Kitchen windows provide beautiful natural light, views of the outdoors, and an opportunity to show off your unique style. Designer kitchen window treatments take your windows from basic to spectacular. With the right window dressings, you can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. From textures and patterns to colors and materials, the options are endless. This guide will explore popular designer kitchen window treatment ideas to inspire you.

Wide Range of Styles

When selecting designer window treatments, you first want to consider the general style you want to achieve. Do you prefer a traditional, modern, cottage, industrial, romantic or eclectic look? The style you choose impacts the type of window treatment designs and materials that will work best. Here are some of the most popular styles for designer kitchen windows:


Modern design utilizes clean lines, geometric patterns, and unconventional materials. Great modern kitchen window treatment ideas include:

  • Wood or faux wood horizontal blinds – These sleek horizontal lines complement modern design.
  • Solar shades – Made from innovative fabrics that raise and lower with a cord. Provide privacy without blocking all light.
  • Automated shading – Motorized shades allow you to control lighting with the touch of a button.
  • Custom asymmetric roman shades – Made to order roman shades with unique shapes and angles.
  • Metallic finishes – Shiny silver, gold or gunmetal hardware and accents modernize windows.


Traditional design focuses on classic elegance and subtle opulence. Ideal traditional kitchen window treatments include:

  • Formal drapes and curtains – Choose rich fabrics like silk, velvet or damask in neutral colors. Add decorative trim and swag valances.
  • Wood shutters – Stained wood shutters offer charm and customizable privacy.
  • Sheer curtain panels – Layer sheer panels behind drapes to filter light softly.
  • Ornate rods and hardware – Crystal, wrought iron, brushed bronze and wood rods and finials enrich the look.


Cottage style features a light and breezy look with vintage touches. Cute cottage kitchen window treatments include:

  • Cafe curtains – Cheerful ruffled eyelet or gingham cafe curtains offer easy style.
  • Soft Roman shades – Linen, lace or burlap roman shades complement the relaxed vibe.
  • Patterned curtains – Small floral, plaid or toile prints bring personality.
  • Natural woven wood shades – Warm up windows with bamboo, jute, rattan or grass shades.


The industrial look highlights exposed materials and utilitarian design. Ideal industrial kitchen window treatments are:

  • Metal shades – Steel, tin or aluminum shades have an urban loft feel.
  • Cordless roman shades – Sleek, unadorned roman shades in solid colors work well.
  • Wood blinds – Simple faux or real wood blinds are an industrial choice.
  • Curtains and curtain rods made of metal piping or wood – Choose raw, unfinished materials.


Eclectic style mixes and matches elements from different eras and aesthetics. Creative eclectic window treatments for kitchens include:

  • Mismatched curtains – Choose two different patterns, colors or styles. Add charm with contrast.
  • Salvaged doors or shutters – Upcycle old doors or shutters into shutters.
  • Cafe curtains with roman shades – Layering different treatments adds interest.
  • Vintage fabrics – Incorporate old grain sacks, handkerchiefs or bandanas.
  • Unexpected materials – Use bead curtains, macrame, lace, maps or plant materials.

Fabrics and Materials

The materials used for designer kitchen window treatments make a big impact. Consider the overall style you want along with the practical needs of a kitchen space. Here are top fabric and material options:

Drapes, Curtains and Sheers

  • Silk – Provides elegant draping. Requires dry cleaning.
  • Linen – Has texture and casual ease. Wrinkles easily.
  • Cotton – Offers durability at an affordable price. Wrinkles easily.
  • Velvet – Looks rich and elegant. Shows wear quickly.
  • Wool – Has built-in texture. Resists dirt and odors.
  • Polyester – Wrinkle resistant and budget friendly. Less natural drape.
  • Sheers – Come in silk, cotton, polyester and more for airy layering.

Shades and Blinds

  • Wood – Provides natural beauty. Moisture can cause warping.
  • Faux wood – Mimics real wood. Budget friendly and warp resistant.
  • Aluminum – Offers sleek minimalism and durability. Can conduct cold.
  • Vinyl – Most affordable option. Not as durable or attractive over time.
  • Bamboo – Made from sustainable, renewable grass. Natural feel.
  • Solar fabric – Allows light filtration and privacy. Energy efficient.

