Daniel Schofield is a renowned interior designer and architect based in Sydney, Australia. He is known for his luxurious and elegant design aesthetic that combines contemporary and classic elements. Schofield’s projects range from private residences to boutique hotels and restaurants across Australia and abroad.

Background and Design Philosophy

Schofield grew up in rural Australia and moved to Sydney in his early 20s to pursue a career in design. He studied architecture at the University of New South Wales and honed his skills working for several leading firms before establishing his own studio in the late 1990s.

Schofield draws inspiration from travel, art, fashion, and the natural landscape. He describes his design style as “relaxed glamour” – comfortable yet sophisticated spaces that feel timeless, layered, and deeply personal. Schofield believes in designing for how his clients actually live. For him, a home must be functional and foster meaningful human connection.

Notable Projects

Over the past two decades, Schofield has completed many remarkable residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. Some highlights include:

The Amanpuri Villas at Amanpuri Resort, Phuket

Schofield led the design of 40 private villas at this iconic Thai resort. The villas blend traditional elements like teak wood with simple, contemporary forms and expansive sea views.

Ambleside House in Sydney

This grand waterfront home features a monochromatic palette with tactile textures, custom furnishings, and an artful mix of modern and antique pieces. It exemplifies Schofield’s glamorous living spaces.

The Olsen Hotel, Sydney

For this boutique hotel, Schofield incorporated raw, industrial details against a soft, inviting color scheme. The result is an urban oasis with lots of character.

Est Restaurant, Sydney

Schofield helped Est earn a reputation as one of Australia’s top restaurants through a moody, cinematic interior design. The dining room combines bold artwork, luxe textures, and sculptural lighting fixtures.

Characteristic Design Elements

Certain motifs and materials appear frequently across Schofield’s body of work:

  • Natural wood finishes like oak or teak to add warmth
  • Textured stone surfaces and tile accents
  • Rich velvets, linens, and sheepskins to create tactile luxury
  • Custom-made furniture, cabinetry, and built-ins for personalized style
  • Vintage carpets and artworks integrated with contemporary pieces
  • Large windows and skylights to maximize natural light
  • Indoor-outdoor connection in layouts with views of nature
  • Neutral color schemes accented with black contrasts and earthy tones

Awards and Recognition

Schofield has earned numerous honors over the years, including:

  • Interior Designer of the Year, Australian Interior Design Awards 2017
  • Hospitality Designer of the Year, IDEA Awards 2016
  • Winner of several Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards
  • Named one of Australia’s 40 most influential designers
  • Vogue Living named Schofield a top designer to watch

His residential projects have been published internationally in magazines like Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Harper’s Bazaar Interiors.

Design Philosophy and Approach

When speaking about his design ethos, Schofield emphasizes subtlety, comfort, and authenticity:

“I shy away from rooms that feel too perfect. There must be a sense of evolution and layers that come from how people really inhabit spaces.”

Schofield often starts projects by getting to know clients in depth. He tours their current home to learn how they use each room and what design elements they respond to.

Next, Schofield develops an overarching concept or narrative for the home to guide the aesthetic choices. He believes in designing holistically where each space flows effortlessly to the next.

Materials and furnishings are sustainably sourced and made to stand the test of time. Schofield mixes family heirlooms, custom pieces, and global antique finds to create homes filled with character.

Impact and Influence

Schofield has had a major influence on the luxury interior design scene in Australia and abroad. His balanced interiors and relaxed approach to glamour have inspired many designers. Young Australian firms now emulate his signature style.

Schofield has also helped evolve Australian design aesthetics overall by gracefully blending modernism with traditional details. His ability to artfully mix eras and cultural references has widened the possibilities for local designers.

Through teaching, collaborations, and mentoring emerging talent, Schofield has shared his sensibility and design knowledge with new generations. He often speaks at industry events on the value of authenticity in design.

Schofield’s residential projects have reshaped how Australians think about home. He has shown how dwellings can feel cozy and inspired versus stiff and formal. Clients seek him out for his skill in creating deeply personal sanctuaries.

Distinct yet versatile, Daniel Schofield’s portfolio represents the best in modern Australian interior design. His nuanced approach continually raises the bar for glamorous living. Schofield has cemented his position globally as one of the top design tastemakers working today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Daniel Schofield

Here are some common questions about the acclaimed Australian designer:

What is Daniel Schofield’s design style?

Schofield’s style is best described as relaxed glamour – think timeless, sophisticated spaces meant for real, comfortable living. His designs combine elements of contemporary and classic design for a layered, eclectic aesthetic.

Where is Daniel Shofield based?

He operates his firm, Schofield Design, out of Sydney, Australia. Schofield is especially known for his luxury homes and hospitality projects across Australia.

What materials does Schofield use the most?

Natural wood, stone, and textured tile accents appear often in his work. He also utilizes custom-made furniture, cabinetry, and soft textiles like velvet, linen, and sheepskin.

Has Daniel Schofield designed hotels?

Yes, Schofield has designed spaces for several boutique hotels and restaurants in Australia and abroad. Some of his hospitality projects include the Amanpuri Villas in Phuket and Olsen Hotel in Sydney.

What are Daniel Schofield’s biggest awards?

He has won Interior Designer of the Year at the Australian Interior Design Awards in 2017 and Hospitality Designer of the Year at the IDEA Awards in 2016.

Does Daniel Schofield design internationally?

While Australia is his home base, Schofield has taken on projects in destinations like Thailand, Singapore, the United States, and the Middle East.

How can I get in touch with Schofield Design?

You can contact their Sydney studio via email at [email protected] or by phone at +61 2 8354 7600 to enquire about collaborating with Daniel Schofield.


Daniel Schofield has made a significant impact as a globally recognized Australian designer. His spaces thoughtfully merge contemporary forms with timeworn elements to achieve a layered, welcoming aesthetic. Schofield’s philosophy of relaxed glamour has transformed modern design, earning him the status of top design tastemaker today. His influence only continues to grow.