Kitchen storage solutions can make a world of difference in how functional and organized your cooking space is. Even small kitchens can benefit from some easy and affordable storage fixes that maximize every inch of available space. With a bit of creativity and clever usage of budget-friendly organizing tools, you can transform your kitchen into an efficient dream space. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore numerous quick and easy ways to get your kitchen storage in order.

Take Stock of What You Have

Before rushing out to buy any new organizational tools or containers, take some time to survey what you already have in your kitchen. Clear out any old, unused items that are just taking up precious real estate. Donate any pots, pans or small appliances you no longer use to charity.

Thoroughly clean out your cabinets, drawers and pantry. Toss expired food items and get rid of any unnecessary dishes or cooking implements. Take note of any shelves, racks or other storage elements that can be adjusted or removed to open up space.

Get a clear understanding of your unique storage needs and what areas require some fixes. Making a list of problem spots and deficiencies that need addressing will give you a targeted organizing plan.

Maximize Pantry Storage

For many homeowners, the pantry is the most frustrating spot when it comes to kitchen storage. Shelves easily become cluttered, making it hard to see what is actually on hand. Getting organized in here will make meal planning and cooking so much simpler.

Use Clear Storage Bins

Invest in clear plastic bins in different sizes to divide up categories of food. Label them with contents like “Canned Goods,” “Baking Items,” or “Snacks.” Seeing what you have becomes much easier.

Install Extra Shelving

If your pantry has empty vertical space above the shelves, add extra adjustable shelving. This allows you to double up while keeping categories separate. Even the inside of the door can gain storage with shelving units designed for that purpose.

Buy Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers that snap onto existing shelves are great for splitting up categories while still being able to see everything. Keep baking goods separated from oils and sauces to bring order to the space.

Hang Spice Racks

Hanging wire spice racks on the inside of the pantry door utilizes what is typically wasted space. Keeping spices and dried herbs visible and within reach simplifies cooking prep.

Get Strategic with Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets tend to become black holes where food and cooking items get lost. Make better use of this space with these tips:

Use Shelf Dividers

Slide-in shelf dividers transform one long shelf into organized segments for plates, bowls, baking sheets and more. Stand items upright to see everything at a glance.

Install Tiered Shelving

Tiered shelves double your storage capacity by utilizing vertical space. Split the cabinet into an upper and lower shelf for food items or cooking supplies.

Use Cabinet Door Storage

Hang mesh organizers or storage racks on the insides of cabinet doors to instantly create storage for spices, utensils, cans and other oft-used items.

Organize with Lazy Susans

Lazy susan turntables make items in corner cabinets and deep shelves easily accessible. Spinning trays keep everything visible and within reach.

Get Smart with Kitchen Drawers

Drawers tend to turn into black holes where tools and gadgets disappear never to be seen again. Use these tips to transform them into organized storage zones.

Divide Up Utensils

Use divider inserts to organize cooking utensils, cutting knives, serving spoons and spatulas. Specific spots for each item keeps drawers tidy.

Corral Spices & Condiments

Designate drawers for small items like spices, condiments and sauces. Vertical dividers keep everything visible and easy to grab.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Install cutlery dividers or utensil racks that store tools upright and double the storage capacity. See everything in one glance.

Separate Gadgets & Tools

Give gadgets like garlic presses, potato peelers and meat tenderizers their own divided drawer. Quickly access exactly what you need.

Get Clever with Blind Corner Cabinets

The blind corner cabinet is an awkward spot many homeowners don’t know how to tackle. But you can easily optimize this inefficient space.

Install Lazy Susans

Lazy susan trays are ideal for blind corner cabinets. Spinning shelves make items visible and prevent wasted space. Great for food staples or small appliances.

Use Vertical Storage

Installing vertical pull-out shelves that extend from the cabinet makes use of empty air space. Perfect for baking sheets, cutting boards or tall items.

Add Tiered Storage

Blind corner pull-out units with multiple angled tiers keep items separated and easy to see. Upper levels are great for small appliances or infrequently used items.

Embrace Custom Storage Solutions

Sometimes the storage options available at the hardware store just won’t solve your specific organizational challenges. This is when it pays to embrace custom solutions.

