Microwave drawers have become an increasingly popular kitchen appliance in recent years, offering a convenient and space-saving alternative to traditional countertop microwaves. Here we will explore the unique benefits microwave drawers provide and why more and more homeowners are choosing them for their kitchens.

Convenience and Ergonomics

One of the biggest advantages of microwave drawers is the convenience they offer. Built right into cabinetry at countertop level, microwave drawers provide easy access without having to reach up or bend down. This makes them ideal for those who have mobility issues or can’t easily use a standard microwave over the stove or countertop.

Microwave drawers also promote better ergonomics in the kitchen. There is no heavy lifting of hot food up and out of the microwave above your head. Food can be safely and easily slid in and out at countertop level. This reduces strain on your back, arms and shoulders. For those who frequently reheat meals or cook in the microwave, a drawer style can make the process much easier on your body over time.

Space Saving Design

Microwave drawers are designed to tuck away under the counter, completely freeing up countertop space. For small kitchens, this can make an enormous difference in your available working area. Even in larger kitchens, the space saved by a microwave drawer can allow for extra counter space for meal prep or appliances.

Some homeowners install microwave drawers in kitchen islands or peninsulas. This allows for even more functionality in the island by freeing up space for an additional sink, cooktop, prep area or storage. Built in microwave drawers maximize every inch of your valuable real estate in the kitchen.

Integrated, Hidden Look

In addition to saving space, microwave drawers also provide a streamlined, integrated appearance. With the entire appliance hidden away under the counter, the result is a clean, seamless look in your kitchen design. This integrated look can make kitchens appear larger and more open.

For those who want a minimalist, contemporary style kitchen, a microwave drawer can provide that hidden, clutter-free appearance. The control panel and door handle are designed to subtly blend in with cabinetry as well. Microwave drawers truly disappear when not in use.

Advanced Microwave Technology

Today’s microwave drawers offer the same advanced cooking technology found in countertop models. You’ll find options like sensor cooking, multiple power levels, turntables and pre-programmed settings. Features that automatically adjust time and power based on the food you are cooking result in very even, consistent heating.

Many new microwave drawers also have convection cooking capabilities. This allows you to roast, broil or bake small items right in the drawer. Convection microwaves offer added versatility, functioning as a small oven when needed.

Considerations Before Installation

There are a few things to keep in mind before installing a microwave drawer in your kitchen. Proper measurements are important to ensure good clearance and ventilation. Microwave drawers require a minimum width of 15 inches but ideally need 24-30 inches for full door clearance.

Consider electrical requirements as well. An outlet will need to be installed near the drawer unit. It’s wise to consult with both an appliance specialist and an electrician before purchasing.

While microwave drawers have become much more affordable in recent years, they still carry a higher price tag than countertop models. Homeowners should weigh the initial cost versus the long-term convenience a drawer provides.

Overall, for those seeking a streamlined look and greater functionality in the kitchen, a microwave drawer can be an excellent addition. Taking the time to measure properly and install correctly will ensure you enjoy all the benefits for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microwave Drawers

What are the benefits of a microwave drawer?

Some key benefits include convenience, ergonomics, space-saving design, an integrated look, and access to the same advanced microwave cooking technology as countertop models. They provide easy access without bending or reaching up high.

Are microwave drawers expensive?

Microwave drawers typically range from $500-$1500 which is more expensive than most countertop models. However, many homeowners find the convenience and space-saving design worthwhile.

How much clearance do you need for a microwave drawer?

A minimum clearance of 15 inches is recommended but 24-30 inches is ideal for full drawer access. Measure carefully to make sure you have enough space.

Can you put a microwave drawer in any cabinet?

Microwave drawers need a supporting cabinet like a base cabinet. They cannot be installed into a wall cabinet. Proper ventilation is important so do not fully enclose the drawer.

Do microwave drawers require special installation?

Yes, you will need to have an outlet installed in the base cabinet before the drawer unit can be put in. It is wise to consult with an appliance specialist and electrician.

What size microwave drawer should I get?

Common microwave drawer sizes are between 1.5 and 2.0 cubic feet. Consider what you typically cook and choose accordingly. Larger drawers can accommodate more substantial dishes.

Can I put a microwave drawer in an island or peninsula?

Yes, installing a drawer in an island is a great way to free up even more counter space. Just be sure there is adequate room for ventilation in the island cabinetry.

Discover the Unique Benefits of Microwave Drawers

Microwave drawers are revolutionizing kitchen design by offering hidden convenience and a range of unique benefits. From ergonomic access to space-saving integration, microwave drawers provide homeowners with an advanced cooking option. If designed and installed properly, a microwave drawer can greatly enhance your kitchen’s form and function for years to come. Taking the time to measure carefully and understand clearance needs will ensure you fully enjoy this modern appliance in your home.