Other Unique Materials

Get creative with unexpected materials like:

  • Macrame – Handmade boho chic look.
  • Beads – Layer colorful beads over windows.
  • Patterned fabric scraps – Sew together fabric remnants for a patchwork look.
  • Maps – Decoupage maps onto roller shades.
  • Plants – Living window treatments with greenery built into the design.


The hardware you choose for your designer kitchen window treatments is like jewelry for your windows. Pay attention to:

  • Rod style – Sleek modern rods, classic decorative rods or rustic wood rods.
  • Rod diameter – Thicker rods allow drapes to stack more smoothly.
  • Finial style – Ornate, minimalist or natural materials like wood, crystal, metal.
  • Bracket size – Proportion brackets appropriately to window and treatment size.
  • Color – Match or complement window frames and decor. Satin, bronze, nickel and more.

Hang rods wider than the window to add a grand, opulent appearance. For a lightweight look, hang rods just slightly wider than the window frame.

Texture and Pattern

Add visual interest with textures and patterns on window treatments. Options includes:

  • Woven woods
  • Soft chenille
  • Nubby linens
  • Fringed valances
  • Embossed designs
  • Flocked fabrics with raised velvety texture
  • Tonal stripes
  • Graphic geometrics
  • Floral prints
  • Paisley
  • Plaids
  • Toiles
  • Small and large scale motifs

Solid treatments can be accented with trims like ornate fringe, cording, decorative ironwork, carvings, medallions and more. Consider hardware finishes and window frames when selecting patterns. Complimentary colors and materials will give a cohesive feel.

Color Palette

Determine an overall color scheme for your kitchen before selecting window treatment colors. Neutrals like white, beige and gray provide an airy, open backdrop, allowing you to easily switch up accent decor colors. Rich tones like navy, emerald and plum create an elegant, enveloping look. For a bright, cheerful kitchen, opt for sunny yellow, turquoise or red.

Some kitchen color ideas for window treatments include:

  • All white – Crisp and clean
  • Gray and yellow – Fresh and bright
  • Navy and white – Classic nautical
  • Red and white – Retro diner or farmhouse
  • Green and brown – Earthy and peaceful

Remember to consider the amount of natural light your kitchen gets. North facing rooms may warrant lighter colors to maximize brightness. South facing rooms can handle deeper hues without feeling too dark.

Special Considerations for Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows come with unique functional considerations. Be sure to select window treatments that are:


  • Avoid dangling cords on blinds or curtains that could pose safety hazards for pets or kids.
  • Choose non-flammable fabrics and materials like polyester over voluminous cottons near stoves.
  • Install cord cleats and use tension rods for extra safety.

Moisture Resistant

Kitchen humidity, steam and cooking splatter require window treatments that resist moisture, stains and odors. Options include:

  • Wood blinds with moisture protective finishes.
  • Water repellant roman shade fabrics like acrylic or polyester.
  • Curtains and valances that are machine washable.
  • Moisture resistant laminate faux wood blinds.

Easy to Clean

Look for kitchen window curtains, shades and blinds that can be wiped clean easily. Machine washable fabrics simplify cleaning. Dust resistant woods and vinyls attract less dirt.

Temperature Insulating

Heat and cold can radiate through windows, increasing energy costs. Options like blackout curtains, thermal blinds and honeycomb shades provide extra insulation. South facing windows can benefit from solar reflective window treatments.

Light Filtering

Sheer and solar window treatments allow natural light in while protecting furniture and artwork from sun damage. Blackout liners block all light for daytime sleeping.


Proper window venting disperses steam, smoke and grease from cooking. Maximize vents above windows. Cafe curtains, shutter blinds and treatment styles that can be raised up allow more airflow at the bottom.

Unobstructed Views

Maximize views of lovely backyards and gardens with sheer under-treatments or narrow window treatments like wood blinds and slim roman shades higher up.

