The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. It’s where we gather to cook, eat, and spend time with loved ones. With so much activity centered around the kitchen, it makes sense that people want this space to not only function efficiently but also look its best. One element that can really make or break the aesthetic of a kitchen is how supplies and small appliances are stored and displayed. So what’s trending right now in kitchen organization? Should you tuck everything away in cabinets or proudly put it all on display? Let’s explore the pros, cons, and best practices for displaying – or not displaying – kitchen supplies.

To Display or Not to Display – Factors to Consider

When deciding whether or not to showcase your kitchen tools and gadgets, there are a few key factors to weigh:

Aesthetic Preferences

This is hugely personal and variable. Some people love the clean, decluttered look of a kitchen where everything is stashed behind closed doors. Others find visual interest in seeing collections of cookware and small appliances out on open shelves. There’s no right or wrong – it all comes down to personal taste.

Kitchen Size & Layout

The dimensions and workflow of your space should inform your organizational choices. A spacious kitchen with room for open shelving will offer more display options compared to a cozy galley layout.

Frequency of Use

Items you use all the time are better candidates for display than specialty gadgets that rarely get pulled out. Frequently used supplies are more convenient when kept visible and within arm’s reach.

Household Demographics

If you have small children or pets, you may want to minimize what’s out on display to avoid constant reorganization. Open shelving also requires more frequent dusting.

Pros of Displaying Kitchen Supplies

Despite some potential drawbacks, there are definite perks to giving your kitchen tools and appliances the spotlight:

Enhances Decor

Tastefully displayed kitchenware adds visual interest and personality to your decor. Groupings of coordinated items in a mix of textures and colors can look artful and inviting.

Easy Accessibility

When go-to gadgets and supplies are displayed near prep and cooking areas, they become more convenient to access while you’re in the flow of cooking. No more rummaging through drawers and cabinets mid-recipe!

Encourages Organization

When you can see everything out in the open, it motivates you to keep things neater and makes it quicker to put items away. Hidden messes are more likely to accumulate inside closed cabinets.

Sparks Joy

For some people, appreciating their collection of kitchen tools and cookware brings genuine joy and pride. Displaying meaningful items can create an uplifting, motivational environment.

Ease of Inventory

At a glance, you can take stock of what supplies you’re running low on or what new items you need. As opposed to cabinets where things get lost in the void.

Cons of Displaying Kitchen Supplies

On the flip side, putting your kitchen wares front and center does come with a few potential cons to evaluate:

Clutter & Visual Noise

Too many items on display can start to look chaotic and distracting. Maintaining a thoughtful, curated look requires discipline.

Dust Magnet

When items are out in the open, they require more frequent dusting and cleaning to keep your kitchen looking fresh.

Safety Issues

Hot cookware pulled straight from the oven or stove could pose a hazard if placed near counter edges.

Lack of Storage Space

If supplies and appliances claim prime real estate in your kitchen, you lose cabinet and drawer space for storage.

Pet or Child Access

Little fingers that can grab items off low or open shelves make display more challenging in family-friendly kitchens.

7 Tips for Displaying Kitchen Supplies

If you decide displaying kitchen tools and gadgets suits your space and style, here are some pro tips for doing it successfully:

1. Edit & Curate

Focus on showcasing your favorites or most-used items. Avoid cramming shelves full or creating clutter.

2. GroupFunctionally

Arrange items thoughtfully by usage – utensil crocks near the prep space, baking essentials by the mixer, etc.

3. Harmonize Style

Tie collections together with coordinated colors, textures, or themes. Repetition creates cohesion.

4. Use Bookends

Place decorative bookends at each end of a shelf or row of items to contain the look.

5. Try Risers

Elevate part of a collection on risers for added visual interest and dimension.

6. Light It Up

Use lighting like puck lights or under-cabinet lighting to spotlight favorite displays.

7. Label Creatively

Share what’s what with fun, decorative labels for added whimsy. Try etching, chalkboard signs, or printed tags.

5 Ideas for Open Kitchen Storage

Assuming you have the space, open shelving offers prime real estate for displaying your kitchen wares. Beyond the basic wall-mounted shelf, here are some more unique ways to showcase supplies:

Floating Shelves

Mount staggered floating shelves at varying heights to build your display. Mix materials like wood, metal, and glass for eclectic style.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder-style shelving leans against the wall for a casual, space-saving option. Great for a farmhouse or rustic aesthetic.