DIY Custom Shelving

With some basic tools, screws and ready-to-assemble parts, you can create shelving sized exactly for odd spaces. Customize as needed.

Have Shelving Built-In

Hire a carpenter to build customized cabinetry and shelving to your specifications. Though pricier, you get storage tailored to your space.

Repurpose Furnishings

Give kitchen furniture like hutches, antique cabinets and stands a new life as functional storage. Often cheaper than custom building.

Add a Kitchen Trolley

A rolling kitchen trolley with shelves and drawers can easily be moved around as portable storage. Use it as a handy serving cart or spice rack.

Organize with Easy Accessories

Accessorizing is not just for fashion. The right organizational add-ons can work wonders in your kitchen.

Use Under-Cabinet Holders

Spring-loaded, mounted holders keep cutting boards, cookie sheets and other flat items organized yet easily accessible. Great for tight spaces.

Hang Utensil Rails

Under-cabinet utensil rails utilize vertical space to store spatulas, ladles and spoons right where you need them. Keep countertops clear.

Mount Knife Strips

Knife strips that attach to walls or inside cabinet doors safely store sharp knives while freeing up drawer space. Keys hooks next to the range are handy for oven mitts.

Display with Plate Racks

Wire plate racks show off your best dinnerware while freeing up cabinet space. Great for vintage finds or handing down heirloom pieces.

Take Storage to the Next Level

Once you’ve tackled the common kitchen problem areas, it’s time to take your storage game to the next level.

Use Wasted Space Above Cabinets

Install shelves or cabinets right up to the ceiling to capitalize on wasted vertical storage space. Use for overflow or rarely used items.

Add a Spice Drawer Organizer

Include a dedicated spice drawer with separated compartments and tiny, customizable dividers. Keep spices and dried herbs orderly.

Incorporate Hidden Storage

Make use of dead space behind cabinets or appliances by having pull-out shelving installed. Hidden spots are great for small appliances.

Buy a Microwave Shelf

Microwave storage carts with shelves utilize wasted space above these appliances. Use it to store serving trays, cookbooks or decor.

Embrace Multi-Purpose Furniture

One way to add storage in a small kitchen is through furniture that serves many needs.

Use a Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman with a lift-up lid and shelf inside provides seating plus sneaky storage. Stash lesser used items inside.

Add a Storage Coffee Bar

A coffee bar cart or sideboard with interior shelves and drawers can corral coffee fixings while storing other items. Pull double duty.

Buy a Storage Cart

A utility cart or rolling island with storage cubbies, drawers and shelves can be used as a movable pantry packed with food staples.

Use a Hutch

A kitchen hutch or sideboard gives you upper storage for dishes and glassware. The bottom is great for cookbooks, linens and bulky gadgets.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

In small kitchens, you need to utilize every inch possible. This includes going vertical with walls.

Install Wall-Mounted Shelving

Floating wall-mounted shelves are great above countertops or the stove to display cookbooks, decor and frequently used gadgets.

Hang a Pot Rack

Ceiling-mounted pot racks create tons of space by getting bulky pots and pans off your shelves. Bonus – it also looks great!

Use Wall Hooks

Simple wall hooks allow you to hang utensil crocks, paper towel racks, tea towel rods and more. Utilize wall space over counters.

Go Floor to Ceiling

Maximize vertical storage by having floor to ceiling shelving built in. Creates huge hidden storage capacity.

Organize Inside Cabinets and Drawers

Getting the contents of your cabinets and drawers neatly arranged is key to an organized kitchen.

Categorize Like Items

Group together items that belong together – glasses, dinner plates, serving dishes, etc. Keeping similar items together makes sense.

Use Shelf Organizers

Insert adjustable shelf dividers, racks and small trays to create organized zones for food staples, cooking oils, cans, etc.

Utilize Vertical Space

Use vertical dividers, tiered shelving and door racks to take advantage of all the available space inside cabinets. Go up.

Control Clutter

Designate a few small drawers for odds and ends like plastic storage bags, foil, matches and batteries to keep these from cluttering up main storage.

Ask Yourself Key Questions

As you tackle your kitchen storage, asking yourself these key questions will help you problem-solve:

  • What are my most frustrating, disorganized spaces?
  • What areas or systems are working well that I should build on?
  • What spaces have I neglected or ignored that could be better utilized?
  • What organizational tools or systems could best help make the most of my layout?
  • What changes would make my day-to-day cooking easier?

