JSI Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) cabinets are a popular choice for many homeowners and contractors looking for an affordable and customizable cabinetry option. One of the key features that sets JSI RTA cabinets apart is the inclusion of optional hidden cabinet cams. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether JSI RTA cabinets have cams and the advantages they provide.

An Overview of JSI RTA Cabinets

JSI is a leading manufacturer of RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) cabinets, proudly made in the USA. Their cabinets ship flat-packed with all the pieces and hardware included, allowing for easy assembly. JSI offers a wide selection of cabinet sizes, finishes, and storage options across multiple door styles.

Some key benefits of choosing JSI RTA cabinets include:

  • Cost Savings: RTA cabinets are generally 20-50% lower in price than comparable pre-assembled cabinetry. There are no shipping costs for bulky pre-assembled cabinets.
  • Convenience: The cabinets ship flat-packed for easy transport and assembly. JSI provides detailed instructions for straightforward assembly.
  • Customization: RTA cabinets can be modified and customized in numerous ways since they ship disassembled. Custom finishes, accessories, and configurations allow you to create your ideal kitchen.
  • Quality Materials: JSI uses high-quality plywood boxes, solid wood doors and drawers, soft-close door hinges, and durable finishes. Their RTA cabinets are built to last.

The Benefit of Hidden Cabinet Cams

One of the most unique features of JSI RTA cabinets is the optional built-in hidden cabinet cams. A cam is the rotating piece attached to the cabinet door that enables it to open and close smoothly.

Here are some of the benefits that cam hardware provides:

  • Enhanced Convenience: Cams allow cabinet doors to fully clear the cabinet frame, enabling unfettered access to the contents without interference. This is especially helpful for corner cabinets or cabinets with deep shelves.
  • Smooth Motion: The rotating action of the cam allows the cabinet door to open effortlessly without any jerky motion or scraping against the frame. Doors glide smoothly open and closed.
  • Easy Adjustments: Cams include adjustable screws that allow fine-tuning of the door position and range of motion. This allows perfect door alignment.
  • Visual Appeal: Hidden cams contribute to a clean, seamless look on the cabinet interior. You don’t see any unsightly hinges or hardware – just a flush uniform interior.

Advantages of JSI’s Hidden Cabinet Cams

JSI RTA cabinets come equipped with top quality hidden cams for doors and drawers (optional upgrade). Here are the notable benefits of JSI’s hidden cabinet cams:

Concealed Hardware

JSI’s hidden cams are fully concealed when the cabinet doors and drawers are closed. This gives the cabinet interior and exterior a smooth, seamless appearance without any visible hardware. Thec lean look is great for contemporary, modern kitchen designs.

Tight Seal

Since no hardware pieces protrude, cabinet doors form an airtight seal when closed. This prevents dust buildup inside cabinets and functions well in corners where two cam doors meet.


The heavy-duty metal materials and robust build quality of JSI cams provide lifelong functionality. They undergo extensive testing to withstand frequent use without fail.

Smooth Operation

Nylon rollers integrated into the cams roll smoothly for effortless opening/closing of doors and drawers. Doors glide gently without friction or jarring motions.

Easy Installation

JSI provides the cams pre-attached to cabinet doors and drawers for quick foolproof installation. Simply attach the cabinet boxes, adjust the cams, and you are done.

Versatile Placement

Since the cams are hidden, they can be used on cabinets doors and drawers placed throughout the kitchen – not just empirically on corner cabinets.

Do All JSI RTA Cabinets Have Cams?

Cams are an optional upgrade on JSI RTA cabinets – they do not come standard on all cabinet boxes. Here are some key notes about JSI cabinet cams:

  • Default Equipment: Regular JSI RTA cabinets include visible hinges/knobs. Cams are an upgraded option.
  • Upcharge for Cams: Selecting hidden cams will incur an additional cost over standard cabinets. Price varies based on quantity.
  • Ideal for Certain Cabinets: While cams can be installed anywhere, they work especially well on corner cabinets, deep pantry pull-outs, and lazy susans.
  • Euro Overlay Doors: JSI Euro style overlay doors are designed to work seamlessly with hidden cams.
  • Larger Cabinets Recommended: Using cams on larger cabinet doors (30+ inches wide) ensures smooth motion. Smaller doors function fine with standard hinges.
  • Available Separately: Cams can be purchased separately for custom use, even if initially ordered without cams.

If cams specifically for corner cabinets or kitchen-wide use are desired, be sure to select this upgrade when first ordering JSI RTA cabinets.

Are Cams Necessary for Corner Cabinets?

