Lowe’s offers a wide selection of stock, semi-custom, and full-custom cabinetry to meet the needs of any kitchen or bathroom remodel. When it comes to assembly, Lowe’s provides both ready-to-assemble (RTA) and pre-assembled cabinet options. Here’s an overview of Lowe’s cabinet offerings and whether they come as RTA or pre-assembled.

An Introduction to Lowe’s Cabinet Options

Lowe’s carries cabinetry from top brands including KraftMaid, Aristokraft, Diamon At Lowes, Allen + Roth, Hampton Bay, and more. They offer the following main cabinet lines:

  • Stock cabinets – Offered fully assembled or as RTA, Lowe’s stock cabinetry provides a budget-friendly solution featuring standard cabinet sizes and configurations. Brands include Hampton Bay and Diamon At Lowes.
  • Semi-custom cabinets – With modifications to sizing, storage, and design, semi-custom cabinets add flexibility. Brand options consist of Aristokraft, KraftMaid, and Allen + Roth.
  • Full-custom cabinets – For a fully customized cabinetry solution, Lowe’s also partners with MasterBrand Cabinets to offer made-to-order cabinetry with endless customization.

So do all of these Lowe’s cabinetry options come ready-to-assemble? The answer depends on the specific product line.

Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets at Lowe’s

Many of the cabinet options at Lowe’s are available in a ready-to-assemble format, including:

  • Hampton Bay Stock Cabinets – The majority of Hampton Bay stock cabinetry comes as ready-to-assemble. This includes all shaker-style, recessed panel, and raised panel options. Hampton Bay assembled stock cabinets are limited to a few door styles.
  • Diamon At Lowes Stock Cabinets – All Diamon At Lowes stock cabinets come as DIY ready-to-assemble. No pre-assembled options are available.
  • Allen + Roth Semi-Custom – The entire Allen + Roth mid-priced semi-custom line is sold as ready-to-assemble cabinets.
  • KraftMaid Select Semi-Custom – KraftMaid’s Select Series comes as RTA cabinetry with the flexibility of semi-custom sizing and storage.
  • Full-Custom MasterBrand Cabinets – Even Lowe’s made-to-order custom cabinets come ready for homeowner assembly.

So in summary, if you choose stock cabinets or semi-custom from Allen + Roth or KraftMaid Select, your Lowe’s cabinetry will arrive ready for you to put together yourself. Only some specialty assembles or full-custom orders may come pre-assembled.

Pre-Assembled Cabinet Options

While the majority of Lowe’s cabinetry comes RTA, they do offer some pre-assembled options, primarily with these product lines:

  • KraftMaid Vantage Semi-Custom – KraftMaid’s mid-level semi-custom line comes fully assembled with professional KraftMaid installation included.
  • Aristokraft Semi-Custom – Aristokraft Signature Series semi-custom cabinets arrive assembled with optional Lowe’s installation services.
  • Hampton Bay Assembled Stock – A handful of Hampton Bay stock cabinet options are available pre-assembled to take home the same day.
  • Diamon At Lowes Assembled Stock – A very limited number of Diamon At Lowes stock cabinet door styles come pre-assembled.

So unless you choose the specific pre-assembled cabinet lines outlined above, your Lowe’s cabinets will arrive ready for DIY assembly. The benefit of RTA cabinetry is the cost savings from shipping cabinets flat-packed. The downside is assembling cabinets yourself.

RTA Assembly Tips

When taking on a DIY ready-to-assemble cabinet installation, keep these tips in mind:

  • Carefully review included instructions before starting. Also watch online assembly videos for guidance.
  • Assemble one cabinet fully before moving onto additional units. This allows you to identify any issues early.
  • Have an assistant. Large cabinets and units require two people to align and fasten properly.
  • Use provided cabinet hardware. Screws and fasteners are designed specifically for RTA assembly.
  • Work on a smooth, clean surface with plenty of space. Don’t assemble cabinets directly on the floor.
  • Use a rubber mallet to gently tap cabinets together and ensure a tight fit.

With proper assembly, you can get professional-quality results from the convenience and affordability of Lowe’s ready-to-assemble cabinets. Take time to carefully put together each unit, and your new RTA cabinetry will last for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lowe’s RTA Cabinets

Does Lowe’s offer ready-made cabinets?

While the majority of Lowe’s cabinets come RTA, they do have some pre-assembled options in stock. This includes certain Hampton Bay stock cabinet styles and specialty Diamond At Lowe’s door designs. KraftMaid Vantage and Aristokraft Signature semi-custom lines also come installed.

What cabinet brands does Lowe’s have ready-to-assemble?

Popular ready-to-assemble cabinet brands at Lowe’s include Hampton Bay, Diamon At Lowes, Allen + Roth, KraftMaid Select, and MasterBrand for full custom. Nearly all of these lines come RTA.

Do Lowe’s custom cabinets come assembled?

Even Lowe’s made-to-order custom cabinets through MasterBrand Cabinets come ready for the homeowner to assemble. All Lowe’s cabinetry is designed for affordability, and RTA helps keep costs down.

Should I assemble cabinets myself?

If you’re reasonably handy and have some DIY experience, RTA cabinet assembly can be managed by homeowners. But it’s important to carefully follow instructions and have an assistant for large cabinets. Unfamiliar DIYers may prefer pro installation.

How much savings do RTA cabinets provide?

RTA cabinetry can cost 25-50% less than comparable pre-assembled cabinets. Savings come from lower shipping costs and passing assembly labor onto the customer. But you take on the assembly work.


When shopping at Lowe’s, most cabinet options come ready-to-assemble, including Hampton Bay stock, Allen + Roth semi-custom, and KraftMaid selections. Only some specialty pre-assembled stock cabinets and higher-tier semi-custom brands come fully assembled. With smart DIY skills or pro help, RTA cabinetry offers an affordable and customizable Lowe’s cabinet solution. Carefully follow assembly instructions for successful results.