Embrace Compact Storage Solutions

Small kitchens need smart storage space more than ever. You can work around limited room with these tips:

Use Sliding Drawers

Deep drawers that slide out fully are great substitutes for deep cabinets. Easy to access contents in back.

Install Pull-Out Shelving

Pull-out vertical shelves take advantage of all usable space from top to bottom. No more crawling into cabinets.

Buy Retractable Spice Racks

Spice racks that slide or retract out from inside a cabinet door keep spices handy while saving space.

Use Tiered Wall Racks

Multi-level, wall-mounted racks double your vertical storage. Great for canned goods, oils and small appliances.

Maintain Your Organization

No organizational scheme will stay perfect on its own. You need to put in regular maintenance to uphold the system.

Do Regular Decluttering

Re-evaluate kitchen contents every few months and get rid of unused, expired or unnecessary items taking up space. Donate or recycle.

Designate Homes for Everything

Put items back in their designated storage spots after using. No loose gadgets sitting on counters or tools left on stovetops.

Adjust Storage as Needed

If an area or system needs tweaking over time, make adjustments. Storage needs can change.

Do Seasonal Purges

Do a deep clean-out when switching cooking modes with the season. Toss or relocate bulky summer appliances not needed in winter.

Creative Storage Solutions for Tiny Kitchens

Tiny kitchens need really smart storage to stay functional. You can make the most of limited space with these creative solutions:

Use Space-Saving Appliances

Look into compact or space-saving appliance versions like slim dishwashers, tiny cooktops, and apartment-sized fridges to open up room.

Incorporate Multipurpose Furniture

Make items like rolling carts or storage ottomans serve multiple needs. Bonus furniture with storage built in.

Add Shelving Above Cabinets

Install floating shelving above cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Use the otherwise wasted space.

Go Vertical on Walls

Utilize vertical wall space with mounted railings, floating shelves and wall hooks. Get things up off counters.

Make Use of Hidden Storage

Tuck pull-out shelving and cabinets into “dead” space between studs or appliances. Every inch counts.

FAQs About Easy Kitchen Storage Fixes

What are some quick fixes to add more kitchen storage?

Some quick and easy storage fixes include installing shelf dividers, over-cabinet racks, spice drawer organizers, wall-mounted pot racks, or storage carts. Look for instant upgrades and organizers that slide right into existing cabinets and drawers to maximize the space.

Where can I find storage solutions for my small kitchen?

Home goods stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and The Container Store offer a variety of storage solutions for small kitchens. Look for space-saving racks, shelves, and drawers tailored to compact kitchens. Also check out Amazon for a wide selection of storage products with Prime shipping.

How can I add more kitchen storage without remodeling?

To add substantial storage without the cost of remodeling, look for furniture pieces that can serve multiple functions. An antique hutch or sideboard buffet provides both decor and ample storage. A kitchen cart with drawers and shelves can act as a movable pantry. Storage ottomans and benches provide bonus storage space.

What are some tips for organizing a kitchen pantry?

Some smart tips for organizing a kitchen pantry include using clear plastic bins to corral like items, installing extra adjustable shelving or wall racks, adding vertical bin dividers, placing spice racks on the inside of doors, and hanging small storage caddies. Getting everything visible and compartmentalized helps immensely.

Where are the best places to add more storage in a kitchen?

Some of the best spots to add storage include taking advantage of vertical wall space with floating shelves or mounted rails and hooks, fully utilizing interior cabinet space with dividers and racks, clearing counter clutter into storage carts with wheels, and capitalizing on wasted space above cabinets with mounted shelving.

Final Takeaways on Easy Kitchen Storage Fixes

With some creativity and the right organizational tools, even the most cramped, cluttered kitchen can be transformed into a functional space. Focus first on clearing out unused items and taking stock of problem zones. Then embrace solutions that maximize every inch, from installing pull-out cabinetdrawers to going vertical with floating shelves on walls. The simple act of compartmentalizing like items into bins and trays also works wonders. Remember that staying organized will require maintaining the system with regular decluttering and tweaking. But the effort pays off in a kitchen that is optimized for cooking efficiency and ease.