Glass-Front Cabinets

Best of both worlds! Glass-front cabinets keep contents dust-free but still let you view your collections.

Niche Shelving

Take advantage of that awkward nook or cranny and turn it into a custom built-in display. Great for showing off chic barware.

Window Shelving

Turn a sunny window into a display space by adding floating shelves. Perfect for showing off vivid cookware and accents.

Creative Ideas for Displaying Specific Kitchen Supplies

Beyond general storage options, certain kitchen supplies lend themselves especially well to decorative display. Get inspired by these ideas:


  • Stack plates and bowls on a wall-mounted plate rack near the dining table. Coordinate colors for a rainbow effect.
  • Display collectible dishes or heirloom china in a glass-front cabinet to protect it. Angle plates and teacups for better visibility.


  • Use wooden bookends to neatly contain rows of favorite cookbooks on open shelves. Organize by cuisine or color.
  • Lean a ladder against the wall to hold cookbooks. Place some upright and lay others flat for variation.


  • Display utensils in fun crocks, jars, or cans on the countertop. Sort by type or mix it up.
  • Hang utensils from magnetic strips or wall-mounted hooks near your prep zone. Group by usage.


  • Store tea tins or coffee bags in clear glass apothecary jars. Attach chalkboard labels.
  • Arrange a tea bag organizer inside a cabinet with glass doors to showcase your collection.


  • Pour olive oils and vinegars into clear glass cruets on a small shelves or wall-mounted rack.
  • Use an over-the-door rack inside a cabinet to neatly store oil and vinegar bottles.

Displaying Small Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen electrics like mixers, blenders, toasters and more can be difficult to stow. But they deserve some good-looking display options too!

Small Appliance Garage

Convert a base cabinet into an appliance garage with hook racks, shelves, and other specialty inserts to hold and hide appliances when not in use.

Countertop Organization

Keep gadgets plugged in and ready to use on the countertop. Contain the look with trays, baskets, or other decorative accents.

Open Shelving

Incorporate small appliances onto open shelves in your display. Try risers or tiered shelving to spotlight them.

Counter Extension

Create more surface area and define workspace zones with a countertop extension piece like a butcher block cart or island. Great for housing bulky appliances.

Under Cabinet Ledges

Install metal utility ledges or custom wood shelves under wall cabinets to neatly store and display smaller appliances while freeing up counter space.

Displaying Kitchen Supplies with Style

Turning your kitchen tools, gadgets, and dinnerware into an artful display just takes some editing, organization, and styling. Aim for a look that feels curated yet accessible. The options are endless, so tap into your creativity and have fun showing off functional items in an aesthetic way. With the right approach, displaying your kitchen supplies can be hot in both form and function!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some pros of displaying kitchen supplies?

Some pros of displaying kitchen supplies include enhanced decor, easier accessibility, improved organization, added joy, and easier inventory management. Displaying frequently used items makes them convenient to access when cooking.

What are some cons to displaying kitchen supplies?

Potential cons include clutter, the need for more frequent dusting and cleaning, safety issues if hot items are placed near counter edges, lack of storage space, and possible access by children and pets.

How can I display kitchen supplies successfully?

Tips for successful display include curating and editing items mindfully, grouping functionally, harmonizing style, using bookends and risers, proper lighting, and creative labeling. Focus on your most used and beloved items.

What are some creative ideas for displaying specific supplies?

Get creative with dishware displays using plate racks, cookbook ladders, utensil crocks, hanging mugs, apothecary jars for coffee and tea, cruets for oils and vinegars, and more. Coordinate by color, texture, or theme.

How can I stylishly display small kitchen appliances?

Dedicated appliance garages, countertop organization trays, open shelving, counter extensions, and under-cabinet ledges or shelves are great options for neatly showcasing small appliances while keeping counter space usable.

Final Thoughts on Displaying Kitchen Supplies with Style

The age-old debate of hiding versus displaying kitchen items relies on personal preferences. While open storage increases visibility and access, it also requires more diligent organization. Closed cabinets offer tidy storage but lose the decorative impact. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong playing to your space and style. Fitting small appliances and cookware into the overall aesthetic is very satisfying. With a little creativity, your kitchen supplies can be both beautifully displayed and highly functional.