Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are a popular option for many homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens on a budget. RTA cabinets come pre-assembled in a flat pack, with all the necessary hardware and instructions included. This allows the homeowner to put the cabinets together themselves, saving on installation costs. Home Depot is one of the major retailers that sells RTA cabinets, offering a wide selection of styles and finishes at affordable price points.

Overview of RTA Cabinets

RTA cabinets provide an alternative to traditional custom-built cabinetry, which can be prohibitively expensive. With RTA cabinets, the cabinets are mass-produced offsite and shipped to retailers or directly to consumers. This allows manufacturers to streamline production and pass the cost savings on to the consumer.

Here are some key benefits of choosing RTA cabinets:

  • Cost Savings: RTA cabinets are up to 50% less expensive than custom cabinetry. Pre-assembled units keep labor costs low.
  • Convenience: All parts and hardware are included, allowing for easy assembly by the homeowner. Minimal tools are required.
  • Customization: RTA cabinets come in standard cabinet sizes but can be customized with finishes, hardware, and accessories.
  • Faster Installation: Since the cabinets ship pre-assembled, installation is faster than building custom cabinets onsite.

While RTA cabinets offer clear budget and convenience benefits, it is important to note that quality can vary substantially by manufacturer. Doing your homework is important to ensure you purchase durable and well-constructed cabinets.

RTA Cabinets at Home Depot

Home Depot carries a wide selection of RTA cabinets to suit any home improvement budget and style. Here are some of the key details about Home Depot’s RTA cabinet offerings:

Brand Selection

Home Depot sells RTA cabinets from leading brands like:

  • Hampton Bay: Home Depot’s in-house brand, lower cost.
  • Wellborn Cabinet: Made in the USA, mid-to-upper price range.
  • Martha Stewart Living: Designed finishes and hardware, mid-to-upper price range.
  • Decorá: European styling and finishes, premium RTA brand.
  • ShelfGenie: Custom pull-out shelf cabinets and organizers.

This extensive brand selection allows consumers to find the right balance of quality, features, and cost for their kitchen project. Wellborn, Martha Stewart, and Decorá offer more premium construction and looks while Hampton Bay is better for tight budgets.


RTA cabinets come in all the standard kitchen cabinet styles:

  • Shaker: Classic simple styling with recessed panel doors and drawer fronts.
  • Slab: Minimalist flat recessed cabinet door style.
  • Traditional: Raised or recessed panel doors and optional decorative molding.
  • Contemporary: Simple styling with straight lines and little ornamentation.
  • Cottage: Distressed paints and finishes. Beaded panels or arched doors.

Within those style families, Home Depot sells both full overlay and inset cabinet door designs in various wood types and colors. This diversity of door styles and finishes allows consumers to find cabinets to match their desired kitchen aesthetic.

Available Cabinet Types

Home Depot stocks all the essential cabinet types necessary for a full kitchen remodel:

  • Base cabinets
  • Wall cabinets
  • Sink base units
  • Pantry units
  • Islands
  • Peninsula cabinetry

They also sell specialty cabinetry like vanities, hutches, and laundry cabinets. With the wide range of cabinet types and configurations, full kitchen or bathroom remodels can be completed with RTA cabinetry.

Price Range

RTA cabinet prices at Home Depot typically range from $80-$400 per cabinet, with variations by size, construction, materials and features. Here are rough price ranges for Home Depot’s RTA brands:

  • Hampton Bay: $80-$200 per cabinet
  • Wellborn: $200-$400 per cabinet
  • Martha Stewart: $150-$350 per cabinet
  • Decorá: $250-$400+ per cabinet

To outfit an entire kitchen, total project costs with RTA cabinets from Home Depot can range from $2,000 on the very low end to $10,000+ for larger gourmet kitchens with premium cabinetry.

Benefits of Purchasing RTA Cabinets from Home Depot

Here are some of the biggest perks of choosing Home Depot for your RTA cabinet purchase:

Wide In-Stock Selection

Home Depot maintains enormous warehouse inventories and comprehensive selection of RTA cabinets across multiple brands. This makes it easy to find in-stock cabinets to fit your kitchen’s dimensions and layout.

Special Ordering Available

While Home Depot emphasizes in-stock cabinets, they have partnerships with brands like Wellborn to offer full custom cabinet ordering. This allows for specialized sizing or customization beyond the in-stock options.

Professional Installation

Home Depot offers professional RTA cabinet installation as an optional service. While most homeowners opt to DIY, installation can be added if the project is too complex or time consuming.

Accessible Support and Warranties

As a major retailer, Home Depot has readily available customer service and accessible support for any issues with cabinets or installation. Brand warranties are backed by Home Depot’s responsiveness.

Return Policy and Price Matching

Damaged or defective cabinets can easily be returned or exchanged. Home Depot also price matches with local competitors, guaranteeing you get competitive RTA cabinet pricing.

Key Considerations When Purchasing RTA Cabinets

While RTA cabinets offer value and convenience, there are some key considerations as you evaluate purchasing options:

  • Quality inspections – Carefully check for any damage, improper fit or finish flaws. Also inspect hardware quality.
  • Hidden costs – Beyond the cabinet cost, factor in expenses for new countertops, installation tools, hardware, delivery fees, etc.
  • Installation time – Hanging wall cabinets and precise installation and leveling takes time and patience. Don’t underestimate the installation hours.
  • Weight limitations – Confirm your floor can handle the load of multiple heavy base and wall cabinets, especially upper stories.
  • Appliance and sink clearances – Ensure the cabinet configurations and dimensions properly fit around appliances, plumbing and electrical.

Taking the time to carefully plan and measure your kitchen layout will ensure success with your RTA cabinet installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Home Depot sell RTA cabinets online or in stores only?

Home Depot sells RTA cabinets both on their website and in retail stores across the country. You can purchase online for delivery or buy in-store.

Do RTA cabinets from Home Depot come assembled or flat-pack?

RTA kitchen cabinets are sold flat-packed. The cabinets ship disassembled with detailed installation instructions and hardware included. You assemble the cabinets yourself.

What are typical lead times for Home Depot RTA cabinets?

For in-stock cabinets, you can take cabinets home same day. If ordering custom sizes, lead time is typically 2-4 weeks for production and shipping.

Does Home Depot include countertops with RTA cabinet packages?

No, you’ll need to source countertops separately or do separate installation. Many homeowners opt for DIY materials like butcher block, laminate or IKEA quartz.

Can Home Depot modify cabinet sizes if needed?

While modifications are limited with stock cabinets, Home Depot partners like Wellborn Cabinet offer semi-custom sizing at an additional cost during ordering.


Ready-to-assemble cabinets offer homeowners an affordable and customizable kitchen cabinet option. With its extensive selection of RTA cabinet brands and styles, Home Depot is a popular retailer for purchasing quality kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Careful shopping and inspection of RTA cabinet materials and finishes is advised. But with smart planning, you can execute a beautiful DIY kitchen remodel with great savings using Home Depot RTA cabinets.