Bring personality and sophistication to your bathroom with an eclectic yet elegant remodel. With thoughtful design choices, you can create a space that feels curated, chic, and uniquely you. An eclectic elegant bathroom remodel allows you to mix and match styles, eras, and aesthetics to craft a look that showcases your taste and creativity. Keep reading for tips on creating this stylish, personalized oasis.

Decide on a Color Palette

The color scheme sets the overall tone and style for your eclectic elegant bathroom. Consider moody hues like deep greens, blues, and grays contrasted with metallic accents in brass, gold, and silver. Or opt for light and airy using whites, creams, and pale blues punctuated with black and wood tones. Eclectic spaces allow you to blend colors in inspiring ways, so determine a direction then collect paint swatches and fabric samples to build your palette.

When selecting colors, consider how light plays in the space. North-facing bathrooms may need lighter colors to combat gloominess, while southern exposures can handle deeper dramatic hues without feeling too dark. Also factor in the style of your fixtures, tiles, and hardware so your palette enhances those elements. Color can make a bathroom feel spa-like, elegant, or quietly sophisticated so choose wisely.

Select Impactful Fixtures

Fixtures like sinks, faucets and bathtubs make major style statements in a bathroom. Opt for vintage treasures, modern geometric shapes, or elegantly curved silhouettes depending on your aesthetic vision. Mixing eras and styles of fixtures prevents a monotonous look. For example, pair a stand-alone hammered copper tub with sleek wall-mounted faucets and an industrial-style light fixture.

When choosing fixtures, consider finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, brushed gold, or matte black to align with your color scheme. Also, select high-quality durable pieces that can handle constant use and humidity. Though eclectic spaces allow uniqueness, ensure fixtures share some cohesive threads through finish, shape or era so the look is purposeful rather than haphazard.

Incorporate Texture and Patterns

Texture and pattern provide visual interest and dimension in an eclectic elegant bathroom. Consider tile with decorative shapes or mosaics, wood flooring with grainy texture, stone countertops with natural veining, or wallpaper with modern or retro prints. Use these elements sparingly as accents against simple backdrops of painted walls or tile.

For floors and walls, select durable porcelain or ceramic tile with artful patterns or prints that align with your style. Or choose large-format subway tiles or hexagons for clean geometric shapes. Then introduce unique textures like pebbled glass, handmade encaustic cement tiles, or Moroccan fish-scale mosaics as insets or borders. Play with metallics and mosaics for sparkle and sheen to contrast matte walls and floors.

Curate the Details

From mirrors and sconces to hardware and accessories, the details complete an eclectic elegant look. Scout vintage shops, antique malls and boutique stores to find special decorative pieces with patina and character. Display collected items like glass bottles, seashells, or stacks of decorative books for an artful feel.

Consider an oversized sunburst mirror, crystal chandelier, or gilded framed artwork as a focal point. Seek out towel bars, cabinet knobs and light fixtures with interesting shapes or designs. Layer in luxurious details like monogrammed towels, fresh flowers, candles, framed photographs or commissioned art. The layered collected elements tell a story and reflect your interests and travels.

Infuse Personality

An eclectic bathroom remodel allows self-expression and infusing personality. Display colorful artwork or gallery walls featuring favorite prints, paintings or photographs. Shelve treasured books or mementos from trips to give the space depth and meaning.

Show off prized vintage finds or items passed down, like an antique vanity or silver hairbrush. Paint or decorate the walls with inspiring quotes, lyrics or floral designs. The details shared reflect what brings you joy and make the space uniquely yours.

Questions and Answers

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about creating an eclectic elegant bathroom:

How do I choose fixtures for an eclectic bathroom?

Choose fixtures in a mix of styles from different eras, like a clawfoot tub, modern faucet, and vintage lighting. Unify them with common finishes like black or brass. Prioritize vintage, antique or unique pieces that reflect your taste.

What type of tile works best for an eclectic elegant bathroom?

Geometric, patterned, or mosaic tile as accents against simple subway tile, hexagons, or neutral colored tiles for walls and floors. Handmade encaustic cement tile and Moroccan fish-scale mosaics add great texture.

What colors work well in an eclectic elegant bathroom?

Deeper moodier hues like emerald, navy and charcoal as well as black and white. Metallic accents like brass, gold and silver add sheen. Lighter colors like gray, blue, and green can work too.

How do I add personality to an eclectic bathroom?

Display meaningful art, books, photos or collected objects. Paint the walls or add decals with inspiring quotes or floral designs reflecting your interests. Choose fixtures and accessories that showcase your unique taste.

What type of lighting works best in an eclectic bathroom?

Statement light fixtures like an ornate crystal chandelier or industrial pendant lights. Also sconces, vanity lighting and funky vintage lamps all add flair.

What details complete an eclectic elegant bathroom?

Oversized mirrors, fresh flowers, rolled towels, artful tile, patina-rich accessories, and vintage items or displays that share memories and personality.


With an eclectic elegant approach, you can create a bathroom that showcases your creative taste and unique style. Blend vintage finds, modern pieces, and colorful accents against elegant backdrops of tile, wallpaper or color. Choose statement-making fixtures and artful details that reflect your personality and design aesthetic. Layer in textures, patterns, and collected items for visual interest. With thoughtful curation, your eclectic elegant bathroom will provide a personalized sanctuary and chic retreat.