Adding more storage to your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to gain storage is with wall-mounted baskets. These versatile baskets can be used to corral all sorts of bath and beauty essentials, helping to keep your vanity clutter-free. Here’s how to make the most of wall-mounted baskets for an organized, functional bathroom.

Selecting Baskets

When choosing wall-mounted baskets for your bathroom, you’ll first want to think about the storage needs you have. Consider how much you want to store in each basket and what types of items they will hold. Some key basket features to look for include:

  • Material – Wire, wicker, wood, plastic, and other materials all work well. Choose based on your aesthetic preferences and needs. Wire or mesh allow visibility of contents. Wicker and wood offer a more finished look. Plastic is water-resistant.
  • Size – Measure the area where you plan to mount the baskets. Opt for baskets that maximize the space without overwhelming it. Go taller for things like toilet paper and linens. Go wider for bath accessories.
  • Shape – Square or rectangular baskets maximize storage capacity. Round or oval baskets have a softer, more organic look.
  • Number of compartments – Multicompartment baskets allow you to organize different items. Single compartment baskets work well for bath linens and bulkier items.
  • Color/finish – Neutral colors like white, tan and brown blend in. Bold colors make a decor statement. Matte, gloss, distressed and other finishes allow customization.

Once you select the ideal baskets for your needs, it’s time to decide where to mount them.

Choosing Mounting Locations

Baskets can be mounted just about anywhere you have available wall space. Here are some of the top spots to consider:

Near The Vanity

Mounting baskets near your bathroom vanity provides storage right where you need it. Place them above, next to, or on either side of the vanity to keep daily essentials at your fingertips. Use for items like cosmetics, skin care products, hair styling tools, and more. Just be sure to measure carefully so the baskets don’t interfere with your mirror or light fixtures.

By The Toilet

While maybe not the most glamorous spot, baskets mounted near the toilet are super functional. Use them to store extra rolls of toilet paper, boxes of tissues, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, and other necessities. Opt for an opaque material like wicker if you want to conceal the contents.

In The Shower

Because they repel moisture, wire or plastic baskets are ideal for mounting inside the shower. Fill them with shampoos, soaps, loofahs, and other frequent shower items. Position the baskets for easy access from outside the shower as reaching inside will get them wet.

On Shelving Units

If you have open shelving in your bathroom, baskets make excellent accessories. They keep items corralled that might otherwise fall off the shelves. The combos of hard surfaces paired with softer basket textures also makes for nice aesthetic contrast.

Beside Interior Doors

Make use of narrow vertical spaces like the wall beside a door. Towering baskets filled with towels or other linens can be tucked perfectly here. Just be sure to measure the door clearance to allow it to fully open.

Above Cabinets

Another vertical space prime for baskets is above bathroom cabinets and counters. You can potentially stack multiple baskets depending on the height of your ceiling. Use them to store backup supplies of anything kept in the cabinets below.

With so many options, you’re sure to find a spot (or several) that works perfectly for your bathroom setup and storage needs!

Mounting Baskets Securely

Once you’ve mapped out the basket placement, it’s time for the fun part – mounting them up! Here are some tips for secure, successful installation:

  • Carefully measure and use painter’s tape to mark the exact mounting spot for each basket. Make sure any brackets or hardware will fit behind them.
  • Choose mounting hardware designed for the type of wall surface you have. Hollow drywall anchors work for drywall. Command strips are great for tile. Toggle bolts secure to lath and plaster walls.
  • Follow the mounting hardware instructions. This usually involves pre-drilling holes for anchors and screwing brackets into studs or anchors. Using a stud finder helps locate studs.
  • Make sure screws or toggle bolts are long enough to securely attach the baskets but not puncture through the wall surface.
  • Attach baskets to the brackets or hardware and double check that they are firmly fixed in place. Give them a gentle tug to test.
  • Use caution and be sure to avoid contact with any electrical wiring or plumbing hidden within walls.

With the right hardware and process, your baskets can be mounted securely in just about any bathroom. Take it slow and be methodical for best results.

