Red is a bold, dramatic color that makes a statement in any space. When used in a bedroom, it can create an alluring, luxurious retreat. From rich crimson to candy apple red, there are many stunning shades to choose from. Here are 8 ravishing red bedroom ideas to spark your imagination.

Embrace Drama with a Red Accent Wall

Painting one wall red adds flair and visual interest to a neutral bedroom. It’s an easy way to add a pop of color without going overboard. Choose a rich shade like burgundy or oxblood for a glamorous look. Pair with metallic accents and dark wood furniture to enhance the drama. Keep bedding and other soft furnishings neutral to let the red wall shine.

Go for Classic Elegance with a Canopy Bed

A canopy bed framed with rich red curtains looks utterly romantic and elegant. Opt for a deeper shade like merlot or wine for a look that’s sophisticated, yet playful. Add lighter reds and creams in pillows, art and accessories to keep the look chic rather than themed. Crisp white bedding also helps give this bold classic a fresh, updated feel.

Create a Cozy Retreat with Red and Pink

Pairing red with pink creates a feminine, rosy bedroom retreat. Choose a lighter shade of red like cherry or apple red to prevent the space from feeling too dark. Then layer in blush pink linens, curtains, rugs and artwork. Keep other elements neutral for a calming ambiance. This color combo is perfect for romantics and vintage lovers.

Try a Red Settee or Velvet Chair

Bring in red through furniture rather than paint or wallpaper. A red velvet chair or settee makes a dramatic statement while still keeping the rest of the space neutral. Place it by the bed as a reading nook, or use it to create a cozy sitting area. Pair with wooden furniture and a fluffy white rug for a luxe feel. Accent with metallic details for extra glam.

Go for Eclectic Chic with a Red Headboard

Make the bed the focal point by outfitting it with a bold red upholstered headboard. Choose an ornate or tufted style for extra visual interest. Pair it with crisp white or black bedding to let the headboard take center stage. For an eclectic look, mix in unconventional nightstands, layered rugs and unique lighting. The red headboard will tie the varied elements together.

Choose Red Window Treatments

Outfit windows with eye-catching red drapes or roman shades to bathe the space in rich color. Pair with natural light wood furniture and a Few key metallic accents. Opt for a dynamic print featuring reds and neutrals to add liveliness and texture. Hang sheer white curtains underneath to soften the look and filter incoming light.

Go Monochromatic with All-Red Decor

For serious red-lovers, consider a head-to-toe monochromatic red scheme. Choose a few shades like crimson, cherry and burgundy and use them liberally on walls, bedding, furniture and accents. Add interest with a mix of textures like velvet, leather and linen. Keep the look elegant and glamorous by opting for darker muted reds over bright primary shades.

Use Red Florals and Botanical Prints

Floral prints featuring red roses, peonies or poppies add a dose of romance to a bedroom. They’re a great way to incorporate red in a softer, more feminine way. Look for large-scale floral wallpaper or bedding prints featuring reds and pinks. Accent with wood furniture and a few key metallic details for contrast. Florals feel both vintage and fresh when styled right.

FAQs About Decorating with Red

What are the different shades of red?

Some popular shades of red include crimson, scarlet, ruby, cherry, apple red, fire engine red, burgundy and wine. Deeper, darker reds like burgundy and merlot create an elegant, luxurious feel, while brighter reds like cherry and fire engine are bold and playful.

What colors go well with red in a bedroom?

Classic color pairings with red include white, black, gray, beige and other neutrals. Pink and red make a lively, feminine combination. Metallics like gold, silver and bronze also complement red nicely.

Is red too stimulating for a bedroom?

It depends on the shade. Bright, clear reds are very energizing and best for social spaces. However, muted, darker reds like burgundy and maroon have a cozy, relaxing effect perfect for bedrooms.

What kind of furniture works with a red bedroom?

Wood furniture in lighter finishes creates balance with a red color scheme. Metallic furniture and accents also pair nicely with red. For bed frames, darker woods as well as black or white work well.

How do I add just a touch of red to a bedroom?

There are many ways to incorporate a little red without going over the top. Try framing an accent wall with red trim molding, using a red velvet chair or stool, adding a red lampshade, or laying down a rug with red accents.

What are red color schemes called?

Some examples of red color schemes include:

  • Monochromatic red – varying shades like burgundy, crimson, ruby
  • Pink and red – blush pink with cherry or apple red
  • Red, white and blue – classic all-American palette
  • Red and metallic – red with gold, bronze or silver

How do I make a red bedroom feel relaxing?
Use muted, darker reds and limit bright reds to accents. Incorporate neutral elements like white bedding, wood furniture and natural fiber rugs. Add soft lighting and floral details for a cozy feel. Leave breathing room between furnishings and avoid clutter.


Red makes a gorgeous focal point in a bedroom when used thoughtfully. From dramatic accent walls to luxe upholstered headboards, a touch of red adds excitement and visual interest. Combining red with pink or metallic accents creates an elegant, glamorous retreat. Whether you go bold or subtle, red’s passion and allure can bring a dreamy intimacy and romanticism to your personal sanctuary. With so many ways to implement it, don’t be afraid to add a little red hot spice to your bedroom.