Summer is the perfect time to add pops of bold, bright color to your home’s decor. And what better way to do that than by looking to sherbet hues for inspiration? Sherbet colors are those sugary shades like lemon, lime, orange, raspberry, and blueberry that evoke memories of childhood trips to the ice cream parlor. Embracing these playful pastels can help beat the summer heat and breathe new life into your living spaces. So read on for tips and ideas on how to dip into sherbet colors this summer!

Why Choose Sherbet Shades for Summer?

There are several reasons why sherbet colors make for fantastic summer decor choices:

Evokes Summer Fun

Sherbet shades conjure up images of sweet summer treats and carefree sunny days. Using colors like creamy lemon, refreshing mint, or juicy watermelon in your home’s decor helps cultivate a lighthearted, fun mood perfect for the season.

Provides Pops of Color

Pastel sherbet tones provide the perfect punch of color without being overwhelming. They allow you to infuse bold hues in ways that remain airy and fresh. Pops of sherbet shades invigorate spaces without going overboard.

Feels Bright and Uplifting

The candy-colored tones of sherbet are inherently cheerful, uplifting, and energetic. These happy hues can boost your mood and help spaces feel more bright and positive.

Cools Things Down

Soft sherbet colors like cool mint, icy blue, and creamy peach inherently feel cooler and more refreshing. Using these shades in summer decor lends spaces a cooler vibe that beats the heat.

Complements Summer Style

Sherbet colors pair beautifully with other popular summer interior design styles including coastal, tropical, and boho looks. The colors feel cohesive with other breezy, casual summer aesthetics.

Lets You Stand Out

While nautical blues and whites are popular summer looks, sherbet colors provide a unique way to stand out from the expected. The unique pastel pops ensure your spaces feel fun and memorable.

Best Sherbet Color Palettes for Summer Decor

When working with sherbet shades, combining colors harmoniously is key for a cohesive look. Here are some of the best sherbet color schemes for summer decor:

Lemon and Lime

Vibrant lemon and refreshing lime make for a perfect summer citrus combo. Accent with touches of white and natural wood tones. Mint and peach also coordinate well.

Watermelon and Raspberry

Juicy watermelon pink and sweet raspberry red lend spaces a fruity flair. Neutral tans and whites help ground the bold tones. Mint and orange also pair nicely.

Blueberry and Lavender

Cool blueberry and soft floral lavender feel dreamy and romantic. Cream, gray, and pale peach serve as soothing complementary hues.

Mint and Pistachio

Bold mint green and muted pistachio make a great earthy mix. Pair with natural wood accents and houseplants for an organic vibe.

Orange and Peach

Punchy tangerine orange and creamy peach are a tropical duo. Ground with beiges, browns, and driftwood for a cohesive look. Turquoise and yellow also coordinate.

Strawberry and Bubblegum

For a playful, whimsical look try pairing strawberry red and bubblegum pink. Offset with white and touches of gold for glamorous contrast.

Best Sherbet Decor Ideas for Every Room

Sherbet colors can liven up every space of your home when used creatively. Here are some fun ways to incorporate the icy pastels room-by-room:

Living Room

  • Paint one accent wall in a bold sherbet tone like raspberry, lemon, or pistachio green.
  • Choose sherbet hued furniture like a peach, mint, or sky blue couch.
  • Display throw pillows in pops of yummy colors like watermelon pink and orange.
  • Hang abstract art featuring fun sherbet color combinations.
  • Add vases with sherbet flowers like lilies, snapdragons, or tulips.


  • Bring in a retro sherbet-colored fridge like mint green or baby blue.
  • Paint the walls a sweet hue like lavender, strawberry, or lemon.
  • Display a fruit bowl filled with lemons, limes, oranges and apples.
  • Add a pale turquoise backsplash for a pop of cool color.
  • Use tableware and appliances in shades like peach, sky blue, or cheerful yellow.


  • Upholster the headboard in a muted tone like powder blue, subtle peach, or soft melon.
  • Layer the bed with linens in contrasting sherbet shades like raspberry and lemon.
  • Hang breezy curtains in a soothing hue like seafoam or mint green.
  • Use colorful area rugs in bold prints featuring sherbet shades.
  • Add pops of color with sherbet lamps, pillows, art and accessories.


  • Paint the walls an invigorating citrus hue like orange, lime, or lemon.
  • Display sherbet colored towels and accessories like turquoise soap dispensers.
  • Add a shower curtain or bath mat in a fun print with sherbet tones.
  • Incorporate glass bowls, soap dishes, and organizers in shades of mint, peach, or sky blue.
  • Place a potted orchid, lily, or other colorful blossoms on the vanity.

Outdoor Space

  • Use sherbet hues like berry pink and lemon for patio furniture cushions.
  • Incorporate planters and pots in mint, tangerine, and other fun colors.
  • Add a brightly striped sherbet market umbrella for the deck or patio.
  • Hang outdoor string lights with sherbet colored bulbs.
  • Display outdoor throw pillows and rugs featuring bold sherbet prints and patterns.