Organizing Your Baskets

Now for the fun part – it’s time to organize all your bathroom items into your new storage baskets! Follow these tips for staying optimized:

  • Group like items together – put all hair care in one basket, skin products in another, etc.
  • Use compartmentalized baskets to separate items within categories.
  • Try to keep most-used items most accessible.
  • Maintain sight lines for visibility. Avoid overpacking baskets.
  • Use basket liners to corral small items like Q-tips, cotton balls or tiny tubes.
  • Label baskets if it’s not obvious what’s inside at a quick glance.
  • Replenish baskets as needed so they don’t appear empty when items run out.
  • Reorganize periodically if items shift around and create clutter again.
  • Limit yourself to the storage the baskets provide. Avoid overflow clutter around them.

Take the time to thoughtfully organize your wall-mounted baskets and you’ll be able to maintain a deceiving amount of bathroom storage!

Style Your Baskets Like A Pro

Wall-mounted baskets provide plenty of functional storage, but they also serve as part of your bathroom decor. Take these design tips so they complement your overall aesthetic:

  • Mix and match styles, shapes and materials for visual interest.
  • Repeat colors from your color scheme for a pulled together look.
  • Use baskets in place of standard wall art.
  • Pair with hanging greenery like ferns or vines.
  • Play with scale by mixing large and small baskets.
  • Layer open and closed baskets for depth.
  • Light them up with under cabinet lighting or sconces.
  • Incorporate baskets into cabinetry for integrated storage.
  • DIY paint or stencil patterns onto plain baskets.

Your baskets can be subtle or make a statement. Either way, they should blend in with your bathroom’s decor style when not just being purely functional.

Maintaining Your Baskets

The good news about wall mounted baskets is that they don’t require much for upkeep. Here are a few tips for keeping them looking their best:

  • Use baskets with drainage holes to prevent moisture build up. Tip to empty excess water.
  • Spot clean stains with a mild soap and water solution and a soft cloth.
  • For deeper cleaning, remove baskets and clean by hand or in the sink with mild detergent. Air dry.
  • Dust regularly with a lint-free cloth or soft brush attachment on a vacuum.
  • Check mounting hardware regularly to be sure baskets are securely attached and stable.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage or discolor basket finishes.

With occasional basic cleaning, your wall mounted baskets will maintain their good looks for many years. Be sure to enjoy the added bathroom storage they provide!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall-Mounted Bathroom Baskets

Wall-mounted baskets are a great way to add storage to your bathroom. Here are answers to some common questions about using them:

What size baskets should I get?

Measure your available space and purchase baskets to fit the area. Baskets come in a wide range of sizes from small to extra large. Opt for ones large enough to be useful but not overwhelm the space.

How high should I mount the baskets?

Mount most baskets 48-60 inches high for comfortable access. Place exceptionally large baskets lower and smaller baskets can go a bit higher. Just be sure you can easily reach inside.

What’s the best way to mount baskets in a tile shower?

For a tile shower wall, use a waterproof silicone adhesive or Command shower hooks. These won’t damage the grout like drilling.

How much weight can wall-mounted baskets hold?

It depends on the mounting hardware used and if attached to studs. Generally, plastic baskets hold up to 25 pounds each. Sturdier wood or metal could hold 50+ pounds if properly secured.

Can I mount baskets on drywall without finding studs?

Yes, using hollow drywall anchors like toggle bolts. But mounting into studs provides greater strength. Use anchors only when necessary. Follow weight limits.

What should I keep in my bathroom baskets?

Baskets are great for storing toiletries, bath towels and linens, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and anything else you use in the bathroom regularly. Group like items together.

How do I prevent moisture damage in my baskets?

Choose baskets made from materials like wire, plastic and wood that resist moisture. Ensure proper ventilation and drainage. Avoid overcrowding contents. Don’t allow puddling water.


With a variety of styles to choose from, it’s easy to add wall-mounted baskets anywhere in your bathroom. Place them strategically to corral all your bath essentials and keep daily items within reach. A few simple baskets can make a dramatic difference in keeping your bathroom neat and organized. Get creative with mounting placement and basket styling to maximize both form and function. In no time, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without these storage helpers!