunroom stays looking fabulous.

  • Inspect weather stripping and caulk around windows/doors to prevent drafts or leaks. Reapply as needed.
  • Use compressed air to routinely dust window blinds/screens and furnishings.
  • Wipe down wicker, wood, and metal to prevent mildew and regularly apply protectorants.
  • Periodically hose down tile floors and outdoor rugs/mats to remove dirt, pollen, and debris.
  • Check plants regularly for disease or pests and trim back excess growth. Fertilize a few times per year.
  • Consider repainting every 5 years or so to refresh the space and protect walls.

Style Ideas for Sunrooms

With the essentials covered, explore different looks for your dream sunroom:


Breezy blues, whites, and natural textures create a relaxing beach cottage vibe.

  • White painted wicker furniture with waterproof cushions in navy blue and white stripes or solids
  • Weathered grey plank floors
  • Netted ceiling accents
  • Navy and white striped drapes
  • Round rattan side table
  • Blue and white ceramic garden stool
  • Painted sea life art or prints of seashells/starfish
  • Faux palm trees or potted yuccas


Clean lines and sleek decor give a contemporary edge.

  • Black or white modular outdoor sectional
  • Grey porcelain outdoor tile
  • Retractable sun shades on windows
  • Glass and metal coffee table
  • Black and white abstract art
  • Fluffy shag rug in neutral color
  • Sculptural potted succulents and cacti
  • Pendant or recessed lighting
  • Stone water feature


Rich jewel tones, abundant plants, and natural textures create a relaxed global vibe.

  • Rattan chair with colorful patterned cushions
  • Jute area rug layered over concrete floors
  • Tiered plant stands displaying air plants and trailing ivy
  • Beaded curtains as divider from house
  • Woven throws in deep jewel tones
  • Macrame wall hangings
  • Distressed wood storage chest doubling as coffee table
  • Patterned ceramic garden stools
  • Glass chandelier


Elegant furnishings and classic accents give a formal parlor feel.

  • Wicker chairs with chintz floral cushions
  • Classic clawfoot side table
  • Roman shades in linen or brocade
  • Glass-top wicker end tables
  • Tabletop fountain
  • Framed art and mirrors with ornate frames
  • Glass vases displayed on table filled with faux or dried floral arrangements
  • Patterned porcelain garden stools
  • Area rug with traditional oriental motif

Final Thoughts on Outfitting Your Sunroom

Creating a sunroom that both looks amazing and functions perfectly requires careful planning and quality furnishings. Focus first on sun protection, temperature control, and durable materials suited to the space. Then infuse character and comfort through seating, decor, and greenery. With the right pieces in place your sunroom will become a cherished spot to unwind and enjoy the sunshine all year long.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outfitting a Sunroom

What type of flooring works best in a sunroom?

Outdoor-rated tile, linoleum, and composite decking are great sunroom flooring choices that can withstand weather fluctuations and UV exposure. Cork is also very durable and provides comfort underfoot.

What are the best window treatments for sunrooms?

Look for tightly woven shades, shutters, and drapes with blackout linings or UV reflective coatings to reduce glare, insulate, and prevent fabrics from fading. Options like blinds, smart glass, and sheers also allow you to regulate sunlight and privacy.

What type of furniture should I choose?

Opt for weather-resistant materials like powder-coated metals, synthetic wicker, and teak wood. Look for cushions in fade-resistant and quick-drying outdoor fabrics. Otherwise go with furniture explicitly made for outdoor/patio use.

How do I regulate temperature in my sunroom?

Proper ventilation, fans, operable windows with screens, insulating window treatments, and supplemental electric or hydronic heaters will help keep a sunroom comfortable year-round. Passive solar design also limits the need for actual heating and cooling.

What kind of plants and greenery should I incorporate?

Certain houseplants like orchids, ferns, and palms thrive in the warm, humid environment. Potted trees and large foliage like banana plants also do well. For low maintenance, choose succulents and cacti.

How often should I repaint my sunroom?

Plan on repainting every 5 years or so to refresh the space and protect walls from moisture damage, especially for wood-paneled sunrooms. Use high quality exterior grade paint.