Erin Napier’s clever kitchen countertop trick offers a cost-effective way to transform your space. This simple DIY can completely change the look of your kitchen while staying within budget. Here’s an in-depth look at how Erin Napier’s ingenious countertop technique can upgrade your kitchen’s style.


Erin Napier, co-host of HGTV’s Home Town, is known for her budget-friendly home makeovers packed with personality. Using smart design choices and clever workarounds, Erin can remake lackluster rooms into warm, inviting spaces. One of her signature affordable hacks is a simple countertop technique that instantly elevates a basic kitchen. With just paint, contact paper, and strategic accessorizing, Erin’s countertop trick is a game-changer for kitchen upgrades on a budget.

Why Erin Napier’s Countertop Trick is So Clever

It’s Extremely Cost-Effective

The major cost of a kitchen remodel comes from replacing countertops with pricier materials like granite or quartz. Erin’s trick skips the expensive countertop replacement, saving thousands of dollars. With just a few hundred dollars in supplies and furnishings, you can entirely transform boring countertops. It’s a super budget-friendly way to get high-end style.

It Allows Customization

With paint, contact paper, and decor, you can customize your countertops to match your personal taste. Go bold with a bright paint color or graphic print contact paper. Warm up the space with wood contact paper. The options are endless when you utilize Erin’s technique. You can re-do the look anytime by switching up paint colors and papers. Much more customizable than traditional countertops.

Quick and Simple Process

No major construction or remodeling involved. Just clean, paint, decorate! Erin’s trick can be completed over a weekend with basic DIY skills. No need to hire contractors and deal with lengthy installation processes. You can quickly upgrade your kitchen’s look without the headaches of a major renovation.

Completely Transforms the Space

Amazing how such a simple fix can make old counters look brand new. The painted or papered countertops combined with added décor give the kitchen a fresh, stylish look. Erin finishes the transformation with fun, functional accessories that tie the whole new vibe together. Take your kitchen from dated to dazzling with this clever trick.

How to Use Erin Napier’s Countertop Technique

Want to try Erin’s budget-friendly DIY magic on your own kitchen counters? Here are the simple steps:

Prep the Countertops

Proper prep ensures paint and contact paper adhere correctly. Fill any cracks or damages with filler. Sand surfaces to remove gloss and roughen texture. Clean thoroughly and let dry completely. Lightly sand again before painting or applying contact paper.

Paint and Seal (Optional)

For painted counters, use high-quality cabinet/trim enamel paint in your color of choice. Apply two coats, letting dry in between. Top with three coats of high-gloss polyurethane sealer, drying between coats. Sealer prevents staining and damages.

Apply Contact Paper (Optional)

Measure counters and cut contact paper to fit, allowing extra to wrap edges. Peel off backing and stick to counter, smoothing out bubbles. Use razor to trim excess paper at edges. Many contact papers have a sticky backing so no adhesive needed.

Style with Accessories

Here’s where the magic happens! Style counters with cute, functional accessories like a butcher block, potted herbs, serving trays, pretty jars, etc. Add interest with soap dispensers, utensil crocks, and decorative bowls. Finish by sprinkling in some greenery.

Enjoy Your Gorgeous New Counters!

Stand back and admire your budget-friendly kitchen makeover! No major reno needed to take your kitchen from bleh to wow. A little paint, paper, and styling gives youfresh, on-trend counters without spending a fortune. Erin Napier’s clever trick allows you to customize your space and save big.

FAQs About Erin Napier’s Countertop Technique

How durable is contact paper for countertops?

High-quality contact paper holds up well on countertops. Look for thick, adhesive-backed vinyl paper. Avoid thinner removable/repositionable papers. Proper installation and prep helps contact paper adhere securely. Top with sealer for added protection.

What type of paint should be used?

Use a glossy enamel paint made specifically for cabinets and trim. Enamel provides a durable, scrubbable finish that resists staining, moisture, and wear and tear. Be sure to use proper primer as well.

Can this trick be used on old laminate counters?

Yes! Just be sure to prep properly, roughing up the surface so paint/paper bonds well. This trick is great for temporarily updating old laminate until you can afford a full replacement.

Is there a risk of paint or paper peeling off?

With proper prep and application, paint and contact paper should adhere smoothly with no peeling issues. Be sure to let paint cure fully (30 days) before regular use. Reapply sealer every 1-2 years.

How do you cut contact paper neatly for countertops?

Measure carefully and use a sharp razor blade for clean cuts. Cut just longer than needed so paper can wrap underside of counter edges. Trim excess on edges with razor after applying.

Can this upgrade technique be used on bathroom counters?

Definitely! Painting and contact paper can transform laminate bathroom counters just like kitchen counters. Just be sure paint/paper is moisture-proof and top with waterproof sealer.


Erin Napier’s clever kitchen countertop trick takes your counters from drab to fab on a budget. With just paint or contact paper and loads of style, you can customize your countertops’ look without spending big bucks. Prepping properly and picking the right materials ensures your painted or papered counters are durable. Follow Erin’s DIY technique for a budget-friendly kitchen update that looks amazingly high-end. With a little creativity, your outdated counters can be completely transformed into a stylish space you’ll adore.