Corner cabinets require specialized hardware to ensure doors can fully swing open without obstruction from walls or other doors. While not mandatory, installing cams on corner cabinets has notable benefits:

Maximize Space

Cams allow corner cabinet doors to open wider to a near 180 degree angle, utilizing all available space in the corner. Contents are more accessible.

Smooth Operation

The rotational movement provided by cams lets doors clear each other and open/close without friction. Hinges can jam in corners.

Enhanced Appearance

The clean, seamless look provided by hidden cams looks more visually appealing than unsightly exterior hinges on corners.

Versatile Door Sizes

Corner cams accommodate a wide range of door widths and sizes. Odd sized doors due to angled walls can be used.

While visible hardware like hinges can technically be installed on corner cabinets, cams optimize functionality and aesthetics. The minimal upcharge makes them a wise long-term investment for trouble-free corner cabinets.

What Are Some Alternatives to Cams?

While cams are the top choice for concealed cabinet hardware, there are some alternative options to consider:

  • Visible Hinges: Standard exterior hinges allow doors to open ~90-110 degrees. More affordable than cams but not as smooth or discreet.
  • Folding Hinges: Allow ~120 degree swing but take up interior space. Marginally smoother than fixed hinges.
  • Soft-Close Hinges: Self-closing hinges dampen sound/vibration but don’t increase swing or conceal hardware.
  • Pocket Hinges: Hardware slides into door edges, but not fully hidden. Pricier and less heavy-duty than cams.
  • Sliding Doors:Door slides side-to-side into cabinet instead of swinging out. Limited access to interior and hardware still visible.

For most applications, investing a little more for high-quality hidden cams pays dividends for lifetime smooth performance and visual appeal. They are the best choice for corner cabinets.

Installation Tips and Tricks for JSI Cabinet Cams

Installing aftermarket cams on JSI RTA cabinets is straightforward for DIYers with some basic tips:

  • Use the manufacturer supplied template for ideal cam positioning. Follow manual instructions closely.
  • Take care not to overtighten cam screws. Snug is sufficient to keep securely mounted without stripping.
  • Test cam swing direction to ensure doors will clear adjacent surfaces like walls or other doors.
  • If doors don’t align evenly, make small adjustments to the adjustable cam mounting plates.
  • Ensure the nylon cam rollers slide smoothly along the cam base. Lubricate with silicone spray if needed.
  • Make final door adjustments after installation. Cams allow easy alignment tweaks even after mounting.
  • Consider installing damping pads inside doors to prevent bouncing against the cabinet frame.

With proper installation and periodic cleaning/lubrication, JSI’s durable cams will provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Are There Any Downsides to Cams?

While cams provide numerous benefits, there are a few potential downsides to consider as well:

  • Added Cost – Cams are pricier than standard visible hinges, so factor in the upgrade expense.
  • Limited Adjustability – The rotation range cannot be tweaked as much as adjustable hinges.
  • Door Weight Limitations – Heavier solid wood doors may require added reinforcement.
  • No Soft-Close – Cams do not have self-closing action like some advanced hinges.

However, for most applications, the benefits of cams easily outweigh the downsides. The convenience and seamless look cams provide are worth the modest additional investment.

FAQs About JSI Cabinet Cams

Q: Do cams work on all cabinet configurations?

A: Cams work on almost all standard cabinet setups. They accommodate a wide range of door sizes, depths, and weights. Cams are ideal for corner cabinets, deep pantries, appliance garages, and other specialized configurations.

Q: Can I install cabinets without cams first and add cams later?

A: Yes, cams are sold separately by JSI and can be retrofitted to existing cabinet installs. The cabinets must have overlay doors for the proper reveal.

Q: How durable are JSI cabinet cams?

A: JSI cams are constructed from solid steel and engineered nylon for maximum longevity. They are cycle tested past normal usage limits to ensure decades of flawless operation.

Q: Do the cams require any maintenance?

A: JSI recommends periodically cleaning the cams and lubricating the nylon rollers with silicone spray for ideal smoothness. Beyond that, they are maintenance-free.

Q: Can JSI cabinets accommodate glass doors with cams?

A: Tempered glass cabinet doors work seamlessly with JSI cams due to the concealed mounting. Screw holes are hidden from view by the glass.


In conclusion, JSI’s high-quality hidden cabinet cams provide huge benefits for functionality, aesthetics, and convenience on RTA cabinets. While not standard, they are an excellent upgrade option, especially for corner cabinets or kitchen-wide discreet hardware. With easy DIY installation and lasting durability, JSI cams are a smart long-term investment that homeowners will appreciate for years to come. Consider choosing this innovative cabinet hardware for your next kitchen project.