Orange is a bold, vibrant hue that can really make a statement in interior design. When used thoughtfully, orange can create stylish, inviting bedrooms that are full of energy and personality. From bright tangerine tones to softer peach shades, orange offers endless options to liven up your sleeping space.

In this article, we will explore six sensational ways to use orange hues for a stunning bedroom design. From accent walls to textiles, we will cover creative techniques to incorporate orange into your bedroom’s decor. With the right balance of colors and textures, orange bedrooms can feel warm, cozy, and full of character. Read on for inspiration to add a pop of citrus to your bedroom oasis!

Selecting the Right Orange for Your Bedroom

When using a bold color like orange, it is important to choose the right tone to suit your style and space. Here are some popular orange shades for bedrooms and how they can be utilized:

Burnt Orange – A darker, brown-tinged orange that creates a cozy and elegant look. Use it on an accent wall or bedding.

Peach – Much softer than true orange, peach can provide a romantic, feminine feel. Looks great on walls or used in floral prints.

Coral – A fun, punchy shade close to salmon or pink. Works well for accents like pillows, lamps, or rugs.

Tangerine – A true, bright orange that makes a strong, playful statement. Use sparingly on walls or bedding unless going for a very bold look.

Terracotta – Earthy with a red/orange tone. Perfect for a boho or rustic vibe on walls, textiles, or pottery accents.

Amber – A muted, golden orange. Use it for a soft, welcoming glow on walls or bedding.

Once you select the right shade, it is time to think about how to incorporate it into your bedroom’s design.

Using Orange as an Accent

One approach is to use orange as an accent rather than the main color. This allows you to add a pop of citrus without going overboard. Some ways to use orange as an accent include:

  • Paint one wall orange while keeping other walls a neutral tone
  • Choose orange bedding like sheets, duvet cover, blanket or pillows
  • Select orange curtains or use orange patterns on sheer drapes
  • Incorporate orange lamps, vases, candles or houseplants as pops of color
  • Add orange artwork, mirrors or other wall hangings
  • Use an area rug with orange tones
  • Display orange accessories like trays, tissue boxes or storage bins

By keeping orange to key accent pieces, you can balance it with more neutral elements for a cohesive look. The eye will be drawn to the orange accents as focal points against a calmer backdrop.

Making Orange the Star

For those who want orange to take center stage, there are also creative ways to give it starring roles:

  • Paint multiple walls or all walls orange
  • Select an orange headboard as the bed’s showstopper
  • Choose orange furniture like chairs, side tables or storage units
  • Layer orange bedding, pillows, blankets and throws for dramatic impact
  • Hang orange drapes as a bold framing device around windows
  • Incorporate orange into area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Showcase groupings of orange art, photos or decorative objects

When using orange so prominently, stick to one shade rather than clashing tones. Then layer in other oranges via accent pieces like bedding, mirrors and florals. Balance is key – add in plenty of white and natural wood tones so the space doesn’t become overwhelming.

Complementary Color Schemes

Orange can pop especially beautifully when paired with the right complementary hues. Some color combinations that work well in orange bedrooms include:

Orange and Blue – This vibrant combo evokes citrus fruits, sunshine and sea. Different shades like burnt orange and navy or peach and sky blue can look tailored and cheerful.

Orange and Green – Rusty terracotta with emerald accents gives off an earthy, Mediterranean vibe. Softer peach and sage make for a laidback look.

Orange and Pink – Coral and pink are natural complements, perfect for a girly, tropical feeling. Add touches of white for a beachy look.

Orange and Yellow – For serious zest, match bright tangerine and lemon accents. Amber and buttery yellows give off cozy sunset vibes.

Orange and Purple – Try rich eggplant and terracotta for a sophisticated, exotic look. Soft lilac and peach make an elegant, feminine statement.

Stylish Bedding Combos

Bedding is a great way to experiment with orange hues in the bedroom. Some chic combos include:

Tangerine sheets with navy duvet: This nautical look pops against white walls. Add metallics for sheen.

Peach duvet with floral sheets: Soft peach bedding feels fresh yet feminine. Pink or yellow floral sheets enhance the romantic vibe.

White duvet with orange striped sheets: Bold wide stripes in bright citrus colors make bedding the focal point. Keep walls and accessories neutral.

Orange and blue block print duvet set: This mod pattern in contrasting colors looks modern and fun. Continue the color scheme with decor accents.

Orange headboard wall with white bedding: Let the headboard be the star and keep bedding crisp and white to prevent overwhelm.

Burnt orange blanket and matching curtains: Cozy up the room by making bedding and window treatments one continuous orange statement.

Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions people have about decorating bedrooms with orange:

What colors go well with orange in a bedroom?
Blue, green, pink, yellow, and purple all complement orange nicely. Neutrals like white, beige, gray, and brown allow the orange to stand out.

Is orange too bold for a bedroom?
It can be if overdone. Use it sparingly or on accent walls to prevent overwhelm. Soft peach and amber oranges feel soothing rather than dramatic.

How do I keep an orange bedroom from feeling too busy?
Balance the orange with plenty of neutrals and natural materials like white walls/bedding and wood furniture. Keep additional patterns to a minimum and repeat orange through texture rather than adding more colors.

Can I use orange if my bedroom doesn’t get much natural light?
While bright sunlight makes the hue pop, softer tangerine and peachy shades can still work in darker rooms. Use plenty of lamp, sconce and natural lighting to make the space feel warm.

What flooring options work with an orange color scheme?
Wood flooring complements orange well, whether warm oak or rustic pine boards. You can also use tiles or patterned vinyl with orange accents to pull the color downward.

Is orange gender specific or suitable for all?
Orange works beautifully in kids’ or adults’ rooms regardless of gender. The shade you select can give off more feminine or masculine vibes but in general orange is very versatile.


Full of energy and boldness, orange can really liven up a sleepy bedroom. From fiery bright walls to punchy pops of tangerine in the decor, orange is a fun color choice. Just take care not to go overboard – balance the invigorating hue with cool tones and plenty of neutrals. With the right complementary color combinations and doses of moderation, an orange bedroom can feel welcoming, stylish and full of your personality. Sweet dreams in your new citrus oasis!