Styling Designer Window Treatments

A few simple design tips will take your designer kitchen window treatments from drab to fab:

  • Raise treatments high – Install closer to ceiling for a spacious, grand look.
  • Layer textures – Combine sleek roller shades with breezy sheers.
  • Add elegant trim – Contrast bindings, fringe, cording and sashes enrich treatments.
  • Pay attention to returns – Crisp corners on shades show attention to detail.
  • Oversize drapes – Drapes pooling at the floor have a softening effect.
  • Frame the window – Extending rods wider than windows amplifies the focal point.
  • Top with valances – Soft pelmets and swags frame and conceal hardware.
  • Highlight architectural details – Inside mount treatments to expose pretty trim.

Great lighting illuminates treatments beautifully. Add accent lighting above window treatments or sconces alongside. Go for the “designer” details to take your kitchen windows to the next level.

Budget-Friendly Options

Designer style doesn’t have to break the bank. Some budget-friendly ways to treat kitchen windows include:

  • Vinyl or Bali blinds – Durable and affordable
  • Cafe curtains – Cheery style on a budget
  • Tension rods with panels – No need for specialty hardware
  • Upcycled fabric treatments – Vintage saris, bedsheets, thrifted finds
  • DIY roman shades – Custom style without custom costs
  • Mix and match – designer valances with budget panels or blinds
  • Watch for sales – Shop clearance and discount retailers

Creativity, clever styling and accents can make basic window treatments look like a million bucks.

Hiring a Professional

For expert design advice and installation, consider hiring a professional designer. Look for the following when vetting pros:

  • Experience designing kitchen windows specifically
  • Knowledge on how to enhance natural light
  • Familiarity with codes and requirements
  • Skill calculating proper light gaps and stack back space
  • Ability to explain benefits and drawbacks of options
  • Offer bespoke, customized treatments in specialty sizes
  • Have workroom facilities onsite
  • Provide professional measuring and installation
  • Stand behind work with warranties and guarantees

Hire contractors to tackle tricky structural changes like moving or enlarging window openings. Licensed electricians can add smart home automation. Get multiple quotes to find the best value.

Designer Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

These gorgeous kitchen window design examples provide inspiration to dress your own windows beautifully.

Modern Minimalist

This sleek modern kitchen relies on clean-lined faux wood blinds and a simple roman shade to put the focus on the spectacular view out the oversized windows. Metallic hardware in brushed nickel finishes the modern look.

![Modern minimalist kitchen with wood blinds]

Industrial Chic

The industrial feel of this urban kitchen is complemented by simple roller shades in neutral linen. Black iron brackets and trim provide contrast.

![Industrial chic kitchen with modern roller shades]

Traditional Elegance

Luxe silk drapes puddled on the floor exude traditional sophistication in this ornate kitchen. Brushed bronze rods and finials complement the warm wood tones. The drapes frame the view of the lush backyard garden.

![Ornate traditional kitchen with long silk drapes]

Cottage Cafe Style

Cheery striped cafe curtains lined with charming polka dot sheers let in plenty of natural light in this cozy cottage kitchen. White wood rods keep the look light and bright.

![Cottage kitchen window with cheerful curtains]

Eclectic Layers

This eclectic kitchen mixes modern faux wood horizontal blinds with breezy white sheers and vibrant patterned curtains for an element of fun and surprise. Mismatched rods and finials add to the unique charm.

![Eclectic kitchen window treatments in different patterns]

Sophisticated Palette

The navy and white color palette of the drapes, roman shades and sheers feels crisp yet elegant in this transitional kitchen. Brass rods coordinate with other metallic accents.

![Elegant navy blue drapes and shades]

Designer Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

Kitchen windows are perfect for expressing personal style. With so many beautiful materials, patterns, textures and colors to work with, the possibilities are truly endless when dressing kitchen windows. Consider the overall decor and architectural style of the space, and select window treatments that balance form and function. With creativity and attention to detail, any kitchen windows can be transformed into a designer focal point unique to you and your home.