Bring the vibrant colors and laid-back vibe of the tropics into your home with these easy decorating ideas. Adding tropical accents is a fun way to add color and personality to any space.

Embrace Tropical Prints and Patterns

Nothing says tropical quite like palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, pineapple prints, and bold geometric patterns. Look for fabrics and soft furnishings featuring these prints to add an instant dose of the tropics.

  • Use tropical print pillows, throws, and area rugs to add pops of color and pattern.
  • Choose curtains, tablecloths, and upholstery in palm or banana leaf prints.
  • Find a shower curtain or bath mat with a bright floral or pineapple motif.
  • Bring in tropical accents through ceramic tableware and dishes with bold prints.

Mixing different tropical prints and colors creates a playful, vacation vibe.

Display Greenery and Botanicals

Houseplants are an easy way to channel tropical style at home. Lush, oversized tropical plants like monstera, philodendrons, palm trees, and banana trees evoke the greens of the jungle.

  • Place large statement plants in corner areas.
  • Cluster smaller potted greenery on shelves, windowsills, and plant stands.
  • Add a palm tree to a blank corner for dramatic height.
  • Style plants of varying heights and leaf shapes together for depth and interest.

Displaying greenery in unique vessels like woven baskets, ceramic pots, or macramé hangers enhances the tropical look.

Create a Cozy Indoor Seating Area

Transform any indoor space into a cozy tropical lounge area with just a few accessories.

  • Use rattan, wicker, or bamboo furniture for breezy style.
  • Layer in fluffy pillows with tropical print covers.
  • Add a jute or braided rug underfoot for texture.
  • Hang woven pendant lights overhead for a natural touch.
  • Place simple candle votives on side tables to set a relaxing mood.

This type of lounge seating creates the perfect indoor escape any time you need a tropical state of mind.

Make a Bold Statement with Wallpaper

Don’t overlook statement wallpaper as an instant way to add oversized tropical appeal. Look for wallpaper featuring palm fronds, jungle scenes, oversized hibiscus blooms, or banana leaf prints. Use it to cover a single accent wall or as a colorful backdrop in a powder room. The vivid colors and patterns make a striking visual impact.

Add Warm Wood Furniture and Accents

The natural look of wood complements the breezy tropical vibe. Incorporate furniture, decor accents, and architectural details in warm wood tones.

  • Use rattan or woven wood furniture like headboards, chests, chairs, and tables.
  • Display wood carvings, masks, and sculpture from tropical destinations.
  • Add wood-toned frames, mirrors, bowls, and vases as accents.
  • Incorporate wood architectural details like beams, panels, and trim for texture.

The warmth of wood feels beachy, relaxed, and organic.

Create a Faux Tropical Mural

If you can’t have palm trees and ocean views outside your window, create a faux scenic mural. Use removable wallpaper or large format artwork to cover a wall with visions of swaying palms, pristine beaches, or island paradise scenes. This instantly makes any space feel like a tropical escape.

Embrace the Breezy Tropical Lifestyle

The tropical design trend is about embracing easy, relaxed living in any climate. Keep your decorating approach flexible and fun. Layer in as many vibrant prints, verdant plants, and natural textures as you like. The mix of patterns, colors, and materials creates a playful, vacation vibe. Avoid overthinking the look and focus on creating your own personalized tropical oasis at home.

FAQ About Tropical Style Decorating

What colors work well in tropical decor?

Vivid shades like turquoise, teal, fuchsia, lime green, and sunny yellow capture the colors of the tropics. Natural hues like wood browns, greenery, and ocean blues also complement the look. Don’t be afraid to combine bright patterns and textures for exotic appeal.

What types of materials work best for the tropical look?

Natural materials like rattan, bamboo, jute, wood, and woven fibers embody the breezy, beachy vibe. Ceramic, wicker, and macramé add textural interest. lucite and acrylic furniture lends a breezy, retro accent.

How do I achieve a tropical look on a budget?

Focus on small accents like throw pillows, area rugs, prints, and greenery first. Wallpaper an accent wall or display a large piece of tropical art. Use a rattan side chair as a statement rather than a full furniture set. Add tension rods and inexpensive curtains.

How can I give my backyard a tropical feel?

Outdoor décor touches like bamboo fencing, citronella candles, string lights, and patio umbrellas set the mood. Add bright cushions to outdoor seating and use ceramic or wood planters and sculptures as accents. Plant palm trees, birds of paradise, and other tropical foliage.

What types of wallpaper work for tropical decor?

Look for removable wallpaper in vivid floral prints, oversized banana leaf patterns, palm fronds, pineapples, scenic murals, or colorful geometric prints. Grasscloth adds organic texture. Use it to cover a single accent wall or powder room.


Tropical style is about surrounding yourself with the breezy colors, prints, and textures of island paradises and bringing the relaxing atmosphere home. With just a few key accents like decorative greenery, rattan furniture, vibrant pillows, and statement wallpaper or artwork, you can easily transform your space. Embrace the spirit of tropical destinations by creating your own personalized island oasis. Focus on bright colors and natural materials to turn over a new tropical leaf in any indoor or outdoor living area.