Creative Ways to Use Sherbet Colors

Looking for even more unique ways to incorporate sherbet tones throughout your home? Get creative with these fun ideas:

Ombre Effect

Try painting one wall in your space to gradually fade from a bold sherbet tone like raspberry pink to a soft melon hue. This ombre effect makes for a stunning focal point.

Color Blocking

Color block your walls with alternating squares, rectangles or stripes in various sherbet shades like orange, lemon, mint and lavender. The patchwork look is playful and graphic.

Artwork Accents

Commission or create abstract paintings, prints and photography featuring slices of citrus fruits. Or frame swatches of fabric in sherbet hues like peach, yellow, and robin’s egg blue.


Backlight shelving or cabinets with LED strip lights in sherbet tones to create a cool glowing color accent. Try hues like lime, strawberry, or bubblegum pink.

Treat Containers

Fill clear glass jars, bowls or apothecary jars with colorful sweet treats like lemon drops, gumballs, jelly beans, rock candy, and gummy bears.

Furniture Makeover

Transform a vintage dresser, side table or chair using sherbet colored paint or by adhering colorful fabric. Try shades like pistachio, melon and mint.

Questions to Consider When Using Sherbet Colors

Decorating with sherbet hues takes some careful planning. Keep these key questions in mind:

What feeling are you trying to evoke?

Think about the mood you aim to create before choosing colors. Sherbet shades can range from playful to elegant depending on the tones and combinations used.

Which rooms will the colors be used in?

Bolder sherbet shades work best in causal spaces like kitchens, kids’ rooms and outdoor areas. Stick to softer pastel sherbets in more formal living rooms and bedrooms.

What colors currently exist in the space?

Choose sherbet shades that coordinate well with existing wall colors, furnishings and permanent elements that can’t be changed easily.

How much of the color will you use?

Accent walls, artwork and accessories in sherbet tones make a statement without going overboard. But if you want an immersive look, paint the whole room.

What texture finishes will you incorporate?

Sherbet colors pop beautifully against polished gloss finishes but can also feel breezy and relaxed alongside natural linens and wood tones.

Will the colors be integrated seasonally or long-term?

Bolder sherbet shades work best as temporary seasonal accents. To use them year-round, opt for softer muted pastel versions of the colors.

Tips for Successfully Decorating with Sherbet Colors

Here are some top tips for effectively planning, selecting and arranging sherbet shades in your summer decor:

  • Stick to 3 or less sherbet colors in a single space for a cohesive look.
  • Use white and natural wood tones to balance out bold pops of sherbet colors.
  • Add sherbet colors gradually through accents vs. overwhelming a space all at once.
  • Ground the colors with plenty of neutrals such as off-white walls, stone and wood finishes.
  • Use paler, muted sherbet shades on large surfaces like walls or furnishings.
  • Reserve the boldest pops of sherbet color for accents like throw pillows, artwork, flowers and accessories.
  • Opt for sherbet shades with cool undertones if the space lacks natural light or airflow.
  • Employ professional interior painting for clean, flawless application of sherbet wall colors.
  • View large sherbet color swatches in the space before fully committing to a hue.

Sherbet-Inspired Summer Decorating Ideas

Ready to start concocting some sherbet-colored magic this summer? Implement these delicious decorating ideas to add icy pops of color throughout your home:

  • Showcase lemons, limes, oranges and other sunny citrus fruits in glass bowls and containers.
  • Display a charming cake stand filled with decorative meringues and macarons in sherbet hues.
  • Arrange sherbet-colored sea glass, stones and shells in glass vases and jars for organic coastal accents.
  • Scatter plush throw pillows in raspberry, melon and tangerine shades across sofas and beds.
  • Accent tables and shelving with ceramic pieces, vases and accessories in creamy peach, mint and sky blue.
  • Hang bold abstract wall art featuring swirling strokes of sherbet shades like strawberry, lemon and pistachio.
  • Toss sherbet-hued Turkish towels over chair backs, settees and headboards for a casual boho vibe.
  • Group glass bottles, votives and vessels in a range of sherbet tones for an eclectic collection.
  • Display a festive hand-blown glass fruit bowl piled high with ornate apples, oranges, cherries and pomegranates.
  • Arrange freshly cut flowers in complementary sherbet colors like pink peonies, purple irises, and yellow tulips.

So get ready to beat the summer heat by taking inspiration from icy sherbet treats this season. Dip into delicious shades of lemon, raspberry, pistachio and more to give your home a refreshing new pop of color and vitality. With a few scoops of sherbet tones, you’ll be on your way to creating a hip, happy home with serious sweet summer style!

Dip Into Sherbet for Summer Color Ideas